Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 19-Mar-2012  
Where Will Rep of the Union of Myanmar Be Tomorrow?
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friend,

I would like to talk about a strong leader, a strong nation, because I do not believe in a hard head , but a weak leader. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out. Who does not understand what “ATTA HI – AH HTA NAW - NAR HTAW” is? Who has too much ATTA , but less Para.

Mrs Aris has nothing to worry about herself economic sanctions or not , but the people of Myanmar are still under economic sanctions. NLD headed by Mrs Aris was all for economic sanctions, called for and supports it. Yet shamelessly they denied and said they did not call for it. They must be Bald faced liars . They have become real politicians.

This ‘Atta Hi Ah Hta Naw Nar Htaw ’, most of you may have heard of it , especially when you are Buddhist. That is in Pali , one of the ancient languages still in use . Because that is meant for everybody, by Gautama Buddha You can translate as you like, you can take the meaning as you like. It will be the same . It is meaningful , it means a lot to a lot of people. As a matter of fact , a lot to everybody, if you come to think of it. you cannot pay for it, in one way or another.

“ Atta Hi Ah Hta Naw Nar Htaw ’ ‘Me Me Ko Go Me Me –Kooh Gwe Yar’ , You have to take care of yourself, look after yourself, you have to help yoursel., depend on yourself, rely on yourself. ‘YOURSELF’ is the word.

‘ God will help those who helps themselves’. You see in this Christian saying, you have to help yourself first, then God will help you. The question is, if you can help yourself, you don’t need any helps from God or anybody. “Give us our daily bread- - - - - - forever and ever’ etc. Again you can take any meaning as you like. Nobody will give you a piece of bread, let alone the whole loaf of bread. This bread is made from wheat, you have to grow wheat, you have to plough the field and prepare to grow wheat. Then harvest, made into flour. Then bake bread with the flour. From the beginning to the end you have to do it. God did not bake bread, let alone to give you.

The message is clear, you have to do everything on your own, yourself.

In Buddhism( the teachings of Gautama) This Noble Eightfold Path is for everybody. You don’t have to be Buddhists, you don’t need to claim to be a Buddhist. Being a human is good enough , it is very special , it is a blessing. It is said that Gautama’s sermons, or his teachings were meant for all the livings, and all the beings in all the realms on earth, on all stars, and in all the galaxies and beyond the 10,000 Universes. Buddhism is Universal, but Buddhist are not, ‘ Universalists’. They don’t believe that everybody will end up in Nirvana or they will all be saved regardless of what they do.

Men are not equal they will never equal. They are different according to their,’ Kan, Nyun, Wariya , and Lonla’. In short how much effort he puts in , how much he follows the, ‘ Noble Eightfold Path’. In short it is called Karma.

Besides, no human treat other human as their equal though they may be talking about equality, some people are shouting, still demanding for equality. That is the reality of the world we live in.

The earth which we are living on is one of the planets in the solar system. which has to be shared by other livings and beings. The numbers of human are far less than other livings, and other beings are far more than the numbers of human being, let alone the total numbers of all other livings and beings. Some creatures are disappearing. Because of nature or because of men.
Some men are disappearing because of men than of the nature. Men is destroying the nature, the nature will destroy me . Men will destroy men. The very first murder was committed by Cain on his own brother Abel.( Genesis 4: verse 8)

Even God couldn’t believe that men he created were so wicked, he had to destroy them. ( Genesis 5: verse 5, 6, 7 ).

The earth also was corrupt before God, it was filled with violence ( Genesis 5 verse 11)

May be those were the reasons, why someone like Gautama , and others had to come to save men and the earth. Because God could not do anything more , he had to gave up, surrendered to his own creations. He lost in the end.

He tried again through Moses. ( Exodus 20, Verses 2-17)

But nothing different from before Noah’s time. God took Moses and others out of Egypt and gave the places which belongs to Cannanites, the Hittites, the Amorites , the Perizzites, the Hivites , and the Jebustites. ( Exodus 3, verse 8)

May be God did not know what is Fair, or what is Equal, or what is Just. He stole the landfrom others and gave away to Hebrews. who were the exiles slaves of Egyptians. God has nothing to give so he gave them ‘ Ten Commandments’, to Moses , and other peoples’ land . God who created men put prohibitions on man to eat, “ the fruit of knowledge. When man did not listen to him he put a curse on them. He punished them. ”( Genesis 3, verses 1 – 24).
This is the God some people worship. If you depend on God, rely on God , you are at his mercy. If you don’t obey him and his laws, you will be punished. You will not be forgiven. What is it , out of love or out of Fear some worship this God? They will also do anything using the God’s name.

