Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Mar-2012  
Kayinisation of the Union of Myanmar.(FREEDOM OF SPEECH II.)
Dear Myanmar ( Bamar) Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

‘Kayinisation of Union of Myanmar.’true or false? How does it sound?

Kayinization, or Christianisation is as true as Islamisation in Myanmar do you realised that? What are the bamar Buddhists Monks doing? meditation or protesting against the government on what, for what?

Where is this word, “ Bamanisation” comes from? It came from the Kayin Christians or Kayin National Union’s own mouth. These Kayins even accuse Bamars and Myanma Tatmadaw of committing genocide against them and other ethnic minorities , crimes against humanity, and war crimes. So, 'Kayinisation' has to come from the Bamars. The Kayins are everywhere all over Burma. In their home made propaganda documentary video, called, ‘Secret Genocide’, done by amateur producers and distributed free to the media,throigh the so called NGOs, for a few anti malaria tablets or with a small donation, or a few more dollars to buy arms.

From where they learned nobody know. May be Us, may be in Australia , speaking English Fluently Kayin actors and actresses, may be they are Hollywood (US)trained or Australia train or US army in Thailand trained, copying Jack Lord of Hawaii Five O, or Tom Sellack of Magnum P.I. telling all thei. ‘Lote Zutt’. In that documentary if you pay attention you will also notice who is recruiting, ‘ child soldiers and porters’.

In Rep of the Union of Myanmar there are estimated 40 million Bamars, 7 million Shans, 5 million Kayins, 3 million Mons and other Myanmars such as Kachin , Kayah, Chin, and Yakhine and also other mixed blood of 5 million. Majority of these people are law abiding citizens and Peace loving , living in Peace and harmony.

Religious wise, there are more Kayin Buddhists than Kayin Christian. The Buddhists Kayins are discriminated by the Christian Kayins in the KNU. Buddhists had to leave the Christians and formed their own Democratic Kayin Buddhists Army. Other Buddhists new comers who took refuge under KNU had to leave it as well, because they couldn’t take anymore bullying tactics of the Christians.

These accusations against Bamars, and Myanma Tatmadaw are the same as daily prayers of Jesus Christ in the Bible. They learned it by heart through their parents. Reciting again and again, sing like the hymn, and in their, ‘Kaw Thu Lay national anthem’. Times has changed, but they don’t change. For all these people to become one people in one nation is being disturb and disrupt by these Kayin Hollywood actors and actresses. Some may get Oscars bhy US, some may be awarded Academy by the British.

Not to forget the leader of NLD Mrs Aris a very special one. She also accused Myanma Tatmadaw of many things. Thugs and Nazi storm troopers. She has no idea, not a shred what the Tatmadaw was trying to do, why it had to take control. Mrs Aris is entitled to her view and her opinion. But she should understand that Myanmar belongs to all people. It is the people’s property, not a private property. She should not get involved and meddle things up. She should not treat Rep of the Union of Myanmar is a play thing or a toy for her to play with. When she played with Myanmars in 1988 , it cost so many lives. Some were encouraged by her. Before she make it, she break it first. Mrs Aris believe in ‘super glue’ or not, she should not let Humpty Dumpty fall from the wall. She can’t even mend her breakaway NLD, back into one. How could she mend the pieces of Mhyanmar Humpty Dumpty? Well, let’s say that is another same old story.

Who declared war on Bamars and the Government of Union of Myanmar in 1948? The answer is the Kayins. Myanma Tatmadaw is doing what it is supposed to do, to protect all people, all religion and to defend the nation. They are doing the honourable and noble job. The Kayins and other ethnic rebels and bandits belittled the Myanmar Tatmadaw and the Bamars, Buddhists whenever they can.

“ Barmanisation’ they said. Anybody can say anything. There are eight major National races in Myanmar there could be eight different views and opinions as well. But nothing like that will help anybody, any Reconciliation or any Unity, if they are ever needed.

