Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-Apr-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

April 1 st is known as ‘April fools’, day. The by elections in Myanmar were on that day. On that day anybody can fool you, or anybody can be fooled by you. So in the end everybody become a fool. Who fooled who, and who are the fools ? You can never tell, sometimes it take time take the effect. You have to ‘ be prepared’.

Some people said these elections are ‘not free and fair’. It may be true to some extent. Even Mrs Aris who won a seat in that election said it was not “ free and Fair ”, yet she did not reject her win, she did not object hee win through “not free and not fair’ elections . She took it with a smile. She is the one who wanted rule of laws. Which laws did she mean , she alone will know. Was her win lawful?

President Then Sein said something like, ‘stability of the nation has to comes first’. Give peace a chance. He will play all his cards. Nothing unturned till all options exhausted. Anybody can claim anything. Some people may even say ‘ elections commission let Mrs Aris and some of her fellows win”. Nobody can say yes, or no.

Some said Thein Sein is weak.” Da Gyoung Dagar Htar – Ta Ywar Da Bote San’everyone has his or her own idea. Some said when this Thein Sein gone another Thein Sein will come. What if Mrs Aris is gone, how many Mrs Aris are there standing by? This is the gambling where the book makers never lose. Who is that book maker?

Let’s, put the simple questions. What could or would happened if Mrs Aris was not allowed to be in ,like the last time. If she was not allowed to win? Did anybody check her finances , funds to run the election and campaign, did she declare truthfully, in accord with the Constitution 2008, Chapter IX and X ? How m much is she within that law?

Some people may shout for the rules of law, but they are untouchable, by any law. Well, all the circumstances are there, and consequences can be seen Who really care for Myanmar and its people if the people of Myanmar don’t care.

When a nation and the people are held hostages by her and she talks about free and fair, it is a big joke but nobody can laugh. She can do it in Myanmar, but nowhere else. That is why she did not try to go out from Myanmar. “ Kyet Subin Min Mu’ is the Myanmar saying.

Majority of the people only finished the three ‘R’. lack of other knowledge. Myanmars are always in desperate situation, they are fragile. They don’t think very well. They are easy to mislead, very easy to misinform. This lack of education and lack of knowledge make most of them blind, deaf and dumb. It’s hard for them to understand what others are talking about , what’s happened in other parts of the world. “ Yaw Yein Bather Yein, and being Wai Lai Lai is their nature. That nature is threatening the democracy, endangering the democracy itself.

Lack of efficiency means lack of efficient people. That is effecting where people matter most. People have to take responsibility, for themselves, because they are solely responsible for themselves, their people and their nation, as well as their neighbours.

The truth is “Union of Myanmar and its people are held as hostages for a ransom”. That is the truth nothing b ut the truth. But the question is who is holding them? Nobody agree who is culprit is. Depends on different views of the different people.
Myanmars being held hostages is nothing new. It had happened before, and it is happening again. Nobody can say it won’t happened again in the future. Some of us must “be prepared as matter of National Security.” I am not sure Myanmar understand what ‘ National Security’ is.

Some of us depend and rely on the outsiders, foreigners, especially the Westerners. They look up at them, smiles at them, polite to them, treat them with respects, honour them as honourable. That is nothing wrong, but take them as , saviours, Messiahs or somebody to worship is too bloody much. That is where “ Aphu Myin Mha Luu Htin ” came from. When looking down on own people .

What can I say, Myanmars have been enslaved once for 125 years, there are many so called Myanmar who have slave mentality. I am not sorry to say , Mrs Aris is one of them, and some of those who supports her especially from ethnic races. Mrs Aris does not know she has been thoroughly trapped, and used. She has no escape.
Shall we say, the late Ko Aung San and thirty comrades were no difference. After all they brought the Japanese in to Myanmar to get rid of the British. It was a matter of time, with or without the invitation of Ko Aung San and his comrades, the Japanese would come to Myanmar after the fall of Singapore. Who is going to get rid of Myanma Tatmadaw to where?

Myanmars can look back at Ko Aung San himself from various angles, he may be seen as a liberator, or a traitor, he was a rebel, or a freedom fighter. It was Ko Aung San who used the Japanese to get rid of the British from Myanmar , and he and the British used each other to kick the Japanese out of Myanmar. He used all the tricks in the books. His intention was to liberate Myanmar. Our beloved country, our land to be a Free, Independent and a Sovereign Nation.

This Freedom, this Independence and this Sovereignity carry their own meanings with their essence. Myanmar should be politically, economically and socially free, independent, sovereign nation without any, ‘outside influence, undermining or manipulations’, of any kind. That was what Ko Aung San tried to do. He did not take any position which the British offered. He asked for ‘Total Independence.’ Or ‘ Lon Wa Lutt Latt Yey’, not to be in the British Commonwealth as British dominion or dependency. Some called him “ Seit Gway Zi ” or goats ball”, hanging, dangling between the goat’s two thighs. (British and Japanese) . He paid with his life.

