Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 22-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

To whom it may concern. This warning is for everybody, and anybody, including terrorists, and insurgents .

Mrs Aris may be going out and about to the West on tour as invited guests. She is not a Government official, neither a representative of the Government of Myanmar, let alone to be a member of the cabinet. How many people will accompany her. What will she give to the West and what will she be given from the West? What will she come back with?

It could be said that Myanmar is under USDP government, but ‘who is governing Myanmar’ is a big question. Do we have to know, why do we have to know, why do we want to know? The right answer may be, everybody has their hands in the pot. USDP, NLD and others parties as well, not to forget total strangers (foreigners) from outside as puppeteers. We can look at it from all angles. But the fact remains the same, everybody must work together. Because the next question will be, who will kick who out or who will fall?

Because I can hear and I can see things, a question needs to be asked . Thein Sein is the President of the Rep. of the Union of Myanmar . Is he treated accordingly? What is Mrs Aris ? She is still the opposition leader, just a member of Myanmar Parliament, that I know. She is nothing more or less. But for some, she may be the latest Buddha or at least, “Mei Khwai” who wanted to be Buddha.

That sort of discrimination, that sort of unfair treatment is the sort of dividing the people of Myanmar. That attitude, and behaviours of the West is nothing new, so disturbing and disrupting any government’s efforts of the Myanmar Government for National Reconciliation, and National Unity. Need I say more?

As far as ethnic issue is concerned, when United States of America was created, it was on the basic of “ lay down or you will be put down”. That was easy, because the settlers, and pioneers were the Europeans, and they came to the new land by the thousands and settled down there by putting down the indigenous tribal people one tribe after another. What was the state of civilisation at that time. Who were the hostiles, who were the savages, it depends who you were supporting. The robbers, or those who were being robbed?

The present day usage of robbing, looting, torturing , rapes and mass murders, genocide, crimes against humanity , war crimes were choice of weapons, in those days. Of course every actions had equal and opposition reactions including scalping for Trophies. In the history of United States of America, it was between the European settlers and the indigenous tribal people of the land . The so called United States Army was on the side of the Europeans to wipe out the tribal people. Myanma Tatmadaw has not done it yet, because people never demanded. It was the will of the people in United States right or wrong, fair or just. The European created their rights with their might.

In Myanmar the First, and the most significant one was, in 1612 when Philips De Brito( Nga Zin Gar) the Portuguese who occupied Thanhllyin, tried to take Toungoo and failed. ‘Nat Shin Noung ‘was said to be the traitor, conspirator. But in 1823 it was the British (European) whom invaded Myanmar with a claim saying one of the Islands (Shapuri) not only belonged to India, but also Manipure and, Assam, had to be surrendered to the British. There went Myanmar Empire, and later Myanmar Naing Gan Daw.

If you have learned the ‘American History ‘or the ‘History of the world’ , you will find these were not just stories, not just legends , they were no myths, but facts, and facts. They are not just propaganda either. It is wise and helpful to learn lessons from history or Thamaing of Myanmar or from any other nation, especially United States of America, how they built their country in to a nation for all people as one people. I will tell you , not everything was bright and beautiful, no matter in which you look at it. Original people lost their land ( country), and their race.

Myanmar leaders from all races also did try to build Myanmar into one nation. What nationality or which ethnic race one belongs to is hard to say. It was believe that Dagoung Kingdom was found by Abi-Raja, and Daja Raja, they were said to be Indians. But nobody knows exactly who were living there, before them. The names of Pyu, Kayan and Thet were mentioned. They became the disappearing race. Myanmar is with it’s own history. With this back ground Myanmar needs to be one nation, with all people as one people. Myanmar is still in process of making a history.

Let’s leave the long past history and start from 1948, it’s been 63 years, all the Governments of Union of Myanmar(Burma) of all races , either democratically elected multi-party , one party or military Government tried to make peace with all the so called insurgents of all colours or multi colours, including Communists to build Myanmar into one nation for all people as one people.

What is happening in our land of Myanmars is more like religious conflict. Some of the ethnic Christians want it that way . They make Christianity as their political cause, economic cause or even social cause. So they draw the radicals in to a gang and create problems and troubles. This is the fact, and the truth. The truth always hurts.

In Myanmar there is religious tolerance. They don’t talk about race and religion. Because there is nothing to talk about. Everybody whichever race or nationality, don’t talk about it, they are in harmony, they don’t upset each other. Only those who armed themselves are talking and annoying others, trying to drawing others in to conflict. Some of them even talk about Bamarnization, Buddhistnization, because they themselves want Christianisation.

In some countries, a certain law has to be enacted, to prohibit talking about race or religion in abusive way, to promote more racial harmony, religious harmony. As a matter of fact Myanmar or Myanmars general public have no problems for being who they are or what they are, and all the successive Governments of the land never allowed racial conflict, religious conflicts. The Government managed to put such things under control.

But still some racists and religious fanatics, maniacs are around. All religions are generally, peaceful. Some maniacs take violence actions. The Peaceful ideas of religion and their violence acts must reconcile first, so that they can reconcile with other races and other religions. That will be the best start for National Reconciliation and National Unity.

Thanks to all the rest of the Myanmar of all races and all religion. They never retaliate against the Christians. These Christian fanatics must wise up, they must chose to lay down their unhealthy acts against peaceful ideas of the religion and their violent acts must be reconciled. The people of Myanmar will put them down one day.