For the sake of National Reconciliation, and National Unity. if anybody really wants Peace and Harmony among all people in our land, any form of racists, and their organisation must not be allowed, should be abolished voluntarily, or under the law. It is a necessity. Human rights or not, if one is allowed, the other cannot be stop. This human rights must not be any excuse to breed racists, racial hatred, religious fanatics, and any extremists.

Nobody will sit under a Bo Tree meditating on loving kindness and compassion, or practicing, ‘ Metta Bawana’. The wise man said, “ human has three types of nature: Human nature, and Divine nature, and Animal nature. They will act or respond accordingly especially when our mind are not disciplined, or controlled, animal nature often dominates.”

Konbon Dynasty of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw fell to the British in 1886, while last Bamar King was on the throne, some said these royals have Shan blood in them though the part of Anawyahtar and Saw Mon Hla ( Shan woman ) is missing in some books. That is not the problem. But the Myanmars history written by some author, not necessarily authorised credible historian they accused many of Maynmar Kings, and rulers as suffering from genetically transferred mad cow disease, foot and mouth, or they were mad with rabies , crazy, blood thirsty loony, medically unfit to rule. According to them, King Thibaw was a tyrant, blood should also be counted. As far as British are concerned all rulers of Myanmar were in one way or the other tyrants.

How many thousands of Bamars, and Myanmars were slaughtered like cattle in the slaughter house, when and while the British were ruling in Myanmar? The British took the list with them when they went home. All official documents were burnt destroyed. Even the treasures were looted as spoils of the war. There was no fighting in Mandalay, Prendarghust came in Peace, and took Thibaw away.

When the nation fell to the British and there onwards, those who resisted the British whether they were Shan or Bamars, British gave no chance, they slaughtered them all.

Sadly, Kachin and Kayins who most of them were Christian were serving in the British- Burma Army together with Indians and Ghurkhas mercenaries, as Kachin Rifles, Kayin Rifles with the Kachin and Kayin officers under the British against the Shan and the Bamars patriots. I called them mercenaries, because they were.

Since the fall of Thibaw and Myanmar Naing Gan Daw. The Shan and the Bamars fought against the British. One of the most famous patriots was Wuntho Sawbwa. From the Bamars was Saya San like U Aung Zeya from Shwebo, he claimed himself King.

The British will never allow a rival King or Queen to their own British King and Queen. India was said to be British sub-continent, and Queen Victoria was the Empress of India. It was understandable patriots such as Wuntho Sawbwa or Saya San, and many others were finished off by the British. The whole list of Bamars and other Myanmar nationals were arrested , detained without charge, or trial including Buddhists Monks.

Again the axe handles happened to be Kachins and Kayins who were serving the British. With the hope of independenc of their own. But in 1948 , when Myanmar became Independent, Kayins battalion took arms and fought against the democratically elected government of the Union of Burma(Myanmar) with the intention of “Kayinisation” of Myanmar or some part of Myanmar.

The first President of Union of Myanmar was a Shan, called Sai Shwe Theik, and the third was a Kayin, by the name of Mahn Win Maung. Unfortunately, sad and tragic thing was when Gen Ne Win took over in 1962 , one of Sai ShweTheik sons was shot and died in the confusion. It was a big opportunity for some Shans.

In politic, everything is drama, bed bugs become tortoises, rumours rather than credible news . Nothing can be explained, no explanation will be accepted, by those waiting for a big chance, or to take any opportunity to create or cause problems.

Would it be fair to say that according to the memoirs of Governor of Burma, Reginald Dorman Smith, Maha Devi of Youngshwe shamelessly asked Cheng Kai Shek and US General Slim to make her husband Youngshwe Sawbwa, the King of Thailand as a reward, for helping Chinese and allied forces against the Japanese. It was a surprise that she did not ask Burma to be her Kingdom. Instead, Youngswe Sawbwa was made the First President of independent Union of Myanmar. BTW, the Chinese battalion of Chen Kai Shek’s army killed Buddhists Monks in Mandalay when they retreated from Burma (Myanmar).

