Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 29-Mar-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friend,

On the 67 anniversary of Myanma Tatmadaw, on 27 th March 12, Commander in Chief or Myanma Defences forces Min Aung Hlaing made a speech. Sometimes ago President Thein Sein also made a speech. During these speeches opposition leader Mrs Aris also made a lot of noises, and voices. She forgot to tell us how we achieved 'Independence' from British, how we have been treated by the British, or how some of our Myanmars were against our own people.

How many were listening, how many people took the interest, and what have they made of it. they alone will know.

Since 1988 there were countless numbers of times Mrs Aris attacked Myanma Tatmadaw and its leaders, as if the Myanma Tatmadaw was a foreign occupation force in Myanmar. She could not see any reasons, she could reason with no one or with anything.

For some it may be nothing new, they have heard them before. Its true Min Hlaing Aung or anybody in the world is saying nothing new for Myanmar or for the whole world. Buddhist TIpidaka, or Christian Bible, or Muslim Quo’ran from thousands of years ago, changed nothing. If you read them yesterday or today or tomorrow, they will all be the same . Whatever are in the books may all be the same , but whatever has happened what is happening. During these 5,000 or more years are not the same. They have changed. You have to admit it, you have to accept it, you have to act, react accordingly. Which means you have to change to fit in the changing world. You can believe in anything you want, Hindu. Buddhist, Christians of Muslims but you cannot stop the changes.

It may be because your mind and soul are in I, may be you are not aware of, you don’t pay attention, you don’t know the changes around you, you don’t see the changes around you. It could well be, because you yourself don’t change, you never change.

‘Practice makes perfect’. If you read the speeches again and again, listen to them again and again, think about them again and again, carefully, you will understand more and more, then you will see what they mean, you will see the changes. You will change one day, and you will be enlightened. When will that day be? I don’t know. It depends on you.

Here is something about National Reconciliation, and National Unity again, regarding Myanmars.Our land of Myanmar needs to be ‘one solid nation’, as Bamar Nain Ngan or Myanmar Nain Ngan’, Union of Myanmar,or Federal Republic of Myanmars, or United States of Myanmar does not matter. All people living in that land have a right to live in Peace , and in harmony. That is their rights.
Peace and harmony is what everybody wants. Having Peace and harmony is the guarantee for progress, developments, and modernization. The basic ingredients are,’ common sense, common ground, and common language’, regardless of race or nationality or religion. But the land of Myanmars has to be cleaned of all, wood worms, maggots , pests, and snakes.

In a nation where there are eight major ethnic races, 135 different ethnic national groups Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims as main religion. The population of 55 million the most at the moment to compare to the nations, with 900 million , 1500 million 340 million, 300 and with composition of the same amount of religion. It is proven that we Myanmars are a long way from civilisation yet. A long way from everything. Because as I have stated, that we Mynmars still need to have , common sense, to find common ground and to speak common language.

If others can do it why can’t we do it?

Of course, we have seen Nations united, nations divided, nations collapsed. We even have had our own experience. Myanmar Naing Gan as a nation, and Myanmars as the people were wiped out from the map once. We even ceased to exist. If we cannot blame others such as Portuguese, Dutch, France, British or US, China or Russia. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims for this, then we are to blamed ourselves as human beings.

Wiseman said “ everyone has intrinsically there types of natures; animal nature, human nature and divine nature . We adopt one of these natures to satisfy our worldly needs and desires” . Where are we today, do we know where we are ? “ If our minds are no guided by religious discipline, our ‘animal nature ‘, often dominate. So all religions are good and needed.

But the question is , how are we going to reconcile, how are we going to be united? What about,’ Re unification’ or ‘Unification’ of the land of Myanmars Myanmar? It shows Myanmar being ‘Union of Myanmar’ is not enough. Because since it was established, as’ Union ’ , the Union or Unity became meaningless, not practical, Because we let the animal nature took over us. So the question of why it is having difficulties, to be one Nation and all people as one people is clear.

