Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 28-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

In soc.culture.myanmar site, recently one Zomi said ďMy Message to Aung San Suu Kyi: Please do not forget the Kachin Problem. It is because of Kachin leaders' (as well as Shan and Zomi Leaders') signatures on the Panglong Agreement that Burma regained independence. Ē

What if Iíd say that those signatures may have been , that Panglong Agreement itself may have been a death warrant, execution order for us Myanmars. What would you say to that?

I donít know about Mrs Aris. Because it depends how much she remembers how much she know, what her mother have told her about all these. But nobody if he is a Myanmar will ever forget that the loyal Kachins , Kayins, and Zomi leaders and others who struggled for Myanmar independence for all Myanmars, regardless of race and religion.

I donít know about Mrs Areis, but no Myanmars wil ever forget that disloyal maggots Kachin, Kayin and Zomi Christians who were British loyalists, serving the British, were killing the Bamars and other to please their motherís unmarried husbands, British.
Mrs Arisí own father Aung San escaped their attempts, onslaughts but had to fall into the hands of another British loyalist anglophile Maung Saw, who happened to be one of the Prime Ministers under the British rule he was one of the British poodles.

Aung San and some loyal ethnic leaders were slain for trying to get Myanmar independence for all Myanmars.

Gain and lost are two very different things. Everybody with a sound mind should knows that. As a matter of fact, Myanmar Ďgained nothingí from the British. Myanmars got back their country, which was their own, which they lost to the British, or looted by the British that was lost. Among the lost were patriotism , patriotic spirit of all Myanmar ethnic people , Unity of all Myanmar as one people in one country . Some Myanmar lost their mind , they donít even knlow wnhao they are, which is their country.

Some people donít even consider themselves as Myanmars in the nation of Myanmars. They want to be what they are not. If their God wanted them , their God might have not created them as what they are, and put them as where they are. They believe their God is Great. They believe their God creates everyone equal.
If they consider themselves not Myanmars, then they should not be in Myanmar, they should go somewhere else, where they came from or go to England, Australia, or US. Then they will know and realised who they really are.

British made India and Indians the enemies of Myanmar by using Indians and commonwealth troops, to take Myanmar and to put down Myanmar resistance groups against the British. The heart broken fact is the British also used Kachin and Kayin and some other hill tribes people of Myanmar to put down Bamar majority in the land.

British makes everybody , including the ethnic people of Myanmar as enemies to each other. Jungle happy Kachin and Kayin and Zomi love it. These Kachin, Kayin , Zomi and others should wise up, because there is no rooms for terrorists. If they go on like this , in everyway they will become the lost tribes with the lost cause.

There is a war going on against terrorists, terrorism. Taleban and Al Qeada were supported by the West once, funded and armed. Now they are being pressed down, being wipe out. In the end Taleban and Al Qeada lost everything, barely survive. They have become Stateless people.

Mrs Aris should also be careful, she should not let these terrorists use her. She should not take things for granted. She should use her sense, common sense, if she has some, and if she is still in sound mind.

She should know the best , her mother Daw Khin Kyi must have told her that her father Ko Aun San fought for the independence of Myanmar for all people of Myanmar as one people though he was under the severe pressures from the British . He did not budge, so he was slain.

What I understand is , if it is necessary to amend the constitution, if need be, it should be amended according to the will of the people, the need of the people. The constitution is the basis of all laws, the rights for the people , by the people. Any constitution must be approved by the majority of people, amendments must also be approved by the majority of the people. That is the essence of democracy, that is genuine democracy, that is disciplined democracy.

If anybody does not want democracy, let him say so, let him shout and loud.

Last , but not the least, what I would like to say is that, Friendship cannot be forced upon others, Friendship cannot be buy and bought, a Friend cannot be robed. Friendship has to grow from inside. Friendship is for life. A Friend has its great meaning. If you think you know the meaning of what Friend is. I would advise you to check, whether what you know is right, enough or are there any other meanings. Most of all, if there is any negative side of Friendship.