Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Media coverage is nothing new, this has been the case for Wdestern media,for the news come later, propaganda comes first against every country they don’t like, their government doesn’t like. As long you are doing right,with your conscience clear that’s what it counts. The ‘truth’, cannot be hidden behind closed doors, behind silk curtain, or iron curtain. The people, the Tatmadaw and the Givernment must join hands.

This is the world of Fabrications, this is the world of fictions, this is the world of fakes. What is real, what is genuine, only those with educated eyes will see and know. At the World Trade Organisation (WTO), economic meetings, and summits, etc., they are discussing on these subjects, these matters. There are some who does not know what is black, what is white. Have pity for them. They will never know how wonderful the world is, how beautiful the world is.

This wonderful world, and beautiful world must be defended and protect from these blind people. starting from Myanmar. No willingly but accidentally they could destroy them. Sorry will be too late and too cheap. If there are no such people, this world will not complete. If there are no such people. we won’t even k now what ‘Peace’ is, where to find it. With them or without them there must be Peace, on Earth. Without Yin and Yan or Four Elements the earth won’t exit.

A very simple question, “what is happening “ needs a simple answer. Who is behind, who is responsible for all terrorism, terrorist acts? You cannot say or accuse anyone. What you don’t see , what you cannot see. You need proofs, evidence, beyond any reasonable doubt. Yet people see what they want to see.
Let the people speak, let the people take actions. They need to wake up. They know what they are suffering from. People must do what needs to be done, and
they know what to do. I am against any racist, any religious fanatic. But I also understand actions and reactions. There are some very few fanatics in every society. We must have zero tolerance. Educate them or get rid of them. The sooner the better. They are disturbing Peace, disrupting peoples, progress and prosperity.

But everyone knows, since Mrs Aris is released, since Freedom of this and that is permitted, since Mrs Aris became a parliamentarian, and going out and about, here and there, Myanmars are back living in the dark room, insurgents, and terrorist, the agents of Al Qaeda, and Taliban are active again. May be the agents of CIA or MI6 are at it again.

In Yangon , in Myanmar some people are flying not Myanmar National Flag, but others national flags. Their husbands, their wives’ and the flag of their in laws. That is the freedom they were looking for, that is the freedom they are fighting for.

This may have been well planned in advance by those who oppose the Government. Government and the people must be alert, how many more of this riots have been planned, nobody knows. The neo colonialists, with slave mentality are asking for outside helps. Their idea is “ Ma Sarr Ya De Ame The Ne Pat’.

“ Kalar Bamar Ahtyi-gayone’ or rather Muslims - Buddhist riots are nothing new. It’s started in Yangon under British rule, in 1936, when a Buddhist Monk was chopped on his alms round near Scott Market (Bogyoke Zay) and again a port labourer was killed by a Muslim. Buddhists went on the streets and took them law into their own hands.

It’s been the idea of the Muslims residents in Buthi-doung and Maung-daw, to take the land of Myanmars as part of Pakistan. That time Bangladesh was called East Pakistan. Armed group called Mujahidin were very active, the same as Al Qaeda or Taliban of today.

Yakhine one of our people are becoming sandwich meat between Muslims across the sea or across the river from Bangladesh, and Christians from Chin Special State of Myanmar. Especially these Muslims are in Myanmar because they were brought to Yakhine by the British to serve them and to protect their interests and so was the Christians. The Chins were serving British Army and they were made Christian .Two foreign religions swallowed up the Buddhists population in Yakhine. Yakhines are traditionally, Buddhists as we all know. As Buddhists their Mitta, Garunar, and Mudita were so strong, they are oppressed, flattened under the feet of the Muslims and Christian.

For so called Buddhist Monks, these are nothing to do with them. Buddhism seems to be fading away, if not disappearing in Yakhine gradually.

Sad to say, Yakhine Buddhists and Buddhist Monks did not know who the real enemies were. Nobody can blame Bamars for taken ‘Maha Myat Muni’ to Mandalay in the central of the country.

It should not be the good reason, because Bamars are also Buddhists. They keep the Holy Image in a Holy Shrine, for all the people of Myanmar Buddhists or many other Buddhists to make pilgrimage. To travel to Mandalay is much easier, and better to Yakhine then and now. Even during the time of the British, Yakhine was isolated from Myanmar because of poor transportations. That also make Bamars and Yakhines strangers if not foreigners to each other. Most of all Yakhine considered Bamars as their enemies.

‘From the pot into the fire’. When British took Yakhine in 1824, Yakhine may be happy, they might have been over the moon to know they were liberated from the Bamars. They did nothing to Muslims or Christians, who came along with the British. May be Yakhines were trying to be good Buddhist, with religious tolerance, towards Muslim and Christians not realising these two were eating the them (Yakhins) up alive, and raw. They did not have to do anything but they forgot, they have a duty to protect the Buddhism.

