Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 30-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots , and Friends,

Before I go further, I would like to say that, this is not ‘the repeat’, call this “ a revision’ for you to digest or to memorise good and bad, positive and negative, possibilities of doing things that we haven’t tried in Myanmar for the people and the nation of Myanmar. Say, ‘meditation’, say another option. Stop criticising others and by to analyse, as well as yourself. Be true to yourself. don’t tell lie to yourself. I cannot tell anybody what to do, but I can only suggest or if I were in the position what I would do. Whatever you may decide to do, you also should put the ‘consequences’ into consideration at all time, Gain and lost must be considered.

Nobody can tell us what to do. nobody can make us to do any by force, if we don’t want to do. What we do is our own responsibility. If we had to do, what we don’t want to, or if we had to do because some force was put upon us. We will be having carrying a viper in our pouch.

“Come let us sit down and reason together” . Easy to say , hard to implement. I don't see many people who came and sit down and reasoned together, even on this forum . Besides, these words are familiar, very familiar. A good call, a right call but who are you calling to. Thern't people enough to sit down and reason together? If it could be done, we would have done long ago. Thayn have had their own agendas, they cannot compromise. Because up to this day we have no common ground, no common understanding and no common language to sit down and reason together.

We will never be able to do that if we don’t change if we are not prepared to change. These, may be the reasons that we cannot sit down together. We need to change. All changes are for the better, if not the best. If we are unable to change , it will be our own faults.

How many times have we made these calls, sent out this invitation? It seemed like just an “ Athan Goung Hit’ ? Myanmar saying is “Bazutt Ka Phayar Phayar- Let Ka Kar yarr Kar yarr’. “ Apyaw Tamhyo – Alote Tamyo.” When our problems started long before this generation was born. Our forefathers started, and we are left with . Generations after Generation the problems are still with us, haunting us. We are dwelling on the long , long history. That is the reason we could not sit down together.

Let’s face it. In 1988 , it was the row between RIT students and local people in Gyogon, Insein township. But the People came out in mass then calling for democracy. As if this democracy will solve all our problems, knowingly Myanmar had democracy and it never solved the problems. Democracy did not work in Myanmar simple, because not everybody believes in democracy. Some people they don’t want to know democracy, they don’t want to hear democracy, But there you are. May be the reason is there are too many bosses in Myanmar who wants to be the big boss.

Where are these people who called for democracy? Did they ever proposed , how they will solve the problems with this ‘democracy’? Whether this democracy is the old one, new one , second hand or even reconditioned one, nobody knows. Myanmars do not like anything from OXFAMthat I am sure. Did they know or had any idea what will become of Myanmar after democracy, what will follow democracy . Can they see, can they hear through the democracy cloud and wind?

Democracy did not work in Union of Myanmar before . We know since 1948 it was fragile.. It won’t be exaggeration to say Union of Myanmar was about to collapse about to be disintegrated, time and time again. 1950, 1962, again in 1988. Myanmar has three Constitution. 1947, 1974 , and now 2008 . Every time the Constitution were drafted, some people didn’t take part, they did not join in,in the National Convention which drafted the Constitution . They are Bay Htain,and Bu Pyaw.

All citizen of a nation have duty and responsible to protect and defend the Constitution thus to protect the disintegration of the Union, to defend the disintegration of the people. The essence of the Constitution is for National Unification and National Unity, they called it today. If a citizen of that nation don’t want to protect or defend that Constitution, it is clear that citizen doesn’t want to protect the nation, and the people. That person does not understand the “ essence’ of the Constitution. That person does not understand at all. That person is deliberately twisting and turning. In Myanmar “ Htamin Yey Pu Lar Shar Lhwe “. That person is making simple things difficult. That person know that there are countries with no Constitution at all. There were times Myanmar was rule without Constitution. That is the fact.

That person is none other than Mrs Aris. She does not look far, she is farsighted, She thinks she can create a new Myanmar Nain Gan Daw as Shangri La or Heaven on earth. If people believe in her Phaya, Tayar and Thangar will become nothing. Todays for some, Mrs Aris is a Goddess.Thay know nobody, nothing but only Mrs Aris. She will face strong resistance, strong opposition. Today she is holding all Myanmars, and the nations hostage. Who knows one day she won’t be held hostage one day. She may have to deal the ethnic issues. What will she do to deal with them. how will she make them happy, all Myanmars happy?

But everyone citizen of Myanmar should understand that the nation of Myanmars belongs to everybody in the nation regardless of race, nationality, or religion with or without the Constitution. To have progress, developments is the responsibility of all Myanmars. Theyn have to sit together and work together.

Call it Union of Burma or Union of Myanmar , Federal Republic of Burma(Myanmar), with self-administered zones, autonomous region. Even little Feudal states , whatever they may be, if the people cannot live together in ‘peace and harmony’ nothing will work. If nobody is neighbourly to one another there will be ‘no peace and harmony’ for anyone. Most of all we cannot be killing each other as long as we live. After all these decades or centuries, how can we be good neighbourly to, one another is a big question. I am not talking about majority of every ethnic race by minority. Are we going to allow these minority armed gangs, roaming around from outside the laws ? It’s been 63 years or may be more. Are we going to give in to them without putting the consequences into consideration. Are we going to give in to these terrorists?

In 1988 when some people came out and asked for democracy , nobody asked who were these people , nobody was sure what was in their mind when they have had democracy, what their plans for the future with that democracy. Still nothing was crystal clear. But some people exploited the situation. Who were those some people we don’t really know. It could be anybody.“ DEMOCRACY” , that’s all they know. Some people don’t even know that Myanmar had democracy before. They didn’t know what happened to that democracy , why ? They blamed Tatmadaw, and yet they asked for democracy again. Was it a genuine demand or request, or something behind? What are the catch points?

