Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 22-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

“ Thaha Zarta’ or Détente or Reconciliation . How best to achieve it. In simple Myanmar , and the context is National Reconciliation, National Unity as we all understand. Who needs to reconcile with who, who need to unite with who, to have ‘ Thaha Zarta’? You may have your own answer.

“Forget and forgive”, what to forget, who to forgive ? How many times you need to forget and forgive? ’ How many times must we say to each other, ‘ go, sin no more’? Who will confess and say, ‘Father , forgive me for I have sins’?

Two people join together, ‘Holy Matrimony, in sickness or in health, for better or for worse richer or poorer” . What Holy about it, how holy is it ? How true every little word in it, how meaningful are they Which two people will join together base on those words. Will they do as they say or somebody ( priest) told them to stay like that for life till death do them part. In this 21 century it is a BIG question, where there are living together without marriage. Then separation, and then divorce. How ‘Holy’ is that, Holy Matrimony?

It may be out of date , it may even be against the Freedom, and human rights. Remember only Noah and his family were saved by GOD , everyone now is the descendants from them their blood in them. believe it or not. Then what is a sin who is a sinner? Jesus believed everyone is a sinner there is nobody without a sin. His favourite words were, “ go, sin no more. Sinners were punished by God, severely, in his own way of genocide, with weapons of mass destruction rain, flood, storm, Tsunami etc.

It is said, that King Henry the VIII of England had six wives, he not only killed his wives, just to get himself another young wife, but also he cut off with the Pope ( Roman Catholic) in Rome and establishes his own Christianity as Church of England or Protestant. Queen Elizabeth I, was said to be his daughter,, said to be a spinster. How much was she spinning? If you want to know, you have to read her history.

What does this history tell us, what do we make of it, how did we understand that? There are series of questions, with many different answers. Social freedom, religious freedom. England is Free, not even under the Pope in Rome. Free from binding marriages, free from strict religion practice. To be free to do what you like what you desire. Nobody needs God , laws, rules and regulations. Nobody dared stop Henry, he was the King of England with absolute power, every went with his flows.

When we turn the pages of history of the world there are many things we like and dislike . Many lessons we learned. Colonialism and expansionism will never disappeared nobody will be actually free, as long as they put them into practice and those who accepts them with a smile.

If you want to be Free, you must understand what Free is, what free means. You must preserve that freedom you have to protect it, you have to defend it. That is how nations were built.No nation ever build without heir military power , make themselves stronger and make others weaker.

All this is to be free and to preserve that freedom. Frankly speaking, to be free and to preserve or protect and defend that Freedom, the best is to acknowledged or recognised that other peoples have the same right as you have to be Freedom, they have the right to preserve their Freedom, they have the right to protect and defend their Freedom and themselves with all costs. There will always be conflicts, wars, destructions, if you touch that Freedom.

We have different usage of words for different context. Myanmars know the best. In every society there are words and usages to suit. The Enlightened Ones, the Monks, the Kings ,the Commoners every body. They are not the same.

We are talking about Freedom and National Reconciliation and National Unity meant only for SPDC and NLD to reconcile? Never ending questions, never answered. “ Jutt Aye Thu Amay Yiete ”. Because Myanmar history shows. For centuries we have been fighting , we were doing nothing else, but killing each other . We know what is what, we know answer, but we cannot stop fighting , we are the fighters, we like fighting, life will be so bore without fighting. So somebody suggested, to include ethnic people in the reconciliation in the unity. Was it a sincerer and honest suggestions or not? To create more problems, to dig the old wound out?

Some people from outside called on Myanmar for solving the issues of ethnic people. What are they talking about, may I ask? Who created that so called, ‘Ethnic Issues’ ? Myanmars said to leave them alone, these are our internal matters, our problems , our domestic affairs, we will solve our own problems by ourselves. Did they leave us alone? No, they didn’t. They played the game with fire from one hand , and water from the other.

It all started since 1823 when British invaded Burma started recruiting Myanmar ethnic people or hill people tom serve in their army against Bamars and Myanmar Kingdom , they succeeded.
In 1948, soon after the Independence was declared,the Communists, became unlawful organization but not the the Kayins, and the Kachins and Chins rebels who took advantage on the‘Burma infant'.

