Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 9-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Com patriots, and Friends,

Smash them, crack them, hit them hard. How does it sound ?

Is there any other options? If not, Government and Tatmadaw must get cracking. It’s time to smash them, annihilate them, dust to dust, ashes to ashes. The people in mass. must support government and Tatmadaw efforts . Get behind the Government and Tatmadaw to annihilate the terrorists, underground, over ground , the sympathiser and conspirators.

Reconciliation has different meanings for different people. It is not enough to say “ reconciliation, is needed, we must reconcile Everybody is saying . But nobody suggests how to do that. They are clever. They said nothing, they suggested nothing, because they did not want to commit.

Many times in the past I suggested, that we need to study “ The making of United States of America” how it was made, how it was built from the day Europeans settler arrived on the spoil of the new world called America. In American history, there facts, not only about the rulers( Ya Za Win) , but also about the progress, the developments the changes, in three parts. Politic, Economical and Social changes and how it became militarily the most powerful nation in this world if not this universe.

I assure you, that is not achieved, through democracy, through human rights, free and fair and justice for all. Everyday, including today, if you want to look at or talk about the negative side of United States of America, you will be drowned under the heap of negativities.

Any government that cannot govern the people and the nation is not a government The Tatmadaw that cannot defend and protect the nation and the people is not a Tatmnadaw. Anyone who disturb or disrupt the government and the Tatmadaw not to be able to perform their duties, are traitors.

“ What is true reconciliation?” Is that a question or is that a statement? Whichever way you look at it , “reconciliation is reconciliation”. If you are true to yourself and to others it will be “ true reconciliation”. If you tell lies to yourself, you will tell that lie to others. You admity it or not when you tell lies , you are a liar. And you know what the truth is. Have you ever tell lies, all the time , some times, occasionally. Is there anything such as White lie, or black lie? A lie is a lie, that I know, white or black does not matter.

Besides, there are‘ ignorant’, as well as ‘naive’. Ignorant may not know anything let alone the truth, he could escape from being liars, but ‘naïve’ could even be called ‘a liar’.

Before I go any further I would like to tell you a thing or two. I don’t mean to be personnel. So don’t be offended. Are you a married person, are you a family man? Do you know what a ‘family spirit’ is. Do you know what is your responsibility as a family man? Do you think each and individual member of your family also know their responsibility? Is your familyunkite as one unity, do you need reconciliations among yourselves. or with your neighbours?

For “Reconciliation”. Everything have to put into consideration. The past is the past but we have learnt many lessons. from those lessons we have to find ways, and rooms to reconcile. What we may be doing at the present is we are laying a good foundation, base to built “national reconciliation and national unity ” for tomorrow, for the future as long as we live. If you cannot fine them there is no possible reconciliation.

There is nothing impossible, there is something we may not have done. That the saying of our elders take it or leave it. They may be saying in Buddhists way, Hindus ways, Christians ways, Muslims ways, or even in animists and spiritual ways.

All these have to be reconcile first then. Is there problems for them to reconcile? What are we going to do the undesirable from these communities? Mitta, Garunar, Mudita or real Seydanar?
Do they understand that? How will you translate, interpret these words, which are as old as 2600 years , may be more, if we counted Mahathamada Min period, Old Testament etc., in.

Family problems, domestic problems, husband and wife reconciled, patch up. Otherwise separation, and divorce, and so on. Living together, without marriage, having children, single parents, children with no father, not even know who the father was let alone the name of the father. What’s the difference? “Ta Mayar Ma Koung–Tamayar Pyoung, ’” or “ Ta Lin Makoung Ta Lin Pyoung. Which one are you? Are you proud of which ever you are, or you care a damn? Is that the freedom for you?

“ A Third Party ’ in the form of brokers ( Pwe Zarr or Akyo Soun),are not free, they expect fees from you, possibly from both side., a certain percentage. Some clients ends up in court, because they could not afford the fees. That was how Myanmars became slaves in their own country, that was how the nation of Myanmars became part of India till 1935.

How Myanmar are you, how Bamar are you? What’s the difference between Myanmar and Bamar. Do you understand,and know the meaning of it ?

The way I look at it, and in fact y is, Myanmar consists of eight major ethnic races and which again comprises 135 ethnic groups. Not to forget that there are Buddhists, Spiritualists, Christians, Hindus , Islam and others.

