Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 4-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Let me tell you some true English stories.

It reminds me of the wedding of Charles , Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Frances Spencer which took place on Wednesday, 29 July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom. It was held at St Paul's rather than Westminster Abbey because St Paul's offered more seating and permits a longer procession through the streets of London.

This Crowned Prince Charles , when he becomes King he will be Charles II of Great Britain. Charles I of Great Britain was convicted of treason, and beheaded in 1648, because he defied the Parliament.

During the vows Diana accidentally reversed the order of Charles's names, saying Philip Charles Arthur George instead. She did not promise to "obey" him; that traditional vow was left out at the couple's request, which caused a sensation at the time”.
What sort of omen were they? The fact , and the reality was their marriage ended in scandal, divorce and in horrific death for Lady Diana Frances Spencer , in a tragic car accident in Paris under pass. To say it in Myanmar her death was “Athey Zo or Thay Jin Zo, or Asein Thay ”. That is their story.

When that happened Mrs Aris must be in Oxford in England. She must have watch that wedding ceremony. Whether she tries to copy that Charles and Diana or not when she tries to change the oath.
Let’s go to our own story. A marriage between USDP and NLD at Nay Pyi Daw. could nearly ended up in scandal, divorce and horrific death . if somebody is very careless.

Buddhists believe that after they have done some good deeds, ( Danna) they always say,“ Nirbana Pyitsayaw Hawtu” and dedicated to all beings “Amhya, Amhya, Amhya”, let the good deed be assistance to get to Nirbana , I here by share my merit with you all, may all beings be blessed as well. Then everyone who hears them say, Thardu, three times.

What happening in Myanmar today? Leaders sharing duties, sharing responsibilities. The rest of us can say , “ Thardu” or ‘Amen’, and Praise to Allah for our leaders finally to sit down and reason together. Are we in seventh heaven? Where is Nirvanna? How far away are we from heaven or Nirvana? It is a continuous job , efforts, cannot make mistake. If you do, you may have to start again. That will be a waste of time and energy.

“ Blessed are the peace makers”. I borrow it from Matthew chapter 5, , I believe Christians will say, “Amen” to that. Verse 12, also said “ rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted, they the prophets are before you”. What will the Muslims say, “ All the praises, and thanks are to the Allah , the Lord of Alamin, ( Mankind, Jinn ) and all exists”.

Remember these are just some of the teachings of all various religions, take what you like. All you have to do is put them into practice. I only meant to say all religions teach us civilisation. But how civilised are we according to our own beliefs, our own teachings. It’s hard to say, because we act, and react accordingly. It is human’s impulse or animal’s nature . Civilisation or not.

In our beloved nation of Myanmars , the General elections (rigged by some), The Peoples’ Parliament , The Government, President Thein Sein, Mrs Aris, they all are acknowledged and recognised and accepted them as they are by the United Nations, the United States, European Union and other countries , as what they are today. Is that all? No, that is not all, the fact is ‘economic sanctions’ are said to be ‘ suspended’ .

Whether you accept them or not is up to you, it is your right. Though you may or may not be doing the right thing you have to express your views, and opinion. Yes, ‘express your view and opinion’. Have you done it?

Did you hear what Mrs Aris aid on the question of why she did not try to amend the wording of the oath before the by elections. She said “ I failed to do it, I bear the responsibility, I want the desire of the people and our alliances not to be spoiled just because of my carelessness”. Very casually.

I don’t have to translate anything interpret anything to that. It is all clear, “ she failed” she was afraid the alliance will be spoiled”, and she is “careless”. I hope she knew what she was saying , I think she has no idea how others will interpret what she said. Does she care?

For me , on her own words in the past own admissions, confessions, and apologies and at present, she is a failed leader, she had spoiled many things ,( disrupted and disturbed in her own way) and she is a careless leader .

What is the future of Myanmars going to be Myanmars have to pay for her failures, disruptions, disturbances , and carelessness. Not to forget she knows very well, that the desire of the people was Peace and Harmony, Reconciliation and Unity from the beginning. Did she not know that? She knew very well that the by elections were said to be rigged, she even said so by herself . She also knew that they are all in her favour. After all she is a woman. Which woman says the ‘Diamands are NOT her best friend ’?

Some of us have been pointing out the weakness of this NLD leader Mrs Aris, and others in NLD leadership. Mrs Aris is a very corrupt person. She is corrupt in front of the curtain on the stage. Her real character are emerging day by day, hour by hour.
Previous governments may had taken her as a ‘spoiled child’. She does not know what she was saying or doing. They use the word “ unwittingly” . The law said a crime committed by under aged child, minor , is not an offence. So they did nothing but decided to put her in the cage. The new Government not only let her Mrs Aris out from the cage, get her in to the Parliament through arranged elections, which Mrs Aris herself said the elections were rigged, but she takes her winnings from that rigged elections with the shameless smile.

