Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 29-May-2012  
ဆႏၵ ျပသူေတြ က လွ်ပ္စစ္မီး ကုိ အရင္ေပးပါ ဒီီမို ကေရ စီ ကုိ ေနာက္ မွ ေပးလဲေစာင့္ႏုိင္ပါတယ္ လုိ႔ ေျပာဆုိ တာ ေတြကုိ က်မ စိတ္ ထဲမွာ ဘ၀င္ မက် ပါဘူး"

ေမလ ၂၂ ရက္ေန႔တြင္ ရန္ကုန္ျမိဳ႕ ဒဂံုျမိဳ႕သစ္အေရွ႕ပုိင္း NLD ရုံးဖြင့္ပြဲ
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends.

The above is in Myanmar language , reported by in Zawgi One font.

At the opening ceremony of NLD office, in Dagon Myo Thit ( East) on 22/05/12 , it is reported that Mrs Aris or the Ingalate Mayar said she was not very happy to hear, that the protesters were saying to give the electricity first, they don’t mind to wait for democracy.

I don’t know or I am not sure what Mrs Aris was thinking. How shall I put it? She does not act like an educated person, she acted like an ignorant.

She is nothing but a cheeky child who has just begun talking.
The people of Myanmar know, electricity is important in Myanmar , in every country. People of Myanmar also know there are many undemocratic countries. but they all have electricity.

Myanmar to have progress, developments, and to be modern industrialised nation cannot be done without electricity. Since long , long time ago Myanmars know that.In one of the song written by Mandalay Myo Ma Nyein or Saya Tin , talked about electric power “ Hllyiatsit Ahr .’

The foreign investments which are about to come to Myanmar woulodlike to know if they can have enough electricity. If not they may not come , or they may like to invest in producing electric power , energy, Solar, Wind, waves, hydro, coal etc., etc. Mrs Aris cannot tell them not to invest in Myanmar again before democracy is well established, or rooted.

‘ Multi party Democracy’ is coming back to Myanmar. There is no u turn as long as this government is in place.

Mrs Aris must realised that in 1988 , and never forget as long as she lives that student uprising and later the people demanded for Democracy. What Mrs Aris did was “ Chow Le Yaw Htaing’’ she took the opportunity by sitting down , actually she was slipping. According to the lates Dr Maungh Maung. Nld Chair man Tin Oo and Mrs aris and others were looking for sanctuary, away from the crowd.

Today electricity shortage is because Kachins Terrorists, Christian Organization who are against multi party democracy or Bamar or Buddhists or multi racial, multi religion Myanma Tatmadaw . Who don’t want to see Myanmar progress, developed or to become modern industrialised nation. KIA do not like to see majority of Myanmars prosper, especially Bamar and Buddhists. KIA blew up national grid towers. Because they like to live in the jungle, in the dark age.

Electricity is for everybody, including Mrs Aris herself, in her house. Electricity is for the majority of the people, in line with democracy. But Mrs Aris seems to be supporting the KIA terrorist actions against the people of Myanmars. She also like living in the dark age or living in the dark. She does not want any one to see what she is doing. I don’t believe that she is actually living in the dark, she must have electricity generator in her house, or she may be supplied electricity by the nearby US embassy.

So, for the ordinary people, they prefer electricity now, they are putting pressure on the government to deal with the electricity matter first. to do whatever is necessary to get it.
They can wait for democracy they can see democracy is coming it is on sight. Without the electricity, they can’t even see the democracy.

Mrs Aris never realised, that there are people who are more clever than her, more smarter than her. Mrs Aris must realised that the west the east, the middle, the north and the south , twelve corners of the earth need electricity, dead or alive.
Mrs Aris must not and should not miscalculate anything , with her words, attitude, and behaviours she should not show her disrespect to the people.

“Da Gwet Mhar Thaw Kyar”, if she makes any one mistake, nobody will help her this time. She must realised. That the electricity in Myanmar is not only the interests of the people of Myanmar and the interest of the nation of Myanmar but it is also the very interest of every one in 12 corners of the earth who wants to invest in Myanmar.