Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 23-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends ,

Did you know there was a brawl in the South Korea sitting Parliament. Some MP got injured, some had to be taken out on the stretcher to the hospital. That is democracy at its best, in their country in their style or in their way. This is not the first time it happened.

Here is the news by AFP about our Parliament in Myanmar,
Suu Kyi delays debut, Myanmar awaits sanction move
AFP - Myanmar's parliament reopened with Aung San Suu Kyi refusing to take a seat on Monday, while the nation's president vowed "no U-turn" on reforms as the EU prepares to suspend sanctions.

President rejects Suu Kyi appeal to change oath
Burma's president on Monday ruled out changing the parliamentary oath, under which parliamentarians swear to safeguard the constitution. Democracy leader Aung Sung Suu Kyi has threatened a parliamen-tary boycott over its wording.

PLEASE enjoy reading AFP and others news on Myanmar at proper sites.

In my view and opinion. NLD must grow up. it must be matured . It should not “ Akyat Kaing ” Black mail or hold the parliament or the president or the government as hostage. NLD must know, no two wrongs can make one right. NLD must know how democracy works.
One more wrong move will even destroy the democracy, Even now democracy is very cheap. Democra-cy is not a one day job. Overnight job.

Just because they won in the by elections. Mrs Aris and NLD should not act as if they have become the Government and Mrs Aris as President. It is important they should not misinterpret as if the are the gov-ernment or at least a parallel Government to the ruling Government.

What could and should be is Mrs Aris and elected members of NLD, could be formed themselves as” shadow cabinet” to check the Government, to make comments, or criticise the Government , oppose the government openly in the Parliament. That is how elected members put democracy into practice. That is what the people expect and hope for.

NLD party should not be party on the street, and their members should not be from the street or on the streets.

If Mrs Aris seems to be a democrat, and the leader of National League for Democracy political party. As a leader, she should act like one and abide by democratic principles, and all laws, especially when she wants to see the rule of laws. She should show some good examples of the democracy to other demo-crats, or would be democrats in Myanmar. If she wants to see democracy take roots in Myanmar then she must sow the best selected seed of democracy, and look after it . She must look after it, she must teach other how to look after it.

If she wants to hit and run, that’s her way of democracy. May be she believes that ‘life is too short’ you have to make most of it while living. Sometimes it could happened, “ Ouoo Yin Mhu Pan Makhoo Ya.’ The gardener cannot to pick the flowers he grows.
What I would like to believe is what Mrs Aris doing is not for her, not for her party. But for the people and the nation, which she herself recognised as ‘ in the interest of the people, in the interest of the nation. Mrs Aris should not behave like a bandit, a dacoit, or a robber and a mugger. That was what Mrs Aris had been doing.

Fake ,corrupts, and bogus democrats will create a fake democracy, corrupt democracy. Accept it or not corruption is everywhere . in many different colours, many different shapes and forms..
‘Genuine Democracy, disciplined democracy ‘ western style or Myanma ways to democracy . To called it a Perfect democracy bring me a sample I would like to see it touch it, taste it. 100 % pure gold 24 carat , you can’t wear it, it’s too soft, need to mixing with other metal. When gold is use to make jewellery with other precious stones ( gems) gold lost its identity ,and its value.

Her followers are watching her. Who is dictating who in her party? Is she the dictator, or her EC is the dictator. Who controls who, who is under who? Democracy is nothing to do with right or wrong, so every democrat must be careful. ‘Guided Democracy may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but sometimes it is wise, it is necessary, especially in the case of Myanmar, because Myanmars don’t give themselves enough time to think, they are hay fire . They are the believers of ‘Kan’, and ‘Parami’, they don’t know which is Kan which Kamma, what is Parami. I have doubts they thoroughly understand the meaning. Mrs Aris is one of them. She never put circumstances, situation, or consequences into consideration. What Gautama said was ‘Kalam Daytham Agga Danam’.

Myanmar is considered to be in the process of changing. Everybody must do the right thing .To do that they must what the right thing is. The government, NLD, or even the outsiders. Who may have their own interests in Myanmar. The right thing could be something for the 55 million people of Myanmar to benefit. Democracy is for them they are the majority.

Here to note is those people in the Parliament, namely Tatmadaw Delegates who are not elected by the people. NLD is totally against them , but NLD does not reject, object , not even condemn the existence of various armed gangs. Sometimes , Mrs Aris even wear the national dress of those insurgents, friendly with them. NLD leadership does not mind to take advice and helps ,and funds, may even be arms for its various military wings and discuss, negotiate with the total outsiders and also armed rebels, insurgents, and terrorists murderers, rapists who are not elected through the elections.

At the border areas, there are various armed gang who wear the same military uniform, with different badges. And there are ordinary villagers, They don’t know who is who, all they see is uniform men with guns. Who are raping their daughters, who are robing them torturing them, force them to be porters etc. Most of these villagers cannot read and write, they are scare of the nearest Dah’ . They cannot differenti-ate who are Government troops, who are KNU, KIA, or Chins or Shan troops, and others.
I hope Mrs Aris, and NLD are not banging their heads against a brick wall, again.