Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 21-May-2012  

New Light of Myanmar

Four towers from Shweli-Mansan national grid damaged in KIA’s mine blast.

NAY PYI TAW, 19 May- 230 KV Shweli-Mansan national grid tower No 73 near Pankanai Village, Nankham Township, Shan State (North) was slightly damaged in the bomb blast by KIA armed group around 8 pm yesterday.

The blast blew off about two inches of a post three inches above the plinth leaving about-three-inch deep holes in other two six inches above the plinth.

Likewise, tower Nos. 206, 207 and 208 were blown up at 2.47 am on the same day. In the blasts, tower Nos 206 and 207 were collapsed and tower bending No. 208 half. The blasts had disrupted the power distribution, and power supply was reduced by 200 megawatts with power cut as the consequence.

So, electric power supply will be reduced for a while across the nation as personnel concerned are trying to repair the towers as possibly quick as they can.


Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Before I go any further on this subject , as a Peace effort, as another option, I would like to suggest that a small army of selected Buddhists Monks , from those who took part in the so called ‘ saffron Revolution’ should be sent to Kachin State to deal with these KIA Kachin Christians Terrorists and tame them through Buddhism. At least some lecturers on Buddhism there will be no shortage of them who would gladly volunteer to go to the jungles of the Kachin State and tame the Kachin Christian Terrorists .

There are stories in which Gautama Buddha tamed the wild ones, such as ‘ Ingulimala’, ' Baka Byamar, NaraGiri Elephant etc., etc., and some other beings.

That much of National Reconciliation, and National Unity in Myanmar. It is said “no one hand can claps”. For 63 years, all governments in Myanmar, all leaders in Myanmar tried, and tried , and tried to have National Reconciliation, National Unity, and Peace . But there was no flowers or fruits that we know of. Nobody in right mind can say our governments, our leaders did not try enough.

Terrorism in Myanmar was home grown, long before Afghanistan or Osama Bin Ladin, or Al Qeada. It still exists in Myanmar. May be it is a little bit more advance and modernised than before.

All terrorists are ‘cowards’, uneducated . They are militants, that’s the only way they know how. Militants become terrorists The cannot speak they cannot hear. They are deaf and dumb. Only thing they know is to carry a gun, because they are the sons of the guns. Their step fathers are son of the guns. They only believe in ‘gun diplomacy’. They will try and solve any problem with the gun. They make the problems bigger with the gun, never solve any problems. The bigger the gun, the bigger the problems.

They have no intension to solve any problems . Only to create more problems. They strongly believe that , if problems are solved, it may mean, they will have nothing to do, they may be out of work , they may be out of business. They may lose their influence on anybody.

Who are KIA ? How many people know that KIA are militant, Christian fanatics. They are the cowards Kachin Christian Terrorists Organization? They have no guts to fight the Myanma Tatmadaw face to face. No guts to fight the peoples Government in the elections. With their cowardly act they are attacking, destroying the National Grid towers , the properties of the people of Myanmar, and what else.

The important question is who is backing them? China or US? If China or US really want Myanmar to tackle the ethnic issues, they should stop interfering, most of all stop backing these Kachin Christian Terrorists.

China can push back the KIA spilled into their land. US could abandon any idea of building missile shield /sites in Myanmar towards China and Russia. US had tried once too many before.

That means they are in their own ways with their terror activities attacking the innocent peoples of Myanmar and their lively hood.

KIA Kachin Christians terrorists aim is to disrupt and disturb, all lively hood which depend on electricity. KIA Kachin Christian Terrorist are attacking the peoples’ lively hood , as well as the whole infrastructure of ‘Pyi Doung Zu Myanmar Nain Gan Daw’ ans all naing Gan Tharrs. To deny the Myanmars, the rights to exist, to have high standard of living , the land of Myanmars to be a

modern industrialised nation. .

How many people in the hospital beds, children, old, in the factories shop floors, how many Schools, etc., are disrupted , disturbed? Not to mentioned the loss of lives, and material. The action of KIA Kachin Christians are against human rights.

The peoples Government must stop all democratic relations, and contacts , talks and negotiations with them . stop using humane methods , kindness and generosity, towards these KIA Kachin Christians Terrorists Organization.

It is the right of the people to demand the government , as it is enshrined in the Constitution 2008, which is approved by the people. Chapter X, section 407 (a) (b) to declare any political party, association , organization to be unlawful, and to take appropriate measure and actions against them. which infringes them. It is right for the Government( information ministry) to inform the people from time to time to be vigilance.

It is said “ some times you have to be cruel to be kind”, and to save more lives and properties. The people understand that. It is time overdue these KIA, Kachin Christian Terrorists and their organization must be exterminated, annihilated by Myanma Tatmadaw.

It is also time all people from all walks of life must march to Kachin State in mass, by all means to demonstrate their disapproval of the terror act of the KIA Kachin Christian Terrorist Organization. The people together with the Government, and the Myanma Tatmadaw must annihilate, and exterminate these KIA terrorist once and for all, and to find out who is behind them, who are helping them , who the outsider are interfering. They must be exposed.

Myanmar going forward on the path of democracy cannot afford these kind of un-necessary disturbances, disruptions, waste of time waste of money and waste of energy any more.

In the Four Noble Truth in the Buddhism it is said, that suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering, and the path leading to the suffering.

Different people may understand this in their different way. But what I understand is Myanmar is suffering, the cause of suffering is these KIA Kachin Christians Terrorists, and some other Christians organizations. We have to end this suffering. All concerned people must get together and walk on the path to end this suffering.

There is no BUTs, there is no other choice, because all options are exhausted .