Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 24-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Myanmar saying is , “ Kyar Kyar Warr Me Thwar- Ayoh Kyi-Shoun” . When you eat, you need your grinding teeth, you should avoid the bones. Another one is, “ Laphet Koung Sarr Jin Yin- Paloung Toung Tet Hney Ya De’ . If you want good tea, the picker can’t be in a hurry, or not to rush in picking tea leaves. Well, these are only Myanmar sayings, I don’t know whether Mrs Aris is a Myanmar to know, and understand these Myanmar sayings. Who are her people. which is her country?

It is said that once Myanmar girls were worth 20 silvers, with tips 25 silvers the most to an English man. How much are these girls worth now? How much is Mrs Aris herself worth?

By the look of it, it would not be wrong for me to say that Mrs Aris has no intention of work-ing for the people, and the nation, or co-operating with the government. She does not even know how precious / valuable the time is ( time is money). How can she waste time like this. On the other hand, if Mrs Aris is doing things in her own ways, if she doesn’t care anyone she will be a very lonely woman everybody will leave her in the end, desert her.

It is crystal clear that she is a born dictator, she is hungry for power, she wants to be the big boss she cannot not work others, she has her own ways. Most of all she thinks everyone is inferior to her. She does not care whoever gets hurt, as long as she is safe. She likes con-frontation. That’s her habit .She is a habitual offender. Some people don’t change, cannot change, like Mrs Aris.

When she said she will cooperate with the government in the interest of the people, and in the interest of the nation to Gambari , she meant that government was SPDC Government which was the military Government, un elected one. Now we have elected Government. She may think she has no obligation to co-operate with this elected government.

No doubts Mrs Aris has all the intention of ‘disturbing, and disrupting’ the works of any Government,in Myanmar and the parliament, for the progress, and development of the people and the nation. She is gone beyond opposition. What lies behind her forehead, CIA, MI6 ? I think CIA, and MI6 have other serious and important things to worry about in other parts of the world than Myanmar. The west can neither suspend nor lift the economic sanctions. It makes no difference. If they want to do so, they can do it. There are many countries which are far worse than Myanmar, but no econimic sanctions were ever impposed. This is all in the name of politic, in the name of economic.

If Mrs Aris gone mad, don't blame the beef, don't blame anyone. She is on her own, she did it to herself, the virus is in her blood or brain.

There are a lot of things to do, need to be changed in Myanmar. Thein Sein and his Government. Mrs Aris and NLD. Not to forget the people. Change means to change with time, and with the environment. Because you can’t change the time or the environment, they will change you, you have to change with them. You cannot beat them, you have to and must join them. Sometimes,
even tradition, culture, customs, and way of life may have to be changed. But of course, take what you need and let the other go.

Mrs Aris and NLD wants to change the Constitution. If necessary, why not? NLD was in the National Convention it could have done or voiced something as a compromise. But NLD withdrew from NC, never interested in drafting the Constitution, or most of all, NLD was reluctant to work together with others. All NLD wanted was to get rid of Myanma Tatmadaw, to get rid of the regime (SLORC/SPDC) or the Government. She never try to understand why Tatmadaw had to take responsibility. She only had a negative view on Tatmadaw and it leaders for her own or her followers like Tin Oo, Maung Kyi, Maung Lwin etc for personnel reasons, using the people as human shield, and sitting on the carpets that soaked with blood. U Aung Gyi and others did not join her.

Mrs Aris wants to change the Myama Tatmadaw, if possible to demolish it to replace it with Kayin troops, Kachin troops, Chins troops which British-Burma Army had before as mercenaries. That was the same British idea while her father was still alive. Or she wants to have a new Ethnic Tatmadaws with their own little territories to support her, and at her disposal. She as the Queen of all Kings and Queens. If not on the other hand she may like to have US troops from nearby Thailand, or British Australian troops in the land of Myanmars to protect her.

