Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 16-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

You are living in the real world and with realities around you. If you are a Buddhists, you must be a ‘realist’. That says a lot.

Who needs help in Yalkhine State ? You must help who needs help. You cannot help everyone, and you cannot help those who cannot be helped either.

Actions taken by the Government of Myanmar in Yakhine State is temporary measures.To cool and calm the situation. The Government and the people of Yakhine must find the final( permanent) solutions. Because this is purely, a ‘Trespass’ Rohingyas or whatever they called themselves are trespassers on the land of Myanmar. These Muslims are shitting on Buddhists head , now they are raping , Buddhists girls , what will be next?

Today the world needs help, almost everybody , anybody will be needing help , they are shouting for HELP. And there are no shortage of helpers , who offer helps , who wants to help. Are those helpers honest , genuine , free ? Just asking.
The question is who are making the people of the world to become ‘helpless’. They are in need of help in one way or the other, all the time. Are the helps for the better or for the worse? Just asking.

If you have real interests, and really want to help Yakhines and the Yakhin State, you should go and live there and have your experience. With your Mitta, Gayuna, and Muditta, to see if they can understand.

Who are the so called, ‘refugees’ in Yakhin State? Are they Rohingyas, or Yakhines? Whether they are Rohingyas or Yakhine , I have no relations in both community. So whoever killed or raped there, I could say, “ I care a damn”. Somebody might say they ‘care’.

But can say I am not happy or glad to know things like this happened anywhere in the world.

When we talk about Gautama Buddha and his ‘cause and effect’. What cause it? Three Muslims raping a Buddhist girl or three hundred Christians having an orgy , or the ‘Rohingyas’ problems.I can only see Rohingyas are the real cause This cause must be get rid of, take off from the root.

If somebody want to deny that, that is his right. If he want to argue, he is welcome to do so.

Or on behalf of the Yakhines , live like a Yakhine, eat like a Yakhine, and feel like a Yakhine. you should join hands with Yakhine and try your best to ‘get rid’ of the so called Rohingyas from there. Yakhin State must be free from Rohingyas . As long as they are there, the troubles are not only for Yakhine, but also for the whole of Myanmar, and other Myanmars . There are sizable Muslims community in Myanmar as we all know. There is nothing we can do about it , because we have not done anything from the beginning.

On behalf of so called Rohinyas, you should get rid of the Yakhines, abolish Yakhine State, Yakhine race, and create as ‘Rohingyas State’, you can put your Mitta, Gayuna, and Mudita into practice.

I have heard of the harp player Maung Pon. No teacher wants to give him harp lessons. Because Maung Pon knows it all. Some of you are like him, “ Mr know it all’. At least you want to be a referee , a broker which I called them “ Ngo Zar Ye Zar’ the same as medical doctors, and Buddhists Minks. Who ever live or die they collect their fees. Or like the fox in the middle of the two otters. Always pick the best of the fish for him.They are , “ A –choung- thamars” in my book.

If United Nations care for the Rohingyas, they should take them back to Afghanistan or Pakistan or even to Bangladesh.

U Nu failed and U Ne Win tried, in many ways including with his Myanmar Citizenship Act. It did not work. Because as the Myanmar sayings goes, “ Min Bin Koung Hllyet – Min Mhyaung Phyet ”, corrupt officials from department or ministry concerned. Myanmar is a Free nation, you can buy anything in Myanmar. Not only Myanmars, as pure outsiders you can buy Myanmars and the land of Myanmars off.

United Nations knows that Rohingyas are not Myanmar citizens, they never belong to any of Myanmar’s eight major national ethnic races or ethnic groups. They are not Myanmar origin we all know that. They are not even the citizens of the planet as ‘R O H I N G Y A S’.

BUT, in the book of knowledge there was ‘ Rohinllas’ , but not ‘ Rohingyas’. I never thought it’s worth mentioning. Whether these Rohinllas and Rohingyas have connections or not I am not sure but there are circumstances. According the book of knowledge , “ Rohinllas, were Afghans who had entered India in 18 the century during the decline of ‘Mughal Empire’ and has gained control of ‘Rohilkhand’. British Governor general of Bengal, Warren Hastings helped the Nawab of Oudh defeat the Rohillas with some of the East Indian company’s troops.For helping the Nawab, Warren Hastings critics charged him with letting out troops for hire ( as mercenaries), and condoning atrocities.

These facts alone telling us that, ‘ Rohillas or Rohingyas’ are nothing to do with Myanmars as an ethnic race or blood, or even as religion. If you are a history man, you will find the jig saw puzzles pieces . It won’t be hard for you to make the whole picture, but if one piece is missing you will never finish that.

Would you stand for your right, or would you give up everything because you want to have peace? Siddhartha Gautama took refuge in the forest, to have peace. He stayed away from the crowd. He did not mix with the crowd. Before and after his death there were wars after wars, killings after killings. May be these are the results of Mitta, Gayuna and Mudita.

What the government of Rep of the Union of Myanmar doing is what any good government should do. That is its duty, that is its responsibility. The government will do whatever necessary to keep peace, stability, law and order in any part of our land of Myanmar. Helping people out who needs helps. Protecting and defending all race and religion. That is what all governments supposed to do. It should NOT be the encouragement , or discouragement or license for any racist, or religious fanatic to commit any crime against other race or other religion. All race and religion have a right to protect and defend themselves. Let alone to become a habitual offender.