‘Atta Hi Ahtanaw Nar Htaw’, is not like that . It is self-reliance, self-dependence, standing on your own feet. If you have to depend on others, you are like a person with your back bone broken. You will never recover. You will be a dependent as long as you live. You will be at the mercy of your saviour.

I am getting funning smell, and funny feelings that Myanmars are forgetting, if not abandoning this, “ Att Hi Ahtanaw Nar Htaw “ spirit, or doctrine. They may be losing concentration power, they may be confused, if not corrupt.
Nations are, built by strong leaders and strong people . Not by hard headed, but weak leaders and hard headed weak people. If a leader of a nation is weak, he/she makes the nation and the people weak. To depend and to rely on other take your own freedom away, the nation and the people will never recover.

In our land of Myanmars, whatever we have is, even it is a bamboo hut, it is our own, very own it belong to us, it is ours, it is our belonging. It is not on mortgage. During the British rule everything belonged to Kalar Chitteers and Tayotes Atei Jees.

There is a difference between a strong leader, and a hard head one. Myanmars need a strong leader, Myanmar need to be strong nation, no threat to nobody, nobody could threaten Myanmar. Myanmar need a strong leader without a hard head, who understands and follows Noble Eightfold Path by Gautama Buddha as it was meant for. All Myanmars should know what “ Atta Hi Ah Hta Naw Nar Htaw is.

Myanmars have been under economic sanctions for nearly 20 years. It still is . Myanmar is about to be raped again for the third time. in the name of economic progtress, economic devellopmenst and modernisation.

This woman, the Ingalate Mayar( Englishman’s wife) , likes being Ingalate Mayar, she is letting her husband’s people and the westerners rape Myanmar again. She used ‘economic sanctions’ as a force on Myanmars to surrender to her and outside powers. For some she is a biggest Pimp in Myanmar, Mama San or Madame who is higher than The Lady. She can only do it in Myanmar.

The saying of ‘Me Aye Nha Kha Nar’,will be disappearing soon, This is a familiar phrase and familiar usage in Myanmar politic, how many people, politicians today understand that ,I have no idea. Another girl said, “ Nin Chit Tar Ngar Thi Bar De Ako Ye – Akone Win Thwer Be’. I know how much you love me, brother, it’s all gone right inside. I don’t know how much Mrs Ari understand all these. “ Att Hi Ah Htanaw Nar Htaw ”means?
Depending, or relying, to be a dependent, and having good Diplomatic , Economic relations,Free and ,Independent are different . Mrs Aris should understand.

I understand some foreign tourists visit Myanmar and other countries on holidays, to have a good time. Some Myanmars said they went to Myanmar on holiday as well, and had a good time. Where have they been in Myanmar, and what did they see? What do they think of what they saw, to say, ‘seeing is believing’. What did they see, and what do they believe? Optimist or Pessimist, realists, they themselves are not perfect, because they cannot see both sides, because they did not look at both sides or all sides.

Rep of Union of Myanmar is not only Nay Pyi Daw, not only Yangon, not Mandalay, let alone down town Yangon, around, ‘Sule Pagoda’. Nay Pyi daw is a brand new city. I have never been, but I can see in my dreams. The structures and buildings may be amazing. How progress,s and developed, how modern are it surroundings and what about the environment, how local people fit in? Is it a prohibited city or a forbidden city?

‘Mandalay Palace’ is somewhat a forbidden place. It seems like only for the tourists from the west A very discriminated place. If you are a Myanmar, a Myanmar patriots it is hard to explore the Palace to make notes . How we used to be.

Those who really knows about Myanmars and their sayings make everything difficult for Myanmar to be themselves, to do by themselves, to stand on their own feet, self- reliance or self- dependence standing on own feet , “Att hi Ahta Naw Nar Htaw ” becomes meaningless.

The same in Me Aye’s story, the fact that she was not complaining officially, she was stating the fact while on the act. That did not mean she consented it. Some people may even say she enjoyed every moment of it . Because it was not once , it happened twice as the stories goes. How many times more I don’t know, somebody might know. At least Mrs Know All.

Myanmars are one way or the other being black mailed, people are held hostage, always under threat, because Myanmars are in many ways divided. When they are about to be united again as one people somebody come in and meddle with the affairs of Myanmars.

