Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 1-May-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

HOLY MATRIMONY , what holy about it I asked once ď for better or for worse, for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health till death do us partĒ. That may be holy , but not now, when living together without marriage, men marrying men, women marrying women. Not to forget separation, divorce, in the name of freedom and human rights. All happening evening in the Holy Church when Priests abused children ( Choirs boys or Girls) , homosexuality. What Holy about it may I ask again? Was Jesus Christ a Homo ?

All religions give us moral instructions, how to be a good human being. Your duty to yourself and to others , to put into practice .if you stick by them, follow them, that may be moral, that may be holy of you . For the Buddhists , or in many of Myanmar stories, such as the 547 Ni-bat taws, or the Dhama Pada. You will find democracy, fairness, justice, and equality, right and wrong etc. But the democracy may not be Western styles democracy. The democracy in these stories are long before the democracy was introduced in Athens in Greece. As I have said, if nobody take them seriously , nobody put them into practice, they are as good as noth-ing, useless.

This moral is everything to do with everybody and everything happenening in everywhere on earth today.

Myanmar is changing, who are changing, what is changing? Who can make us change? It is said, nobody can tell us what to do, nobody can force us what to do, if we donít want to do it. Right or wrong? In theory it may be right, by practically it could not be right. There is always somebody who is telling us to do some thing or forcing us to do something. Because we are not Free, as Free as we should be. We are not united as one unit.

Change , change , and change, who wants to change, who donít want to change? How much change can Myanmars take, how much do they want to change? We are talking about the changes, we are not talking about those who does not change, who does not want to change . We are witnessing, seeing this who donít want to change . We are experiencing that some people donít changes . What are we going to do about them, any idea?

Change is change, not window dressing. When Ben Ki Moon or other foreign dignitaries go to Myanmar, I donít think they donít go for window shopping. Or to see Thein Sein and Mrs Aris. Nay Pyim Daw and Yangon will tell them nothing, show them nothing. Union of My-anmar is not only Nay Pyi Daw and Yangon. The people of Myanmars are not only Mrs Ari, and NLD. How many of them takes a walk about in down town Yangon , outside Yangon and outside Nay Pyi Daw.

I hope the changes in Myanmar are not only for window dressing , not for a breathing space for anybody, not only to have a foot hole, not for more exploitation, more manipulation or for more undermining. I accept the fact that a nation , can never be perfect, because all men or women are never perfect. But I donít know how many others will accept that .But we all do our best to BUILD a nation or to DESTRUCT a nation, whichever we prefer as if the human right, and wejustify ourselves. Or pleasing ourselves.

There are snakes and rats everywhere. if you donít put them under control. If you cannot con-trol them , they take you, you then you are in trouble, the nation and the people you are pro-tect, you are defending will meet the disaster. The snakes and rats are always dangerous and harmful. Burmese Pythons are big, long and strong you can see them easily. They are well known , they are popular , every bodyís favourite. They harm nobody .

Many people even have in their homes as pets. But you have to be careful. Sometime , they can harm you,. Or even kill you. There are many other snakes, look like Burmese Python or small and very dangerous. Python or not all snakes must be put in safe places, they have to be under control. We cannot let any snake gone los free, itís a danger to everybody. We must be sure a snake is a harmful snake or not harmful.

Danger are the snakes ,the danger are the rats which are alive and living. If we can handle them well, if they are under your control you can use them, they are useful. We can feed the rats to the snakes, and other animals. We use rats in our laboratory for tests. Even to make the snakes useful as our life savers. To make good use of snake venom or poison into antidote, anti-venom . We need to be experts on how we make venom into anti venom to save lives, without killing the snake. You canít kill them all. The Myanmar saying is ď Mway Mathay Dote Ma KyoĒ, neither let the snake die nor break the stick. That can only be done by the ex-pert with his experience and careful handlings. Not to forget that rats and snakes can be food for human eaten as delicacies.

Exploitation, manipulation and undermining are dangerous as well bad for human health. We have to reduce them on both man and environment . Any excess, or over doing them will harm everybody. They can be made for the benefit of mankind.

Change or not, democracy or not , rats are rats and snakes are snakes. They will always be there living among us ready and prepared to pounce, harm us, give us troubles. If no right an-ti-dote at our reach, we are as good as dead.
These rats and snakes can cause all sorts of troubles. To all people, even to go to war. To re-duce, them to make good use of them, to put them under the control will reduce all the possi-bilities of wars, at least, to reduce the tension. Some believe they are even medicinal. Some believe If they donít eat the snakes, the snakes might eat them. Snakes have to be handled by the experts. The cook must be the expert. Who are the snakes, who are the experts ( snake charmers) in Myanmar ? Under economic sanctions, snakes should be widely eaten in My-anmar, by and by we will become snakes eater and snake experts.

