Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 2-Jun-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

“Government must educate the people from time to time”. That was what I said. I said it because times are not the same, times are different. I said it before about circumstances, situations at the time, and we have to act accordingly.

Let us talk about education. The education is the talk of the town. Do you want education, do you want to be educated? There are educators, yet they teach not all they know. There is always something under their sleeves, because the saying is “ Nga Zay Pay – Kun Jet Mapya Ne’.

First, what is education, you may like to ask. It is hard to say. It is hard to pin point what education is, because education is a wide subject. There are many subjects of course, in this modern world , in this troubled world. The education is at least mainly in two types, ‘Athi Pyin Nyar, and Attutt Pyin Nyar’ , and again “ Wizzar and Theikpan’, if you want to call it.

In Myanmar the education on,” how to be a revolutionists, how to be a rebel, how to be a terrorist is much more popular than how to be a ‘nation builder’. The opposition led by NLD seem to be in favour of destruction of Rep of the Union of Myanmar. In the name of democracy , in the name of human rights NLD is showing its fist from inside the Pasoe, The saying is ‘Pa Soe Chon de Ga Lethee Pya’. For those who do not wear Pasoe , what will they show from inside, what?

When Mahottra showed his fist , Ameyar Devi showed her palm. They understood each other very well. They were NOT under the Pasoe or Htamain it was in the open nobody was behind each of them either. What I mean to say is they are free, the were acting on their own, within their own rights. They were not influenced by anybody, let alone to be puppets or poodles.

Most Myanmar think and believed , the education mean Buddhism. Knowing 547 stories of Gautama. Other stories in Dhamma Pada, Reciting Parita Sutta will be enough, Most of all Tipidaka. Myanmar were brain washed. Christians, Muslims and others are no difference. But unlike Buddhists, they are more militants, fanatics, should I say .

I don’t know about Christian and Muslims, but what I understand about Buddhism is, it is , “ the moral instructions.” It is some kind of education, it is a one way ticket to so called, Nivanna. But if you want to go to Mandalay, or Prome, or Maulamyaing, you have to buy separate tickets. That not very many Myanmars know. They think one ticket will cover all journeys. Who told them that I don’t know, who makes them believe that I have no idea, somebody might know.

In olden days, only the ‘ elites’, only the ruling class went to University to learn , so called “18 Ahtar Ra Tha”. Once in Myanmar it was very difficult to get so called ‘modern education’ for Myanmars. because there were only Christians missionaries, and fee paying private schools. Even our rulers went to those schools. The rest of the people as the best, they go to Buddhists Monasteries to get education. We know now these education we had were not enough for many reasons, at the time as well as today in this ever changing world. These education are not waste either, they are moral guidance only.

The fact is we know through Gautama and his teachings that, “ change ‘is imminent, everything is changing every moment, with the time. I believe strongly that ‘meditation ‘ is also meant for us to ‘realise’ the realities as they are these ‘changes’, and to change with them.

Education is knowledge. Some people believe this world itself is the “ Bawa Tetkatho” you can interpret as you like. Through your eyes , your ears, and with your senses, you can learn a lot, about the world ., where you are living with the knowledge (education) you serve yourself and others. But how you use your knowledge , education depends how ‘creativity’ you are.
It is to understand in Buddhism teaches you , to serve yourself and to serve others. To carry out your moral duties, (citizens duties) to others and yourself.

The problem is the interpretation and translation of these knowledge, the education that we learned. Education is for Freedom, let’s put it that way. What is freedom ? We can refer to” Kalama Sutta” of Gautama’s teachings.

Myanmar also say, ‘Saya Mapya Nee Makya’ not without the teacher. Well , a good teacher, a bad teacher ? What kind of teacher is important. Gautam said in his 38 Mingalas, in the very first verse and first line, ‘not to associate with the fools but to associate with the wise people”. There are too many teachers, and there are more who wants to be teachers. teaching too many things making everybody confused, making things complicated.
Once a corrupt teacher , who was supposed to be educated gave one of his students a wrong education. That student obeyed his teacher, turned out to be the murderer. Gautama had to save him.

What we should be talking about is the education on political, education on economic, the education on social matters and not to forget the education on military matters. These are the necessities at present , to build the nation , to serve the people. and to protect and defend yourself and your rights.
So let’s come back to education.

What kind of education Myanmars need, what kind of education we want to give them, can we give them , any idea? Are the Myanmars so empty in the brain? Are their brain been washed , by whom.? We need to find out what they really need, what their weaknesses are. What I see is, Myanmar need trade and skill ,Myanmars need to learn grade and skill Tobecome expert in the skill and trade of their choice, their professions , they need to be professionals. Not mercenaries. Working on assembly lines. How long have they been working on assembly lines.

Myanmars are still making bullock carts, they are still making Sampan , the same design, the same style as yester years . Some people might think that I am too much, if I had said it “thousand of years ago.”

Some people may say, Myanmar are peaceful people, content, but Myanmar is not a peaceful nation, or is it ? Myanmars have no choice but to content. They are content or they have no ambition, no guts to face the real life, and reality or they are trying to escape from real life, escaping from responsibilities to themselves and to others. Are they brain washed, or is that how they understand Buddhism? I have no idea at all, I could not say.