Some people are so worked up, they forgot who they are , they don’t know who their father or mothers are , they call everybody , ‘ Father, or Mother’.
We are on our own now, the question is , who is dividing us? Why should we be divided? Why should we let other divide us? DO we want to be divided ? If yes, then it is clear, we are making ourselves divided, nobody is making us divide.

Even today, Rep of Myanmar is divided into seven regions, seven states and Union territories. Here I use the word , ‘ divided’. I don’t use the word ‘delineated’. Since British left us, we became independent from the British . It’s been divided into Upper Burma, lower Burma and states, according the ethnic races, and ‘divisions’. We had bad experience. Nobody was better than nobody. We were all worse off. Realising that makes,
Reunification’ necessary for all states , divisions, and regions into one, one solid, strong, Free, independent Sovereign Nation of Myanmars.

Reunification has be done between East and West Germany. It has been done between North and South Vietnam. Truth & Reconciliation of South Africa, etc., etc. Who said re-unification, reconciliation, and unity are not needed. To say, we are united in Myanmar . That must be a lie.

We need unity, we need to be unite, we need to build Myanmar into a strong nation. That may be the will of the people. But to say is easier than to do it. Because there are people who do not want to see us unite and strong. There are people who do not want to see anybody strong unite and strong. They are’ paranoids’ , they believe others are threatening them. That may be their ownguilty conscience, nothing else.

United States of America, invented, Atom bombs. and used it in 1945 on mankind. It continued developing other weapons of mass destructions, stock piling them. When other do the same, it got scared , and making a lot of meaningless noises on the issue, including accusing any nation of developing weapon of mass destruction. It has become even to have intension nuclear energy for peaceful purpose in this free world is a crime.

United States can say and do what it likes, nobody, absolutely nobody is free, or have rights to say or do anything what they like. This is the reality, of today’s world. United States can fool some people at sometimes, but it cannot fool all the people at all the time. The world is changing.

We are talking about Re unification, reconciliation and unity. My personnel view and opinion is By hook or by crook, it must be done. ‘ if you are not with me you are against me, if you are not my friend, you are my enemy.’ The saying is, ‘sometimes, you got to be cruel to be kind’ I don’t make that saying. Somebody has to do it. We need more Min Ye Kyaw Swar, Dabin She Hti, Bayint Noung , or Alpoung Paya, regardless of their ethnic race or national group, to make Myanmars one people in one nation of Myanmars.

We need willing partners, to unify, to reconcile to make Myanmar into one nation, and all people as one. If it can be done in US, or UK , it can be done in Myanmar. Among Myanmars, only thing is for them to become willing partners.
We need to go forward, to do that we must have, ‘ common sense, common belief, common goal, common ground, and common language. Don’t forget we all are commoners,we have to work together.

That is how we will achieve progress, the developments we need, the modernisations that we need. We need to be broad minded, open our eyes and ears. As a Buddhist I can only refer to the teachings of Gautama Buddha, mainly Four Noble Truths, and Noble Eightfold Path. It covers everything , for progress, for developments and for modernization in all our way of life.
These are many people with many ideas. Yes , many ideas, because they don’t agree on one idea. That one idea may even be one too much for them. If they don’t have any common sense, it may be difficult to find common goal, common ground, or common language.

Whatever we want to call our country or our nation in any other language, our land is known to us, in our own language as Bamar Naing Gan. For all the good reasons we are now calling it Myanmar Naing Gan. As a matter of fact this is our (our) land , the land of the ‘Bamars’, or more correctly this is the land of, the ‘ Myanmars.’

Bamars, or Shans, Chins, Kachins, Kayins, Kayah, Mons and Yakhines. They all are Myanmars, but some don’t agree with it, don’t believe it. Some of them want to be, what they are not. Who actually were they? What do they believe of them? How can they expect a sesame seed will produce rice ? That’s too much. Why can’t we believe we are Myanmars. That is what we are. Let’s be frank about it, let us not kid ourselves. Some of us don’t even agree on what to call ourselves, our land.

We are civilised people, or people with civilisation. whatever religion we belong to. All religions teach us civilisation. We have our own civilisation, most of us have own language, literature, traditions, cultures, customs, and way of life. No foreigners had to create any of them for us.