That is why at present and that is why about the past why “National Reconciliation and National Unity are needed”
In the United States of America more or less every books reader knows, how many indigenous major ethnic races, and how many ethnic groups, were there. Since Christopher Columbus opened the way for European exploration, and colonization of the new world in 1492 and how many foreigners, came to the New world especially United States of American and became US citizens.

About the time some foreigners( European) came to Myanmar through India. Between 1824 and 1886 Myanmar fell into the hands of the British. It was one or the other. British and French were the arch rivals, Both were trying to get Myanmar by hooks or by crooks. British had won iot was said because of Kin Wun U Koung and his group.

Myin Gunn and Myin Khon Dain were indecisive, because their attempts to take power failed though assassination of the Crowned Prince Kanoung was successful. U Saw successful assassination of Aung San, did not make his anything but a common killer criminal.

There were many facts, as well as rumours who were helping or even inviting British or the French at the time. Today also which Myanmars are inviting, which Myanmars are helping the British and the Americans to get Myanmar.

What’s the world coming to? These events are nothing new. It all part of the Freedom, it’ the price for Freedom. It’s one of those things in modern time, in this modern or advanced world. It’s one of those things called ‘progress, development’. You are happy, you do what you want that’s all its matters.
Who wants to know the history, who wants to learn the history. What lessons? You will take any lessons you want from history. It depends. You have your human rights, but are you right or wrong to take what you want, have you thought of it? You human rights may not be the right for other human. There it is, the rights and the wrongs have to reconcile, your positive thinking and negative thinking have to be reconciled. Then you will restore the sense, common sense in you.

In any society, everybody has his/her responsibilities known as Tarwun Wutt –tayar. Rulers or ruled (citizens), parents, and children, all kinds of teachers, pupils(students). Theyn all are very strict disciplines should I say. Their custom, made customary laws. passed on to younger generations.

Do you believe in Freedom, what is it? Do you have responsibilities, dom you know what they are? If you know your Freedom you must know your responsibility. Is that fair? What is Kyet Tharr Sii Byan, what is Kyet Tharr Hinn, What is Kyet Tharr Mote So jet, etc.? They are all Chicken dishes, with different names, prepared in different style, different ingredients, different way of cooking. to different taste. The main is “ the chicken”.

For everyone in Myanmar to earn decent salary, and wages, to have decent living, The country ( the nation ) must create decent jobs for everybody, To be able to do that the country (the nation) must have decent income (revenue). Without any leakage,( bribery and corruption ) this revenue must go into the coffer, and then to inject into the right plans and programmes.

In Myanmafr saings, there are “ Thar Zo Thamee Zo – Pyit Yoh Htone Zan Mashi – Toung Zo Palon Zo Pyit Yoh Shi”. “Thar Thamee Ma Koung Mi ba Goung - Da-byi Makoung Saya Goung’. These sayings are telling us ‘the responsibilities of Parents, children, teachers and pupils to look into .

Some so called politicians are good on the streets, they still are street fighters, like by the street people. To be in the Parliament is not Freedom, a Throne may be too high for them. Once upon a time in Yangon, a man by the name of “ Lan-ma-daw Pho Tote’ was famous and popular for his street fights, bravery, stupidity, and foolishness. But liked by many people from the streets as well as off the streets. He could be a parliamentarian, if he was here today.

Democracy, “ Yey Myar Yey Naing – Mee Myar Mee Naing ”. There is no right or wrong in democracy, no such thing as “ real ceydanar” or ‘cetana’. It is ‘yaw yein ba thar yein’. It is like a . It Pan byar bin.” Which ‘Yaza Thingyan’ mentioned when he was order to excile.

s You don’t need to be a politician to be in the parliament hluttaws “For King and country ” you can serve them from wherever you are. BTW Who is the King, how many Kings do you want,or need at one time? Which is the country are we talking about?

We may all be in the same boat, we must be careful when we get into the boat. Because the saying is Hlay Asin – Myin Atet’ . If you don’t know how to get into the boat or how to get on the horse back you could be in trouble. Even after passing all these difficulties ‘you may move on with good speed, your hands on the oars’, but if you forget to take off ‘the mooring lines’, you won’t move from the place.

