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The Lost Tribes Of Myanmar.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Do you know, Myanmnar Naing Gan Daw ceased to exist in 1886, and became as a part of East Bangal State of India. There was no Burma, no Myanmar Naimng Gan Daw, no Monor Myanmar nationalities. They all were lost tribes in their own land.

That was the result of not understanding what a, “ unity “ is, that was the price to pay for not being “united” . That was the consequence of, ‘ disunity ’ or that was the cause of the effects which was, all of us, we became the lost tribes of Myanmar. Do you think it was a joke, a small matter, it will go away?

Don’t be an ignorant, educate yourself, hy National Reconciliation, National Unity is needed in Myanmar urgently. There are more than enough voices, or rather noises calling for National Reconciliation, and National Unity. There are those who are talking without speaking .There are those who are listening without hearing.

There are those who don’t talk, who don’t speak, or who don’t hear, or who don’t listen. That may be their rights, but if their silence or their ‘rights effecting other peoples rights , or abuse others right. We need to straighten things out.

Myanmar resurrected as human beings only in 1935, Burma Act. Myanmar Naing Gan Daw was re-established as Union of Burma inn 1948, Since 1824 , Bamars struggled, fought for liberation of Burma. For Independent Burma as Free Sovereign Nation for all [people of Burma . To lessen the misunderstanding, to have National Reconciliation, to have National Unity among all people of Burma, Burma abolished monarchy, became Union of Burma, and democratic nation.

Sadly some people wanted to have British as their monarch .

We Myanmars fought for it led by the Bamars . Though we lost to the British because they are militarily superior, and there were maggots among Myanmar who worshipped the British and Jesus Christs y are dishonest, no sincerity, wicked, cheaters. We Myanmar who were Buddhists were no match to the superior military power of the British. Yet we never stopped, all Myanmars fought back, resisted the British since British took one step on Myanma soil, and the followers of Jesus Christ, for as long as 125 years,.may be more.

Some Myanmars were on the side of the British, and were fighting against Myanmar resistance or killing the Bamars and others who resisted British. In their crimes against Bamars or genocide. They believed wiping the Bamars and Buddhists out they will be favoured by the British to create their own independent country . Everybody knows who they were. When the British had to go in 1948, those axe handles were left with nothing, but their hatred against Bamars and Buddhists.

Sometimes I don’t understand why the Governments did not finish them off. May be because, they are considered as our own people, brothers and sisters. But do they consider us the same? Farsighted successive Governments of the Union of Burma never tried to eradicate, or annihilated them, but ceasefire after ceasefire, Peace talks after Peace talks, gave them all the chances, treated them as fair as it could be.

As we all know there are eight major National Races, such as Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayin ,Kayah, Shan, Mon , and Yakhine. In these major national races, each national race consists of many ethnic groups, which amount to 135 different ethnic groups in our land of Myanmars. Majority of them are uneducated. In tyhism 21 st century some of them don’t even know what a book looks like. But their leaders who are the elites, send their children to foreign school in foreign lands.

The best school the rest could go is the Church, where they teach about Jesus Christ. They have no money to build normal proper schools, but they have money to build Churches only. Whose faults is that.

Naturally there are those who do not want to reconcile or who do not want to unite with others. The so called educated one the clever one are misleading the majority. They must have good reasons. The reasons may be many, some of them are they want to be elites, dominate their group or monopolising the group. Who wants to be over Lord of ethnic group. In other word “the King” of the group, the absolute monarch, or the ruler. Creating their own ruling class?

One of the KNU leaders the late Saw Ba Oo Gyi was educated in England . Some KNU leadership who are still living served in the British Burma army against Bamars and Buddhists have their children, most of them are living and having the education in Australia and UK at present.

How many Kings will be needed for 135 different groups, and how many Kings for eight major national races? There you are. Most of these people are no in one place they are spread all over the land of Myanmars, which they have the right to live like anybody else. But it is not that simple. In fact some ethnic minority, who were killing Bamars and other Myanmars with the help of the British, or together with the British wants everything more than the majority
Among these eight major National Races and 135 Ethnic groups. Some of them have no written language, living in the mountain like mountain people, or in hill as hill tribe people, living in the jungles as jungli wahlah, will have no progress, no developments and no modernisation. Those in England and in Australia will be clever ones, and try to dominate, exploit, and them manipulate the rest, they belong to ruling class.

To say they are primitive may be insulting, a big word, may even be exaggeration, but that is not far from the truth. They live in mobile villages. In the west they may be called ‘Gipsies’, moving from one place to another , seasonally , or yearly., rom one hill to the other. They never settled down in one place, how can there be schools, hospitals. They are reluctant to make their villages into towns, they are reluctant to make their towns into cities, no mobile schools, no mobile hospitals may be possible. It is ridiculous.

