Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 1-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

I never thought, it never come across my mind. I didn’t even dream of Mrs Aris was in need of lectures on democracy, special tuition classes on democracy. What kind of lessons on democracy was she given to her followers in the past?

Now she has been elected, she finally decided to go to Parliament in Nay Pyi Daw to take her seat as a Elected Parliamentarian from NLD Party representing Kawmu Township. Sounded like a Kayin Village I used to know.

Now first thing first what she need to study or learn is ‘ parliamentary rules’, how to behave in the Parliament. She cannot behave like a “fish monger” from Hledon Za fish market. ‘Swar Kye Ar Kye’. Being cheeky. Mrs Aris or not she would be kicked out suspended from the parliament sessions, if she does not behave, it’s a contempt of the Hluttaw (Parliament).

Mrs Aris made many mistakes. Myanmar saying such as , “Da Gwet Mhar Thaw Kyar” is not enough. The tiger which make just one mistake is one too much. In this case it is the tigress Mrs Aris. . How many times a “tigress” will make mistakes”? She has been pardoned time and again by the merciful people with compassion. People tried to understand her. She has never seen Jail or Prison before in her life let along to be in there for punishment. She is lucky, the name Aung San save her. That is why as why she never take or abandoned that name. “ Luu Galay Alolite - Nga Par Kite’ spoilt child bites my ear.

The question for the government any government is , Mrs Aris wants the rule of law, she asked for “the rule of laws” , what is the law for Mrs Aris kind of people? Are there any other special laws for her? There were many who went to prison, for the same offence, for breaking the laws. Why Mrs Aris is Shwe Zin Yote ‘ untouched. Governmenegt was unfair on others. Mrs Aris should also be in prison.

It is said that the cat has nine lives, but I don’t know how many lives the tigress has, but Mrs Aris is not a cat . As a “ tigress” she must had used up all her lives. How long can anyone protect her shield her. As I can understand, it was the west who revived, her resurrect her. Gavin nher new lives , does she know that? She has lost all her lives , she is just living on the borrowed life. No doubt and no denying.

Should Mrs Aris change her team, her advisor, her legal advisor. I don’t need to point out again that she is an upstart. Lack of experience, she has never taken any apprenticeship. She thinks and believe in the name of democracy any Tom, Dick and Harry become politicians and run the country. She has proved it wrong time and again.

If it was not her team, then who was it, from outside? Those who whispered in her ear privately . Even so she should use her own sense , common sense. She should not “ Chaw Le Yaw Htaing”. Is she as free as she thinks, or believe? She made her own mistakes, or other let her make mistakes.

She should sack her team, and she should not associate with the fools from outside.

Then she said “"As a gesture of respect to the desires of the people and in consideration of the requests made by lawmakers from democratic parties and independent lawmakers, we have decided to attend the parliament," Suu Kyi told reporters after a party meeting.”

This is not the first time, it’s been for 23 years, she had been making mistakes, she had to be detained most of the time. Otherwise we could not imagine what could have happened in our land of Myanmars. What she meant by saying was she had to do it because people asked for it. She puts the blame on the people. With sweet words. A “ quinine is quinine” whether it is coated with sugar or plastic coateds.

It is proven again and again that she is nothing, she has nothing of her own. Shen has nothing for the people and for the nation. Because she does not want to learn, she thinks she knows everything more than anybody. What had she been teaching her followers? She does not even know how democracy works, what a parliament if for, how its works.

Generally speaking I am glad, elected NLD members are to attend the parliament session. They are doing the right thing. I am also glad that Mrs Aris has shown to the people and to the world that she is “ Nge Bar Thay De”still young. She and everybody with her are all upstarts, novices and nuns like babies who takes the first step to walk, others have to guide them. Some of them may fall , may get hurt, from minor injuries to broken bones. These have to be expect, especially a group led by somebody who push and rush everything, without thinking.

What do you think of it , make of it ? Desires of the people, the request made by lawmakers from democratic parties’. Word to word. sentence to sentence, ashes to ashes , dust to dust’. Some of you may have been going with the flow. I don’t blame that some of where you stand, standing together with her.

I welcomed her decisions to attend the parliament thinking she is now starting to learn something. Learning is always good. Because everyone is in one way or the other ignorant’. Mrs Aris is one of them. Some people have learning difficulties, some people learn quick.

I first thought that she was testing her own strength, in the end she had to give in. This “give in” cannot be interpreted as “ surrender’. As a matter of fact all concerned parties, people
“gave in ”. The government, the opposition, armed groups, foreign governments, Nobody surrendered to nobody. That’s the way I take it. Those around her must guide her whether they like her or not, in the interest of the people and the nation.

Here is the “people” they are not sleeping anymore, wide awake growing up. They have become adults, and matured.

This is not the time for idol worshipping. Nobody should abandon Gautama, Confucius, Jesus or Mohammed, or even Socrates or Aristotle’s. Karl Marx for Mrs Aris. Most of all Mrs Aris is not a New Buddha.

Because she once said about revolutions or radical changes, that does not mean we have to pull down the images of Gautama and other Buddhas, Churches and Cathedrals down or Ko Aung San’s bust and statues down hit them with slippers. . Burn all the religious books and have only Mrs Aris pictures and images, and little with her speeches. She is not “Aritmittaya” or second coming of Jesus Christ.

Why am I saying these you may ask. Because, she is the woman who always use the people as shield and protect and defend herself. She is always behind the people. In my view sheis the one who let the people die first and claims she had sacrifice herself for them. People are the sacrificial lambs not her. She is another political animal who tries to be an escapist, always looking for the escape route . Whatever she say whenever she say, whatever she does she always uses the word “ people”, the will of the people , the people’s desire, in the interest of the people etc. etc. She always plays innocent. Is she innocent?

When she called for and support the economic sanctions, was it the will of the people, the people’s desire? Shortages of everything including electricity generator, power energizer. while she has everything at home nothing to worry about anything, she even give out some rice to people.

Then she even had the gut to say the economic sanctions are not effecting the people, only the Generals. Which people were she referring to, her and her cronies? When she refused to attend the parliament sessions, which people told her not to attend?

Why did she take part in the elections, under the elections law or under this constitution if she does not acknowledge or accepted, anything especially she had no intention attending the parliament. What was her real intention? Just for fun to disrupt and to disturb everything? I also pointed out, two wrongs cannot make one right.

She want to take advantage of the people who most of them are ignorant 23 years ago, but not now.

I thought that Mrs Aris knows that democracy itself is a “ slow process”. Slowly made, ‘Cheddar Cheese”. She use to lived in England, married the Enghlishman have two half breed sons.and relatives. She is a “Noble Prize” laureate. She should know how democracy and Parliament work.

This is real Mrs Aris, this is her real character, we will see more of her in future, be prepared. “ Myin Myin Jin Saut Ne Htwin”, “ Hwet So Lo Hwet Ya De Ngar Ba Koung Mhan Mathin ”
Mrs Aris knocked herself out I said she is childish, she is cheeky, but she is nothing. The world knows, they were stunned. They were worried, Mrs Aris is bring the value of Democracy down , making it cheap. Foreign dignitaries including Ban Ki Moon of UN had to rush in to Myanmar and switch the lights on. She was a blind one who’s not afraid of the ghosts.

What Mrs Aris should know is there are people who knows as much as she knows, if not more than her, some much more than her. People are fully awake all the time, no blink, no dozing off. They don’t fall asleep, because when woke up they may not know where they are, in whose hands they are as slaves.