Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 5-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Nobody can ask you to reform, no one can ask to to reconcile, you have to do them yourself.

If she is “committed” for reconciliation, Mrs Aris must reform herself , as I have mentioned many times before, she must reorganise herself, reconcile herself her body and soul. She must also make rooms for others to reconcile with her. That is what is called healthy ways.

It is not wise, not even nice for her to go round the world to make ‘ gossiping trips”. Who she wants to please? The world may be watching her . Surely there may be some to agree with her, there may also be is some who don’t agree with her. That means, international community will be watching , and they will “ analyse “ you, check you , and make their mind up.

I have seen many ‘ champions of democracy’ have been walked over, knocked out or knocked down. In life nothing is ‘guaranteed’, everything is, ‘ impermanence.’

Myanmar saying is “ Zagar De Ga Zarti Pya ”. If you talk too much , your words will show what’s in your mind, what you are planning. Sometimes your words can have accident with your tongue and your teeth in your mouth . The one who gets ‘hurt’ will be you.

If Mrs Aris is a Myanmar, she should know. If she is a Buddhist, she should know.

Reconciliation starts from you. How much to you want to reconcile. Your negative thoughts, and positive thoughts must be reconciled. Then only it is possible you can reconcile with others. In this case “ you “ comes first. For each and individuals, they have to reconcile/organise themselves, ask themselves how much can they reconcile with others.

It is true reconciliation is not a one sided thing, it is neither a surrender, it is a give and take process for peace. You have to come to term with anyone, with anything. First with yourself. That is you have to reform yourself, reorganise yourself where necessary . You cannot expect others to reform or reorganise without you doing the same.

Going round and wherever you stop, making unhealthy speech, using unhealthy words, Making some people believe that you are the only ‘doer of the good’ , innocent, spotless, all others are wrong doers , and guilty. There are more to come , when she goes round , on her trips saying things to belittle the Government, or Thein Sein or Myanma Tatmadaw. What is she thinking? She is still a house wife going houses gossiping freely. The Myanmar’s National Security is at risk. Does she not know that?

When the mirror on the wall replied the truth, sayinmg ‘there is snow white’. The Queen didn’t like it, she could not accept it. She had to destroy it. Mrs Aris and her followers may not like what they might hear when others say the truth.

The important thing is ‘ Right thing is the right thing’, it has got nothing to do with Democracy or Ngarmocracy (Selfish egoist) or freedom of this or that. There is no right and wrong in Democracy or Ngarmocracy. Only Practicing “Noble Eightfold Path’, to put 38 Mingalas into practice may help everybody to do the right thing. The teachings of Gautama Buddha’s, “ Noble Eightfold Path”. The teachings of other wise men will make you to be ‘ Righteous’. That ‘righteousness ’ will take you and every one, a long away.

That is reconciliation. You have to reconcile yourself first with these good teachings, your negative and positive thought to come to ‘the right thought’. You have to reorganise yourself to be able to reconcile with others. You have to share your experience to others. Take them by their hands and lead them to the street of Myanmar.

Myanmar have to be careful . At the moment while leaders are trying to reconcile there are those who do not want to see Myanmars reconcile. They will say and do anything to disrupt, and disturb. Myanmar seems to be having some difficulties, finding hard to reconcile. Some people are not lending their helping hands. But taken opportunities, thinking situations is in their favour.

In Myanmar today, it seems that Mrs Aris does not feel that she is safe, she is afraid, she is in fear. She’s been haunted by her own shadow. Myanmar saying is “ Jee Ei Jee Lant”. Nobody is doing anything to her. She is so afraid of the Myanma Tatmadaw. Sometimes ago, some people thought Tatmadaw was the one which afraid of Mrs Aris.

She is the” I do it my way” kind of person. She knows what she wants. She does not care what the consequences are. Whether the country, or the people can afford it or not. She has her own ways. So she take refuge in the west. To take on Myanma Tatmadaw and its leaders from the start in 1988 until today. She is afraid of losing her position, jhe followers are afraid of losing their privillages. She is afraid that she might lose Myanmar which is at her reach. Since 1988 she hardly did the right thing, she did it on the basic of democracy, nothing to do with right or wrong.

