Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 12-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

May I forewarn some of you may argue that my articles are not long, not short to the point. It will be long because I do not know how short my life will be. I also realised, that though there are many who can read and write, but have no basic education, or no general knowledge. I need to explain more than necessary, especially our education and our knowledge, and our experience are not equal to each other. So what can I say, ‘please bear with me’, my articals are mainly for them.

I also would like to learn from you, if you have something to teach me, share with me. I amm not the only one , there are others, they may like to learn from you as well. Good education, good knowledge. Your valuable times, your dreams for the nation, for the people of Myanmar.

Please be something, either educator, or a learner, but don’t be an ignorant, you can become an 'iguana'. You don’t want to be, are you?. Myanmar needs more educated people, more people with knowledge. Myanmar needs you.

Something is missing in Myanmar. We come to a conclusion that ‘something’ is the ‘education’. There are many things to do in Myanmar. Education is a wide subject. What =ever we don’t know is the education for us. Whatever we need to do we need education we need knowledge to be able to do our best. If we have no education, no knowledge we cannot do it ourselves, we have to let others come and do them for us. Many times we talk about education for our people of Myanmar. Because some of us believe our people have not enough good education, let alone good modern education, and modern knowledge. We don’t know why, do we know why? The modern world today is full of so called modern education, science and technology. Some of us are lost, in this jungle of Science and technology. Yet we Myanmars don’t even know who or what we are.

Everyone should have education, this education is the right for all human, and it must also be the right education. Education is the knowledge. In Myanmar society education if for all, “ Ayote, Alatt, Amyat Ma-Ywey’. Education is for all classes. Whenever I hear the word ‘all classes’. I am also uncomfortable. Because that is the proof there are no equals. is discrimination, that is class distinction. That is even against equality, freedom, fair and justice. Somebody said all men are equal, I want to believe it who said it, where is this equality come from ?

Some people may believe only Kings should be Kings, according to blood line, baggers should be baggers as well. Somebody mentioned, four classes, the warrior class, the merchant class, the intellectual class, and the working class. I have also heard of Min, Ponna, Thahtay,Thukywe, Thu Sinye , Phone Toung Yazakar. I am not going to argue here on these classes. My point is we are ‘not equal’. BTW, there is no PhoneGyi class. PhoneGyis are gradually fading away because there are so many fakes and bogus. Some Lay man are better than Phone Gyi in teaching Buddhism. Like in Christians, there are preacher but not Priests.

Another point of mine is in Buddhism this is no equality. It could be said we are not equal, we cannot be equal, we will never be equal. Let’s say though we follow the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’, how many of us achieved to the stage as we wanted. It is because of our own performance. Each individual of us perform differently. Deed, merits, etc. Base on those we will be different we cannot be equal. How many Buddhists Monks, and Nuns who are teachers, teaching Buddhism to others can claim that they have, attain, “ Thaw Ta Ban , Anar Gan ” blah, blah, blah? Will they ever be equal to each other or to Gautama or other Buddhas? Don’t even think about.

Do we know who we are? Who are we ? Everyone will say “ of course we know who we are”. Is that a problem, for individual of us for knowing who we are? It looks like it more than may be. Or is it a problem for wanting to be what we are NOT? We don’t want to be any one or do we want to become that we are not. Would that, ‘pretence’ help us ? What is it?

National Reconciliation and National Unity is at stake because of who we are or what we are. Who should we be, what should we be, for National Reconciliation, & National Unity, for Peace and Harmony, Or do we need to forget who we are, and what we are? How do we preserve ourselves, to be who/what we are and to have Peace and harmony, as all good neighbours should. Should we forget who and what we are, stick to “ Ignorant is bliss, folly is wise, in the interest of the people, in the interest of the nation?

What about ‘religions’? How many “ religions” do we need in the land of Myanmars? Are these so called “religions”, creating problems for us, or no problems at all? What are these religions doing to us, teaching us, or what are we doing to these religions, misusing, abusing? Whatever we believe, whoever we believe God, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed. Their names and their teachings will still be around, for a long, long time as long as this earth is turning on its axel, in this Universe. Whether you take them or leave them, you ( we) won’t be around for long.

