Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 22-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates ,Compatriots, and Friends,

After they have been elected to the parliament through by elections, whether to attend the parliament or not is a big question, is a big dilemma for NLD. How will they solve the problems of the nation, the matters of the people, national conciliation, and national unity, I don’t know. Will they surrender the nation and the people into the hands of the British ,European and NLD will be happy enough on the brokerage? It looks like it.

Some sayings of our elders are;

“Aite-hti Ya Khaw Mainma Dothi –Hlay Ne Myin Lo Maywin Be Tuthi. Pe Kine Yar Luu Naut – Sii Yar Goh Thar Par Dutt Thi ”. Women are like the boat and the horse. The boat will go to only where the helmsman takes , or the horse will go where the rider takes to.

Or “Mainma Mar yar The Kohn Byar- Pariye Ta Htoung. Mu yar Mar Yar Myar Luun De. Woman knows all the tricks, all the pretences, acting, twists and turns. {Poor Mrs Arios, she is actually all alone her own. That is why she has to rely on the outsiders. She is taking a great risk. The same as her father who relied on outsiders. Putting himself in a very awkward position. Yet, all the men are riding on her back.

If that was the case why was Mrs Aris couldn’t be controlled by the men in Myanmar? Then again why could she cbe ontrolled by the foreign men? She knows all the tricks, she knows all the twists and turns. Is that the weakness of Myanmar men, when they meet woman? It is because she liokes foreigners, she loves foreigners?

NLD in Myanmar is headed by a woman, namely Mrs Aris. She herself is borrowing her father’s name to suit herself. Frankly speaking nobody in Myanmar know who Su Kyi is, if Aung San was not in her name. She has no name of her own, her name is made out of her father( Aung San) , Grand mother ( Daw SU) , and mother’s Daw Khin KYI . After all she is the woman with no name. She has nothing to call her own. So she will do anything , grab anything to win , because she has nothing to lose. She believes, iot is a right to rebel, it is a right to commit crimes, as if everybody has a right to be a rebel or to be a criminal.

The men in the NLD including the ex-military personnel are pesticides are useless in the Tatmadaw and useless in the NLD. So some hopeless people have to use Mrs Aris. If they don’t use Mrs Aris, she also will become useless. All men in the NLD should be a shame of themselves. NLD survive because of Mrs Aris. Without her NLD does not exist.

For outsiders and others this is a great opportunity, to settle old scores with Myanmar the way they see fit. They also use Mrs Aris, if they had not planned in advance. Now today as we all can see, Myanmar is like a chicken which has been hold from the neck, to live or to die depend on the holder. Just one squeeze, will be needed.

Forget the National Reconciliation, forget the National Unity, forget the co-operation. The saying is, “Who dares wins “, if you only dare, do it. You may win, you may lose, if you are prepare to pay the price from your own pocket. Not with the expense of the citizens or the people.

If NLD thinks and try to believe there is no one who opposes Mrs Aris, who dislikes Mrs Aris, it would be very wrong and a grave miscalculation. Mrs Aris is the target of those who oppose her, and the people are also focusing on her and her alone. What will Mrs Aris be ? Is she for the interest of the people and the nation, or the interest for herself and her party, NLD comes first?

NLD must realised that there are already mountain of problems to handle and to solve. NLD should not make a mountain out of a mole.I hope NLD is not going back to its same old tricks, by boycotting this, boycotting that, and disturbing and disrupting the Government’s efforts, making the life of the people miserable as ever, with its threatening behaviour. NLD and its leadership must change, together with other changes.

I just want to point out that Constitution 2008 was drafted by the National Conference, which NLD did not take part. It has been approved by the people at the referendum. General Elections, and by elections were held in accordance with this constitution, and the elections laws.

I am sure this constitution needs amendments, when situations and circumstance permit. All constitution in every country in the world where there is constitution needs to be amended has to be amended in accordance with the law. Some countries don’t even have Constitution. In this case, in the case of Myanmar the law is the Constitution 2008. All other laws are based on this constitution.

NLD did not take part in the National Conventions which drafted this Constitution. But NLD took part in the by elections which was held under this Constitution. NLD did a right thing. Whatever intention it has. It registered as a political party , to be a legitimate or legal political party
If NLD did not approved the National Convention, the Constitution, or elections commission, why did it they register , why did they take part in these by elections? NLD members must take, should take their seats in the parliament and discuss any issues ,from amending the Constitution to any national issues. That is a proper way.

This Government heads by Thein Sein came to power through elections. This government did not draft the Constitution 2008. It just abide by it.

There is nothing wrong in saying “ to protect and defend the constitution” or in another word to ‘safeguard’ the Constitution . Who is going to protect and defend the Constitution? Does NLD intends to run the nation without the Constitution, or with its own constitution already drafted in England, readymade which every Myanmar citizens must obey or abide by.

There are citizens who disapproved of this constitution or this Government. That is understandable. There are citizens who disapprove of NLD and dislike the NLD let alone some of its members. That is also understandable. Some citizen may even have some personnel reasons. But they are irrelevant in democracy, or determining the national matters. There may be more than a few things, let alone a few wordings, let alone a few words in the law. There may be more important things than the word ‘ safeguard or respect ”, to amend.

Our nation of Myanmar is called Republic of Union of Myanmar. NLD wants to change it to ‘Burma’ again. Why can’t we Myanmars can call our land Myanmar, why must we called our land Burma? I am sure Mrs Aris has a good reason to call it ‘Burma’. She has no respect for the constitution, which said, our nation is Republic of Union of Myanmar . The ‘ respect’ starts from there. I can understand she had no respect for anyone, or anything but herself, though she may like to change ‘safeguard’ to ‘respect’ with her own meaning .

Nobody can deny, that Myanmar has changed, they are encouraged to change, they are being supported to make necessary changes. Today we have come to a position, where we can discuss anything in civilised ways, and in civilised manners, to change gradually.

It is all piss and air of the NLD, if they do not ‘respect’ anything, including the constitution, the parliament, and the any other law, regulation, rules and procedures. NLD is still thinking itself as an opposition party, and tends to oppose everything this government or the previous government did. What we should not forget is according to the previous government, NLD is a goner and its leader . Mrs Aris is dead. Mrs Aris today is a Zombi.

What NLD doing is overhauling and over using Mrs Aris, disrespecting the ‘ sell by date’ who is already worn out, contaminated, which is a grave “danger to the public”. Ex Generals who are behind Mrs Aris are taking back seats already, they don’t open their mouth behaving like good little boys . They must have good reasons which they have difficulty to speak out for the sake of party unity. NLD is becoming ‘one woman show’. It could mean many things.

The questions is what will happened to NLD when Mrs Aris is not there anymore. Politicians or not, in human life anybody could be gone anywhere, at any time, any day through natural cause or un naturalcause.

If NLD wants to amend anything, do anythinmg they should have and be in patience, be in the parliament, propose what they want to do. Let the Parliament decide or let the people decide in the referendum if necessary. That is how it should be that is the democratic way.