Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 10-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

“Mrs.Aris said she DOES not like to depend on foreign countries!!

When Mrs Aris pisses in the air, she should be careful, she should choose wisely which side she should stay, down wing or up wind? Her own piss might wet herself, it might even be on her face.

She DOES NOT like it. What’s new? There are many things she may not like. For instance, she did not like Myanmar boys, so she married the Cuban born English boy Michael Aris, who has a twin brother.

Will she , if had a chance, reject the Foreign investments, will she nationalisethem in time. Will she oppose the foreigner countries, and foreign investments in Myanmar, from now on? Like she did in tyhe past.

Was it her reasons that she wanted western economic sanctions, and supported it. Or is there another reason, now Myanmar is opening its doors to foreign investments, which are now in the queue pipe are pouring in she is opposing them in her own way. Because they did not wait for her ‘green light’? Or may be her friends those she may had deals and understandings might lose out. Or she want to kick out all those who are already established in Myanmar. Those who had hopes and waited for their business, 23 years is a long, long time.

Myanmar saying is for some “ Nga Thameelay Tawhla Bar De So Mha -Youngma Myin Sii Htwet”. Have close the mouth yet how clever my daughter is, she has gone out for horse riding. Horse riding can be interpreted in to anything. But in Myanmar society, normally it’s not taken as unfit for any girls.

She is making foreign trips, for her own personnel reasons. Nothing to do with Naing Gan Daw Duty, She may be an elected member of parliament, she may be the representing Kawmu township to the parliament. But she is not a cabinet minister of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. She is just another parliamentarian, nothing more than that. Who she thinks she is kidding? That has to be cleared for the ignorant.

Once there was a time, she was not even taken part in the elections. As a matter of fact she was under the detention( House arrest), but some foreign countries, some foreign government referred to her as The Prime Minister of Union of Myanmar. That was just provocation by the foreign governments, that was not a joke to laugh.

That showed, how they very much want to get involve, interfere, even to break the nation of Myanmar by using her. They had done it before to Myanmar. Mrs Aris should remember from her mother how her own father Aung San was assassinated. How he and all other Myanmars had to pay the price for Myanmar to be Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation, one nation for all people as one.

There are many things politicians would say shamelessly, which they don’t mean. One politicians know another politicians, simply because they are the same. All politician can misinform, mislead the people at any time. They have no Fear either. Because they always explain what they want as people’s will. They use the people as well. Some so called politicians go as far as saying their mother was their wife, their father was their husband. They are interbreed, descendants of Noah and family.

BUT what she should know is, in real life, there is no retake, and there is no rehearsal. Everyone has to be sure of what they are saying, and what they are doing , “ Bwar Bwar’ is cannot be accepted in the real life. As a Buddhists she should know as well. So she better not abuse her nine lives .

It depends, how much she really realise of her life. She has 15 years to herself, what was she doing, all these years, in Myanmar, what was she doing those years in England, and other parts of the world. What kind of meditation courses had she taken. How much had she enlightened, what kind of Truth she found?

She has no life of her own . Her life is given to her by foreigner, from foreign countries. Who will believe she would bite the hands that fed her? Well, if there are no such kind of people, there would not be such kind of saying.

Mrs Aris can be very easily, manipulated especially at the age of “ Thway Zone”. She was in desperation. She depended on foreign countries and foreigners to help her. Concern people know she can be nothing but a stooge or a puppet. They let her move around on a long leash to stretch he legs, and arms, for a little bit of exercise. She should know. She is nothing but a little lamb for sacrifice, in the name of democracy. That is the result of democracy.

What does she mean by ‘ foreign countries’, which foreign countries does she mean? Does she know? How could she admit she ‘ DOES like to depend on foreign countries’? She does not have to say anything we can see her with our own eyes, we can hear her own words.

In a way she is still supporting economic sanctions. In her own ways, she is still telling the international community NOT to invest in Myanmar. If you remember what she said in the past. She said the people of Myanmar are NOT suffering, because of economic sanctions.

