Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 12-Apr-2012  
The Shameless NLD, or ‘Ashet Mashi Thaw Myat Nhar’
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Before or after they were held, Mrs Aris called the by elections 'not Free and not Fair' Yet she took part, and won her seat, from Kawmu Township in that 'not Free and not fair' elections. She accepted the winning gladly, and with a smile. Does she think, and believe that she won it Free and Fair? She is a very corrupt person in my view. She has done it again.

Mrs Aris took part in the by elections of 2012. If this win was 20 years ago, the history of Myanmar would be different for the better or for worse. What exactly, I don’t know, I could only say it would be different, very much different from better side or from worse side, that is all. Mrs Aris will sit in the parliament (Lower House) soon after she met the President Thein Sein to present her credential.

But this is the age of fictions, and fixings. Anyone can fix anything. It cannot be wrong to say these by elections in Myanmar were staged, or fixed for NLD led by Mrs Aris to bring her into the frame works of democracy. To give her the final lessons that democracy is not out side the fram of rules, laws, regulations and procedures.

Nothing personnel but frankly speaking the facts , or bluntly, to say it is a shame to teach a person such as Mrs Aris who has “ Ashet Mashi Thaw Myat Nhar”. The face without a shame., She has no shame, no fear to lie . Thus against the teachings of Gautama. “ Hiri Auttapa Tayar” is not with her . She always singing the tune of,” Freedom’ which she does not know the meaning. That “ Freedom from Fear ”. As a Buddhist she should know what , “ Hiri Auttapa Tayar ” and means, what Freedom means. How Buddhist is she a Buddhists is a big question.

Only thing I can hope for is that the Rep of Union of Myanmar is still a “ Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation, with neutrality, none aligned status of Myanmar should not be altered. Myanmars friendly relations with others countries, any country from near and far are not to be undermined by anybody in this Free World.

To say it in short, and politely, it is, “ Ngo Ywe Yee Ywe- Maya Thaw Myat Nhar ”. Mrs Aris’s face always shows that she can neither cry, nor laugh. Look like she is constipated. She can only say she has won the election. So were others. The fact is she said the elections were not Free and Fair. But the fact also is that she takes the winning, accepts the wining with a smile.

Foreign dignitaries have congratulated her from near and far. They come to see her for the last time as a free person. They cannot see her freely, from the day she takes her seat in the parliament. Now British Prime Minister David Camaron is popping in Myanmar to meet Mrs Aris on his way back from Japan. May be to give her the final instructions, or the final orders. Camaron talked about Islamic Terrorists in Islamic nation like Malaysia. But, he did not open his mouth on ‘Christian Terrorists’ which he is one of them. This man is going to see Mrs Aris .

Mrs Aris could not listen to any Myanmar, because she thinks Myanmars inside the country are not worth it. They are lower than her, they knew nothing, she knows more than them. Only the whites outside are level to her, if not higher. The best I can describe is she is over the moon. Her feet do not touch the ground. I hope she won’t be carried away like before . She is a wife of Ingalate, a widow, being a wife of an Ingalete is more than enough.

Mrs Aris is nothing but a robot. She is neither a Patriot, nor a Nationalists . She has no country, she has no people. She does not know who her people are. She has one intention, to break the Tatmadaw, to break the nation. She does not have to say it. It can be seen clearly.

Once Myanmars used to called the Ingalate, as ‘ Ma-Tha-Mar Luu Myo Mate-Sarr ( wicked infidels), and the Japanese as the Fascists. Are they better now? It is the Myanmars, Bamar or other ethnic who flirted with the Ingalate, who flirted with the Japanese under circumstances or not. Myanmar are Free, they do what they like in the Free world. Nobody has to do anything if he /she does not want to do.

Myanmars are survivors they will do anything to survive. Again when somebody is desperate he/she will do anything. Mrs Aris is a different case. She puts herself in desperate position on her own or she let some Ingalate put her in that position. Everybody tried everything to get rid of SPDC or mainly Myanma Tatmadaw. Again the New Tatmadaw that Ko Aung San, and his friends created was to be scrapped by the British, and then again Mrs Aris and some traitors from the NLD tried to demolish the Myanma Tatmadaw.

Her first priority was to get rid of Myanma Tatmadaw. She did not succeed. She failed. She may try again.Where does Mrs Aris stands today, what does she belief? We don’t know for sure. She has no clear policy, plans for Myanmar. Progress, developments and modernization of Myanmar was never in her mind .She made ‘Democracy’ so cheap even when the dogs bark in Myanmar the word “ democracy” comes out. What follows Democracy ? Because I have seen many unpleasant scenes in other countries, where democracy was introduced, or impose upon by force from outside.

Anyway what we are seeing today in Myanmar are real changes or cosmetic changes? Changes are taking place in Myanmar . People changed , things changed. To say it’s for better, or for worse is too early to say. Keeping hopes these changes are not cosmetic changes. The same things, and events happened in Myanmar in 1948. So again democracy or the events that followed are nothing new , no strangers to Myanmar .