Long before that, during the reign of second last Konboun Dynasty, King Mindon, the involvement of France and British , France and Myanmars finally lost Myanmar to the British. 125 years of British rule the British done everything, to wipe the Myanmar off from the map, to divide the people , they armed some of the ethnic race, in their campaign against Bamars since they took the first step on Myanmar’s soil.

Myanmar were not fighting cock, they were fighting dogs. All Myanmar had to pay the price for the fighting dog, the dogs from the same house. They were all Myanmars trained and armed by the Brits. Myanma Tatmadaw was seen as Bamar Buddhists Army by some Christians, They were saying they were against ‘Bamar domination’. They said anything to justify their armed rebellion.
Some ethnic people thought they would be rewarded for help in the British against Bamars and others .

In reality they are still fighting against all Myanmars, and Buddhists ,and against imaginary Bamar Buddhists Army, according to them. When the British left Myanmar in 1948, they left smiling leaving Myanmars to solve their own racial problems , religious problems, political economical, and social problems. They knew, Myanmar won’t go away, when the Myanmars get tired they will come back and pick Myanmar up. Meanwhile they will be playing, ‘the bag pipe’. That’s what the British been doing.

It is proven today the west or the group of European Nations led by US especially British, US, and France which were once deeply involved in the affairs and matters of Myanmar are making the loudest voice over Myanmar. British and American are the noisiest. Patronising the peoples of Myanmar. The people of Myanmar becomes ‘Lilliputians’ day by day. Because some so called Myanmar do not want to be big boys and girls or grown up, because they don’t wanttto take their own responsibility they want to depend and rely on outsiders.

What about Mrs Aris, who happened to be the daughter of Ko Aung San, who also happened to be the wife of an Englishman. When she answered to that old lady in Labutta, she said she was the victim of the circumstance. Because she happened to live in England. Some people thinks she is following her father’s steps, but also took a few more bold steps than her father, and married an English man, and have children. She has been bribed since from day one with, ‘The Noble Prize’.

The Japanese tried to make a small token Tatmadaw , when they got Myanmar in 1942. British, tried to demolish or scrap the Tatmadaw. Mrs Aris camefrom England and attacking Tatmadaw, belittling the leaders of Tatmadaw, and servicemen and women. She tried to divide Tatmadaw and the people . What was her intention, need not ask. The crack is there it can be seen from the moon. How clever is she and her fellows to play games with the west. I don’t think she has any intension of playing games with the west , because she herself is a pawn on the chess board.She has to move where the player wants her, puts her.

This very Tatmadaw was built by her own father who was trained by the fascist Japanese Imperial Army. How fascist was Ko Aung San. himself? How fascists were the thirty comrades themselves.There were stories, about Ko Aung San nobody wants to tell, nobody wants to listen to. Let’s say Ko Aung San was just a human. He was not a Saint. The daughter of Ko Aung San has the blood of Ko Aung San, the nature of Ko Aung San as well as the habit of the British. What more do we need?

The worst part was Mrs Aris , tried to demolish ,or scrap the Myanma Tatmadaw, at least she tried to divide Tatmadaw . She paints the Tatmadaw to be unworthy institution, Tatmadaw of no value, it is a crime to serve in the Tatmadaw. She was in favour of the rebels, and the insurgents, she herself was a rebel . These insurgents armed groups were to replaced Myanma Tatmadaw by her and make them her own private Tatmada, to establish and protect Aung San ‘s Dynasty, with next heirs in line already.
The fact of the matter is Freedom and Freedom Fighters. They don’t know what Freedom is what ‘Freedom Fighters’, means.

Some people will say, “ let’s forgive, and forget the past”. Not everything can be forgotten, not everyone can be forgiven. But it is not easy to forget. Ko Aung San was not forgiven, he was not. forgotten. He was assassinated by Myanmar. Who were the conspirators, how many were there ? What’s the use of asking, he is long gone.

Anyway, I know, nobody likes any kind of medication, even for their own good, let alone ‘ quinine’. It may be hard to swallow, it may even be bitter, when chewed. But it is necessary to take it to put the temperature down especially ‘malaria’ in tropical Myanmar. We cannot eradicate malaria, or create malaria free Myanmar as “ Malaria Free Zone’.

There are many other countries and many other people in the world who are victimised, held hostages at ransom for political economical, and social reasons as well. Like it or not, accept it or not, it is happening. Who is doing what, who is calling what to whom?

Gautama Buddha said, “ Pu Htu Zin Naw – Ohmma Da Gaw” mankind is in one way or the other fools. Then Gautama also said, “not to associate with fools, but to associate with the wise and honour those who are worthy of honour ”. Before you can do that, you must know who the fools are, who are the wise ones are. Nobody can tell you, but only your common sense, and your conscience . With this common sense, and conscience, you are the master of your own, nobody is your master. If you don’t have common sense, then you have nothing, you are nothing. Nobody know where your conscience will be.

What more can I say then,‘ Be Prepared” as a matter of National Security. Know that Myanmars are your people. Myanmar is your nation. Let yourself be free from greed , anger, ignorance, delusion, illusions. The Myanmar will be Free . Don’t let you fall from the pan into the fire. You are responsible for yourself. Your people and your country is your responsibility. You don’t have to be a leader, as an ordinary people, as a citizen you still have your responsibility You are not Free from your responsibilities. Look carefully, and see clearly what the leaders are doing.