The question of how this planet earth happened to be in this Universe has two versions. Some said it is one of God’s ‘creations’, the other said it was the ‘Big Bang’. Who created God, nobody knows. What does God mean? We have no way of knowing, we can’t argue, Arguing or rejecting or accepting can be criminal, sometimes. Especially against “ God Creations”. What we know is this world, or this earth, and all beings are BANGING, BANGING, each other, none stop since the history was recorded. In line with Freedom or against Freedom, there are things you cannot argue, there are things you cannot oppose against The Will of GOD, and The Will of Man. How would you differentiate, between them ? Which one is done by who? Who do you favour, God or man?

That is why, some people said, we don’t know where we came from, but we know we are here today, we have to live today, we have to survive today. Like the problem of egg and chicken, we don’t know which was first. We cannot waste time to find out. To survive, how to survive is to be strong in many ways. Depends on the strength of your education, your knowledge, and how you use them to your advantage. Some people, whatever we don’t know, whatever we cannot understand, we cannot explain, we bring in Gods, Buddhas, or Jesus or Mohammed, at least their teachings. We refer to them shamelessly saying, they said this, they said that. What if only they were here today, where will they be, what will, they say?

I will tell you one thing, they will never be here today in person, among us. They are not stupid fools to be among fools,who will even fool them. I don’t think they want to know about us associate with us. They have already abandoned us mankind because we are out of control. They knew, one day we will ask for democracy, we will aske for human rights . So before we kick them out as dictators, they made rooms for democracy and human rights, and stay away from us. Yet we draw them back in from time to time by referring to them through their teachings.

While we are talking about ourselves, our matters and our affairs, we cannot ignore others, who are making our matters their matters, our affairs their affairs. What can we do about them? Do we ever ask ourselves how ignorant are we, how uneducated are we? Learning or teaching or yourself through your eyes, ears, and senses, learning from others who are called teachers? Or we don’t bother, because if God wanted you educated, and clever, God would have made you as one. Is that your answer? Or taking ‘ life as it comes’. But Buddha did not say things like that. Whatever is said by who, what do YOU say on these matters?

We know now , we cannot afford to be ignorant. Don’t tell lies to yourself by saying “ ignorant is bliss, folly is wise”. Is that the truth for you? Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed had said what they had to say at their time and place as needs be. They left everything to us. What we take and what we leave, what we make they are all up to us , our business. Our business is not God’s business .
We have been talking about the need for National Reconciliation, the need for Nationality Unity. These ideas are not getting into the heads of some people. Because the education level are not the same. As I have stated above, some people are ignorant by choice. Some are ignorant, because they ignore everything around them as they are not their business. They don’t even realise that they are trapped in their own little dark room, no escape, no exit.
Some of us are talking about educating the Myanmars. We know a wild animal can be taught. We are not sure about wild human. There seem to be so many wild human who needs to be educated. Then we talk about what kind of education to give them for their livelihood, skill and trade, politic, economic, social and military education. Education tame wild animals, and wild man.

Myanmar are sitting on the treasure chest, on the pile of treasures. Everybody knows that, I am not sure Myanmars know or not. They may not know because they have not enough education and knowledge to know. Once Myanmar dig the ground form ten feet and get water. It was great. Once Myanmar grow, rice, vegetables six inches in the ground, it was all Myanmar needed. By and by Myanmars are like a young man in their own story. The story said that when his parents passed away that young man was left with the inheritance of AhThaByar and properties worth of 8, 000 Billions. (Ah tha byar, was the currency of those days).

He did nothing to accumulate those wealth,( may be he was not a capitalist but a communist) lost or finished all his wealth spending with his friends. But when he died, he had no family, no house to live, no place to stay, no money, no friend, as he was roaming on the street, and he died on the street. There was nobody who will pick up his body to bury or to cremate, or to take to the river. Instead the vultures ate up his body. The story did not say, whether the dogs or other animal including man ate it up too. Mind you, there is a tribe still living on the high mountains when somebody die, they take the body to the top, chopped it into bite size, and feed the birds, probably vultures.