There are many people talking about the history. Because Myanmar has a history. If you don’t know history you can’t be a politician. People make history, people have to take lessons from history. Nobody should dwell on history, to settle the scores. History is to learn lessons from and to go forward. for the better not for worse. People should take initiative, creative to go forward to better everybody’s lives. To go with the flow is not an option. If you think you are better than others here you have a chance to be in the fair competition.

Attacking Junta or leaders of the junta is wrong in my view, the one who read the history here and there a bit. Myanma Tatmadaw should not be the target. Everybody must understand Tatmadaw and it’s position. Our land of Myanmar will need Myanma Tatmadaw which will serve all people, and the nation. No tribal armies as Kayin Rifle, Kachin Rifle, or Chin Rifle etc., etc to serve the individual war lords , race, or religion. To weaken the Myanma Tatmadaw. To dismantle or to scrap Myamma Tatmadaw is unthinkable.

The one who was said to be admired by most Myanmars, General Aung San(a) Ko Aung San had just that idea, to make Myanmar as one nation, and all people as one people, no individualism such as feudal state, or any divisions or even regions. So to get rid of this idea of one nation , one people, one Tatmadaw was to get rid of Ko Aung San and those who agreed with him , before it’s too late. He and his colleagues were slain six months before the Independence.

Some people are quoting him different ways, brought Pinglon Conference as evidence, Pinlong Agreements and 1948 Constitution as proofs for some kind of individualism was wanted and desired or approved by Ko Aung San. But what they never said was everything to do with Pinglon were gravely influenced by the Ingalate, untill today. The British ( Inghalagte ) were holding the nation and the people of Myanmars as hostage, like what they are doing today. 1948 constitution was a flawed. Need to be amended seriously. Today some people are saying Constitution 2008 needs serious amendments. The aim and objects are there, don’t touch them don’t open the Pandora box, some are saying.

Some wise people always talk about “ forget and forgive”. But not many of them tell us what is there to forge , who has to be forgiven. That is the only answer. Forget and forgive, did not work in the case of Myanmars.“ Total Annihilation”, may be. It is in the world history. In Myanmar once we used , “ total annihilation of seven generation” or, “ Swe Zin Khunaset – Myo Zin Khunaset”. “Kyu Bin Khote - Kyu Ngote Toun Ma Kyan Zay Ne ” , no root must be left behind. It may be too harsh , but it worked. Kill the root, do not trim the branches’.

When some of us read the history, and compare to what is happening at present, there is nothing to forget or no one to forgive. It makes us angry, it make us excited . If only the history was not repeating again and again. It may be possible to forget and forgive.

“Superiority” of any kind is desirable, especially military superiority. Myanmar lost to the Ingalate who had military superiority plus, cunnings, while Myanmar were trying to be come Buddhas. We are facing the same problem today. Some of us still believe Mitta Suta ( loving kindness will ) protect us. Give that Mitta Suta to the armed Kayins, and Kachins who are Christians .They believe in God who said, ‘thou shall not kill’, to Moses, but that God asked Abraham his son Isaac to be sacrificed .

But when outsiders came between Bamars, and Kachins, Bamars and Kayins. It may not be easy for us to forget and forgive . In fact nobody forgets and forgives.

There were many occasions, many events in the history, when people killed Kings to become King. In 1930 under British rule Saya San from Tharyarwaddy , who declared himself King as, “ Thuna-panaka Galuna Yarzar “ revolted , he was hunted down by the3 British subordinates Kayins, and Kachins regiments from the British Burma army. He and his followers were convicted of treason and were hanged. Aung San of Myanmar was likely to be king but killed by U Saw who wanted to be another King. Instead Sai Shwe Theik ( Shan ) became first King of Burma on the day, Burma’s Independence Day. Shan though it was a permanent post for them.

Shan were favoured because of their friendship, and cooperation with the British and US, and Cheng Kai Shek of China.

Who killed King of Innwa, in 1752 ? Who killed Saya San in 1930? Who killed Aung San, ans U Saw in 1947-48 ? Were these events, the history to forget and to forgive any one while there are some who wanted to repeat the history by killing Ne Win, or Saw Maung, or Than Shwe, and others, if only they had their way. They thought they could pick up the Generals from the neck and squeeze them to death. Nobody, no traitor was tried for treason and hanged( executed) in Myanmar, the most they got was life imprisonment in Myanmar which is no more than 20 years .

Some said crimes against humanity, and war crimes never decomposed, never disappear, like those Mummies in the Valley of the Kings. They can be mummified , later tried and sentence in their absent, after centuries.
In my view and opinions, Kayin, Kachin, and Bamars have their own long history. U Nu was hailed as Kayin Nu. What is Mrs Aris hail as , Kayin Suu , or Kachin Suu, or Chin Su? She could be anything Besides she is a good actress as well. Mrs Aris is a ‘Three in One’. She may be a Communists , she may be a pinch of Bago Sarr ( Bago salt ) use by everybody.