For 23 years, she denied the people of Myanmar everything , their human rights and she blamed the Tatmadaw and its leaders for everything.Some people believe her. Today is the same, in her own ways she is stirring everything up , rocking the boat , in the name of freedom and she is living in fear. She never think twice about the real situations, realities of Myanmar. She seems to reject all the realities. She isn’t digested with the realities of Myanmar, yet .

Well, some people can argue, that was because she was not allowed to go freely. That may be partly true. But not to forget she was advised, she can go about provided she accepts ‘security arrangements ’. She rejected and refused the advice.
It is said that many mediums, including Nat Ga Daw Ma Myat Lay from Kyimyindine Thayettaw Lan, ( nothing to do with John Yettaw the sleeping visitor) used to talk to the spirit of Aung San, now and again. Last time they contacted him was just before 1972 , when she officially married to Michael Aris.

Yes, ‘officially married’, because nobody knew, how many years prior to that she had been living with him without marriage. At that last meeting Aung San supposed to have said, he is afraid, his daughter, pissing on his grave, he cannot Rest in Peace he had to go . Nobody knows where spirit of Aung San is now. May be in a new place in Nay Pyi Daw.

Wherever she goes, whenever she open her mouth, it is obvious, she shows her mistrust Tatmadaw. Mistrust in any leader of Myanma Tatmadaw as if she belongs to one of the insurgents terrorists groups. She considers Myanma Tatmadaw is the invaders, occupiers , foreign troops, in Myanmar. She and other armed groups are fighting against Myanma Tatmadaw.

That thought of her, that idea of her alone is making, the people mistrust Tatmadow, if not the enemy. She is creating rooms for real foreign troops to invade Myanma. The armed groups to be able to take over MyanmaTatmadaw. That stupid ideas of her was seen very clearly since 1988. This idea may be haunting her . She is not secure, she is not safe.

Her mistrust in Thein Sein, her mistrust in Myanma Tatmadaw is nothing more clear than her words, what she is saying. If that is the case, what reasons has Tatmadaw got to trust Mrs Aris? How near or how far, how practical it could be for NATO forces to interfere, involve in Myanmar domestic or internal affairs? Is that what Mrs Aris wants, is that what she hoping for. How can she be sure she will be safe?

The building of US troops in South east Asia , is it to protect Mrs Aris, or US interests in the region, or preparing against N.Korea, and PR China. US is as nervous as Mrs Aris, US being haunted.

Before her father went to England to discuss for Myanmar independence, he was asked to demolish Myanma Tatmadaw, to disarm or reduce the strength by Lord Mountbatten himself. That was the idea of the British to make Myanma Tatmadaw weak. Now through Mrs Aris, the West is making Myanmar Tatmadaw weak.

When Aung San was invited to London. Who invited U Saw who paid his expenses was not clear, U Saw was hated Aung San. When they came back to Myanmar, they both lost their lives in one way or the other. Before he died , Aung San knew, he won’t live long.
The question still is “ who killed Aung San”? Aung San was killed by U Saw and members of his Galon private army. Myanmar was still under British rule . Not to forget in the British Burma Army, there were Kayin, Kachin , Chin and other ethnic or hill tribes people with their long hair serving have had their own regiments accept Bamars.

‘Reconciliation’ is not just a word. It needs to put it into practice, to make it more beautiful. You must speak, not just talk, and act which will help ‘ reconciliation attempts’, to be healthy.In the name of freedom, ‘ I say what I like , I do what I like , you have to do what I like , if you don’t like me, you can drop dead. That attitude is not healthy, that behaviour is meaningless.

If Mrs Aris is still with that attitude and that behaviour it won’t help her either she is not helping reconciliation, peace and stability in Myanmar. Each time she open her mouth sarcastically she always attack others. A woman is always a woman.

What Mrs Aris doing is far away from “ reconciliation”, with the support and back up from the west, she is making things more difficult.

Nobody was innocent for whatever happened in Myanmar. Let’s put it that way. Everybody was responsible for good things as well as bad things. Nobody can play Buddha.