In the case of Myanmar , it seems like not only the vultures, and other animals, but also human are eating it up all because the Myanmars are uneducated, ignorant, they are poor people. Poor in education, poor ion knowledge. Because nobody can say their land is poor. The land is rich with natural resources, everybody knows that and their hands are itchy to get Myanmar in any way.

Myanmars cannot be taught, can’t be true. They don’t want to learn, they have learning difficulties, or we are no good teachers. Even God, Gautama Jesus, and Mohammed were not good teacher, who are we then. Their brain and body structure is not built to receive too much education, skill , trade to deal with daily politic, economic, social and military matters. It is npot fair to say Myanmars are good at freeriding, freeloading.

To admit shamelessly, Myanmars never had any education. If they had a machete and a spear, and bow and arrow. That was enough. They belonged to the class of “ Mote-soe”, or hunter. Majority of them belonged to the warrior class. I don’t know about other classes, including the ruling class. What I know is based on “who dares win” anybody could become a ruler, if he dared kill the ruler.

May be the rulers did not want the citizens to be educated, which would threaten their position. Always making them busy, fighting in war after war. if they don’t want to be a warrior they could join the Buddhist order. Later the only education they could get is at the Monastery from the Buddhists Monks on Buddhism only. They said that is for moral education. without saying the Myanmars have had no morality.

Do they have Educations they need, trade and skill they need now? What about morality? Well I am the one who ask the question. There may be somebody who can answer. Buddhism is everything to do with morality.

What I am saying is, how much do you know about yourself. Let alone others. How educated are you, how much knowledge do you have, how can you share, will share with others. Please don’t say, “ I did not get my education free, I cannot share with you free either, let alone to give you Free education.” But the trouble Myanmars hope for and expect is Free education. they don’t want to pay, they don’t want to spend. Yet they don’t value the free education, neither fee paying education.

A few days ago somebody talk about taxation. “He took the "tat tha media" tax from all the citizens, which was ten per cent of all that was produced by each citizen.” That is to understand to pay for the expenses in building a nation. In today’s simple words, roads, bridges, schools, colleges, and hospitals, etc.

OR may be the King collected ,“ Tha Ta Meda ” to pay his own salary, his family, and his cronies around him. What happen to that ‘Tha Ta Media’ tax when the British were ruling in Myanmar, ‘ Thu Pandra Galuna Yaza Saya San”, who resisted revolt against that tax , was haged?

We were uneducated since ‘Maha Thamada Min’ period. We did not know how many times Golden Rain fell. Gold flakes, and nuggets fell. Some might say these are petty talks. Are they, are they really ? Honestly, we don’t know about this Golden Rain. We were busy learning the biography of our rulers. We were busying praising our rulers with pleasant words trying to please. Some even give their daughters to the rulers to make them wife. To be related to the ruler, to be proud of being in law.

Nation building? What Nation Building which Nation? It can wait. Wew have been waiting for so long, a couple of centuries more won’t make any difference. The necessities of the people can wait. The needs of the people can wait. As a matter of fact, the [people of Myanmar never Had anything, if they have nothing to day, they are npot losing anything they won’t regret anything. In next seven time everything goiomg to be alright, you won’t smell anything.

What’s the difference today? The educated people, who have knowledge, will not give away, their valuable education and knowledge to others free. As I have stated above, they are afraid they will lose their position, their chair. So they will not teach the people everything they know. They will teach them for the money they received worth. The Mhyanmar sayings are ‘Sayar Zar Chan’, “ Ngazar Thar Pay – Kun Jet Mapya Ne ”.

Only those with these educations, and knowledge they can undermine, manipulated others. It is unhealthy to have everybody educated and knowledgeable. Education and knowledge you have to find them, search for them by yourself for yourself. Then if you have real Ceydanar ( Mitta, Garunar, Mudita ) you can share your education and knowledge with others, to others free of charge. The recipient must appreciate .

This world is the education centre of its own.” The world is believed to be “University of Life”. As a citizen of the world you can learn from it ‘Free’. if that is the word. But if you are sticking to “ Ignorant is a bliss, folly is wise”, that’s up to you.