The New Constitution 2008, says clearly about National Races and religions in Chapter I, section 34 and Chapter VIII, section 348, 360, 362, 363, or Chapter X, section 409 (d) . The Constitution 2008 Chapter I, section 37 states that the Union is the ultimate owner of all lands and natural resources above and below the ground, above and below the water and atmosphere. Nationalism based on racism, protectionism based on religious ground are out of the question, never helpful.

Our land of Myanmars is not as bad as that of United States of America, not even close to that. We don’t know what actually happened long ago in our own land. But we know some of our leaders tried to make a nation, tried to build an Empire, and we had our Myanmar Empire until some of the European came to our land through India, and took our land and us. We were wiped out from the map, as a Nation, let alone an Empire. The foreigners tried to wipe us out as the people of Myanmar. We had been divided , made to kill each other for their benefits and purposes. After all we were transformed suddenly from being masters to slaves, as we all know.

But still some people never learn any lessons. They want to be slaves, and for their own benefits they want others to be slaves like them to their new masters. Because they are afraid to take responsibilities, they are afraid to be responsible citizens of the Nation of Myanmars. These are the same old stories true stories , I must add. They are against the democratic principal.

That may be the reason why the first ‘ Multi – party Democracy’ did not work in Myanmar. Who can say this time second time round “ multi-party Democracy will work? Most of all this time there are too many bosses , than before. Myanmar saying is “ Sayar Myar Thar Thay”. Believe it or not, some of us won’t be here to see. Myanmar’s bad old days are over, looking for better days ahead. It all depend on all Myanmars, every one of them, and all those who are interested in Myanmars, and have their interests in Myanmar.

I have a feeling that Myanmars have been warned, by the outsiders . If not, the outsiders realised that all the information they were fed and received were either false, exaggerated, dramatized, and tall stories against SPDC or NLD. On the other hand, the reasons why the West is compromising with the leaders of Myanmar is , for their own interests. To help Myanmar is to help themselves. As matter of fact it was Myanmars who pointed out the strength and weakness of SPDC and NLD. It was Myanmars who pointed out SPDC and NLD cannot function without each other.

During the last twenty three or so years, these groups, USDP. NLD, Terrorists, and other outsiders were accusing each other for one thing or the other. Now serving President Thein Sein was one of the Generals from the SPDC. The government of SPDC or the Myanma Tatmadaw was accused of everything.

The Civilian Government led by former General Thein Sein was acknowledge and recognised by international community to a certain extent. Most of all the disqualification of the opposition leader was lifted by the elections commission, recognised by the government and special by elections were held for the purpose of Mrs Aris and her party to be in. She became a “ Chauk Pyit Kinn Thele Sin ”, or another, “Saint Teresa of Inya Lake” . Is she really ? In my view she was not only fooling the people, but also fooling herself . She is another ‘ Khu Ta Myo – Noung Ta Myo’ woman.

Starving the people is a great sin in Buddhism. Denying the human rights to the Myanmar human beings is a great sin in Democracy. Who had committed those hyenas’ crimes during the last 23 years? On what purpose? Don’t forget that while SPDC opened the doors for foreign investment and tourism, the West and the NLD opposed, or object it.

That is politic, the game of politic, the power of politic, The people are the fools, the people are the tools. The people had to pay the price. The people don’t even know they were made fools or who fools them.

What come next? Who knows ? Amnesty has been granted, was that enough? Did it solve the problems? No, not yet. How many more years will be needed for Myanmars to solve their problems? But blind people don’t see. Blind people don’t read. Blind people have no education, no intelligence. So, blind people were made fools, easily.

Today it could be said in Myanmar today things are changing for the better. Everyone can say, “ Ma Aye Ye - Chit Lo Bar Kwei”. Which means “ because of the love for Ma Aye ”? Who is that Ma Aye, the people of Myanmar, and the Myanmar, or somebody else? Who loves Ma Aye most? Who is monopolising, dominating Myanmar? Is Myanmar in the hands of Myanmar, for how long will it be the property of Myanmars? Is Myanmar still a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation? How Free and how independent is Myanmar?

Mrs Aris herself is already known to some of us as extremely anglophile. Being so, she belittled her father and many Myanmars who paid their lives for all Myanmars to be Free and Independent, who fought against the British for the Independence of Myanmar. She must not overlook anything. She must be careful and vigilent not to become a stooge or a puppet of the West.

Will Rep. of the Union of Myanmar formerly known as Myanmar Naing Gan Daw still be there or Mrs Aris will put Myanmar on a golden plate and give it to the British as a gift or the debt of gratitude, for supporting her through out?

It reminds me of Mahadevi ( The Great Goddess) of Yawng-shwe who asked Dorman –Smith and party to make her and her husband( Sawbwa) the King and Queen of Siam( Thailand) to get the Siamese and Siam for the British Empire as a punishment, for joining the Japs in 1942 .

Once when Myanmar was under the British rule, Sir Maung Gyi, Sir Paw Tun, U Pu , Dr. Bamaw, U Saw were the popular names in Myanmar, they may be anglophiles, because they have had no other choice at the time. What choice has Mrs Aris has? Who will she pick as her King? Another English man, or Yettaw the American, or anybody in Norway ? Are those days over Yet ?