Some people expect too much of Mrs Aris, like Daywadutt who was worshipped by Azardathutt the killer of his own father to get the throne. Mrs Aris father died before she laid her hand on him. So she is trying to kill. 55 million people of Myanmar. She considers herself “ made in England”. Some Myanmars are fond of “foreign made” as well. What do they expect from her I don’t know.

The possibility is all of them so called oppositions including Mrs Aris want to adopt the old idea of the British, to weaken and to demolish the Myanma Tatmadaw , today or tomorrow or any day as soon as the opportunity arises. We have seen their programmes in the 1988 events. When compare to what the British and Japanese wanted to weaken or demolish Bama Tatmadaw in the times in Burma , we can see they have only one thing in common, that is to demolish Myanma Tatmadaw, by hook or by crook.

These may be the past, but never to forget . We cannot say let by gone be by gone, or forgive and forget. As long as some of our own people do not considered themselves as one of us, and accepts one of them. We know the democracy did not work last time in Myanmar yet people asked for democracy .is it for peace and harmony or for more troubles in future? Positive and negative consequences have to be calculated, and measured.

Not everybody is for or against SPDC , for or against NLD. The lobbyists will lobby for their cause. That cause should be a “ common cause” . Myanmar to be one nation, Myanmars to be one people. Like all other in their own respective nations.

I have stated, numerous times, referring to ‘ Confucius’ , “ the government has to make the governed happy “ That what He said. But Myanmar said, “ Thajar Min Nwer Younsoung Jo Karyar”. That means nobody can make a everybody happy. Is it true or not, can anybody make everybody happy? There will always be somebody in some corner who is moaning and groaning in need of something or the other, he is not happy. Nobody can make a Nation perfect. Happy people and unhappy people or ‘Rich and poor’ will be always there they will be in conflict always. Whatever system there is . According to the history, Capitalism is created by greedy, selfish people, and they are the ones who exploited, manipulate ,and undermined others.

These exploitation, manipulation and undermining must be neutralised on men and the environment. No men can ever be equal to each other for various reasons without exploitation, manipulation or undermining.

Myanmars know their problems. The question for them is , are the Myanmars going to wipe each other out? Are they prepared to go to the end? They must decide. Because since 1948, Myanmar is troubled by the armed insurgents, and terrorists groups . Who are funding and arming them , or who are selling them arms is everybody guess.

Democracy in Myanmar was nothing new, since 1948, but it did not work. It could be said that there was semi-democracy before 1948. Democracy was “guided democracy” . In fact Democracy was brand new to the people of Myanmar in every corner. There was no democracy tendency in the Myanmar community or the people of Myanmar , they did not know what democracy was, they did not want what is not theirs. Some put then as Jungle people happy in the jungle . Some Myanmars also strongly believe this democracy is not the freedom it actually limiting their Freedom. Their Freedom are taken away by this democracy. They know there is no such thing as Freedom for all, the democracy will not guarantee the Freedom either. Democracy is nothing but chaos. Democracy is the rule of the people on the streets, from the streets. So they were resisting, anything impose from outside and fighting for their own Freedom in their own ways.

Myanmar was a Great Nation , it was an Empire in its own ways before outside influence or anything was imposed from outside. Myanmars under their own rules and own laws were alright. They were not loving naked, they wore clothes, they cooked their food. They lived in their shelters. The only thing they lack was modern military power of the time. The rulers were advised by the would be Buddhas (Monks) were to live in peace is. Myanmar is a Buddhists country , it never had any Peace. In the history there were many countries, and people ran over by those military might.

The West thinks they are perfect. We know they have their own problems that is may be nothing or something to do with Myanmar. Imposing econiomic sanctions on Myanmar and others , back fire and they are in many problem they cannot solve them because they are in financial troubles. Without money, you can do nothing on. So realising that they are easing the economy ic sanctions. So that they themselves could recover. The old tricks don’t work for them any more. They have to change as well.

It was under the British rule the people of Myanmars lost everything including their own country. The loses were numerous, and enormous. Most of them even lost their identity , they don’t even know who they really are Myanmars have been through British Colonial rule , under British Semi- democratic rule or under British guided democracy . also been through Fascist Japanese rule. These are not bed time a stories, they are not the legend, not the myth, they are the facts.

Myanmars used to live freely with their own home made genuine democracy. This democracy was not imported from anywhere. The rulers of Myanmar lived in their own castle, and ruled with” customary laws” . These laws came out from sense and common sense . The ruler and the people always use their common sense. When you visit Mandalay, the old capital or ‘Min Nay Pyidaw’ you will see Moat, Baho Si, and Hit Taing etc. They were the evidence, and proofs of ‘Genuine , home made Myanma Democracy ’,

Whatever democracy there is in Myanmar, democracy or not, the people must play their part RIGHT. That is for themselves, their people and their nation. I think every religion teaches us this, ‘Koh Jin Sar Tayarr” in its own way, as precepts, or commandment . Still you may have to use you own sense, common sense to do or not to do.

The simple way to understand this is, “you better not say to others before they said it to you, you better not do to others before they do it to you.” Forget about, ‘preamp strike” . You don’t know what’s in the mind of others. Your preconceived theories may be wrong. There were proofs, and evidences that ‘ Preconceived theories’, were always wrong. Proofs and evidences of beyond reasonable doubts are required by law, not ‘ preconceived theories, not hear say. In simple way , “ don’t say anything to others what you do not like they said to you. Don’t do anything to others what you don’t like anyone to do to you. The rest is for each and every one of us , to be fair on each other is by playing our parts right.