Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 30-Jun-2012  
“Kalayna Dhamma Thar Kissa – Aytum Mingala Mottamum”.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

I remember in one of the Gautama Buddha’s stories, one of, “ the Aung gin Shipparrs”, should I say., When Gautama was stood standing still, not moving anywhere, ‘Inguli-marla’ was running after, to get Gautama. Ingulimarla had to give up in the end because he could not reach Gautama. “ Inguli- Marla ‘ was a fool( madman) for a moment , because his teacher made him so. But he wasn’t not that fool or mad man not to know who his mother was. When he saw Gautama, he stop chasing his mother and turn to Gautama. That is the good part , ‘Koung Gwet’ of him. Some,
‘realisation’ saved him, should I add. ‘Realisation’, self-realisation, was what we always talk about, because that is what we need.

Everybody is a fool at one time’ . You stated in Pali. I stated many times in Myanmar a lay man’s language. Pu-htu-zin naw- Ohmma dagaw’, you may remember. That is nothing new. Nobody know how fool he is, or what stage he is in.

Most of the time I ignor them. Because if I ignore them they will become more ignorant. I keep them at a distance . I say what I had to say , I do what I had to do. I am not glad in a way that , I am creating the sleepless nights for them. I am not glad that they have lost their appetite. I am not glad because I am haunting them, like a ghost, I am not glad to make them,’ Sarr le Di Saite – Thaut Le Di Saite, Ait Le Di Saite. I am glad these fools cannot ignore me. If they do, that will be their great loss, not me.

There are fakes, imitators, pretenders everywhere. They may call themselves anything. Some genuine people can even be mistaken as fakes. That may be the reason way Gautama said in his first of 38 Mingalas , ‘not to associate with fools’. What else can they be? They cannot talk, let alone to speak, to discussions , to have serious debate . They have nothing for themselves, and they have none for others. Theyn have absolutely nothing for the nation and the people of Myanmar,. They can’t even have a healthy discussion, exchange of views. You can’t win them all.

The teachings of Buddha are delicate. Buddhism is for every beings, for all four, ‘ Luu, Nat, Byamar, and Thuttawar’ in 31 realms. Gautama Buddha was a superman of the time, should I say. As I have said many times before not everybody understand Buddhism , let alone to accept. Not everyone on this site and on many others are Buddhists. Some of them may understand, some of them don’t nothing.

As Buddhism is said to be the way of life, it is in politic, in economy, in social issues. The teachings of Gautama Buddha covers all issues which is the matters of our life. Sadly not everybody in the world are the followers of Gautama Jesus, or Mohammed. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable to refer to Gautama when I am talking to none Buddhists.

I feel very strongly that to create our land of Myanmars to be comfortable place for every citizens will be’ incalculable time’ be needed. As you can see today there are a lot of wastage , wear and tears are too much. How will we recover those. There are those who cannot speak, there are those who cannot talk, there are those who are deaf. They can hear nobody, may he be Gautama, or Jesus, or Mohammed .

For example, the one called ‘Old Testaments ‘, of the Holy Bible which is the belief or the faith of Muslims and Jews. What’s happening to those Muslims and the Jews who have the same faith the same God. Then the Christians , And not to mentioned when once oppressed people of Christians , Jews and Muslims trying to wipe each other off , , Especially when somebody takes side, others are not safe , not secure, the world becomes a slaughter house.

We cannot ignore what’s happening around us. because it is effecting us in one way or the other. Our people and the land of Myanmars has also become the victim a battle ground. I am telling you this through my own experience.

With due respect, I don’t know Sanskrit, I don’t know Pala, I know Myanmar and I read Buddhism in Myanmar and I understand a little bit of Buddhism just to call myself Buddhists , That is because I believe in the teachings of Buddha. The dos, and the don’ts in life. But I never try to become another Buddha. I don’t even wish to be. In this world we live in , especially at least in our land of Myanmars. We have a lot of things to do for our daily needs. That is life, the real life, I believe that is what Gautama was talking about .

When Gautama looked at things in this ‘Lawka’, he saw everything. Then and there he said what he had to say on what he saw in human life, because somebody requested him to tell us what he found. Otherwise, he kept quiet, keeping his mouth shut. There was a chance, we won’t even know what Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Paths, or 38 Mingalars are. That is as far as I will go under present circumstances. Because that is the essence of Buddhism by Gautama. I do not know how much I can achieve.

