Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 22-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

What do you want me to say? “Ritualist” has the ‘last rites’? Or in Myanmar ‘Tha Ra Na Gon Tin’ (funeral rites’? That is nothing new for Myanmar. Most of them “ Tha Ra Na Gon Tin ” everyday, morning and night by themselves, because they know they could be gone at any moment. For some, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Amen’.

There are many kind of animals. Some of them are Political animals ( beings ), circus animal, and those who are human beings, but they have animal attitude and animal behaviours. They may be called Manimals?

Britain and Myanmar have a long history, is there anything, anyone wants to claim or can claim from each other? Nobody can really forget, nobody can really forgive. What is that which cannot be forgotten, and which cannot be forgiven? Seems like nobody is that forgiven, nobody is that forgetful. Everybody is like the big elephant, it never forgets. The history of Myanmar looks like repeating again?

‘Ingalate” ( Enghlish) were known to Myanmar as ,’ Mathamar Luu Myo Matesar’. We had Ingalate Taw Hlyan Yey, as well as Japan Taw Hlyan Yey. We called Japan,“ Phet- sit Ja pan’ and we had “Ja pan Taw Hlyan yey”. But we have had nothing much to talk about , not much problems with the Japanese after the independence, but still a lot to talk about quietly or openly with the Ingalate.
We don’t know what, who is not telling us everything, or is there nothing to tell?

It seems Inglate loves Myanmars so much /much more than Ja pan loves Myanmars. What is all behind this love ? What is love in politic anyway?

Germany and Japan lost the war and surrendered unconditionally. Mussolini was killed by the Partisans. Myanmar refused to become one of British Commonwealth Nations, British Dominion, British protectorate, under British protection. Our leaders may have been assassinated for refusing to join anything to do with British. That’s the only reason I can think of. Up to this day my thought seems to be right. Others may have different understanding..
It is a known fact that 63 years ago, when Myanmar became Independent. It was debris and ashes. From there, our leaders built up the nation on their own with all the difficulties to this stage.

One thing to be said that Myanmar was liberate by US, and the British. Whether they love Myanmar or not, whether they loath Japan or not they have to do it. It is natural to do in military business, to crash and to annihilate the enemy totally. To have glory, to have land, and to save their face and dignity.
Myanmar wanted to be Free Independent and Sovereign Nation. because our leaders were so simple. They thought Freedom means Free, Independent means Independent, Sovereign Nation means Sovereign Nation.

Myanmars leaders and people played their parts to liberate their people and their Nation. They seek any help from anyone who could give them. When Japan came in to Myanmar, British instead of defending it, it saved, a handful of the British, and other friends and their cronies to India and abandoned Myanmar.
The face was without our Myanmar leaders which was called ‘Thirty Comrades’, Japan would still be in Myanmar. Ill-treatment of the Japanese army on Myanmar would be much worse. In any war no army was innocent.

US, and UK had no time to collect any spoil or any lost in Myanmar. Europe and Japan were priority. Germany, Italy, and Japanese military leaders, and conspirators were executed. Myanmars haven’t thank US and UK properly yet “ Kyey Zuu Tin Bar De ”.

Myanmars are believers of ‘do something for others , but don’t expect anything in return’. There are many who says, ‘thank you ’ or ‘sorry’ cheap from the tip of their tongue. For Myanmars Kyey Zuu ( thanks)/ gratitude) means a lot.

In fact Myanmar did not have time either. They were busy. Building the nation, organizing, they were facing problems , they were having troubles. There were many stories, true and false, who created these problems for Myanmars. But Myanmar leaders tried to solve these problems as much as they could without outside interference, involvement.

What the British or the US did not understand was or to accept was a Myanmars are the master class of their own in the region. They were made to slaves by force. They don’t acknowledge, let alone to recognise the feelings of Myanmar , although they rules with their own iron fist.

Some countries in Southeast Asia turned into whore houses to entertain the westerners, to give the pleasures to the westerners. At least to entertained and give pleasure to the western allied troops. That’s the kind of thanks, to thank them with your body and soul. That what’s they expect.
To Like stylish Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt who gave herself to Julius Caesar, wrapped in a carpet role. She did it to safe Egypt, to be in Egyptians hands.

