Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 9-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

It is said that over 2600 years ago, twelve years after he gained the Enlightenment, Gautama was asked, what “Blessing” was. Then Gautama replied, “ thirty eight” different kind of ‘ blessing’, known to Myanmars and Buddhists as ‘ 38 Phyar Minglar’.( These blessings are nothing to do with Matthew Chapter 5 in Christian Bible.)

But when it came to the Truth, nobody asked him what was the’ Truth’, but Gautama in his very first sermon he said there were ‘Four Noble Truth’, namely Suffering, the Cause of Suffering, the end of Suffering, and the Path leading to the end of Suffering.

That Truth that Gautama said was so total and so complete, it covered everything on earth, and for every living soul. But as everybody has his own taste, and experience everybody is still looking, searching for the truth . What truth are they looking for, searching for, they alone may know.

The possibility it is clear, people do not know what is truth is, and what is false is. People are not honest and sincere to themselves, they don’t rust themselves, so they don’t trust others. They have no confidence in each other they are not convince of each other they don’t believe in each other. I even have doubts, they believe in themselves. Human mind works in very funny ways.

There is only one conclusion, people do not know anything, they don’t know what they are.

So they try again to convince others by saying, “ I swear upon all mighty God to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me GOD.” That God suddenly becomes a material, a useful tool. If they cannot spare even God, it is possible they will use other people as materials and as tools. God himself hide the truth about the Apple, remember ?

The truth can never be hidden., behind closed, doors. behind silk curtain, or behind iron doors, it says.

If you are telling the truth, or going to tell the truth, why do you have to swear, who need God to help you, in what way? What is God to do with it? Why your God has to get involved in the dispute. Are you sure of yourself to tell the truth, or are you telling the truth about what you know. Or are you saying what you see, what you hear, what you accept, or believe as truth? Are you truthful to yourself, anyway, everyway ? What do you call yourself?

The question in this world we live in how much do we know, or how much are we told by others, by the authorities, about anything? Should we know or should we not know?

When God forbidden Adam and Eve, not to eat the Apple. It was because God wanted to deny them ‘the knowledge’ That what the snake said. If God actually did that, then it is possible, other little Gods will keep many secrets, they won’t let us know. What we know, or told may be not all the Truth. Forget Transparency and Accountability.

What is the truth is the everyday question, popping up every day. Because everyday something or the other is happening, someone or the other is telling lies. It all depends the truth about what happens. Most of us don’t know what actually happened, but we can guess the possibilities what could have happened.
How much do you know the truth, to called that someone a liar, or this and that is not the truth, but lies? I have stated many times that the truth is what you believe, or what you take it as the truth, under circumstances, under the influence. What you believe and took it as the truth and , the rest are lies or what’s not true. My statement itself may not be the truth.

In the world including politic, or called it the world of propaganda, almost everything is a lie. The simple reasons are, we have no ways of checking the truth, we have no time to check it’s true or false. We cannot prove that is not true or not false.

To make you understand more, let me ask you a simple question. Those many people branded as criminals in the prisons. They are charged, tried, found guilty said to be beyond reasonable doubts, according to witnesses , evidences, and proofs and sent to prisons, some of them may be executed. That is what is called justice. Do you believe they all are as guilty as charged? Do you believe evidence and proofs are genuine. Do you also believe that many criminals are among us , at large who are really guilty, getting away with real murders.

The laws says what is a crime, and what is not a crime as well
Our beloved land Rep of the Union of Myanmar at least for the last 23 years, it seemed like everybody was not telling the truth. We didn’t know the truth, we were not told the truth by responsible people. Our ears are filled with propagandas fed by every Tom, Dick, and Harr . Are they to blame, or we are to be blamed for believing them, especially not without a question?

We didn’t know what really was the truth. We can only have an educated guess.
Today in our land of Myanmar is better than yesterday, or the day before. The fact is those who oppose against each other bitterly are at least sitting down together, like civilised people. To use this word, “civilised” is breaking my heart Because I always believed we Myanmars are one of the first civilised people, long before some other people found their own“ civilisation ”. I believe there are many experts on this matter.