The world history has told us, that there are people( human) like that in other part of the world. Many animal species , and human alike moving from one place to another regularly , looking for greener pastures.

In the Christian Bible, Moses and his gang was the same when they came out from Egypt looking for greener pasture . But before Moses and Joshua became Over Lords. They invaded lands of other people, which they called 10 lost tribes of Israel. Moses claimed those land as God given, or the land that God promised to them. He did not say that Hebrews army led by he and Joshua robbed the land from those peoples as their lost people. The fighting or the conflict is still going on for thousands of years among the 10 lost tribes, as Jews, Muslims and Christians to this present day. Everybody is busy protecting and defending their land, especially the Jews, the land they looted. They could not sleep well at night or eat, for thousands of years.

Who are the lost tribes of Myanmar? Myanmars not only lost their country, but themselves as the lost Myanmar tribes , and as human being . They are familier with, so they don’t seem to care anymore. Some records show that since AD 94, Myanmars and those before them were lost tribes, mainly because they never know how to live together in Peace and harmony.

It was very interesting to know the collapse of Thray Khit Tayar. The cause of the fall of Thayay Khit Tayar was, our ignorance, our superstations. It was said that a woman who was cleaning the rice shouted “ Nga Zagaw-Nga Zagaw’ when her Zagaw( Plate) blown away by the wind, We did not give ourselves to think, to investigate. What really happened . We just came to our own conclusion and ran away as if the devil( war ) was coming. The war in that time was a daily occurrence. It was evil.

Now today in our land of Myanmar , another woman is shouting again. What is she shouting for we are not clear. It seems that she herself is not clear. There are people who listen to her without thinking, without investigation, still ignorant as ever. There were many people who ran away already, since 1988. It is dangerous, she is dangerous. If we go on like this, Union of Myanmar will collapse, all eight major national races, or 135 ethnic groups will become the lost tribes of Myanmar one after another. As you all know and aware there are also none Myanmar, who takes the name Myanmar are taking over Myanmar gradually.

That is the nature of this world. This is how the nations were build, this is how the Empires were build. This is how the tribes were lost. If the existing tribes, are not United, if they don’t resist and stop the infiltration of the outsiders. They will take over. That’s what happened to United States of America, the people of Sioux Nations were divided, in the end they became the lost tribes of America. New comers took over. After learning all these lessons in the history, we can’t let it happened, we must not allow it to happened again. These are the lessons. These lesson we need to learn and educate ourselves. To protect, and defend and preserve ourselves. But we all have to do something about it, together. We cannot go on like this. Nobody can afford to be selfish.

The history of the world also tells us, that there were people who went around , all over and colonised, others land, exploited, and even converted them into something by force, including killing, torturing rape, stealing , and robing etc. Those who are in the jungle may be the descendants of those who may have escaped from all these atrocities. This big problem becomes a conflict between those who wants Progress, Developments, and Modernisation. The wounds and the scares of these people carry will never go away. From father to son, from mother to daughter. When will it go away nobody knows.

Myanmar is not the only country in the world , in fact there are such people in many other countries, with no written language, living in the mountain, living in the jungle naturally or in primitive conditions. You cannot call them uncivilised people or people with no civilisation. They may be half naked, but they have their rules and regulation, traditions and customs of their own.

When come to talk about Progress, Developments and Modernisation, there comes a big problems. Some of them don’t know, some of them don’t want. Because they are living in their own little world, away from other so called civilised human societies. They don’t want to share anything with any one. They want to be on their own they want everyone to leave them alone as they are. Just because they don’t want progress, developments, and modernisation, they should not object, stop, deter others wellbeing.

Over the centuries, leaders of Myanmar regardless of race and nationality, tried to unite all people into one people in one nation. They were not the only leaders, in other countries, in other part of the world the similar leaders emerged. They all tried in their own ways mostly with their physical might, military might or force. Some people even created a phrase, “ The Might is Right”. That ‘ Might’ seems to be still ‘Right’ at present, disregarding what is right or what is wrong. In our land of Myanmars, with 55 million population, we have been fighting for centuries, and we are still going on. Whoever is the ruler, regardless of race or nationality is facing problems to united the people of the nation. Because they did not strike when the iron was hot. They all want to be Buddha, they all want to escape from real life.