Mrs Aris may be looking too far ahead. Whether she is going to live that long or not, nobody knows. She may be looking too far ahead to secure herself, her position. But national security of the Myanmars, she does not seem to bother, and the safety of all Myanmars she does not seem to care. Whether all Myanmars got up and kill each other, she does not want to know. Does she really care for the Myanmars? Or she cares only for herself?

Before he died, Ko Aung San was not only offered an Inspector General position, he was shown the part of the real strength of British Burma Army which was made of Myanmar ethnic groups, without British Commonwealth troops, to take care of Bamars and those who resisted British rule. Some of the ethnic troops wore long hair especially Chins troopers and who were serving the British Burma Army against the Bamars and against the Buddhists. They could not read or write. They only know how to kill. After he saw them Ko Aung San knew then, there was troubles ahead. He Quit the Army and tried his best as politician to gain the trust of the ethnic people. But nothing worked out.

Those ethnic troops in the British Burma Army already had plans, ready and prepared to go to war against the Bamars, if they did not get what they wanted, Bamars are in their way. Bamars were unprepared for it Bamars were already weaken by the British. That was then.

What NLD may be trying to do is, it is testing the strength of the Government, or the Myanma Tatmadaw, or it’s own strength after winning the by elections. NLD seems to forget those in the laboratory, the victims are the People of Myanmnar, they are human beings, not test animals such as Guinea Pigs or Rabbits, or Chimpanzees.

Mrs Aris and NLD should not over do anything. The supports everyone is enjoying is because the people believe that the government and the NLD are doing the right thing, so they are encouraging them to carry on the right path. Whoever makes a wrong move, have to pay the price.

On the day the parliament reopened( 23/04/12) Mrs Aris refused to attend/boycotting the parliament. But she said, she was just postponing. Postpon or boycott she has no "respect" for the Parliament. On the same day EU said it is suspending the economic sanctions for a year. That may be seen as a reward for Myanmar,this government led by Thein Sein, NLD led by Mrs Aris for their changes. Especially The government is doing what it said it would, step by step toward democracy. This suspension of economic sanctions is actually for the benefit of the people of Myanmars, for the benefit of everybody those who does business with Myanmar.

Whoever does whatever it must be practical, aim for the people, because people have suffered enough. Everybody need a breathing space, Government, NLD, the people. Otherwise everybody will be suffocated. Everybody should be trying to help each other. Nobody should act or behave like a minor child.

One more wrong move will be a disaster, it may be a disastrous situation it may even be catastrophic. When you are desperate you may have to take desperate actions. What will it be nobody knows. A lot of things happened in Myanmar a lot of lessons we learned,nobody should be making the same mistakes again. Myanmars have more sense, they have more common sense, let us keep it that way.

If you want democracy, you must know the rules of democracy, the principals of democracy. Don’t make democracy cheap, you and democracy will become worthless. The more you take care of it, the more the value will go up. Democracy should become one of your trea-ures. To build a Democracy Naing Gan Daw is not for one person, one party. It is the job for all citizens who believes in Democracy. It’s not a one day job it’s not an overnight job, it is a continuous job as long as you live.

Just because they won some seats in the by elections. Mrs Aris and NLD should not be carried away, should not act as if they have won the general elections and has become the Government,Mrs Aris the President. It is important they should not misinterpret as if they are the Government or a parallel Government to the ruling Government.

What could and should be is Mrs Aris and elected members of NLD, could form themselves as ” shadow cabinet” to check the Government, to make comments, or criticize the Government,in the parliament in proper way. They can even oppose the government openly in the Parliament. That is how elected members put democracy into practice. That is what the people expect and hope for from any political party . NLD party should not be a party on the street, and their members should not be from the street or on the streets.

If Mrs Aris as the leader of National League for Democracy political party seems to be a democrat. How democratic is she actually? As a leader, she should act like one and abide by democratic principles, and all laws, especially when she wants to see ‘the rule of laws’. She should show some good examples of the democracy to other democrats, or would be democrats in Myanmar. If she wants to see democracy takes roots in Myanmar then she must sow the best selected seed of democracy, and look after it and she must teach others how to look after it.