Never mind about Western economic sanctions to day, the British blockade of Myanmar in the 1800, left Myanmar high and dry. During the 125 years of British rule, everything fell into the hands of the British and it cronies. Myanmar did not even own their own homes, own country It is an exaggeration to say, they hardly own their body and soul. That was the Freedom, that was the rights of Myanmar human. Mrs Aris was not even a foetus yet, she did not know how Myanmars had to suffer, how Myanmar had to struggle to free themselves, to be independent. Myanmar to be a Sovereign Nation.

TRUE , there was a time, while Myanmars we trying to build one strong nation for everybody as one people. That was the aim, that was the intention. Notably Yakhine, Mons, and Bamars were fighting each other. Yakhine was overrun by the Khawtaw( Muslims) from East Bengal State of India under British rule. Not to forget that Mon territory of, Ta-nyin or Than-hlyin ( Syriam)was in the hands of Portuguese once.

Local Yakhines did nothing, local Mon did nothing, but Myanmars led by Bamars to liberate them.

But in 1948 Myanmar became one nation, as Union of Myanmar, all people as one people. There is a saying, it may be rude. Which is “ Hta min Wa Lo – Lee Toung ’’. when your tummy is full, you get hard. But sadly instead of making it better, to solidify the nation or to united all the people as one were interrupted, disturbed, and disrupted by outsiders using the maggots, some racist, some religious fanatics, the involvements and interference of foreigners, are nothing new. It is in everywhere. With or without special invitation. We Myanmar have had a great experience.

It would be fair and true, to say British were not the only foreigners, but also there were Portuguese and French as well who were interfering, in Myanmar’s affairs. Their aim and objection was to take Myanmar as their own to colonise Myanmar. But British had to try , thrice. In the end British made it.

We don’t forget that we had wars with China or Mogolians they were called those days on many occasions. The Chinese had no intension or Myanmar did not let themto colonise the land of Myanmars. Let’s say, Mhyanmars know who their enemy was, then. Myanmars knows who their enemy is today. But Myanmar makes no enemy with anybody. Because Myanmars know the cost of having enemy or enemies.

Depend on foreign countries or not , Myanmar needs foreign investments. Myanmar business community needs International Monetary Fund(IMF), it needs World Bank, or Asia Developments Bank(ADB) at least for financial support. How to get them how will we get them? In fact no Myanmar is heading IMF, World Bank or Asia Developments.

What about equities? What has Myanmar got? Natural resources? Who wants them, who will buy them . We have to produce ourselves or let somebody come and do it for us. Nobody will come and work for us for wages, and salaries. They may like to buy some shares in the business. For that they may like to have soe say their voice heard.

That is how the world economy is, the world business is. The protectionism does not work today, nobody wants to know. To say Myanmar is for Myanmar only is a brave or bold words, but nothing practical. It is just pissing in the air.

There is United Nations Development Programmes. Foreign countries can help Myanmar through United Nations. Or as donor countries where they cannot benefit, they cannot make any profit.

Myanmar is still in the list of ‘ least developed nations’. For how long Myanmar intends to stay in that list. Does Myanmar or Mtrs Aris intend to have a Freeriding, Freeloading for the rest of her life, lor until next elections in 2015.

The question is what can Myanmar do without foreign investments in Myanmar. Can Myanmar invest in foreign countries, at least in South East Asia, or beyond, explore, exploit, manipulate and accumulate? Are Myanmars suddenly cleverer, smarter than others, under her leadership. Is that what she is trying to say?

She may be cleverer than most Myanmars at home. But not all Myanmars I am telling you. Though she may have special VIP treatment by foreign countries in the name of democracy. That is for a publicity stunt. To show to the people of Myanmars that the democracy pays well, work well.

In one of the Myanmar stories, after Prince Widadupa visited his grandfather in the palace. The place where the prince sat was cleaned and washed with milk. Because he was actually the son of the maid servant who was presented to another King as one of the Royal Princeses.