The records showed that since 1435 Myanmars were trading with the Europeans, namely Italians, Portuguese . Our leaders simply wanted to have progress, developments and modernisation. They let the foreigner in, to learn from them. Instead the foreigners learned about us, about our land, our people , our weakness, As a matter of fact it was in 1823 , our land and our people were disintegrating. Our land was invaded by foreigners, our affairs were interfered by foreigners. Somebody might say that Myanmars were no better than foreigners, they were themselves expansionists, colonialists in their own ways . That may be true, to some extent, but that’s how all the Empires were built on who dares win, and who had the might. Myanmar Empire was a great Empire at the time as we all know.

The war between Barma King and Mon, Bamar lost , Myanmar Naing Gan fell to the Mons. Mone Nain Gan fell to Myanmar, Yakhine Fell to Myanmar and so on. If we were not fighting, if we respect each other , nobody will lost to nobody. WhenMon King Manuhar was was taken as POW, Bamar King made him the care taker of the Pagoda. But when Inwa King and family and his followers were captured.Mon executed by drowning in the water. Not one family there were thousands captured alive, and those captured thousands of POW who were executed. Because of that killings, or executions U Aung Zeya organised an army and fought back the Mons. Got Myanmar Naing Gan back from the Mons. Aloung Paya Dynasty, lasted 134 years (1752 – 1886) Myanmar Naing gan Daw as one nation until British started interfering in 1823.

All the foreigners who were treading with the Myanmar have had their interests since 1400 Even Portuguese tried to take Syriam( Than Hllyin) as their colony . British later took the whole of Myanmar as part of India. And when already divided country and people, and the divided rule policy was introduced, and use as fuel, to disintegrate Union of Myanmar . This fire is still burning. It is spontaneous fire. We have to put this fire out totally. We must.

During the Aloung Paya reign and during his dynasty French and British were helping those Mons who rebelled against his rule, and there after successive elected or none elected governments of the Union of Myanmar. During the British rule, there were those who resisted the British, who rebelled against the British. If we care to read any history of any nation, written by the English speaking people, no ruler or leader of any nation was a good guy. They all were bad ones, sick ones, mad ones, psychos. The English were the only good ones., they were the saviours, messiahs.

Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy , Stalin and Lenin of USSR , Mao Zetong of China. Any one one who tried to unite their country, anyone who resent the British and the west. Ko Aung San of Myanmars was a traitor as far as British were concerned, but spared, because, the people were behind him. Not to forget in the end Ko Aung San cooperated with the British. That may have saved him. But he could not escape, he had to pay his dues. He was executed . The executioner happened to be U Saw, who was a British poodle. Aung San may had escaped from becoming British poodle but he did not escape from the British. His daughter is caught, she will never escape.

In Myanmar today Mrs Aris, paying the debts what her father owed to the British with the expense of the people of Myanmar. . If she dares defied the Britys or the west today, she is as good as dead tomorrow . Who will be the next U Saw? She does not know where she is heading to, or may be, she has no choice. Can she unite the people and the nation, can she unite the nation of Myanmar or disunite people of the nation of Myanmars. The destruction of Union of Myanmar , the disintegration of Union of Myanmar as a nation. How would she unite, how would the people like to be united? Who matters most, she or the people? With Easter eggs, sweets, and chocolates ?

Is there anybody to give in to the minority of the minorities demands or the demands of the armed gangs, as the rights of the minorities? Are these armed gangs representing their own individual raced and groups?

In the past the destructions of Thailand,(Ayuddaya ) and for building the Myanmar Empire is blamed on Bamar leaders. If building Empire is a sin, then surely they want Myanmar to be disintegrated from being a Union. Do we have to go back to three different separate Kingdoms such as Yakhine, Bamar and Mons. What about Shan , Chins, Kachins, Kayins, and Kayah?

Nobody talks about the cause of it. How the Mons and the Thai conspired against Bamars ? If there was no Aloung Paya and his sons. The whole of Burma would be either in the hands of Mons or Thais . The British never blamed themselves for coming over to Burma from thousands of miles away to loot, and not only to colonised it but to wiping the Bama nation, and the people of Myanmars out of the map. That was genocide not one Bamar tribe, many other Myanmar tribes as well . Remember that. We Myammars were lost tribes again under the British. There was no country to be called our own as Burma or Myanmar for 50 years (1886 - 1935).

Why is it hard for some people to understand and accept the land of the Myanmars belongs to 55 million Myanmars? Every inch of the land belongs to every Mhyanmar, everyone of 55 million. Union of Myanmar was registered in 1948, as the nation of Myanmars , and the major races are also the people who live in the land , and the different religions.

There will always be someone in somewhere , who is not happy, crying in a corner, who is not satisfy with his life, looking for somebody to blame.