Now, Mrs Aris and her cronies are in the parliament everybody will have a chance to see how foolish , how stupid, how idiotic this Mrs Aris, and her cronies are. We will see more of her other qualities as well , no doubt . What more can I say ? What other people see in her, I don’t know they don’t say , they don’t want to be rude to her, or Pyaw Ya Mhar Arrnar De or rather Kyaut Te,( Fear). That may be the reason why Mrs Aris became a spoilt child.

The truth is there. The truth can never be hidden behind closed doors, behind silk curtain, or iron curtain? BTW Mrs Aris herself was never rejected by any quarter, she has been always recognised by everybody, including the former military Government. Like her or dislike her was irrelevant. As far as the Generals are concerned, they had to take all the bashings, beatings. Let’s say ,may be because of these sticks, the Generals came clean and green, they came into a shape, properly formed, no deformities like NLD.

During the last 23 years or so, there were lots and lots of talks by the lots and lots of people from all walks of life. Many of them were unaccredited, unofficial. What they talked about were mostly, groundless, unfounded, no truth, very little truth, exaggerations, dramatized lies and make up tall stories. Whatever they were, whoever they were, this is now reconciliation time. This is a great opportunity for those who wants to reconcile, to reconcile, with their dim face or shining face. without fear, with no shyness.

Starting a new page, new chapter, with, ‘let by gone be by gone’ in everybody’s mind, will be the best option. Because nobody is innocent, they all are sinners , in one way or the other. But we cannot be sure they are all cleaned now. Admit it or not, they have their own need. Their need is not necessarily all for the people of Myanmar and the Nation of Myanmar.

“Forgive and forget ’, may be another word. According to Buddhist beliefs, nobody will be forgiven, they will not be forgotten either. Buddhism there is reward or punishment, just consequances. It depends on what their deed is, their merit, based on “cause and effect”. They have to face and accept the consequences. It may be during present living life, it may be after life, in next life. But you can never escape in this circle of life. Because, “Lawka Nat ’ is recording everything you do in his big book, for further investigation, to make final judgement, where to put you in.

Let’s talk about present living life. Now we Myanmars have arrived together to a point, we have to continue our journey. The most important is , we have to remember that we are not enemies to each other, we are family members, but family spirit has been lost for some reasons . We were made to look at each other as enemies , we have been looking and treating each other as bitter enemies. We are human, we act like human, sometimes like animals. Human impulse, animal impulse whatever because we have animal mentality as well.

As a matter of fact “ lost” is nothing new for Myanmars as Buddhists, Myanmar have lost many things , everything . Because we were on our own, because we could not afford brokerage of any kind, protection fees or toll charges etc. We have to be on our own on DIY. Disturbance, and disruption were always around us. We have nothing more to lose. We are gradually, slowly recovering them.

The fact is the fact. Like it or not, accept it or not. I will say it again and again, that is without loyal Myanma Tatmadaw to protect and defend the people and the nation. Burma or Myanmar will not on the world atlas.
If I never knew about something and some people who tried their best to demolish, to scrap Myanmar Tatmadaw, at least to weaken it . I would nit be saying this. Still that idea to get rid of Myanma Tatmadaw in one way or the other in the head of the NLD and those who oppose Tatmadaw. As long as thaty idea exists, the serious conflict will hang on.

Myanmar will be without protector, without defenders. Mrs Aris will either make presently active armed insurgents who supports her as her ‘Burma Army ”, to protect her and her cronies, as well as Western interests ’ which will be blessed by her God fathers in the West ? Myanmar back to square one.

With all these back ground, in the Hluttaw, who is going to trust who? We need to learn to trust each other. The first thing to start is not to do anything to mistrust, not to make any mistake to lose the trust . No negligence, no carelessness from any side . ‘Bwar Bwar’ doesn’t work, polityic is not a game for the child. The matters of Myanmar are not form the children.

To build the trust is to get rid of or root out , unwholesome or negative in our mind. Only when these negative states of mind lose their power over us, our relationship becomes more harmonious. The trust must be built within six months . If you can make it by six months, then you will break it, you know you cannot go on, you cannot carry on.

The so called, “Alliance”, whether it is official alliance, recognised alliance , accepted alliance or alliance for show, or even an alliance of the willing, or not must be extra careful, to many leaders, too many talks, too many bosses. To many shits, and they are stink.

Everybody knows, that Myanmar comes a long way and still has a long way to go. To get to this stage it took 23 years. There are other stages, how many years are we talking about how many disturbances , how many disruptions do we need more ? There are other serious matters to handle, to solve.