We cannot afford Myanmar to become another battle field like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Korea. For US and its allies to have target practice. We are seeing what is happening in Africa , and in middle east, everywhere, in the name of democracy and human rights. Which human are they talking about?

Nobody has to give you or grant you democracy or human rights. If you consider yourself as a human, your attitude, your behaviours must be human attitude and human behaviours. Gautama Buddha already told us what a human is, how to behave like a human. You don’t have to be a Buddhists to know all these. But if you like to know, read some of his teachings, try and understand the realities.

Democracy and human rights could come down from the sky, in the form of missiles, rockets, bombs, and bullets killing everyone on the ground, women, children, babies, old and sick indiscriminately followed by , rape and torture. If that is the price to pay for democracy and human rights, that not worth it, don’t blame anybody.

What we are seeing is in the name of ‘Democracy and human rights’ nations are destroyed, destructed, people are more divided. This western styled democracy and human rights are just the baits on the hooks. Why can’t some people ( Myanmars) see that? Simple, because they are blinded with greed, and anger, and ignorance.
How rich , and wealthy are Myanmars in their education and intelligence? How prepared are they to pay that high price? Myanmars have eight major races or 135 ethnic groups, how many of them know what the ‘Real Freedom’ is , what does Freedom mean? Is it from pen in to the fire? Looks like it.

To teach those who wants to learn may be the duty of a government. To open and ears of the people is the government duty. In the world, all those who made themselves, their people and their country strong were killed assassinated in one way or the other , by outsiders, through their own people,
In the case of Myanmar both British and Japan used Bama Tatmadaw led by Ko AUng San , and after they had achieved their goals, Japan slimmed down BIA, and British tried to demolish Bama Tatmadaw. What is his daughter Mrs Aris up to?

How many Myanmars know that Myanmar being victimised, and being black mailed in the name of freedom, in the name of one person’s right? Why can’t Myanmars see that? Who blinded them? Were they born blind? Lack of knowledge, those with no knowledge is like blind people.

The fact is that Mrs Aris does not mind anybody to call on her uninvited, and spend the nights in her house. But Myanmars to accept uninvited gate crashers to spend day or nights in Myanmar is a little bit too much. Union of Myanmar is not a “Whore House of the Taxes” in United States. Mrs Aris had already forced Myanmar girls to become whores and prostitutes. Inside the country, and outside the country as well. Grooming for her sons or what ?

Everybody knows why the west interested in Myanmar. They want somebody to rely on, to have a military base, like they had it in ‘Myitkyina’ in the Kachin State during WW II to help Cheng Kai Shek to get rid of Japanese from China. Then they tried through Khun Za . This time is to contain China, and if necessary to attack China, politically, economically and socially, from the bases in Myanmar to make Myanmar a battle ground, the people “ Myayzar Bins. To make Myanmar a willing partners in getting rid of China, to pull China down . All friends of China are considered as the enemies of US and British.

Aung San knew he was a goner, he spelt it out to Louise Mount batten when he had a chat with him. He decided that he rather die, refusing to take body guards. Because Aung San could not sell himself , he could not sell the Tatmadaw that he built and led, or he could not sell his people, he could not sell his country to anyone. Because he liberated Myanmar , he fought for his people and his country to be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation.

Most of all he did not want to be a leader of an about to be disintegrated nation. He could not live with it. He was wise, very wise. Sorry we had to lose him that way. He was not sure what he could do more, we were not sure what he could do more . U Nu and the rest are like , “Phongyi Yoo Ne- Hlay Luu ”, the mad monk and the rolling boat. If Aung San had lived, he would sink with that boat as well. I am sure.

All the leaders after Aung San became nothing, they all faded away. So ungrateful some people were including Mrs Aris. She has no respects for anybody leader of Myanmar .Where is this Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation would be when the Tatmadaw is no longer there. Since 1988, Tatmadaw was being attack by the opposition, especially by the daughter of Aung San, who was married to an Englishman became Mrs Aris. Who bribed her with what?

Even in troubled time, desperate time Ko Aung San did not put the people of Myanmars, and the nation on a golden plate and offered to the British just like that. Leaders of Myanmar did not do that after him either. When the British left Myanmar was left with debris and ashes. Myanmar started from there, ‘Atthi Ahtanaw Nar Htaw’, with all the other difficulties, and disturbances.
Young Myanmars should know ‘Myanmar history ‘. Young Myanmar should know especially how they have been treated in neighbouring countries where they seek sanctuary, where they are taken refuge as their unforgettable experience.

Because of this specially arranged by elections, Mrs Aris is in the lower house of the parliament. . She may have parliamentary immunity, or exemptions, but she has to speak responsibly, act responsibly, behave responsibly. That’s the way to contain her. It took 23 years to tame her. But as it is noted, that human being have three natures such as, animal nature, human nature and divine nature. Which one is she adopting?

All I want to say to Myanmars is, wake up, Myanmar needs you, because we have a situation,“ Be prepared, as a matter of National Security’