If she wants to hit and run, that’s her own way of democracy. It’s up to her. May be she believes that ‘life is too short’ you have to make most of it while living. Sometimes it could happened
the gardener cannot pick the flowers he grows.

What I would like to believe is what Mrs Aris doing is not for her, not for her party. But for the people and the nation, which she herself recognized as ‘ in the interest of the people, in the interest of the nation.' Mrs Aris should not behave like a cheap, childish, cheeky woman. She should not act like a bandit, a dacoit, or a robber and a mugger. That was what Mrs Aris had been doing. Fake, corrupts, and bogus democrats will create a fake democracy, corrupt democracy. Accept it or not corruption is everywhere,in many different colours, many different shapes and forms.

‘Genuine Democracy, disciplined democracy ‘ western style or Myanma ways to democracy . To called it a perfect democracy, bring me a sample I would like to see it, touch it, taste it. 100 % pure gold 24 carat , you can’t wear it, it’s too soft, need to mixing with other metal. When gold is use to make jewellery with other precious stones ( gems) gold lost its identity, and its value.

Everybody is watching her, her followers are watching her. Who is dictating who in her party? Is she the dictator, or her EC is the dictator. Who controls who, who is under who?

Democracy is nothing to do with right or wrong, so every democrat must be careful. ‘Guided Democracy may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but sometimes it is wise, it is necessary, especially in the case of Myanmar, because Myanmars don’t give themselves enough time to think, they are hay fire . Guided or under control. whichever way necessary. Myanmars are the believers of ‘Kan’, and ‘Parami’, they don’t know which is Kan which comes from Kamma, what is Parami. I have doubts they thoroughly understand the meaning. Mrs Aris is one of them. She never put circumstances,
situation, or consequences into consideration. What Gautama said was ‘Kalam Daytham Agga Danam’. Mrs Aris should understand that, and act.

Myanmar is considered to be in the process of changing. Everybody must do the right thing. To do that they must know what the right thing is. The Government, NLD, or even the outsiders, who may have their own interests in Myanmar. The right thing could be something for the 55 million people of Myanmar to benefit. Democracy is for them they are the democracy.

Here to note is those people in the Parliament, namely Tatmadaw Delegates who are not elected by the people. NLD is totally against them, but NLD does not reject, object , not even condemn the existence of various illegal armed gangs. Sometimes, Mrs Aris even wear the national dress of those insurgents, friendly with them. What was she trying to prove?

NLD leadership does not mind to take advice and helps ,and funds, may even be arms for its various military wings and discuss, negotiate with the total outsiders and also armed rebels, insurgents, and terrorists murderers, rapists who are not elected through the elections. What the hell is she talking about the Greens( Tatmadaw Delegates) who are not elected.

Whether there are Greens in the parliament or outside the Parliament it is irrelevant, the Greens are Greens they are there. If you acknowledge and recognise illegal private armies, you must accept Myanma Tatmadaw, and its delegates. What would you say if I had said, ‘Myanmar Naturally is a Green country’.

My suggestion is NLD should start looking at things from positive side sometimes. Not always from the negative side. NLD should balance itself. There are lots, and lots of serious , or important matters to do. Why wasting time on patty things. I know women are patty, and they are cheeky, but Mrs Aris is not any woman. Mrs Aris is known as an educated, an academic, an intellect, a knowledgeable person. She should use her head. I hope Mrs Aris, and NLD are not banging their heads against a brick wall, again. She might lose people's support.

The people inside and outside are start thinking, and believing that they can do well without Mrs Aris. They are seeing, with their own eyes, that Mrs Aris is nothing but trouble maker for them. She is the one who is 'disturbing and disrupting' everyone’s efforts to do something. Everyone is at a loss. Foreign investors, the business community in Myanmar, most of all the people at present, and for the future. If she goes on like this. If she does not change then there is nothing else, but she should be removed from the party by her party, and by her followers from her position. Or somebody has to do something about her in the interest of the people, in the interests of the nation.