Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 29-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

I have said many things, what need to be said. There are a lot more to say. I will say it till the end of my time. No matter what I say , or how I say it , I expect the discussions , exchange of views. I will argue, my points, in a friendly debate. That is “ Shaut Hlwe Jet “ or argument in judicial terms. That is the essence of everything. That is democracy.

I know sometimes, some of my words may be rude, but to high light or focus or to put weight on the facts. Even Ko Aung San used it, but not in ‘purely abusive’ way, or blindly. I can use pleasant words which are more rude, and more impolite.mpore uncivilised in their own way.

I have many things to say, I don’t think I may be able to say them all. I never hope everything will be materialised. Who am I? But, in the interest of the people, in the interests of the nation our hopes, our dreams , for the future , I will say the fact.

My messages may be long, that is because we are not equal, we don’t have the same educational back ground, we don’t have the same IQ, we don’t have the same back ground knowledge.We don't have the same sense, common sense. Not everybody know the history. Some of us may like to forget, or even forgive. I don't say they are wrong. But that history can never be wiped out from your memory. As ‘ cause and effect’ is what Gautama Buddha said. Which means “consequences”. I can explain no more to “knowers” of all.

Only when we look into history we will find the causes, that are effecting us today. I cannot explain to those who do not know or those who are not Buddhists. Because they have no basic knowledge, they will never know or understand whatever I say, or you say or other say in this field. Some of them may have their mind already set .

Myanmars are still in the process of making a nation With their
confused mind they are caught in the complication. It’s still at the stage of ‘Akyun De’ or rough diamond. We need to grind it and shine it. The nation of Myanmar was build and fell before. The base, foundation may not be right. Building materials or the builders, whose fault is it. The leaders, the people, something was missing, too tough, too rough, too soft, what was it? What’s that something which is missing?

Myanmar is surrounded by mountain ranges, like the great wall of china. Those mountain ranges were not built by men , with their hands. If only they were , what will people be saying? Would they say, for nobody to come in , for nobody to go out.” Are these natural mountain ranges or Great wall of China ever stop anybody coming in or out?,

‘Free World ’, the world without strings, “ Nhaung Jo Me Gabar” Myanmar used to called. Is it true, the world is a Free world without strings, Nhaung Jo Me ? Do you believe that ? What is ‘Nhaung Jo’? How many kinds are there? What about political, economic , social, and military ‘Nhaung jos’? Do I make it clear, or confusing everybody in the complicated matters. ‘Shin Gar Mha Shote’ . The more you explain the more it’s complicated. Because we have not come to the end of the road. We don’t even know how long the road is. We can’t take anything “Hlay Nan Dah Htit ‘ may be the right phrase.

‘Freedom’, mean different to different people. How can we come to one agreement to that Freedom.

Is Myanmar going to be British Dominion, one of the British Commonwealth Nations again, which the Myanmar leaders of the past refused to give in? Is that refusal the reason that Myanmar is being punish. Or is it the consequence that Myanmar is facing today for refusing to become British Dominion, one of British Commonwealth Nations. The head is Queen Elizabeth I. Once ,Lord Lois Mountbatten was called Mountbatten of Burma. He was responsible for Burma .

Whether it was right or wrong , it was our decision, our leaders carried out Myanmar to be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation. These three little words have full of meanings for Myanmars. Are we mistranslating these three little words? Are we misunderstanding these three little words? Are these mistranslation, and misunderstanding are our self-inflicted wounds, to blame ourselves, “ Ko Atutt Ko Soo – Nhote Lo Maya Boo”.

Is it a sin, or a criminal act wanting to be Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation. Everyone is talking about Freedom, Independent, and being Sovereign nation. I don’t know. But what I know is in our nation of Myanmars our leaders and our people who exercise Freedom, were treated like those who had committed sins, who committed crimes, many were executed by hanging, some of them were beheaded by the British. In every British colonies, the original, indigenous people were treated .

‘Let by gone be by gone ,forgive and forget. The past has been washed away by just a few words, “we don’t want to be shackled by the past “. We Myanmars have nothing to apologise. We have done nothing wrong. Especially when somebody said, “ the British Parliament is perhaps the pre-eminent symbol to oppress people across the world of freedom of speech”.

Some people have master mentality, some people have slave mentality. This is human rights who wants to be master, who wants to be slave.

Whatever the politicians, or our leaders tell us, we have to use our sense, we cannot take them blindly. We may be responsible for what the politicians are saying or doing, because politicians always use the people, giving the impression that they are doing it because people willed it. All Politicians are dispensable.

Now what are we going to do next . We have to think about it very seriously, double or triple seriously. Once you have committed, there is no way you can turn back .in 1986, Thibaw was tricked, into to think, to sign an agreement of end the war. He did not know it was a total surrender or his own warrant to self exile in India. British never allowed Thibaw to come home to Burma. British never allowed Zabar Sha to go home to India either.

With all these back grounds, it is also almost impossible especially, with “ the different of understandings”, makes almost impossible to be equals, not to forget that there are many other factors why we are not equal, and can never be equal. We will be under the British, politically, economically, socially, and militarily. We will never be equal to the British in any way. What equality are some people talking about?

Developed nations, developing nations, underdeveloped nations, rich nations, poor nations. What are they in equal? They all are human being of human species. What are they not in equal, why are they not equal? I don’t need to explain, my explanations may not be enough. Everyone has their own explanations.

We are not talking about beating the British. We may need a miracle to be able to do that. It won’t be easy, it won’t be peaceful. Besides, there is no such thing as peaceful solution. Have you seen just one of them? Where, let me know?

Words are words. The saying was ‘words don’t come easy’, but in reality for the politicians words come easy, very easy. The politician will trick the people, they will mislead the people, they will mistranslate, and misinterpret everything, twist and turn everything to convince the people.

If the people are blind, have no basic knowledge, ignorant, it is the people’s fault, nobody else’s. What happened next, the consequence the people have to face, and pay for the mistakes that the politicians have made. Chucking politician out is easy by votes, every four or five years. The damage has been done how many years it will take to recover that damage what will be the cost again?

We are not alone, there are others, we have to live in harmony, if not together.

“Democracy, human rights, let by gone be by gone, forget and forgive, don’t want to be shackled by the past” whatever , it is important for you to know what, ‘Freedom’ is , what ‘ independence’ is, what a Sovereign Nation is. You know it or don’t you know.

As long as we cannot agree on the meaning of these three little words. We will have arguments, debate. It needs to be “friendly debate”, not turning in to, so called ‘aggressive negotiation.’