Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 23-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

This ďlong marchĒ, you can interpret in any way you want. Myanmar are still in the process if this long march.

It is due time Myanmar should go back to the ĎLong Marchesí for the good causes. Myanmar could be called a democratic nation. It was a democratic nation,. Democratic or not a good cause is a good cause. People are free to express their view. Without these free and none violent expressions, mankind would not get anywhere. Some believe if necessary they should express aggressively ( violently).

There are laws, rules, regulation, procedures, to prohibit or to restrict . Because of thse nobody can say, a nation is NOT FREE or itís citizens have NO FREEDOMí . If anyone can show me a country or a nation where there are no laws, no rules, no regulation, and no procedures, I will eat my hat. Even the indigenous, tribal people said to be far away from modern civilization, living on their own far away from the so called civilised people. They have their own customary laws, rules, regulation, and procedures, which is their own civilization.

Myanmar are used to make Long Marches in their own ways for good causes long before Mao Zetung of China organised one Long March to establish Peoples Republic of China. What he did was he monopolised the people and use them for good cause . People republic of China was built by the strength and the power of the people long before Mao Zedong was a foetus.

The Great Wall of China, was to defend the enemies such as Ginghis Khan and the Mongols out. But the West in their own way interprets it as to keep the Chinese people in. Many human lives were sacrificed, willingly unwilling to build Peoples Republic of China. Up to this moment The great wall still stands, can be seen from the space.

Some people from the West are making attempts to destroy China for many reasons. Among other things to have this great wall will give them great income from the tourists. There are many ancient art pieces in the museums in the west attracting tourists. The west never thought of given back to it original owners in different part of the world.

The west want to destroy or make great China into pieces, which they failed to do during 55 days at Peking. But what the west does not realised is , or keeping quiet is they are flooded with the Chinese themselves, and they are using chop sticks having Chinese meal and cookies and goods made in China , including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everywhere you go even in the space, you will meet Chinese.

The West donít even hide their intention. All because they canít bare or stand to see a strong Chinese Nation as People Republic of China , politically, economically, socially and militarily. The fact is whoever including Myanmar leaders try to make their country strong and united the West cannot bare it, because they know that what they have done to others, they donít want the same thing happened to them they donít want any retaliation. They must eradicate, exterminate and annihilate any possible threat to them. from anhy small or large nation.

To go back to the marches, among many, the most significant marches in Myanmar were, from oil rich Yenan Gyaung to Yangon during Yey Nan Myey thabate( oil workers strike) led by Thakin Pho Hla Gyi against the British rule. Again during Peace negotiation between the RC Government led by Gen Ne Win and the multi coloured insurgents the long march led by ordinary peace loving people.

Because of those marches, some Kayins from KNU, and some communists BCP, came into legal fold. Communists as communists are fading away.

Between then and now the insurgents are in and out of legal fold. No doubt the terrorists are among them who are so desperate, their inferiority complex or helplessness, and their fear taken over them in their desperate acts.

In 1988, whatever the provocation was at the beginning. democracy re-establish in Union of Myanmar, and all parties seems to be working together for the progress, developments, and to modernised the Nation for all the citizens. Even outsiders have changed their stance and trying to help Myanmar out.

Since 1948, some people are trying their best to disturb, and disrupt the nation of Myanmars and its citizens not to be able to rebuild their nation from debris and ashes. Some of you may or may not know about the ugly past, some of you may not want to know about it, but the truth was the truth.

While some leaders are trying to build Union of Myanmar in to a nation for all, to have progress, to have developments, and to be modern industrialised nation. This is not the dream of former SPDC, this is the dream of all leaders of Myanmar regardless of race, or religion.

At the same time so called self-made leaders are trying to disturb, disrupt the good efforts of other leaders, but to destroy the whole nation, to divide the people as enemies to each other.

Union of Myanmar is not an empty nation, we have all the resources including human resources. From 1948 no matter what Union of Myanmar has many progress, developments and modern industries to show. They were all built on ground zero.
For Union of Myanmar , these are the great achievements. I take pride, I am proud of our leaders. Because our leaders have had too many difficulties, too many disturbances, and too many disruptions.

Not like other leaders in other countries our leaders are performing their duties of a nation, for the people with all the difficulties, in the middle of , or in the centre of firing lines. In other word, our leaders are trying to defend the nation and the people from the enemies inside and from outside. Some paid their lives together with their comrades, rank and file.

The opposition, any opposition with their own translations, and justification belittle other leader always. In the case of Union of Myanmar, it always been the case. Because most Myanmar are not educated enough, to know right and wrong, black and white. They have not enough time to listen carefully. They are a kind of weak in every way and anyway. They are always suffering and struggling for life . Even that suffering and struggling are their fate, and their destiny. Thatís how Myanmar believe.

One Myanmar saying is ď Kyaw Pu Dar Khan Nhaing De Ė Narr Pu Dar Ma Khun Naing BuĒ. They will work in the sun, very hot or burning their back. But they donít want their ears burn to ashes with words. They canít stand it. So whoever say what, sweet or ugly the Myanmars really donít care, or bother too much they are just doing their business, struggling and suffering. That what they believe as their Karma.

That is how they understand the Gautamism (Buddhism). This is how they are made to understand by the so called Buddhists Monks and the preachers. Making Myanmars weaker and weaker.

In the case of Myanmar as I have said since 1948 , the progress, and developments and modernization are very slow. Nobody wanted to take responsibility, nobody wanted to share the responsibility of the nation and the people. Yet some people are trying to destroy the nation. They forgot, there are other people in Myanmar. Whoever was the government in Mhyanmar elected by the people or not it has the great responsibility to protect all people and defend the nation of Myanmars. The cost of protecting and defend is never cheap. Most of all it has to come out of the peoples kitty.

The so called defence budget will be greater than any other budgets. No investments, no job creation no social benefits. No new developments let alone modernizations. While arms embargo is imposed on the Government, arms supplies never stop to the insurgents, who are supplying them arms and funding them. fund are from smuggling business, who are involve in these illegal trading.
When a government is acknowledges and recognised by others as legitimate one by others , and United Nations nobody should arm or supply or fund the terrorists organization against that government.

If sanctions can be imposed on legitimate government a government recognised by the United Nations. The same sanctions and embargo needs to be imposed on the terrorist organizations. Whether it is Al Qaeda, or Taliban, KIA , or KNU or SSA etc., in Myanmar. What fair is fair, what just is just.

It is necessary for the Peace loving people of Myanmar and those who loves to see Peace, whom longed for Peace, should organised themselves and take a long march, with or without the candles to Kachin State of Myanmar to show the will of the people to the KIA.

This geniune "will of the people" should be respected by all people, insurgents,and out-surgents as well.