To discuss about Buddhism or about any other religion will take time. I have no time, and I am not that qualified . We all cannot be Buddhists, Christians or Muslims. We cannot be the same, we cannot be equal to one another. That we have to accept. My priority is today Myanmar, as Christian prayers, “ to give them this day, their daily bread’. Not from the bakery, but for them to know how to bake bread themselves with what.

Whether one is a Buddhist or Christian, or Muslim in Myanmar, one has to keep his house in order. That is his country, his nation and his people, anyway he can. It is the responsible of everybody. Everybody should keep their house in order. Everybody should know what is happening in their own house.

“ Ma Ku Nyi Jin Nay Bar – Ma Nhaut Shet Par Ne”. “Help if you want, but please do not disturb.” You have no obligation to do anything, to help or to disturb. Because most of the time these helps can make things from bad to worse. I am seeing with my own eyes today. It is not just story, not legend, no myths. What’s going to happen to Myanmar next . We have to wait and see. We can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

You may have your ways of doing things, we have our ways of doing things. You have been to Myanmar, and you have the experiences. You know about Myanmars, almost everything about Myanmars.
We are trying to go forward, towards somewhere, to be better. That’s what we are hoping.

Myanmar saying goes , “ Aine shey Pu – Aine naut Machan Thar ”. What happening in the world will have effect on Myanmar and what happening in Myanmar may have the effect on the worlds. I can see their point.

But what I am seeing clearly is the world, and who called themselves the world are creating problems , and troubles for everybody. In the interest of their own or to protect their own interests. If somebody say ‘Myanmar is a problem to the region or to the world,’ I will say he is a biggest liar.

That is the truth , that is what I see as truth . As long as we all are connected by land or by sea. One’s problem is another one’s trouble. Because there are those who live on other people miseries. So they will create miseries for others.

Who will take care of these fools or mad ones? Let them be , because Gautama said they will be there? Their destiny, their fate will take care of them?

According to Gautamaism there is no rewards, or punishments, just , “ cause and effect or ‘consequences”. What’s the point in telling them what Buddha had said, what Jesus had said, what Mohammed had said. Hindus are something, they can compromise with anyone, they are the most peaceful . Yet sometimes some people don’t leave them alone , everyone is just one, Charishna in different forms in different time, in different places.
Gautama could be like that. In his 547 lives stories ,he was everything , reincarnated into all beings, ‘Luu, Nats, Byamars ,and Thuttawas’. So he knows about all beings , he spoke for the benefit of all beings.

I strongly believe this is not the time for Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Mohammed. There teachings are already too much for mankind I think. Nobody take them seriously, or some people take them seriously to a certain extreme, after interpreting them to suit them.

In a good book, I have read, that man by nature is “ rebellious”. Man defied his creator ( God) through the third kind ( serpent) . Who to blame, man or God?

We don’t know where to find GOD, you can blame him , he won’t answer, he is afraid to come near us. May be he is in Nirvana ,he cannot hear us. Everybody was asking him for help. He does not know who to help. So he ignores us and our calls, But we are man, and we have to blame ourselves. Because everything is our own doings. We do it in the name of Freedom, to preserve the freedom. We are free that’s what we said, that’s what we shout at the top of our voice, sometimes we lost our voice. Free of what, free to do what? We don’t agree on what is right and what is wrong. Everyone is right, everyone is wrong. That cannot be compromise. Thay cannot be right either.

“Kalayna Dhamma Thar Kissa – Aytum Mingala Mottamum”. That’s all we can do. If it’s too hot, cool yourself down. Man invented coolants, air conditions , ice boxes , Frigidaire. We also have created ‘thermostat’ or ‘auto timer'. Set it as you like, sit on an easy chair, read your favourite stories, but don’t fall asleep. Tayar Dhamma may be better for some, but you cannot be protect yourself by Tayar Dhamma only. That is the fact.

But I assure you if you live to see, in twenty year time, Myanmar will be the same. Because of many reasons, one of the is Myanmars are conditioned to go slow. The progress and developments and modernization of Myanmar are there from 1948, or from 1988 can be seen. Those who looks will see if only they have good eyes sight, if only they are not blind.

But Myanmar is Myanmar, and Myanmars are Myanmars. The land of Myanmars and the people of Myanmars are different from other land and other people. Especially because of the way we are.

In another twenty years or 60 years, or 600 years, you will only reap what you sowed.