This is how we will learn. There is no cruelty to animals involve. The population of rats and snakes are safe in numbers. To take venom from snake, need no killing of the snake because the venom can be re produce in the snake.
Militarily powerful nations never stop producing weapons of all kinds including weapon of mass destruction, for themselves and to sell to others. They donít hesitate to brew wars. They are expecting war, they are prepared and ready for war while they are telling to reduce weap-on they are themselves building up their arsenals.

India and Pakistan had tested ballistic Missiles Int Community said nothing about it no objec-tion, no protest, because they consider them no threat. In economic wise India and Pakistan are big markets, in military wise, anyone of them destroyed by anyone. The west will benefit . After all India and Pakistan were under the British for centuries. s ut when North Korea did it, every noises came out from every holes of their body. What principals are the Int Commu-nity talking about.

Letís say , the Int. Community knows the realities , and difficulties that Myanmar leaders are facing. They also accept that Myanmar had democracy before, and there were Myanmars who did not like or accepted democracy, from the very start.

Int.Community realization of Myanmar may be based on that reality. Russia and China as one united force as ĎSiRusí.( Sino Russian). It is wise for Myanmars to take Myanmar away from China or Russia . Not to fall into the hands of US led Europe. Any leader of Myanmar cannot and , must not surrender Free, Independent, Sovereign nation of Myanmars to anybody.

The importance of Mrs Aris is obvious, and apparent, the West needs the west leaning My-anmar . to complete the blockade of China , It has been the dream of the West to be in My-anmar to have a foot hole in Myanmar militarily , to keep close check on China and Russia, and on other Communists countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Nob ody loves us we have to love ourselves . The West will buy you off. They will make you desperate so that you cannot refuse their offer. They can afford to pay the desperate Myanmars, 55 million dis-united people in a p;lot of land.

WW II was the opportunity for the colonial slaves to become free. Colonialism was resisted by the whole world, everywhere and it was almost gone, but some still are semi colonies. The west get another idea. That is Ďneo colonizationí in the name of democratization. So the West try to democratise the whole world. The West or so called Int . Community, consists of Nazis, Fascists, and Colonialists, the devils we all know. whatever they named, and called them-selves . In this twenty first century nobody is deaf and nobody is dumb. They are not as igno-rant as anyone think except some few Myanmars.

I have said that the rulers of Myanmar must know how to handle the rats and the snakes. Rats and snakes are life threatening, they can give lots , and lots of troubles if they are not under control. It is important handler must know how to handle them best ,ď Mway Mathay Dote Ma KyoĒ.

Democracy countries are in financial trouble. This is called back fire, for their unfair economic sanctions on politically, economically, and socially weak nations .They are reaping what they sowed, they are paying the price, they are responsible for what they did. Letís put it that way. In some countries It is an open secret. Again the so called INT., Community is funding, and arming those who oppose their governments. These back fire again the men they armed and funded became the terrorists against them with the guns they provided. As a matter of fact ,the west is breeding the terrorists. The whole world is filled with the sound of gun fire ,and bombs , together with the voices of anti- west, anti- US. The West and Us has to cool down. Change their strategy and tactics.

Look at on the world stage, US and the west is changing as well. If you follow the news about US troops in Okinawa, the news about the joint military exercise of Russian Fed. and PR China. Are they really going to wipe each other out? You can believe anything you like. The most important thing is Myanmar should not be battle ground, if it can be avoided. The fact is the sound of Gunfire never stopped in Myanmar neither.
The militarily powerful nations might produce and sell second hand or second class weapons to other country and safe the best for themselves, but they have no guts to attack or declare war on those who have the same might as them. US, and US led Europe, Russia, or PR China each capable of destructing the whole world, total destruction. They know that. They will not create this earth as ď The planet of the Apesí to restart from.

Who wish to put some Generals of Myanmar on trial charged with war crimes. What about the leaders of KNU, KIA, who killed captured Myanmar soldiers, and government servants with cold blood. Living in foreign countries as sanctuaries such as UK, Australia or US. Their families member are in safe places. Only the innocent, ignorant villagers are used as human shield by.
At the same time they cannot hide their own war crimes, some leaders fades away . Hitler and Mussolini are no difference than George W Bush (US), Tony Blair (UK). The world is seeing some countries killing its own young people with weapons provided to them by the west. The West is killing their own young men by sending them to other countries, to be killed by other young men of other countries. The young ones from the west are also killing the sick, the old , women and children. Where is the war crimes, crimes humanity, genocide . Like Nazis. and fascists have faced.

There is a case going on between White House and the US Congress, in the United States of America, whether to limit the Citizens Freedom or Citizens Rights. If you say anything or write anything against United States, and government it is a felony , a crime and an offence punishable even by capital punishment. Going in and out of US is subject to strip search .

The character of the snake, can be found in the Holy Bible. Snake is also a God created creature.