Saw Hunter Tharmhwe, Saw Ba Oo Gyi, and San C Po of Kayins, and Sai Khun Cho ,and Sia Kyar Nyunt of the Shans, Or Naw Seing and others etc., etc. How many silvers did they get? What about Aung San Siu Kyi, before she became Mrs Aris, how many silvers Michael Aris had to laid down for her as Dowry. Socialists if not communism, it’s all in her gene. She may be a Kayin, she may be a Kachin, or she can be anything if she wants to be. This is her right. Is it why she is being help by British led Europe, and US. Aung San dressed like a Duwa ( Kachin) once . That may be nothing, that may be something.

Among other things it is said that Myanmars girls were worth only 20 silvers. But generous Ingalate gentlemen paid 5 silvers more as tips. This 25 silvers made girls from ethnic groups became Bo Gadaws. In fact they were nothing else but concubines? Bamars were not innocent either. There were many Myanmar girls, some of them were royal blood who became Bo Gadaws at least many of them became Kalar Mayars, Tayote Mayars under circumstance. Besides, traditions, culture, customs and way of life were disappearing.

All these were seen as nothing more than small matters. Are they ? That may be the interpretation of Mrs Aris. It is hard to call her a nationalist, or patriot. She may even say, she has no race, no colour , no religion, to suit her self, as long as she does not say her father was her father. Thay can nevefr be because he had to die when she was only two. She does n otn remember whether her father was a brown , a black or a white. Manyn people failed to look at them from political, economic angle. Forgetting a new race called Anglo- Burmese, and other Myo Masit bastards (Kabyars) were born. and old indigenous race faded away.

To starving the people, to denying them their rights is against the Buddhism. It is a sin by any standard, in any religion. She has done it with the help of the West. The helps U Nu enjoyed, and Mrs Aris enjoys are different.
Mrs Aris herself said that this election where she and her party members won was not “Free and Fair’, yet she accepted the result, with a smile, with her watery mouth for, power. Instead of calling for new fresh elections. She did not do that, because she has no evidence, no proofs to challenge the result . This, elections whether it is Free or not, Fair or not it was in her favour. She must be really proud of this, with the “ false pride”. She should call for new elections to be held. She is the one who asked for ‘ the rules of laws’.

Many people quietly believe these elections were fixed to bring Mrs Aris in. To save faces of all parties. To prevent more killings. Whatever it was, it reminds me of one Christian story, about Solomon, two mothers and a baby. Some people may called her “ Amay Su”, but Thein Sein could not afford to let the baby Myanmar die before Solomon.

Mrs Aris did not care whoever gets hurt in Myanmar. She swung the long bamboo stick, and called for the economic sanctions, and supports for it, until today. She has shown who she was . It was clear, she was not the real mother. The government led by Thein Sein decided no more publicity with the expense of the people. has to make her and her fellows to be a responsible persons. I don’t believe she and her circumstances are changed. She is the same Mrs Aris, as she was in 1988. But the government, or election commission does not make any fuss of it anymore. The water must be fetch,thye task is to get the water, whether there is a hole in the bucket or not.

Our land, of Myanmars needs stabilities, progress, developments, modernisations. These necessities were denied deliberately, purposely by NLD led by Mrs Aris, and the West which favours her. The interests of the West is to buy off Myanmar, to protect their interests in Southeast Asia , to secure themselves. They are making sure, all the expenses will be paid by the Myanmars.

On the other hand it took 23 years to tame Mrs Aris. But leopard ,may change the spots would Mrs Aris change? but to change the nature is very difficult. She will show her true nature in due course. Will it be Human Nature, or Devine nature or Animal Nature. We have seen some of her mixed natures in the past.

Next general elections are in 2015, between now and then, there will be possibilities of many by elections. Or anything can happened. Tatmadaw will be there to take care of the people, and the nation. Whoever ,the Government or the opposition who cross the lines will be taken care of by the Tatmadaw. Tatmadaw will live, its leaders will change hands, change of duties, and change of watch. But there must be , should be only one Myanma Tatmadaw. We have to learn our history thoroughly.

Rep of the Union of Myanmar is in the hands of the people of Myanmars. What the people of Myanmars do for themselves, for their nations is up to them depends on how they see Thein Sein, how they see Mrs Aris.

Myanmars really have a very long , long way to go yet. Thein Sein or Mrs Aris won’t live that long. There are disloyal people, or traitors in every society. They could be anyone. But in Myanmar none other than the disloyal Kayins, disloyal Kachins, or disloyal Chins happened to be from the Christians. With their own idea of Kayinization, Kachinization, or Chinization . Those behind these ideas, are mainly the outsiders who are the Christians. They used the ethnic people of Myanmar those who can read or write hardly , in their Christianisation of Myanmar.

The history has shown that wherever the Christians went they brought their Christian Army with them, and they used their army to convert other people into Christians. Not with just wafer and wine , chocolate and biscuits. The history has shown those who cannot read and write can be misled easily. We’ve got to educate our people share our knowledge with them.