Some Myanmars have had their own experience , foreigners left them where they found them. They actually did nothing for them. Just enough to be able to read Bible to learn from it, nothing else.That Bible washed their brain, to let them think they are different people, from the rest of us. They think they are distant relatives, or blood relatives of God or Abraham or God of Jehovah, or even Jesus . They even gave themselves names. They take the names from the Bible or from the tomb stones of Christian Cemeteries, and called themselves those names. The names in the Bible how did they get into that book. As a matter of act the names in the Bible written in English and known to the readers pronounces differently the names in the Bible written in Myanmar language. They are also different to the names at the historical sites.
Having said that , there is one particular ethnic race and a nationality in Myanmar. Some of them called themselves Karen. Newly invented , created word and race. Where did this, ‘Karen’ come from I don’t know. Kayins who are known to others as Kayins and are known as ‘Pak ka nyaw’ by their own and in their own language. They are Kayinni for Kayah as well. They never were Red Indians, in the US to be called Red Karens in Myanmar.

The sad thing is some of them don’t even know who they really are. They are lost, because they lost everything. They are not you, they are not me, they are not them, they have no nation. They got the idea from the Bible, copy the Hebrew slaves or Jews. They point their fingers and claim the land is theirs. In any civilised nation sea, under the sea, the land beneath the land and air space belong to the state, to all the people. How will you reconcile with these people who think they are not one of us? How will we Unite with these people who believe they are not one of us, those who do not accept us as one of them?

So in this sense, National Reconciliation, or National Unity is far , far away yet to materialise. It has to be done by hook, or by crook. Because it looks like that ‘ sense ’ has no place,‘common sense’ has no meaning . By hook or by crooks, we have to put that common sense into their head. Re wash their brain. That was how nations were built, that was how nations were made. Like it or not, love it or loath it. You have to be cruel to be kind.’

We have come a long way , we made and built Bamar Naing Gan Daw ( Bamar nation )from feudal states. Right or wrong, fair or just were not relevant but to do the right thing for the majority of the inhabitants of the land. To create one nation for all people as one people is in line with democracy in line with human rights.

The brave ones have had their own ideas to build it into a country, into one nation, with intentionally, sometimes may be accidentally. Shan States alone was feudal states, with Sawbwas, in every village, as Chieftains, or War Lords. They did not have had towns or cities, only the villages whether they realised that or not I am not sure. Some of us are driving for all Myanmrs regardless of race, nationalities or religion to be one people in one nation of Myanmars. To be equal, to have equal rights. Some people do not agree, more over they are bitter with that idea. Who is influencing them, behind them , your guess is as good as mine. Naturally. but they should think again.

Equality is just a word. It’s impossibility. Because there is no such thing as ‘equality’ or ’ identical’ or ‘permanent with no change’.

Whether you are living together or living next to each other, the ‘Trust ‘ is the factor. Can you trust who is next to you, can you trust who is with you, can you trust who sitting at the back of you? ? If you cannot trust or if you don’t trust each other. That’s it. Nobody trust nobody. There is nothing you can do. Live with distrust, or die with distrust. Don’t blink your eyes. Don’t leave this distrust as legacy for your children.

The body language is more meaning full than worlds. Your body language will tell others whether you are a friend or a foe. Your body language will show, whether to trust you or not to trust you. Let alone holding a dangerous weapon. Nobody will trust anybody who has a gun in his hand, or even a knife.
Myamma Tatmadaw is not a racial group. Myanma Tatmadaw is not a Bamar armed Group. Bamars have not organised any armed groups yet to this moment. But as the saying goes, “ the future is not ours to see”. Bamars are no Saints or Hermits.

You must trust somebody, at sometimes. There must be someone you can trust. Do you trust yourself, can you be trusted by someone? If the answer is ,’ yes’ , then what are we waiting for? How can you trust someone, or someone can trust you? There you are. If you do not trusts someone, that someone will not trust you. What is it that you don’t trust someone, or what is it that you have so that somebody doesn’t trust you ? Do you know?

Find out quick, and do something about it. Common sense, common ground, and common language is essentials.