Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 26-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

The YANGON (Reuters) news said that ď a week of protests in Myanmar over chronic power outages gained momentum on Friday after opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi gave them her blessing and the government's response added to popular outrage.Ē

These protests, and demonstrations are the stern warning to the Government, NLD , KIA or KNU any other terrorists organizations. The people are not siding with anybody they are stat-ing the fact.The people are Protesting or demonstrating Peacefully. Nobody should take these as their advantage, and manipulate the situation to their favour.

It shows that the people have woken up in the middle of the nights. Mrs Aris and foreign cor-respondents can translate or interpret anyway they like. But she should not ride on the tide.
The fact of the matter is because of KIA (Kachin Christians Terrorist Organization) terror act Shweli-Mansan national grid tower No 73 near Pankanai Village, Nankham Township, Shan State (North) was slightly damaged in the bomb blast by KIA armed group around 8 pm on 18 May 12. Likewise, tower Nos. 206, 207 and 208 were blown up at 2.47 am on the same day.

In the blasts, tower Nos 206 and 207 were collapsed and tower bending No. 208 half. The blasts had disrupted the power distribution, and power supply was reduced by 200 meg-awatts with power cut as the consequence. There is no twist, there is no turn.

Mrs Aris is giving her blessings or encouraging KIA to blow up some more .and she is en-couraging some people to support KIA through her. She herself is supporting the act of KIA as in her favour.

Mrs Aris should not abuse Democracy from the tip of her tongue. Western media and their correspondents should not incite troubles in Myanmar using Mrs Aris. They should state the facts, they should condemn the wrong doers. In this case the KIA terrorists. Whay canít Mrs Aris do the same?

No one with a sound mind will accept the deliberate act of Mrs Aris, and her supporters, who are avoiding or trying to escape from the real problem . which is to condemn the KIA for their terror act, and to confront them.

Instead. Mrs Aris seem encouraging and supporting the terrorism all along. Twisting and turning or making things upside down as she likes. Her words and actions are far away from the truth, or far away from the National Reconciliation, National Unity.

If this is the kind of politic she intend to play, in the interests of the people and in the interest of the nation? Her ideas, and her real intension, deep inside her can be seen clearly. She is not honest, not sincere, not a truthful person. In this sense she hasnít change , will she ever change ? She is still a leopard.

Electricity is the basis for industrialisation, and modernizations. This is the energy that we canít do without. Myanmar or any other nation.

The people must use their sense, their common sense, who are the real culprits, who are the real enemies. Who are they protecting against or demonstrating against? What are they pro-tecting, or demonstrating against, the people must be very, very, very clear.