In the case of Myanmar, patriots Queens, Nan Madaw Me Nu, or not even Htate Suphayalat had not done the cheap short like that. Myanmar fell to Ingalate, simply because Myanmars were militarily weak.
Nan Madw Me Nu and Htate Suphayarlat were no Cleopatras who rolled themselves in a carpet and surrendered to General Prendergast. What that story telling us was, because of Cleopatra Caesar, was assassinated, Rome and Egypt went to war General Mark Anthony and Cleopatra lost the war and committed suicide. Egypt became under Rome.

If anybody Myanmar woman had said, she gave her body and soul to the Ingalate because of her love for the Myanmars and the nation of Myanmar. I will tell her to go and talk to those animals in the zoo. Cleopatra love for Egypt and Egyptians, can never be compared to any of Myanmar’s Neo Cleopatra.

There are some Myanmars mostly some hill people, who believe US and Ingalate owed them for helping in the WW II against Japan. They are holding US and Ingalate responsible and claiming what due.

Losing Myanmar, Ingalate and US lost a lot. Because Myanmar was not like any other country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar in theory, and in practice is a non-alien, neutral nation. So called Civil war in Myanmar was not like in the civil wars in Korea, Vietnam , Cambodia, or Laos. Not even came close to them. Not even to compare to another places in any other parts of the world.

Myanmar leaders were no fools, no stupids. Everything was under control. Myanmar was in safe hands. This might, make the people in the west worry , frustrated, because Myanmar has not broken into pieces as they expected yet. As a matter of fact, since 1948, with all the troubles, and difficulties, from U Nu to present U Thein Sein Myannmar is progressing developing, becomes a modern nation. Nobody can deny that. Without, string attaches, just on friendly terms and genuine friendship. The West worries India, and China are helping Myanmar on level terms. Myanmar Opposition is worry. Bur Myanmar leaders have to do whatever is necessaril, that’s wnhat they been doing all the years.

The west feels that Myanmar is slipping away from them. Whether Myanmar can do without them or they can do without Myanmar I don’t know, For 23 years , may be more since 1948, should I say. Myanmar was standing on its own feet . Progress, developments, modernization may have been slow. Myanmar was declared as least developed nation. Some people translate into poorest nation. I never know a time that Myanmars are starving, nothing to eat, nothing to drink , nothing to wear, nowhere to stay.

During the last 23 years the progress, developments , and modernization are such, some people are jealous, very jealous, they shamelessly came in to take the credit. They tried to robe the credit from the leaders of Myanmar. The west have their own dictionary to translate anything in their own way. The west always give nobody a chance to it in their own but their ways or else. The west give credit to somebody who does not deserve credit, they honour somebody who does not deserve honouring, someone who denied human rights to Myanmar human beings.

Just like an ant colony, or a bee colony, where worker ants, bees are working hard to support their Queens. Myanmar saying is “ Thu Gyi Koung Mhu – Ywar Thar Ahlue.” For the West , that is Fair, that is Just. What said the world is NOT fair and NOT Just?

Well they may be ants, they may be bees, they may also be performing their duties, for the Queen. What are we, and what is our duty as Myanmars? How many of us have seen performing animals such as dogs, monkeys, elephants, dolphins , sometime even wild animals as tigers and lions and others , performing for whom? They all are known as circus animals, for good performance, they are well look after. They have no promotion, no honour. Have no doubt, these animals are clever, they are train by human and they are under the control of the human trainers.

Some times in the rings, you will see, the same human circus performers, who train them wearing guns, while they are performing with the animals which they themselves trained , acting together. Why are they wearing guns, who is afraid of who, why and what? ‘ Unpredicable situation’?

The trainer is afraid of the animal. May be his own guilty conscience. He does not trust the animal. He senses the animal might animal might turn on him one day, take revenge on him at first opportunity. So he lives with ‘FEAR’, and prepared, and ready for the worse.