Their hatred for the Bamars were too much, their eyes were covered with blindness, cataract. They nearly lost their race, nationality, and their religion. They could not see the reality, they could not see the truth. Some body created a saying, to be careful about Yakhine. The saying is, “if you see a Yakhine and a Viper, kill the Yakhine first and viper next’. Who created that saying and why, I don’t know. But there must be a very good reason.
If one remembers, during the days of Mrs Indira Ghandi, in 1971, East Pakistan was liberated and became Independent nation as Bangladesh. During that war refugees spilled over in to Myanmar We Myanmar and Yakhine Buddhist accepted the refugees, looked after them according to our Buddhist Philosophy, of Mitta , Gayunar, and Mudita.

When the war was over, when there was peace in Bangladesh, some of the refugees, refused to go home , never go home to Bangladesh, but settled in Myanmar illegally. On humanitarian ground there seemed to be nothing anybody can do. Besides, since British time it was the same, British not only did not do anything about it, but also deliberately laid down immigration policy to import Indians of all religions, and Chinese into Myanmar as their loyal subjects. Encouraged by that policy that some Muslims in Yakhine created their own race and nationality as Rohingyas and demanding their own land, own rights and administration. There are Muslims in nearby Chin Special State. It not as much flooded as Yakhine State yet.

If anyone cares to look at any book of knowledge, or any history of any nation, there never was a human race, or nationality tribal people as Rohingyas. The British were very efficient, and able, and thorough to make any records. Even some untrue and fakes history written by them.

Yakhine are learning lesson in many ways, hard ways. What do they learn. I am not sure. They have been sitting quietly for centuries. I hope it’s not too late for them to realise who the real enemies are.

What the Myanma Tatmadaw , and Government can do is, they must be on alert, and handle with care . Tatmadaw the very last body to get involved, to keep law and order, or to restore law and order to help the Police and local government and civil administration, to help the rule of law. Though this could be pone of deliberate provocations, there may be more to come in the name of democracy . The government and all law enforcing departments have duties and responsibility is to protect and defend the rights of the defenceless, all Law abiding citizens in the Yakhine State.

Yakhines must not be half asleep. They must be fully awake. They have real problem to solv, which they have neglected in the past. It won’t go away tomorrow or disappeared the day after. It will swallow them whole, if they let them. They may have to live with it. Let the Yakhin solve their problems in their own ways. They have been waiting for centuries because of many reasons which I might be able to explain later. It could be said, history is , repeating again, Nothing can be forgiven and nothing can be forgotten, we cannot let by gone be by gone either. “ Anar Houn” or old wound come back again.
But the Government and the Tatmadaw must take their right place.

We must not forget that there are ‘ people of ‘ Maramargyi’ race in Chittagong hill tract In Bangladesh. They can be still called pure Yakhine Race. They are white, or fair skin, their way of life , traditions, culture, and custom, not to forget their customary laws still in practice are the same as in olden days when they were in Myanmar . They have their Chief, who could be called ‘ King’ in old usage, sitting on a throne like chair.

It is true , once upon a time , Manipur and Assam have had their own internal problems but swore allegiance to Myanmar. Myanmar never force them to do anything against their will. After the first Anglo-Myanmar war, those two were taken by the British and put them back on the map of India, under their rule. Then after third Anglo Myanmar war in 1886 the whole of Myanmar was taken by the British, and Myanmar became a part of East Bengal State of India. Myanmar was not a nation any more, not even a country anymore, it was a little more than a village, with villages were scattered.

If you haven’t got a country, you are a stateless. If you are a stateless, you cannot be a patriot. Some people are still trying to establish a country, a nation of their own. What are the Yakhine doing in the past did they know? They did nothing to protect themselves, to defend themselves from these Muslims and Christians. I have said before. What are they doing, do they know?
Yet, as a matter of fact, 70 % the population of Yakhine are Buddhists, 28 per cent are Muslims. The rest are Christians, the spills from Chine state, Hindus, and spiritualists.

I suspect what happened a few days ago, was not the work of Al Qaeda, and Taliban cells, infiltrated into so called Rohingyas . don’t wake them up, don’t refresh their memories, then that may be their fate, their destiny.

According to Gautama, ‘cause and effect’ , is there. “ Be Thu Mapyu Mi Mi Mhu’. Yakhine has to face the consequence of what they do, or they don’t do. Yakhine must join hands with the government other Myanmars, to protect their wives and daughters and to preserve themselves, as an ethnic race and Buddhism as their religion in Myanmar. Mitta, Garunar and Mudita must have their limits. We are not all “ Wai Than Dra”, to give away, our wife and children away.