They don’t leave Myanmars alone, especially some Myanmars are inviting the outsiders . If no one invites them , they will gate crash. That is the attitude and behaviours of the West. Since sailing ships were invented by Portuguese, Spaniards, British, and France. Some of these ship may be built by Burmese Teak.

Frankly speaking United States and EU stick together as one , at least as willing partners, because they found out what Unity can make during WW II. They can’t afford to be individual after that. If they are divided they will be weak as each individual nation. So they are sticking togethere and be strong as one.

Why can’t Myanmars see that, learn from them ? Myanmar’s eight major ethnic races, 135 people ethnic groups, and nationalities, how can they be strong individually as individual divided separate nation? Myanmars are not strong , they are divided and weak in everything. They know they are weak as well but they don’t want to be united as one .

We can go a long way back,to our history. No one person could make Myanmar unite as one for long. We have 200- 300 years may be more, to learn lessons, and to take lessons from what happened ( history).

‘Forget the past ’, its been said time and again by many people.. It is very easy for some people with no past can forget, because they have nothing to remember. But for some nothing of the past be ever ‘ forgotten’ as long as they live, because they have the history or the past to remember. With difficulties , it can be forgiven . To forget and forgive is just a theory.

In future we should be careful how we record out history , what to publish, what to be kept in the archive, not to publish.
What is happening in Myanmar is not on what happens today it’s on what happened yesterday or the day before. The way we teach our children, the way we brought them up or shape them up here we cannot ignore or neglect is the principals of “the connection between men and his environment”.

What I am saying is or my point is, there is no such thing as one man’s or one women job. Mrs Ari is not the only woman, in Myanmar . Thein Sein is not the only one. When they are gone somebody will come. In the history of Myanmar and the world there were women. Especially with the spirit of, “ Thu Kyun Ma Khan ”, rather die than becoming somebody’s slave.

But Mrs Aris is already a corrupt person. Everybody can see that. This spirit of, “ Thu Kyun Ma Khan”, is missing in Mrs Aris, needless to say. Because she was never with her father, she was never brought up by him to hear his fatherly good advices. When she said something referring to her father, she was bluffing, repeating what others have told her about her father, at least by her mother . She may be Aung San’s daughter but she is not Aung San, and she never know Aung San.

Lucky Daw Khin Kyi passed away before Mrs Aris bit her ear off. Otherwise, she would be one ear less, when she gone.

No offence to anyone, but in my view, those who say, “Time will tell, we have to wait and see”, is a very clever way of saying things. No commitments no responsibility. For those who have no principals, “ Amee Kyet Amee Sarr- Goung Kyet Goung Sarr.”

A poisonous snake is about to bite you, you don’t move from the place, let alone to defend or stay away from the danger, saying, “ The Three Gems will save me, and reciting Metta Suta,, whether the snake bite me or not, is my Karma, it may be the retribution from my past “. Frankly speaking , I don’t see any sense or any logic in it.

What I am saying is Myanmar needs a strong leader , not with hard head, or somebody wearing ‘hard hat’ . In democracy sometimes hard hat may be needed to protect from eggs, and tomatoes, and other vegetables, or even small stones and pebbles. The strong leader of Myanmar must not be somebody’s puppet, or anybody’s poodle. Neither in theory, nor in practice.

Ko Aung San was nobody’s puppet,not like his daughter. He was nobody’s poodle. He knew how to use other people to get what he wanted. Some people said he made a mistake by bringing the Japanese to Myanmar. He was blamed for that. But the reality and the fact was, with or without Ko Aung San and his thirty comrades, Japanese were coming to Myanmar . The British were not going to defend Burma with all cost, they were actually running away as soon as the hear Japanese were coming.

British and its allies stayed another three years in Burma, they were glad to give Independence to Burma. In some peoples’ eyes, Myanmars may be stupid for they could not wait British rehabilitate Burma. In the m ind of Myanmar leaders ,nothing but ‘ independence’ , the rest is ,” Atta Hi Ah Hta Naw Nar Htaw ’, none aligned, neutral nation.

The nature is everyone is using one way or the other. Some of them wants to use,you , some of them want to be used by you. There are many leaders who uses others to get what they want. What they want may be for themselves, or for their people. There is no such thing as selflessness, may be unselfishness, to balance.

Please do not mix up with, “Atta Hi Ta- Para Hi Ta ”, for yourself, and for others. if they are applied accordingly , rightly, then it’s OK. Do you notice, ATTA comes first and Para second. You have to balance yourself.Toomuchn ATTA is never good.