Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 25-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots , and Friends. and to those who do not want to be friends,

Don't say I don't try. Taming a wild Tigress is not a joke, not easy. But the result is there. That's what it counts.

Taming a wild animal is also possible, No animals has human nature or divine nature. Only the human possess three natures. It may be easy to tame the wild animal, but not that easy to tame a human, because human has human rights.

Myanmar can do without Mrs Aris, but can Mrs Aris do without Myanmar. In fact “ I can do without you ” attitude is a rubbish attitude.

Gautama Buddha became ‘ the knower of all ‘, but not before he has seen an old man, a sick person, a corpse and a noble hermit. Somebody had to explain to him what they were. If only Gautama did not come out of the palace into the park, he would not have seen them. Or would he? It could be said , his eyes, and his ears were this first teachers.

Gautama claimed, “ Great am I in the world, Noble am I in the world, Supreme am I in the world.” Who among the living today wants to claim he or she is Great, Noble, Supreme. I am this, I am that. Who among the living to day say there is ‘ Equal’ things are ‘Level’.

If you are an asset to your family, the nation, to the people, then be it. Your contribution will be acknowledge and recognised by “ Maha Pahtawee Myay Gyi”. What more do you want? Expecting rewards,medals? What about Mitta, Gayuna, Mudita. You can live without Myanmar, and Myanmar can also live without you.

My friends and I are individuals, but we think alike, as “all great people think alike”, in the interests of the nation of Myanmar, in the interest of the people of Myanmar. That was the saying. We have become some kind of ‘Mantras’for some , Gems of some kind, to recital. Instead of Buddha, Dhamma ,Sangha the three Gems. Our names are in their daily prayers, something like “ in the name of the Father ,the Son and the Holy Ghost ( spirits). Whenever they open their mouth , in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost( spirit), and whenever they close their mouth again. “ the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Amen.

According to Buddhism, there are only two, “the good doers”, and “the bad doers” . they will have to face their consequences , accordingly. No need to say, who or what I am.

When ‘Oathar Pegu’ was in trouble, and needed help Anawrahta send four of his Generals. History did not say only four Generals, nothing about how many soldiers were with them. what strength they were leading . Exaggeration out of proportion ? Don’t believe everything , you have to use your sense.

We are not very many here. We don’t need too many people either. Let’s see, Flying-dragon, Burman-soldier, Bamar-gyi, and Thunderbolts. They are Pen names. There are few others as well, no publicity required, I don’t mention their names, may be you don’t know they even exist. So I won’t disturb them , let them be.
Some of you, your best job is copy and paste, because you have nothing in you. You can even explain your disagreement or agreement. What you are opposing , and why . That is why we are here to educated you, and your kind. If you had discussed the issue, the matter . there could be exchang of views, exchange of Ideas. Ther could even be compromise, agreements .

I have to thank some of you for remembering us each time you breath. You cannot survive without us. We are like oxygen, vital.
Take it or leave it, but we can’t ignore anything around us, we cannot become ignorant. Nobody with sound mind can say we are not educating our people enough . what education are we talking about? Many Myanmars prefer to be ignorant. Educating them will be difficult.

You think Mrs Aris speech is Great. How Great was it? If you have read them? What Mrs Aris mentioned in her so called speech are nothing new, If only you had read the articles of mine and my friends, during these 20 years you will know, what we were talking about, what she was talking about. Our ideas, our suggestions, our advice for Mrs Aris. in the interest of the people , in the interests of the nation. When she did start taking interests of the people, and the nation of Myanmar? May be Gambari was the first teacher after her husband Micahael Aris.
Because in our eyes, she was a little bit extreme, untill she met Gambari.

I don’t know how long you have been here. If you go back to the archive, Asiaobserver, Soc.culture ,Myanmar and others , you will find that my friends and I have been educating some of you including Mrs Aris, giving you Free education, in our own way for twenty years at least.

Some said “ action is louder than words” . ‘ Theories without practice is nothing,’ That happened to be true. Gautama himself talked about putting theories into practice. It can’t be wrong.
Look at Mrs Aris of today, at present, and compare her of the past, the un compromising, hard headed, one way, stubborn Mrs Aris. It is not easy to tame her, especially she is known as an educated, an intellectual, an academic. But it would be wrong, very wrong , to say she is another ‘knower of all ‘.

It is not a joke to tame a wild Tigress like Mrs Aris, who thinks she is the ‘knower of all’. Some people make her think that way. A lot of guts is needed to tame her. We have managed to tame her, the Wild One. But we cannot be sure of her animal attitude, and her animal behaviour of animal side are totally gone. All human carry three natures, human nature, animal nature and divine nature.

There are many cases we have experienced , no matter how we treat then humanely, some animals, their animal attitude and behaviours come back from time to time, because they cannot forget what they are . That’s why I said animal trainers carry guns, in case the animal turn on them.

Mrs Aris is being watch by everybody, very closely. Nobody will allow her to make them double fools. Remember , anybody can do without Mrs Aris. She is not indispensable, she is dispensable . In fact everybody is dispensable.

As a matter of fact, she is not going to live 120 years. She is not going to live another 60 years. She is in a hurry. She is afraid, very much afraid. She may miss the train or the plane, so she has to catch the first boat available. Besides three years to 2015 is a long way yet.

In 120 years time, when history is compiled. Who will go down as what in the history nobody living today will know. What Than Shwe did, what Mrs Aris has done.

It is our duty, as patriots to educate those who needs education, regardless of who or what they are. Education is FREE don't waste it. Education is for sense, and sensibility , nobody should waste it. Trade, skill and professions are other things.

If you can understand it’s worth all our efforts.