I honestly don’t know the difference between, our civilisation and their civilisation, because I am not the expert. I only know in our land of Myanmars, or in the land of Bamars, whatever you prefer to call it there are none Myanmars and none Bamar. Those who don’t want to be either of them. Some of them don’t even want to be who they are, but want to be what they are not. To be honest, what is their civilisation, I have no idea.

This phrase, “ Come let us sit down and reason together”, raised some question. Our nation of Myanmar, our people of Myanmars have heard it many times before. Shall we say since Pinlon Conference in 1947, and thereafter. Words may be different but the meaning is the same. Every government since 1948, was doing, pursuing the same to reach a common goal. But there never was a goal to be called ‘common’. Everybody has had their own agenda.

Gautama, said he was not the one and only Buddha. Were the Dhamma he was preaching were his own or he had heard it before from somewhere, from someone? He was a dissident of Hindu, and was a self-exile, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed also found their own religion.

Let us go back to 2600 years the time of Gautama and Confucius, study their lives, their teachings how do we the mankind understand them, how did we put them into practice, in which way their teachings are helping the man kind? What about Jesus Christs and Mohammed , are they helping the man kind as well, in which way?

Well, to be honest again, we don’t know how much of them were true. ‘ Ayw Wun May Thu Tan’, ism what Shin Tharipottra heard. There may be many things he did not hear. So is the Holy Bible of the Christians, it is the compilation of some books written by some people who relied entirely upon human memories.

There are people who are, trying to teach the Dhammas of Gautama, the Confucius’s, Jesus Christ’s or Mohammed’s philosophies. But don’t mistake them as they are themselves Gautama Buddha, or Confucius, or Jesus, or Mohammed. You have no way of checking them against anything. Believe it or not , accept it or not, take it or leave it.

Nobody, remember nobody, who follows them, and their teachings do or practice exactly as they preached. In real life everybody has to do something or the other to survive, doing everything accordingly, including actions and reactions.

These so called teachers, they may have had an, “ ideal life”, not a real life as you or me are facing. Those teachers all hardly lift any of their fingers to earn a living to be called. Some of them lived very well, and very well indeed. Some had to pay their lives.

Today, the question is do the teachers lives the way they teach? Are they not human, are the above the human laws.

“ The real life and the ideal life’. You can’t blame anyone for wanting to have an ideal life. They all must pass the real life of purification, and cleansing stages, then you may be at the door of the ideal life. You could still be rejected.

What I am trying to say all along is, to be practical, about anything, we have enough philosophies, by all kinds of philosophers, old and new. I don’t want to be another one, or one of them.

If there is a Saint, there is a Devil . The Saint is the Saint, Devil is a Devil. Satan is not the Saint. Demon is not Saint. But some people worship a Saint, some worship the Satan. Because this is the free world.

To solve any problem the truth is very important. If you are given a sum to work out, to find an answer, you have to find the true answer through arithmetic, or mathematic, algebra, geometry etc. It is difficult but it will be done in the end.

Sometimes you may have the answer already, but you still want to know the cause of it. How old is the earth, how old is the Sun, how old is the Moon, etc. We want to know the the sources of it for many reasons, so we create questions, and more questions than answers, and make ourselves busy. That is because we are mankind, the nature of man. Never happy, never satisfy, always looking for progress, developments, more civilisation. In that sense, can you blame them? Men don’t know their limits, because there is no limits for them. Even the sky is not the limit.

So it is very hard for man to make man happy, and satisfied which no God could do it. In the end God had to run away from man, and said he will not try again. Also no other super being could do it. The best they could tell us was the Path to Happiness, and some Satisfaction, the way they did, and what they achieved.
The rest is up to us. Man has too many priorities, because they have too many wants than needs. They don’t know what they need, they only know what they want. They don’t even know why they want, why they need. They will take everything what they want or what they don’t need.

As long as we don’t know what the truth is. as long as we cannot solve the problem of the truth, the matters of the truth, the Truth issue, we can never sole the problems of mankind.

As we are Myanmars , let us make Myanmar our first and foremost priority, and leave the mankind for a while.