With their own different ideas, and as a right they rebelled against democratically elected government of Burma. Some purely against Bamars ethnic people . British should not be the one who is shouting “ Athan Goung Hit “, to solve ethnic issues.

British is harbouring ethnic terrorists leaders, at least their families in England., The issue of democracy and the ethnic issues were born out of the seeds British had sowed in Myanmar and every oc their colonised countries.

In Myanmar everything came to their tops, reaching their heads around the 1950s. Arms and ammunitions in the hands of the formerly Kayins Rifles, and Kachins Rifles from the British Burma Army were to be withdrawn or to be confiscated, Kayins and Kachins did not like it, not only they refused to do so, the rebelled against the government of the Union of Myanmar. Their leaders believes, under the Burmese rule, Kayins will never be treated fair. Since it started all the succeed governments tried to have national Reconciliation, and national Unity without 10 success Because Government had to dealing with , ‘the rebels without a cause’.

The realty was there were people who are the natives of Myanmar but they do not consider themselves as Burmese or Myanmars , especially people from the hills, who are none Buddhists . There are others as well not of Myanmar natives. If these people do not consider themselves as Myanmars or Burmese, then they are foreigners in the land of Myanmars. The land of Myanmars must be protected, and defended by the Myanmars together with Myanma Tatmadaw.

All Myanmars must protect and defend together with the Myanma Tatmadaw against these maggots, and axe handles to the end, especially when these none Myanmar try to break the People and Myanmar Tatmadaw or to make the people and Myanmar Tatmadaw weak.

To weaken the Myanma Tatmadaw as well as to weaken the people are nothing new. Its been continuously tried by the British and its poodles inside Myanmar, who happened to be minority, who has no majority at all, on their own or in combination. Myanmar is still intact as UnionOf Myanmar. We the people of Myanmar, and the Myanma Tatmaadw must carry on with this tradition. And culture or protecting, defending our land of Myanmars from all enemies from outside, or domestic, especially by the ignorant, and the illiterates .

Many of our people need to learn to read and write quick. Because they may be missing a lot of things ,or they may have been misled. They may be misinformed, they may have been not told all the truth. People like Julian Assanne from the Wikileak who believes all people have a right to know is target , if he was assassinated , it would not surprise me. Some people want us to be ignorant. We must never accept that.

As a matter of fact, Myanma Tatmadaw consists of people of all races and religions in the land who are “the most loyal”, to the land and the people. There is no denying that the Bamars are the majority in the land. But some ethnic people who accuse the Bamars or Myanma Tatmadaw as pursuing, “ Bamarnization.” That may be because they were trying for their own Kayinization, Kachinization, and Chinization, as well as the Christianization of the people and the land of Myanmar, and the Buddhists.

No matter what our leaders from all sides have done for peace and harmony. If we don’t want peace and harmony, there will never be peace and harmony. Only those who are ignorant, and illiterates do not want peace or harmony. Only when you read and write, you will know about histories and lessons from histories.

Not to forget that In the 50s while Democratic Government of Union of Myanmar led by U Nu was in big trouble, in desperate position when Myanmar was threatened by the Communists , Kayins and Kachins were about to take over Burma as well. We don’t forget the good things that British and some countries done for Myanmars, helping U Nu and Ne Win with some military hard wares, and other helped with funds or arms . We Myammars never forget what British and some of their allies done bad things on Myanmars either.

We have to stop, any racial conflict, any religious conflict, any ethnic issues to become mole to a mountain. Dirty people, wicked people might even create Buddhism into problems , because there are Theyrawara , and maha Yana sects in Buddhism, something like, Shia and Sunni, in Muslim, Catholic and Protestant (Church of England).

To say it bluntly some Kayins, Kachins and Chins who are the ‘ultra -nationalists’, were well armed and trained by the British and Communist were about to take over Myanmar in the 50s. Some Bamars were not Saints, no hermits either they are Buddhists , but they are not Buddhas. They will retaliate.

