Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

How do you understand that? I ask the question because our understandings may not be the same. Sometimes if not most of the time. we don’t understand each other though we are talking about the same thing, but chose and use the different words.

Let me say, “ after all we don’t need excuses, we don’t need threats, we don’t need hostages, we don’t need any ransom money or other things. If we are honest, if we are sincere. But honesty and sincerity are rare commodities, they are luxuries that nobody has or cannot afford.

What do you want me to say? “ Cin Kyi Zar Yar Seit Makhan Thar , when the elephant tease, the goat could not take it ? Cin Thay Paut, Paywet Seit Pin Lei Wai”. When the elephant urinates, it’s like an ocean for the ant”.

For me, I don’t see that as anything but another threat, at least a staunch warning, saying , “ Do as we want or else”. If I want to go a little beyond, it is nothing or not much of the Government of Rep of Union of Myanmar or the democracy or the human rights and the oppositions, Mrs Aris, or even ethnic issues.
It is wider than that, it’s very much to do with the completion of encircling of Peoples’ Rep of China ( Communist) by the West in the South East Asia Region. Myanmar and North Korea must be contain under the control of the West, and in the middle east Iran and Syria must be under the west control.

Some people still think , Yes Sir, No Sir, Alright Sir will do the tricks. They don’t know they could end up in prison. Sometimes death by hanging. On the other hand, “Yes Sir, Yes Sir will make your three bags full. So what do you want? What about the three magic arrows ? It’s all up to you. You are Free to do anything you want.

Who are “YOU” , how Free are you, to do what you want ? To say it correctly, it should be to do what is right, not what you want. Well it’s all at the tip of your tongue.

Economic Sanctions is a weapon of mass destruction nom need to exaggerate. It can kill, it can wipe out everything to total destruction of people and a nation which it intended for.It is a very old type of weapon used, long before Nukes or any other modern weapons were invented. Very effective, denied everything to everyone , strip everyone naked, put them into starvation and thirst.

That was how Myanmar Naing Gan Daw and the people of Myanmar became slaves. We came under foreign power, we Myanmars became more disunited , divided. We lost our country once. Still we are disunited, divided. Some of us don’t even know who they are.

‘Suspension of Economic Sanctions’. But don’t forget our Myanmar sayings, “ Pay Gar Pay Ei Ma Ya, Kwey Gar Kwey Ei Ma Wa”. You are given but you don’t get it, you are fed but you are still hungry.
Is that to be translated as ‘ torture’, ill-treated. According to Buddhist philosophy, cause and effect, action and reaction, can be made into just one word, “ retribution”. That is not to be taken easily.

“ Wutt Mhar Amye – Nga Ye Mhar Apa ”. If you are in hell. don’t worry too much that will be for a limited period, you will be released in time. But “ Wutt is said to be whenever you are born again you will suffer for what ever ill you have done on others. There is nothing to say “ good intention” that I know. What done is done and you have to pay for what you have done. There is no escape.

It could be a sin, even if you look and enjoy to see, other people suffer, lame, die. You don’t have to commit it yourself. That is the law of Buddhism ( Gautama). If that laws is un just. The there should not be Buddhism. Gautama could have said, “ You better do it to them before they do it to you”. The question is ‘do what, Good or bad’ ? What is good, and what is bad any way?
Those who done good things are Saints or Angles, those who done bad things are children of Satan, they are the Devils, Demons, etc. ‘Exorcism’ is the word already create, to deal with these children of the Satan, and the dark forces. Who will win in the end?

Let us say simple thing in simple words, and make simple things simple. The word is “ backfire ”, some people might say “pay back time”. Everybody has their own beliefs, let us not push our believe into their heads. Let them find out by themselves, after all they are clever people, they are smart people.

In our land of Myanmar there are children of Satan, and the dark forces. If I called Mrs Aris ‘the daughter of Satan’, it would be a great insult to Ko Aung San and Daw Khin Kyi. But “Thar Thamee Makoung- Meeba Goung”. For some she may be a ‘Thamee Goung’.
Myanmar is not in any position to demand anything, Myanmars has lost all it’s rights to the British in 1823. That loss was a great loss, I don’t see Myanmar will ever recover again in our life time.

Myanmar saying is, “ Poh Thar Kon – Maung Pon Soung Matutt”, because Myanmar are, “ Jack of all, trades, master of none’. No teacher can teach them, because they know everything, anything. But they are no masters. They know enough to be slaves,or slave for others, they don’t realised that.

Many times, some Myanmar use to say, what Myanmar suffering is not common disease, common illness, it is ‘Apa-mhi, or Payaw-ga”, outside interferences. Nothing but,“exorcism’, might do. Yes, “ might ”, because the Devil is either Phone Gyee Tha Ye, or Me Thila Yin Tha Ye. Myanmar is under attack by both Phone Gyee and Me Thila Yin. A hope less case, may be, but the patient, and the physicians never give up hope. Because another Myanmar saying is “ Mee Zar Kon, Sii Khan ”. that is the end of every hopes.
Whatever, if anybody need something, whether because of need or want does not matter. It got to have it. They will try anyway by hook or by crook, whichever way necessary, softly, softly or violence ways.

The very nature of Myanmars, is they don’t like any foreigners. May that be Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, British, French or US. In exceptional case there may be some individuals. They are weak people who need protections.

Present Constitution is to make all people strong , united, but these individual interpret it as to make them weak. By thinking that way, they are seeking outside help and supports. It’s been 63 years not , how can they survive so long? That’s anybody guess.

My guess is the Governments of Union of Myanmar, and Myanma Tatmadaw is so merciful, so lenient, so humane to compare to other Tatmadaw . In fact Myanma Tatmadaw consists of all races, and all religion in the nation and it knows very well and clear, what it is fighting for or against.

It is no good, and of no use pretending to be asleep, it helps no one. Praising with pleasant words to please somebody was the down fall of Myanmars. We know that don’t we? To let “Hote Pa Paya – Mhan Ba Payar” age and time is still with us. “Yey Lite Ngar lite”, “Wai Lai Lai ” is undesirable. Straight talks, no double meaning, no double standard.

“Kan Si Man Yar”, or ‘Whatever Will Be Will Be’ is for the weak people. That is seen or taken as a total surrender.

The mistrust is to great under all circumstances Nagative or Positive . We have no confidence in each other. We are touchy, we are sensitive, or we are nervous, we all are desperate. One word slips from our tongue, let alone a wrong word. because we are speaking different language. Translation is needed. Mistranslation could lead to a disaster.