Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 26-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Mrs Aris, is the Odd One, she is a” Ka Byet Ya Byet – Koh Yoh Kar Yarr”. Those who read and writes must know, those who can see and hear must know. By now you all know, that if there is someone in our land of Myanmars who want to re-introduce neo colonialism to our nation and our people to be slaves in their own country, that person, that one is none other than Mrs Aris. She is a cheap one herself and making all Myanmars cheap as well. She is selling Myanmars off. Destroying the value, putting Myanmar into desperate situation, into such a position and to sell everything off cheap.

My advice to Mrs Aris is if she is a generous person, if she wants to be a generous person she can be generous with what is her own. Her own body, her own house, her own land her own properties. But she can’t be generous with what belongs to others. What is not hers.

There are too many in Myanmar who talks about generosity, to be generous or in another word ‘ Danna’. They are the only takers, not the givers, they always take from others never give what is theirs, they even borrow words from Gautama, and give them as their own, as their gifts. Myanmars are born with ity, very familiar with all these, they are addicted. They know but they can’t change. Addiction is very dangerous.

The people of a nation are responsible for their nation. working and contributing their labor towards their own nation for the progress, and developments is desirable. But as a neo colonial slave is unthinkable . That’s what our forefathers have done under the British Colonialism in our own land. We are left with slave mentality.

It is not a Buddhists lecture. But to start with is Noble Eightfold Path. Everything must be right. It is important to know all the right things, all things must be right, all the right ways, all things must be rightly done, at the righty time, by the right people all the time. There is no time to waste.

For the Great Astrologers of the past or at present, the right time is always special. Auspicious time they called it. Day, hour, minutes and even second are important. For the Chinese it is the way of Feng Shui. For harmony, health, wealth, and happiness.

When we were young, there were two actresses by the name of May Than, and May San in Myanmar film/ cinema industry. There were no talkies, but silent pictures in those days. These two women took the name from the actress May West from the Hollywood. All of them are famous for the stunts. They all were called and known as stunt actresses (stunt Minthamee).

I don’t mean to be personnel. Mrs Aris knows Myanmar has a long way to go. She also knows she may not live that long and she must know she cannot built Myanmar, in another twenty years to come to the world standard or even to be level to the neighboring countries, let alone in one day.

Simple, because people, workers, laborers are to be educated, train to be skilled, for their professions, in their trades. Foreign investments are needed, markets are needed. Myanmars to be free from being slaves in their own country.

What she does not know is, if she wants to see Myanmar progress and developed, before she is gone, she has to help the government to help herself. When will she start realizing the realities of Myanmar. Mrs Aris is frustrated.

If it could be done, it could have started 63 years ago. Myanmar is 63 years late . and that precious 63 years have been wasted, by various people. Now, again some people or the same people are trying to waist the time again including Mrs Aris. It’s not only me many people are pointing it out.

‘ Odd one out ’, that is well known English phrase. It will be too blunt, too personnel may be when once I myself called for Mrs Aris should go in peace. Again I am calling it’s is well over due for NLD to replace Mrs Aris with someone who will work for the country who will work for the people, practically, before NLD is replace by poodles.

Thein Sein is not a stupid fool for NLD to use him, not even as a broker to put himself between Government and NLD, or Tatmadaw and NLD. He is ‘The Present’, don’t forget that. That is not the point, not that he is the ex General, he is nobody’s poodle, especially for the outsiders, even if he wants to, he cannot afford to. The point is to build a nation Tatmadaw is essential, Tatmadaw is the back bone. A Nation cannot be built without a Tatmadaw, a Nation cannot be defended and protected without a strong Tatmadaw . All Tatmadaw men and women knows what they are doing, and what they are for.

In any country, a Tatmadaw is not a ‘Khway Weizar’ you can’t feed hit shits and kick it whenever one wants. In some country President is the Commander in Chief, and Tatmadaw is at his disposal. If the Tatmadaw advice what should be done, and what should not be done, the President has to act accordingly. Nobody can shaft the Tatmadaw anywhere they like. No President has the absolute power to control the government, or to command the Tatmadaw, as he pleases, in democratic or semi democratic nations.

Does Mrs Aris realised that, as an opposition leader or shall we say as the leader of the nation, she has to work with the Tatmadaw, she has to make the Tatmadaw trust her. Even if she wants to become a elected dictator she needs the Tatmadaw with her. Why can’t she understand that? She can’t because she is “ Atutt Kyuu Beluu Phyit’ or PhonGyee Tha Ye’. Either she is an ogress, or the ghost of a monk, she know everything she cannot be taught anything.

has that power in the NLD? Is she a dictator in the NLD. May be a dictator of her own in the NLD. because most people in the NLD are up starts. They are Broken Horns and Torn of Ears. She over rules everything. In the past many members left her and the party . How long it will be for the rest to leave and her again. It will be wrong to assume that the west supports her and NL totally. In fact it is to strengthen democracy, and to facilitate the human rights in full. Easing up the economic sanctions are part of it.