Nobody should take Myanmars or Buddhists or the Government as weaklings. This is not the first time, and it will not be the last. There are more to come.

This is spontaneous fire, a fire which will never go out. It is like a volcano, sometimes it will sleep. But when it wakes up, “ Pyay Naing Ma Lute Me”. You have to run like hell to escape. Because there is nobody who can put a volcano under their control, let alone to put it down. In fact Myanmar is sitting on many volcanos. Myanmar has Mount Popa the extinct volcano they say. this is not the kind of volcanos I am talking about. It is about politic, economic, social , and religious volcanos in Myanmar.

In the history book. I read about two cities ,Pompeii, and Herculaneum which were destroyed by mount Vesuvius in 79 AD .
Yakhine State is at present in this position and situation. Because Yakhines are very neighbourly. They did not do anything about it, they don’t protect themselves, they don’t defend themselves. They are letting Muslims swallowing them alive.

Yakhines are the first of some Buddhists in Myanmar. Because of their kindness, generosity, their Mitta, Gayuna, and Mudita. They become second class in their own region. If the Yakhine are not doing anything, not prepared to do anything, their Yakhine State will become a Muslim State.

Whether Rohillas are Rohingyas or not, ‘Rohingyas’, been causing problems for Yakhine and Myanmar, especially somebody armed them, fund them and quietly supporting them. United Nations must have the knowledge to all these secret dealings, if not conspiracy . For Yakhines and Myanmars, Rohingyas are Afghan Mujahidin from Aghanistan. That is enough to know. Now, the Yakhines may be realising their position and now is the time to wake up.

There are those formerly Bamars, or other national from eight major ethnic race and some Kabyars ( crossed breed) not necessarily Anglo Kabyars. Others such as Tayote Kabyars , Kalar Kabyars . For these people the land of Myanmars is not their land, not even their father’s land. They were brought into Myanmar by the British. They may be kind , and generous , charitable with other peoples’ lands and properties which are not theirs , let alone their own. For this there is a Myanmar saying , that is “ Ahlu Shin Laphet Ne - Myet Nhar Lote” . I called them ‘ Shameless Faces’.

Some people are born like that, as “Credit Taker”, they may be “ Credit Collectors”. What else do they collect they alone will know. It’s not Buddhist like to collect credit while others are in misery and suffering . What is Fair and what is Just in this case.

They may be talking about patriots, and patriotism , I doubt they know what “ a real patriotism” is. Yakhine must bring back their patriotic spirit. If they don’t do anything about it, the Yakhin Race will become endangered species. They will be the first lost tribe of Myanmars.

Whatever is happening in Yakhine State is not a joke , nothing to laugh about. It is a time bomb waiting for the time to explode. How many of these time bombs are there still waiting in Myanmar.
We can do anything, if we want to do it. The saying is , “If there is a ‘will’, there is a ‘way’. A good way or a bad way. Whatever you want to do, and what do you want to do? You have to do, whatever needs to be done?

There is a cost, there will be expense. It’s not a ‘may be ’ it is ‘will be’, that’s, ‘ definite’. The cost has to paid by the people, it’s always by the people. There is another saying in the west, that is , “ sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind ” . Some people might like to argue by saying using different words, “ have loving kindness, or love thy neighbour’. The real world , does not work like that.

Mitta, Gayunar, and Mudita won’t help you, because you will be considered as weak, or even a coward. They will not only sit on you, but they will shit on you. Your whole body will be stink with their shit. People will only say, ‘ you stink’, they don’t want to know who shits on you. Because before they see anything they are getting the smell. You are stink, that’s all they know. If they want to know the truth they have to find out.
Some said. “Rohingya Muslims are considered by rights groups to be among the most persecuted people on earth” The people of the world have been persecuted for centuries by the colonialist.

Every people have their own story to tell. Some might even say that Muslims are the most persecuted people in the world, by the Europeans from the West. It’s been centuries, how Romans treated Christians, and not to forget the Jews in the hands of Nazi Germany. The Palestinian in their own land . For Jews Palestinian are no human race at all. If the right group have sympathy for so called Rohingyas, they should take them to their countries in the West.

Generally there is nothing wrong between Bamar or Buddhists, and Muslims, or Christians In Myanmar . They are minding their own business. But political or religious, or racial reasons if they provoke any one , there will be equal and opposition reactions.
9/11 in New York was the reasons George W Bush was looking for. It is said he was even asking CIA to give him a good reasons Next thing we knew was early in the morning. Most workers were not at their work yet .Twin Tower came down. And we know what followed next.

Who are creating these riots? Who are responsible for these riots? Who are behind the riots? It is the fact that the West is funding and arming the oppositions groups, quietly and sometimes, openly , in anyway and every way they can. That is nothing new.
What are the Myanmars and Yakhine Buddhists will do in their region or land. They have to do something . It’s well over due. They must do something. What about “ referendum” on what to do with these none Myanmar people? That’s in line with democracy. ’

Some people like to have precise information. This, won’t help. It is not logical. It could make worse. Who will believe who? If you have price information what would you intend to do? I would say it is in ‘control manner’.

Government and Myanmar media are very wise. You should thank them. Not like Western media , they don’t make mountain out of a mole, they don’t make a bed bug into a tortoise. They don’t make news to sell more copies. They don't incite any ripots, chaos, or lawlessness.