Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 15-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriated, Compatriots, and Friends,

'Disturbing and disrupting ', that’s what Mrs Aris had been doing when SPDC was taking step to reform. She was the one who was objecting and protesting everything against what SPDC tries to do. I hope she does not forget what she was doing, ‘disturbing, and disrupting’. These same words she picks up from my articles. I don’t mind , I am honoured.

Most of you have heard with your own ears what the British PM David Camaron had said. I am not going to repeat it here . But what I am going to point out is that what his poodle Mrs Aris have said. Mrs Aris’, own words at the end of David speech , she said she supports what David Camaron said, but she also added in her own words, “ a sanctions suspension, would make it quite clear to those who are against reform that should they try to obstruct the way of the reformers, then sanctions could come back."

That was Mrs Aris, and those were her own words. She barked louder while her owner was with her, by her side. Is that a stern warning from Mrs Aris, or a provocation, or a challenge from her to the Myanmar authorities, and the so called anti-reformists in her words?

The fact is Britain and Myanmar have many other serious bilateral things to talk, to discuss about. Meeting with Mrs Aris may be a side line or a side dish, may even be a side show. Because, of Mrs Aris, Britain or the west has lost many opportunities , and to lose more business opportunities if they don’t suspend or lift the economic sanctions soon.

It’s long enough. The west will do business with anybody they can do business with. They consider Thein Sein may be one of them. Thein Sein can give more stability, more law and order including the rule of law than Mrs Aris because Mrs Aris has tye supportd of the people on the streets , from the street. She has nothing as strong back bone in the country. If the west suspend of lift the supports she will surely collapse never to get up again.

One thing we have to understand is David Camaron, or Mrs Aris, using pleasant words to praise and please, each other. We don’t know what they were talking privately away from camera and microphones. Nobody heard , anyone can interpret into anything. May be they are agree on the timing to launch war on Myanmar while Mrs Aris was paying a private visit to England , as Camarons personal guest. Aung San never came to England and stayed at Dorchester Hotel for holiday.

Could not say that Mrs Aris put her words in Camaron’s mouth. But was it possible that Camaron put these words in Mrs Aris’s mouth before the press conference. She nearly slips when she tried to say that. Mrs Aris threatened those who oppose her as anti -reformists . In fact she was againing threatening the whole nation.

My dear Patriots in the Myanmar modern history, the Myanmars did it with only ‘ thirty comrades” against the most powerful nation on earth at time. ‘ Thirty Comrades ‘remember that. It was the spirit fo Bamars. The Patriotic Spirits, by the Bamars, that resisted foreign rules when the Bamars were ganged up by the foreign and domestic hyenas, maggots , traitors, and axe handles.

That Patriots Spirit must be preserved and observed. Now we have more than ‘thirty comrades’, and we know what to do when time comes, believe that. We will do it again, if necessary,‘more radically’ may be, if you want to put it that way.

We found out through our own experience that one was, “Ma Tha Mar Luu Myo =- Matesar” , and another was “Phet Sit”. These two were not Myanmar origin they were of foreign origin. Some of us Myanmars who are not, Bamars served the “ Ma Tha Marr Luu Myo” to finished off the Bamars. It is true to some extent that some Myanmars brought the Japanese into our land before we know these Japanese were, ‘Phet Sit (fascist) . As soon as we found out they were, we disassociated with them.

In reality the world organizations, including United Nations consists of Ma Thamar Luu Myo and Phet Sit from all over the world . So who is calling who a 'Phet Sit'?

We brought the Japanese to fight the British. The casualties were the British, and the Japanese. Especially the British lost everything in Burma(Myanmar ) . They may or may not realised why. Let’s say we used them cleverly.

Some of you who read the history, or lived during the process of making history may remember our land was in flames in the 50s. What you also remember is , we built our land from ashes and debris, we built our nation from chaos, and lawlessness. These are our experiences, we paid our expenses.

We want to live in peace and harmony and we let live these domestic hyenas, maggots and traitors or axe handles. But they don’t seem to realised what peace means, what harmony means. They don’t seem to know how to live together with others in peace and harmony. I used the word ‘ they’. In fact, ‘they’ are a handful few, misled or misguided, with stupid ideas, or who do not realised they have slave mentality. The cannot pull Bamars down to be slaves like them.

Bamars are learners , good learners , they want to learn more from everybody. So everybody refused to teach Bamars or other Myanmars anything useful, for the progress, for the developments ,
and for the modernization, but to fight or kill each other, politically, economically, and socially or religiously Bamars have to defend themselves, when some people pick Bamars and knock their heads, Bamars have no other choice but to react accordingly.

Myanmar is still in the process of making a Nation. Myanmar is still in the process of making a history, in process of writing a history. Nobody knows when that will finish. Building a nation, making a nation will never end , never finish , that I know. Even when the fighting stop, and end we have to carry on building our nation better and better.

How many centuries have the British been fight wars, since when and where? When did they stop killing their own people and started killing other people? Many bamars were killed by the British during 18 century. Who were helping the British to kill Bamars?

Today, Rep of Union of Myanmar is still fragile. Yes it is because there are too much patronising, very little patriotism. Myanmars are still treated like children if not babies. We have been treated like this because some of us accepted this patronising.

Look at some of our so called leaders, they seem like sweet innocent very humble, very obedient children before the foreigners. Which had nothing to do to say we are civilised people. When you bow your head down, these foreigner will use your head as ‘foot rest’. They will make sure your head will never rise up again You eyes will never look straight into their eyes.

‘Civilised people’ are different. Our traditions, culture, customs our way of life should not be disadvantage to us and advantage to them. We all are equals in every way. We , all humanbeings are not perfect. They may be clever in something they may be ignorant in others. This is where we have to give and take. To give what you have as extra, to share, and the other to do the same. That is the civilised way, these are the civilised people.

Not to forget we Bamars have our own laws, to govern our land, own ways of doing things, our political system, economic system social system . They may not be the same as others, because we are more freer than others , but they have the same goal. For the people, for the nation. We have our own ways of handling things, against criminals and traitors, as necessary.

Nobody can tell Bamars, ‘ do as I say or else, don’t do as I do’. That is exactly what is happening. Outside power, foreign powers are telling Bamars , “ do as I say or else”. They neglected to put their own house in order.

Mrs Aris is hailed as ‘ Shining Example ‘by Mr Camaron. My heart is pounds and my chest is painsing whenever I hear that when I see that . It reminds me of our elders saying, “ Sein Nagut Young Ne Par Pyoung’ , because of the diamond ear ring there is a light shining one someone’s cheek. Well, that is his opinion.

No Bamar will accept anybody to sell Myanmar off . We fought wars when necessary, as a defence. To protect ourselves and our land. Other people fought wars for other reasons many reasons, not because they enjoys it, not because they like it. A war is undesirable, a war is to kill or be killed. Better do it to them before they do it to you thing.

But for some people war is always desirable , because it is a big business. They create the war to promote their business, to sell their weapons they invented and produced. Politicians create wars, soldiers have to fight these wars.

With this warnings from Ingalate Mayar , and ethnic mkinority rebels issues, National Reconciliation, and National Unity wil be farther away.