Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 13-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

From England with love ? Who loves you baby?

Ma Aye was made loved twice by Ko Dway, on behalf of Ko Khway to make sure Ma Aye will fit Ko Khway, she believed him, and let him do it again. Another girl was told it was love, she said your love goes straight right inside me.

On the other hand ‘ British are coming, beware of the British. I have my own reasons to say that. May be more. The British has only one intension. That is to revive 1948 Constitution in favour of other ethnic groups, especially, Kayins, Kachins and Chins who were serving British loyally to the end or as long as British were in Myanmar. These people were with the British never with the Myanmars.

KNU, KIA, and Chins organization are in England, in US and in Australia asking, if not demanding the respective national governments and international community to put pressures on Myanmar on ethnic issues.

That 1948 Constitution was gravely influence by the British as we all know. British were hold responsible by these ethnic for not keeping their promise . British were also hold responsible by Bamars and others for trying to break up Union of Myanmar and disunity of all people of Myanmars. British also feel responsible for their failure for all these people. They are determine to make things right this time . What will that “ right” be, we don’t know , we have to wait and see.

It has come out at then David Camaro’s stopover in Myanmar that economic sanctions will be “suspended”, but not “ lifted ” . How cheeky politic can be, the twists and the turns of the politics. At the tip of your tongue. I may be right or I may be wrong to say , that the British involvement means Myanmar will be going back to square one or from the starting point. Suspension does not include, ‘ arms embargo’, suspended sanctions could re impose again if necessary. Mrs Aris supports whatever David Camaron had said, naturally.

It seem like that the British wants President Thein Sein , and also Mrs Aris to wear the special new clothes, only an innocent child can see. Not only Thein Sein or Mrs Aris, but also the whole population should aware of it.

Myanmar has history. British has had a place in Myanmar history. Since long time ago, with honesty and sincerity Myanmar invited them gave them a suitable place, to learn from them. But British only taught Myanmars how to be good slaves, obedient. behaved. Brityish never teach anybody ebverything they should know, but “ Sayar Zarr Chan!” , British like to have their own choice. So they gate crashed and robed stolen , and in Kalar language ‘looted’, our land of Myanmars.

The British are always so generous with the properties which do not belong to the, which they robed , stole and looted from other, they wanted to give away to others and takes the credit.

Myanmar history shown Myanmar and British had three Anglo British wars. British were well prepared and ready to take Burma (Myanmar). They had all the time to plan while they were in India. They uses Ibdians ( Kalar ) to invade Myanmar. Kalrs had the sanme experience as us, when they were invaded by the British . Myanmars and kalars hjave long history. They can be friends again.

It actually happened in 1823 , in 1851 and in 1885 respectively. Myanmar lost everything to British who were militarily super power of the time. Myanmar were not prepared, not ready, militarily inferior to the British. Modernization of Myanmar was disrupted, disturbed by Buddhists Phongyis(Monks) and other Myanmars . Myanmar were weak in every way, disunity among themselves. As the saying goes, ‘ winners took all. Myanmar was taken by the British in the end.

Anybody who reads will understand , the intention of the British from the very start, nothing to do with any reasons or excuses. The very interesting thing was, foreign investments in Myanmar Foreigners were allowed to do business, trade, and commerce etc.

When we look at the world history no need to go far into the past but at present our time. The wars, and the conflicts are all because of, “ for the want of the ‘ oil ’. To control the oil to deny the oil to the enemy , to monopolise the oil. Political or economic reasons are turn out to be excuses. just excuses.

Never mind all these. But the leaders of Myanmar must be careful, and aware, Their own sayings, such as “ Sote Soo – Sarr Yoo ”, “ Asi Ta-winwinj – The Ta-shutshut”. How smart are our leaders, how clever are our leaders? Do they know what await at the end of the tunnel, at the end of the road? What is the “Catch Point.” Our leaders must analyse David’s and Mrs Aris press conference speeches, word by word, sentence by sentence. Dictionary should be at reach, at their side, handy. Every word has wide definitions.

If we learn our history, we will learn about the British and everybody But how much do we learn about ourselves is the question. How much do we know, to compete with them? Are we the same level as them for them to treat us the same level as them. Do they have the same respect for us, as we have for them?

Mrs Aris is as ‘ cheeky’ as she is but she must not be ‘cheap’. She m just be careful, or take care, not to be cornered or trapped. This is not the warning, it is a suggestion, call it constructive approach. Not one wrong word, not one wrong move. To please someone or to condemned someone. Because she is more responsible , or she has more responsible, she is now an elected member of the parliament. She is not an everyday house wife in Myanmar.