Who are the religious fanatics? Who are teaching the Myanmars. Do they know what they are teaching, what the consequences are?
I have to say, Buddhism is not a ‘fake religion’ , it’s not even a religion, Buddhism is ‘a way of life’. If one can understand the real meaning of Buddhism, it is surely no way to escape from real life and reality, but to face it, confront it.

As Buddhism is not a religion , let alone to be fake religion, it is necessary to sift out those fakes and bogus Buddhist Monks from the 800,000 or so monks in Myanmar. It is necessary to clean the order by taking the fakes and bogus out. The senior monks and the government and those who wants to see ‘ clean Buddhism’ must take the responsibility.

Myanmar saying is “ Mashi Dar Htet- Ma Thi Dar Khet ”, if you have no education you will have no knowledge ,your IQ will be low. You will not know what others are doing, you will not know what others are saying , You don’t feel safe, Your inferiority complex will eats you up.

That is what is happening to Myanmar and its people. Still, some people are not giving the right education, to the people. Because they themselves don’t know what right education is . They are smoking the people, given religious education day in and day out without practice. Which did not help the people of Myanmars since Anawrahta time.

Myanmar was said to be great nation, in fact it was a great Empire. It is said Myanmar became four times great. but there is nothing to show as progress, as developments today. How great was it, was not clear. There was nothing said about how many times “Golden Rain” fell during Anawrahta reign. He promoted Buddhism, in his own way. When he died nobody could find his body . It was said, a wild buffalo had killed him. Buffalo could mean many things. As he was the promoter of Buddhism, an animist, or ‘buffalo worshiper’ might killed him. Some said it was hidden somewhere nobody could fine. May be they didn’t want Anawrathta’s body to be found . They did not want Anawrahta been worship like they worship Gautama or some might like to destroy the body.In his story some facts are missing, for the interests of everybody , they left it out.

History is something, facts, myths and legends. Sometimes, if not most of the time Myths and Legends are stronger than the fascts.

The Naing Gan Daw that Myanmar leaders established were based on military power. So were other Empires around the world. Without sustainable military power no country can exist. Myanmar and Konboun Dynasty fell because of the religious fanatics, religiously smoked rulers.

Before them, Myanmar Naing Gan Daw was established as Empire. Not to forget that Anawrahta promoted Buddhism in all Myanmar. It could also be said, Mon Kingdom fell, Yakhine Kingdom also fell. because there were too many Paya Dagars. Who had wrong pride . Even King Mindon and his brother Kanoung who deposed their brother Bagan Min was praised for being religious. Not for their coupe against their brother Bagan Min.

Moreover, in modern time Buddhists countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos fell and became Communists. Another Buddhist nation Japan , and Japanese were nearly wiped out.Some people say Buddhism is making people weak. Some people say it is not the Buddhism, it is the people, they are confused.

After Kanaung was assassinated by his son in law, Thibaw was picked and promoted as crown prince, again the main reason was said to be because Thibaw had passed religious exams three times. Mindon and Prince Kanaung were not that innocent either as Buddhists. They were power hungry, power crazy , the same as other ruling class. Robing power from each other own brother, killing uncle and attempt to kill own father . If only Myin Guun Ayeydaw bon was not failed, and successful, King Mindon would follow the fate of King Bain-Mathar-ya, the father of Azar-ta-thutt . It happened , during Gautama‘s time. The teacher of Azar taThutt happened to be Day-wa-dutt, the fake monk , who also happened to be the brother in law of Gautama. With the guidance of Day-wa-dutt, the crown prince Azar da tutt became father killer.

Also one ‘Ingu-li-ma la’ nearly become mother killer, because of his teacher. The teacher who could not think. Both of them must be the Communists of the time.

So when we talk about education, either we teach ourselves by learning through our eyes, ears and senses, or by teachers. we must be careful of what we learn and who these teachers(Saya) are. If we pick the wrong teacher , that will be the end of us.

Though Buddhism is not a religion, taken it as religion and the religious fanaticism, had cost Myanmars dearly up to this day. Whatever religion they may be in Myanmar. Or in the world. Again what kind of education are we talking about ? Is there any other education than Buddhism education, Christian education , Islamic What about education in Politic, economic, social, and military Don’t we need them?

We need education trade, skills, professions, more education centres, schools, colleges, universities hospitals, roads and rails, practical trainings, field training learning at working at the same time . practical work, jobs for people. Myanmars need to be Inventive, creative.

When it is said, “ practice makes perfect’. If you can’t be perfect if you have nothing to put into practice. There are no jobs, people will become lazy, in time, they forget how to work, they won’t know what a work looks like. Those who have no job for a long time will become out of practice. Hey may forget what they already know.

Boredom and jobless will make the nation no good . A job is not necessarily a paid job, with regular wage, and salary, working for employee. Selling your labour to him. There are many jobs you can do if you know what to do . You can be your own boss. You may even be able to employ one or two assist you, help you.
Myanmar saying is “ Alote Hu Thamhya Gon Shi Zwa”. There are many examples and lessons in Buddhists stories, regarding trade skill and professions you can do timelessly. If you cannot do it for yourself, if you cannot help yourself, you will not do it for others, how can you help others. If youn have no education, you cannot educate others.

Love yourself, then love thy neighbours.