Mrs Aris must show her respect for everybody, she can’t expect respect from everybody. She is not Gautama, not Jesus, not Mohammed or would be one of them. She is a sinner of her own. She should know that as a Buddhist. There is no such thing as “ go and sin no more” in Buddhism. Think about it . Buddhism or Christianity, or Islam, they are the ones which made us civilized, how to be Precious Human Beings .

The late Ko Aung San( Amyar Kyite Te- Hnin Zee Khaine) a bunch of roses, which everyone loved. hoped to build Myanmar in twenty years, ‘ if, only if’ everybody work hard. He said it to the nation to the people, just before he died in July of 1947. That was just 6 months before Myanmar’s Independence in Jan; 1948 , but he did not live to see that independence let alone to enjoy it or push the people to achieve progress and development within twenty years as he said.

Mrs Aris has already wasted 23 years. How many more years she is prepared to waste. She can’t put pressures all the time at anytime. There must be time at the right time. She cannot push the Government, she cannot push the people into anything. She just be sure of the government or the people are ready to take her push. If they are not ready, Mrs Aris could be in big troubles.

After the changes were made, the present government led by Thein Sein is carrying on the talks and negotiations on ceasefire or on peace with the insurgents. Mrs Aris and her party not only contribute nothing towards these Government efforts, but also she is disturbing and disrupting the government to achieve peace and harmony in the Nation among the people. What is Mrs Aris and NLD thinking? The more the nation is unstable, the more they nation is in difficulty, the more they will have rooms to move.

It is difficult to say or to ask where her duties, and her responsibilities are. Everyone will say , the nation and the people. But she is Mrs Aris the woman with no name of her own according to astrologer, not according to astrology, auspicious day, time etc. Nobody knows what her Zartar name is. She may not like to consider Rep Union of Myanmar as her country, the people of Myanmars as her people. She may not think she is a Myanmar. There are some people who don’t want to be Myanmars. She is the same as those in the jungles. She may be from concrete jungle. She may be a ‘ fake Myanmar’.

She should go to bed early and put her hand on her forehead and think, think and think, a kind of meditation to know the truth to see the truth, and be enlightened.

I have said that there are some ignorant people, because they cannot read or write. Some of them chose not to read let alone to write. No wonder they join the ignorant. That is why I said, we only need to educate our people, to read and write to open their eyes, to clean their ears from wax, to see and hear well. That is all we need the rest will follow.

Most people of Myanmar don’t read or write. They are vulnerable, they are the victims. Because they don’t read or write. They have to listen to others, they are good listeners or not, hard to say. They have nothing( (sense, common sense) in the head, they don’t know what other person is telling them or talking about. The lies or the truth.

Some times, those who never suffers, do not know how others are suffering. Mrs Aris, and some monks are among them. They don’t even know what suffering is all about . If you visit her house, or Phonegyi Kyaungs( Monestry) you will see what they are suffering from what they are lack of. San Sii Sarr Ngayote, Kyet-thun, or Pyitsii Lay Bar, they have everything in their warehouse like Kyaungs.

Those who can read, majority of the people of Myanmars may read 38 Mingalas. Some may read, Bible, and some may read Qur’an. They all have the same of similar teachings/advices. They may be guidance towards good morals. There is nothing much about how to earn the living , not much for professions, and trades. If they are there , they must be in the deep, in the abyss, where I cannot reach. At the time of Arts , Science and modern technology, moral conduct are being under attacks, through bribery and corruptions.

As times goes by, everything have changed in the world we live in, whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not. Change is imminent. It has to be, nobody can stop it. If anyone try to stop the changes in one way or the other, he or she may be knock downr or run-over. By these changes , whoever he/she may be. Myanmar is going through, in the process of changing for better or for worse. Do we have to wait for another twenty years, to see the result, How much force do we need to push to go forward. Are we all ready to take that push.

China is a Great Nation, politically, economically militarily. China is The Force to Reckon with. People’s Liberation Army is a force to defend and protect China and its people. There were many Chinese leaders in the past who built china into a Great nation. Cnhinese great people. In modern time it all started with a great revolution by the Great Leader Mao Zetung about the same time as Union of Myanmar started. Where is China today, and where is Myanmar today? Sometimes ago I also mentioned that Myanmar is older than United States of America, or senior to US of America, asking where Myanmar and US are today. Many people do not understand my question. Who were responsible for their success or failures, and why?

As I see it, the leaders of both US and China in their own ways are decisive, or Pyat Tharr. All leaders did whatever was necessary, whatever was necessary, like our own leaders in the past, they were bold and brave, Bold decisions were needed and brave to implement.. That was how the leaders made Great Nations including Empires. Our Myanmar leaders gone soft. May be they become more human, and humane or more civilize, may be they care too much of the human and human rights, so they had gone soft, and weak, because of their leniency, mercifulness. Other take advantage on them.

Today in US America, anyone who is a traitor, or terrorist foreign or domestic may have no change to wake up next morning let alone to wash face, or brush their teeth.

Myanmar has a long, long, way to go, there is no short cuts.