Today the Myanmars are treated like those animals, some of them are being trained, they are under training. The trainer will always want his way, he will use whip, he may use the guns if necessary. We Myanmars must know, and show we are not animals. We are human beings like any other human kind.

Some Myanmars are confused, they don’t know what they are, whot they are, they do not know what they want, who do not know what they want to be , who do not know what they want to say. They don’t even know who to believe. they cannot make their minds up, they cannot make decisions, due to lack of education, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding right. They are in the open for anybody to exploit them, manipulate them, undermine them.

When they say something, it means nothing. They always refer to someone as the one who said it before. That also mean they haven’t got their own idea in their head. It may be harsh to say, that may be too negative. But from the positive side, by referring to someone, they could claim that they pay their respect to those who deserves it.

Though we may be listening to our elders, our spiritual leaders or our political leader, how much do we understand what they say. Are we really listening to them ? ‘Listening’ means more than, much more than ‘hearing’. The difference is ‘Hearing’ can be without practice, ‘ listening’ must be accompanied by practice.

Whether we are political animal or just pet animal for pet. Anyone can become pet at any time. A political animal are vulnerable. They can become somebody’s pet anytime. They can become more than cronies, more than pets, they can become slaves, the leader of his own people slaves. Gautama Buddha , Jesus Christ, Mohammed , they all have their followers, they all have their cronies, if anybody wants to put it that way.

These are Myanmars. I am talking about my own people. If Myanmars are weak, poor in anything somebody will take advantage of them. We may be passing our judgments on others, we don’t know who are judging us. There is still a ‘Judgement Day’ that we all have to pass through.

During her tour , Mrs Aris will be watched very closely. People will listen to what she has to say with great interest. There is no doubt about Mrs Aris. who speaks English fluently. Yet some words slipped. May be she was a little excited, a stage fright may be. Her usual audience in Myanmar and the audience in this part of the world is totally different. She does not need any interpreters. Other Myanmars leaders may need interpreters, or translators. As a matter of fact many world leaders use the interpreters, or translators. There is nothing wrong with Myanmar leaders not giving speech in English. Even in the United Nations many world leaders gives their speeches in their own language, mother tongue.

So again Speaking English fluently, or none at all is not a real problem for any one. If we have enough translators, and interpreters, the whole 55 million people can be educated in their own language, with their own mother tongue. How many per cent of these 55 million can read and write their own mothers language?

Myanmar saying is, “ Nat Koh Ma Mhar Zay Ne”, which means do not worship the wrong God. Then, who is the right God ? Wrong God, right God ? God, and Evil.

What about Myanmars, do they believe in God ? Need not ask. Myanmar Buddhists do not believe in God. Pre Buddhist days they used to be believers of 37 Nats, or Spirits of human beings who have died violent death, believed to be the protectors, or guardians. Whether Ko Aung San was treated like that or not I am not sure, but Jesus Christ was treated as one by some Myanmars in this 21 st century.

That shows Gautama or his Dhamma is nothing to compare with these 37 Nats sprits. But these Nats have their own places in the history. Co-exiting with others Myanmar do not do anything without consulting these 37 nats. Say what you want. Myanmars won’t change a bit on that. No Tayar Dhamma can take them away from the Myanmars.

What I am saying is the Myanmars do not want to change, nothing will change in Myanmar. Can you make the Myanmars change, how do you propose to do that? Anaw-yat-hta’s body was never found. Moving from one Green pasture to another Greener Pastures is the nature. Pasture may change, but not the Myanmars in the end they will be back on the first pasture again.

Patronising, down grading, no respect, manipulating, humiliating, threatening, intemedating the Myanmars through Mrs Aris, ‘do as we say or else’, to the leaders of Myanmar by the West. Openly dividing the Myanmar society, some fall for it. Especially those Myanmars who used to live or who are living in the west who thought they were from different class, they were born on silver plates, and fed by golden spoon.

Without saying, some Myanmars have become ‘circus animals’. If not Myanmar have become top quality items such as wedges, axe handles, and sleepers, from their top quality Teak.