That’s what happened to Myanmar, that’s what happened to our people. “ Alaw Makyee Bar Ne- Ya bar De - Phey Phey Paw ’. Never hurry, just go steady, safe and secure. Some people have no patience at all.

What Bogyoke Aung San said was, to work hard, for about 20 years. What was in his mind I am not sure. Socialism was one of them. He was in favour of socialism. All our leaders have had the same ideas, at the time. Our leaders did not want Myanmar to be in British commonwealth British dominion. They all wanted Myanmar to be totally Free, Independent Sovereign nation. Will they be?

Myanmars started building their own nation of Myanmar on piles of debris, and piles of ashes. Whatever we built, Kayin and Kachins and Communists insurgents, terrorists, destroyed them, blown them up into pieces. One day Government construct one thing next day insurgents, and terrorists destruct them. That was Myanmar under democracy multi- party democratic system. Now today Myanmar is multi- party democracy, on demand. Still Kayin and Kachins blowing up anything they like.

It seems like democracy and Myanmars chemicals are not working. It is an early stage some said. not like democracy and others in other part of the world, Democracy in former colonial countries are in troubles. Even in countries which are teaching other democracy.

Again I have to pick up my first paragraph. “ Any government that cannot govern the people and the nation effectively is not a government. The Tatmadaw that cannot defend and protect the nation and the people effectively is not a Tatmnadaw. This is for anybody, for any government or would be government.

To be a government may be easier than you think sometimes, but to govern a nation, defend and protect the people, may not be easy. Especially to keep your people and your country intact as Free, Independent and Sovereign Nation.

What kind of Freedom, what kind of Independence, What kind of Sovereignity are we talking about? There must be room for “ True Reconciliation”. How many “ true reconciliations” are there , I would like to know.

Some people still don’t understand, what I am trying to say. May be they are still sleeping, may be they are pretending to sleep, they may be naïve, if I had said they are the most ‘ ignorant’ I mayu be insulting them.

My previous article ,“actions should be louder than words’. I plainly mentioned to smash and annihilate the insurgents, terrorists, hostage takers, and blackmailers. Because it is time well over due. How many more years are we going to waste again? Because there were countless times of countless peace agreements, countless treaties signed with these insurgents, and terrorists.

If these insurgents are acting like an innocent lamb, then the government must act like the wolf, by saying, “if it was not you, then it must be your father”, and eat the lamb up. Because these insurgents and terrorists are saying the same things that the signatures on the respective documents are not theirs, they cannot abide by it.

Then Government has only one choice, it must not waste another moment , not a penny, not one sheet of paper or a drop of ink, smash them, crack them, annihilate them in the interests of the people, in the interest of the nation.

That’s ’what others are doing in other countries, in the past or at present right to this moment. To build a nation. making a country into a nation. Everybody have to do what needs to be done. If you want to eat beef, you have to kill the cow. That much you need to know. Even the beef which comes in tins from Argentina, the cattle have to be slaughtered to get something called beef.

Our people and our land seems to be in the hands of some outsiders, and at their mercy. We are being held hostage, and also being blackmail by the West. That is all because were don’t take our lives seriously. We don’t take responsibilities of our own lives.

We need clever people, smart one, some one like Mahottra, or at least U Paw Oo. The following story might give you some idea.
One U Paw Oo was said to be serving King Bowdaw U Waing, as a peer. Bodaw U Waing known as Bodaw Paya happened to be the sixth King of Konbon Dynasty( 1782-1814). One day without any context Bodaw, asked U Paw Oo, what was the most delicious egg of all. U Paw Oo immediately answered ‘ that it was the turtle egg, my King. A year or so later, out of the blue Bodaw asked U Paw Oo again, “ what with ?”. U Paw Oo answered back without hesitation, “with a little bit of salt, your majesty”. The King was very pleased.

On the next occasion, The King hold a live chicken in his hand by its neck, and asked U Paw Oo whether the chicken was dead or alive. U Paw Oo with his quick thinking got up and ran towards the stairs and stood in the middle of the stairs and asked back the King whether we was going down the stairs, or up the stairs. That was the King and that was the peer, the wise ones. That was ‘Once upon a time Myanmar’.