Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Apr-2012  

Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

With the help of the British. Myanmar to be a ‘perfect nation ’ with Peace and Harmony. Mrs Aris is trying to create it as United Queendom. The very intension of British to up root Konboun Dynasty, never to be re-established again. Konbon Dynasty wa finished since 1885. It will be will be completed. only when Mrs Aris on the throne. I know there are still many royal blue blood from the last Dynasty around. What do they want, what can they do? NOTHING. That 'nothing' lost Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, and they themselves are lost.

Mrs Aris wants to be the first Queen of Myanmar , re-establishing Myanmar as a Queendom, as Aung San Dynasty with the help of the British. Whether she is going to sit on the “Thihar Tha Na Palin ”( Lion based throne ) or not is another matter. Whether she has time or not is another episode.

How many people have noticed that her followers are using “White Umbrella” to give her a shade to cover her from the sun ? You may not know the meaning, tradition, the customs and culture of Myanmar and umbrellas, ‘ White Umbrella, Gold Umbrella . If she is riding a “ White Elephant” or a part white Elephant soon, it won’t surprise me , let alone to shock me.

I could not see Mrs Aris feet whether she was wearing a velvet slippers ( Gadibar Pha-nut) or not. At the ‘shin pyu’ donning of yellow robe for novices or at the funeral Bamars have a tradition or covering the ‘Shin loungs’ or aslo the dead body of the respectable person at the funeral with, “Golden Umbrellas”. White Umbrellas are only meant for the 'Royals Blue Blood".Or Min Myo, Mhahar Myo, Mahar Nwe.

May be Mrs Aris intends to re-establish the Myanmar Queendom again starting from her. She want to give Myanmar away to the British as present in memory of her late husband Michael Aris and to have herself and her Queendom British protection. Also to secure the future positions of her sons as heirs to the long lost Burmese Crown by creating Aung San Dynasty the same as “ Aung Zeya Dynasty”. What will Shan, Chins, Kayins, Kachins, Yakhine and Mon say to that?

If Myanmar had wanted it, they could have it back in 1948 Myanmar Kingdom as the British took it in 1885 as Bamar Kingdom as one. Or how many Kingdoms would there be if Bamar have had their Kingdom, then?

In his recent visit to Myanmar British Prime Minister David Camaron said about suspending economic sanction but not lifting the sanctions and arms embargo still in place. Mrs Aris as usual ‘Than Young Lite ‘(echoed) by saying that economic sanctions will come back at any time if there are disturbances and disruptions the reforms by anti reformists(USDA). What she actually meant was those who are against her and NLD.

Believe me, this establishing Aung San Dynasty and Myanmar Queendom is happening while we are talking about National Reconciliation, National Unity, Peace and harmony in our land of Myanmars. When was the last time in Myanmar, in this world, or on this earth since so called God had created to say Peace on Earth?

Our neighbouring Kingdom of Thailand , one of the whore houses in southeast Asia is protected by the US, It is an offence, a felony to say bad things about the King, against the King criticising , or make a comment . In future in Myanmar it may be a punishable offence if you criticise Mrs Aris. or say, do against her and her organization(NLD Dynesty).

‘Arms embargo’ means to make Myanma Tatmadaw militarily weak, to reduce the fighting power To weaken Myanmar Tatmadaw in many ways have been tried by the British throughout the history. To couple with the ethnic armed groups attacking Myanmar Tatmadaw is crystal clear. Then since 1988 Mrs Aris has been attacking MyanmarTatmadaw. All it means is they are afraid of Myanmar Tatmadaw and its fighting spirit.

“ Peace and Harmony” is everyday usage. “ Peace on Earth” That’s what most people wish for since when? Nobody knows. Once in a year, every year the Christians say or sing, “ Peace on earth, God and sinners reconcile” . Who is the God, and who are the sinners to reconcile?

There is nobody who will say they don’t want Peace., they don’t want Harmony. Everybody will say they all want Peace and Harmony. But nobody wants to give away anything as exchange for Peace and harmony.

In Republic of the Union of Myanmar there is no Peace, and no harmony. Some people are talking about National Reconciliation, and National Unity, to have Peace and harmony. It is not impossible, because majority of people in the land of Maynmars are living in Peace and harmony. BUT a few handful, armed themselves un necessarily with their own reasons against the majority and disturbing, and disrupting Peace and harmony. These are a few handful who want to have Peace in their own terms , Harmony in their own ways.

Does that mean majority have to give in, does that mean ‘democracy’ is nothing. Because of many reasons. Own terms, own way, I did it my way is not an option. It is against the majority, against democracy, in the land where many different races, nationalities, and religions are.

