Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 6-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Very often I asked the same question. ďare we ready, are we preparedĒ? Do you think we are ready, politically, economically socially, let alone militarily ? Come on, be honest to yourself. Think about it. We could not do what we need to do, either we denied ourselves, the chance and opportunity, or we are being denied by others to progress, and to be developed or to be a modern industrialised nation.

Myanmar is not an empty shell. Myanmars are not with empty skull. What have they got in their skull, I donít know. It could be said that Myanmar have everything, and they have nothing. In the modern world, when we are being denied modern facilities, there is nothing we can do much.

Why? Because we are not as free as we think, we are not allowed freedom. Whatever freedom we may have is limited. Not everybody knows that, let alone to accept it. Even now we are being patronised, yet some of us do not know, do not understand. How ignorant can we be? All the Myanmars are getting is, lectures, after lectures by the self- promoting teachers after teachers. Nothing practical. What we know, and what we have is not enough, never enough. What we have is hardly enough for us. Because we are Buddhists , and we believe in charity, donation. What we have we shared with others. There is hardly anything left for us, in the end. Some people are taking a good advantage on Buddhists Myanmars.

These self- appointed teachers, are doing nothing but pissing the air, everything and everybody had heard before. Of course, among all walks of life, there are teachers and others. Everybody has to do what they supposed to do, then what more can you say? All I am saying is not to let others do, if you wonít do it to yourself.

Of course, with good intension, you may teach what you know , pass on your experience, share your knowledge with them, but they donít appreciate it, you will find them what they want is what you donít have or what you cannot provide them. In some case they know more than you, they think and believe they know more than you. .

In that sense we have to learn almost everything to fit into this modern world, politically, economically, and socially. Are we equipped with these, ready, and prepared for the battle?

Some people donít want to change, reluctant to change, donít want to learn. Tradition, culture, custom and way of life, etc. are millennium old. We need to change, not necessarily everything. To be a modern, developed industrialised nation, what are we keeping, what are we changing? Who wants to change, who donít want to change? Our ways and methods are old, we canít find any spare parts to repair or to replace it. What are we going to do about that?

If we are happy to ride Ď Hle Yin Lay í(bullock cart) to travel, visiting other village on oxcart, or horse cart, on foot? Have you modernised that ď Hle Yin Layí or you just take a ride in the car which you or your country men never produced, but imported from outside? This is just a simple example . There are thousands of other things we need in our life, not necessarily, not because we want them just because we need them.
These may be patty things to compare with other things for progress, development, and modernizations There are many other 1001 things you can think of you have to do you need to change. What you have is too old, no more in production, discontinued line.

If you know the answers to those questions, then you know why we need to change where possible. We all must change, gradually may be, but we have to change.

We need land to live, to grow vegetable, and to farm cattle and the pasture for the animals. We have only limited land area. We have to share among us. We cannot expend our land , we may have to claim from the sea, in due course. Nobody can monopolise the land or the natural resources. They all belonged to all people.

According to some Myanmar experts, there are over a million Myanmars living and working in foreign lands. What kind of work are they doing is hard to say, but it will be safe to say they are doing all kinds of works , because they are from walks of life What is their contribution to words the people. and the nation?

What I meant is , are they entrepreneurs, running their own business, are they merchants and trader? Salary and wage earners, as company workers etc. To work in the foreign land they must have some needed qualifications, trade or skill. Some of them go out privately, many go through work agencies. How many of them sitting at the table and working with their head (brain), and how many of them standing working with their hands? How many are sitting on the floor? How many of them create jobs at home. Factories of all kind, rice mill, saw mill. combine harvest etc..

Whatever work they have to do in those countries. They go out because they are not happy in Myanmar. There are not enough jobs for the unemployed young Myanmars. Nobody can created jobs in Myanmar for Young or old Myanmar. We know very well why, donít we? What can we do about that?

At the moment it could be said there are some foreign firms who are investing in Myanmar. Because they are not sure of the skill and trade of Myanmar young people, they bring their own work force, managers, administrators etc. Local Myanmars are just workers, not to be called slaves in their own country. Take it or leave it, nobody is forced to take the job. They have to work seven days a week, no overtimes. With very low wage and salary to compare to others outside. Benefits are none.

Myanmar is hoping when economic sanctions are lifted, there will be many foreign firms investing in Myanmar. When will that be nobody knows for sure. At the moment economic sanctions are suspended. Even if they come in, if they cannot exploit the Myanmars , if they see nothing in return , they will not come at all.

Foreign firms , either they are from Asean or from Europe, or from United States, will never pay any one Myanmar who are doing the same job as their workers back in their home country hourly rate or over times rates, and other benefits. Myanmar in the land of the Myanmar they employed what trade, what skill, what qualification, how certified are these Myanmar are the question never answered satisfactorily. Int. Labour Organization( ILO), knows, these foreign firms are breaking the lawsl, but they donít put pressures on them instead on the Myanmar Government.

The people in those firms must be their people. They dare not touch them or donít touch them Myamnars are always the victims, The more they are desperate, the more they are being exploited. All of them are exploited by their employers, ILO and so called Int. Organization in Myanmar or outside Myanmar knows that very well. Myanmar workers are not covered by any insurance , the workersí rights, sick benefits, and others etc.

I said Myanmar is not an empty land, Myanmars are not empty skull either. But whatever they have the land and the people they are being drain out, pumped out. If we donít do something about it, Myanmars will become empty drums. The nation will become an empty shell soon. Myanmars can create nothing.

The rest of the Myanmars need to learn the skill, the trade, the business to be able to run by their own. School of Economy, Technical college, Poly technique, Engineering, School of trade and industry all over the nation must be expended quickly, immediately as a matter of urgency. Talented, and those who have potential, must be given priority. There is no place for time wasters. Human rights or not. Wasting time is not a right for anybody.

How will the government make Myanmar, their nature, their way of life to change to fit into the modern world. Do the Myanmars want to change? There are more questions then answers

One thing is for sure we have been preached theories, after theories, we have more than enough we are drowning in the theories. Life is nothing without theories, and life is nothing without experimenting theories, and put into practice. We Myanmar have many theories, but have nothing much to put into practice, nothing Practical.

We are Myanmars, Myanmar is older than United States of America, Myanmars are older than the Americans. Thatís may be why we are old and frail week and sick. Could noty stand up on our own feet, have to walking on three or four legs. One slight push , then we will fall.