Nobody, no race can privatise the land, or part of the land of Myanmars. No Bamarnization, no Kayinization, Kachinization, Chinization, Shanization , Yakhinization or Monization etc. To think Bamars are on their way to ‘Bamarnizing’ that is groundless, no shred of evidence. That may be their own idea came out of their own guilt and conscience, because once they served the British and killed the Bamars. Their crimes are haunting them. As far as Bamars are concerned they don’t bother anyone.

Bamars are as an ethnic race, or as a religion( Buddhists), doing their business, away from politic, no more, no less. As a race or as a religion, the Bamars don’t get involve in the politic. Being Bamas, or being Buddhists is not the cause for the politic. The people and the nation is the cause . But some people are pulling in or drawinmg in the Bamars and Buddhists into politic.

It is said, we have nearly one million Buddhists Monks in Myanmar. Most of them are fakes, and bogus. they are escapers from real life. If they do what they are supposed to do as Buddhists, to teach Buddhism, and to spread Buddhisms. To protect and defend the Buddhism. That will be very nice.

Last but not the least. If nothing work, there is only one way to suggest that, the Government of Union of Myanmar must scrap the 1945 Arms Act., or any Arms Act thereafter. Allow through Constitution to every citizens regardless of race and religion, to hold arms Like in United States of America, to protect and defend themselves or for hunting wild animals or tamed animals and to protect and defend the lives of others and properties. That may also considered as equal rights. May the best men win.

Myanmar lost to British, because Myanmars were militarily weak, British were not only superior but also our own people Kayins ,Kachins and Chins were helping them working with them against the Bamars. Myanmar were not manufacturing or producing the weapon nor buying from others except as a few gifts s. We were not allowed, the King’s Order. Not to forget that stupid Buddhist Monk (Royal Phongyi) objected to the manufacturing and the use of modern military weapons, while all European who came to Myanmar brought their own arms, brought their own army recruiting some hill tribes as mercenaries, giving them military training on, “How Best To Kill Bamars’.

Altogether of 125 years including 50 years ( 1886 -1948) in upper Burma. British tried to wipe out the native in their own ways by bringing in kalars and Tayotes, and their own English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish people, the Australian.

Opening their ‘ ‘husbandry’ programmes , had produce sizable number of crossed breed ‘ (Kabyars or Myomasit ). If the Bamars did not get up and fight, if English had stayed any longer in Burma . where will te Bamars be, I dare not think. I thing I am sure of is there would be no more Burma or Myanmar. It could well be either Kayin Naing Gan ,. All other ethnic are under the Kayin or Myanmar Naing GanDaw was disintegrated into eight separate, different independent Naing Gans the land of Myamar will paint red, the rivers will be red as well, because nobody will be sitting down on the Pagioada, in the Phone Gyi Kyaung or in the Churches , folding arms reciting Mitta Suta or having loving meditation, and saying prayers.

United States is in today position after it defeated, or wiped out the indigenous, native tribal ethnic people. In our land of Myanma no tribes has been lost, yet we don’t let it happened. because we Bamars fought back to preserve all indegenious, tribal ethnic people of the land as one people . Yes I am proud to say ‘ Bamars fought back” the Bamars played a leading role in fight against British and it’s poodles. Thanks to all lour leaders, for preserving all tribal people in Myanmar. Thanks to our leaders for letting us live in Peace and harmony, for we know there is always one “bad apple” one bad fish, an ‘ugly duckling’ or even a “big bad wolf” as well.

Some ethnic people who were serving in the British Burma Army did fight against the Japanese ,but they were not fight for Myanmar’s Independence, they were fighting on Brityish side to regain Burma by the British, in that sense, Bama Tatmadaw was the same But for Myanma Tatmadaw helping the British was to help themselves for the nation for all the people of Myanmars to be free. There was a difference.

In the land of Myanmars, Bamars Buddhists who are the majority they are living in peace and harmony with any race, or with any religion who prefers Peace and harmony. The fact, and the truth some other ethnic people are Buddhists as well. Buddhism is the most tolerance religion, Buddhists are the most tolerance people, should I say. The Buddhism is spreading all over the world widely , and the world community is not only learning about Buddhism and Buddhists also studying . They have the results. Nobody can fool them. Because, they know how to read and write.