We called it this is a civilised age. We say that we are ‘civilised people and society’, Are we really ? What is, “ civilization”? Is there any uncivilised people among us, among our society? What does it mean by , “ uncivilised”?

Religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, are they responsible for us being civilised or uncivilised? What do they teach us to be civilised or uncivilised? Are these religions in conflict, are they at war to push us in to conflicts and wage war against each other? Or are we creating conflicts, and making war in the name of religion.

In the history of religions, Christians and Muslims are very popular, notorious , they are always at war against each other in one way or the other to this day They have their own history, and now they are dragging others in to their conflict, by expending their war to other religion.

We have to know, no religion create war on their own, only those who say they are the believers or followers of that religion create wars. Also to know there are no other soldiers of any religions but only” Christian Soldiers.” Only the Priests and politicians create wars, all soldiers have to fight in defence or in offence. No religion teach us to make war, to kill, to destruct anything. All religion teaches us Peace and harmony. Some people may be misinterpreting, mistranslating the religious teachings. Or they may not understand what’s it all about so they wage war on others in the name of their religion.

Gautama said , ‘ Puhtu Zin Naw Ohmma Dagaw ’. please ask your nearest leaner of gautamism or Buddhism what that means. Man must control themselves. if not he will go crazy and when everyone gone crazy all hell could lose.

Let talk about National Reconciliation and National Unity in our land of Myanmars again. It is the same, when all man lost control of themselves , all hell could gone lose.

In 1988, it was for ‘democracy’. That was the demand of some people. Some people do not like ‘democracy’, or do not want ‘democracy’. Only if all people of Myanmar wanted

‘democracy’. If they all accepted ‘ democracy’, in 1948, the land of Myanmar won’t be like this, the people of Myanmars won’t be so uncomfortable. Majority or people of Myanmars are more or less living in Peace and Harmony. But because of a handful few, all people are living uncomfortably in many ways.

Everybody knows the modern history of Union of Myanmar. Though the nation of Myanmars was a democratic nation, that democracy was, “ un workable’ . Because that democracy disturbed and disrupted by the constitution of 1947. That constitution was gravely influence by the British. The democracy leaked through that constitution. That democracy never take root in our land .

Today again we are trying for to reintroduce democracy, in accord with the peoples demand, the pressures from the west. Again this Democracy is like a bucket with the holes. The last democracy did not work, because of ethnic issues planted by the British. Again this time ‘democracy’. British come in with the “ ethnic issues”, again.

What is their problem, what is their business? Who are they to patronise the Myanmars. We know there are sizable Myanmars ethnic peoples including those from Bamar ethnic group, seeking sanctuaries in their country, or harbouring them. They accepted them on their own reasons, humanitarian grounds or so, so that they can poke their nose in Myanmars internal or domestic affairs.

Now the new government had announced General Amnesty as well as special decree for those who are in political exile or refugee status to come home(Myanmar) . The work and effort of the new government is recognised and acknowledged by everyone. All of them are even thinking of suspending economic sanctions, but not lifting, and arms embargo to stay put.

To say , “ a long way to go, much to be done”, is very interesting one. My question is which country or nation in this world on this earth is a complete one, a perfect nation, where there is nothing to be done ? Everyone is nervous, US , EU , Russia China or anybody living in fear, couldn’t sleep. Could not blink their eyes. What would be Mrs Aris suggestions for “ Freedom from Fear” for them I wonder.

The history of Myanmar and the British , and the three wars between them are well known. Yes true, to say it in short, Myanmar fell to the British gradually from 1823, because British were militarily superior to Myanmar as well as Myanmar’s rulers were simple, sincerer, honest, ignorant or they were stupid idiots, Myanmar lost everything.

British knew very well of the fighting spirit of Bamars, and they also knew very well about the fighting spirit Kayin, Kachin andChina and their the slave mentality.

Its been, 63 years now, Myanmar became Free, Independent and a Sovereign nation. But sad to hear and see that since 1988, Myanmar is being patronised by the British, and the west , all because of this Ingalate Mayar, called Mrs Aris the Anglophile who never learn anything from the history.

Neo colonialism and Mrs Aris are made for each other. It won’t surprise me if Mrs Aris has slave mentality as well. A few armed ethnic groups are ready to help Mrs Aris as well. What come next is another thing. There were ethnic who helped the British against the Bamars, and Bamars’ campaign for Free Independent Sovereign Union of Myanmar. One Nation, and all people as one people and One Tatmadaw.

United Queendom of Myanmars. How does it sound? There were many instances , and examples British and the west installed Kings and Queens .

British has Kings and Queen and royals of other countries in storage in Britain. They are broomed or groamed, ready for use in case of emergency. In the case of Myanmar the one who called himself 'Shwebominthar' and other who would like to be Kings and Queens have been knocked out by Mrs Aris.