Is it fair to say when their times up, to give President to others Myanmar nationality and the accident in 1962 as opportunity , Shans took armes and revolted. Was it because their intention was to Shanisation of Myanmar? They wanted either the Kingship of the whole Burma(Myanmar ) or Kingship of Shans. How many Shan Kings would be needed. Farsighted Ne Win made sure Shan Sawbwas denounced their feudal rights in 1958-59. All Shans to become Shan. Yet there are Southern Shan, and Northern Shan. All Myanmars should become one Myanmar. In the end all people as one people in one country.

Those who tried to unite the people of Myanmar and the nation of Myanmars are all tyrants as far as the west is concern. They never say one good word about them. They don’t know Burmese beliefs and traditions. They accuse all Myanmars leaders in such a way that they are crazy to become Buddhas or something like that.

Every country, every people have their own history. Their way of life etc. The west and the westerner wrongly believe they can standardise everything to their ways. Whjaty way are they, I don’t know.

What I know is if the people from the west did not travelled, they won’t have potatoes, tomatoes, rice and vegetables to eat. Let alone Peking roast duck and pancake roll, or Indian curries, and spices. The English will still be wearing skirts called kilts.

Anyway the subject is, Bamar are being accused of ’ Bamarnisation’, of the country which used to be called Burma. This accusation comes from the Kayins Christians whom themselves want to launch Kayinisation of lower Burma. Where ever Kayin are living. Shan also might l.ike to have Shanisation so are Kachin. Chin , Mon and Yakhine. This will make National Reconciliation very difficulty, National Unity impossible.

Do we have to come out crying, “ Bamar Dway Nyi Nyut Kya’ ? What about other nation als, should they also come out and should to their own nationals to united among themselves? Or to Unite with other Myanmar nationals?

Do Bamar need to bring back “ Doe Bamar Asi Ayone”, or “ Youngh Men Buddhists Associatio.”, to be rival or to compete , or to counter the Kayin National Union or other national Unions and organizations?

When somebody said, “ forgive and forget”, who are we to forgive , what are we to forget? Which pars of the by gone days, we will let by bone. It cannot be done by one. Everyone has to do it together. Which part of our history we will let our children learn, what lessons are we going to give them, theories, or in practice? Pretty one , beautiful one, sweet one, or ugly one, bitter one, sour one?

Kayin leaders who are obsessed with their own creations of so called ‘Bamarnisation’ should see the doctor and check their head again.

Remembers Bamars had to go to Phongyi Kyaung as Kayin went to Churches. Myanmar could not go to school. They could not pay school fees, or they did not want to become Christians to get Freed education.

Reading Holy Bible was not education. The Bible teaches you nothing, no trade, no scale. no professions. You can only become a preacher if you are good at it. It was said that King Thibaw passed Buddhism exam twice, but he was not a successful King. He died in exile in India.

Kayins after attending Bible class, become servants to for the whites. Kayin women became nannies, and nurses the best. Bamars did not even get that servant jobs, because they could not read the Bible, or speak English or Hindustan. Bamar were not recruited into the British Burma army, but ethnic people were, especially Kachins and Kayins, and some others who hated Bamars, and Bamar guts.

Kayin don’t want to read Burmese as official language, and they expect good job, good position. Don’t expect Bamars to read Kayin language let alone to make Kayin Language official language in Myanmar. These are the cause of the problems which are the Nationalism, it may even be seen as Patriotic, but that patriotism is nothing to do with Rep Of the Union of Myanmar or Myanmars. They are the views and opinion of the small amount of individual nationalist.

Nobody should use their race, and their religion as weapon against others. All religion teaches us civilisation. But if the religion is the cause of the problems, then should it not be abolished? Let us go back to animism. Yet the problems will be there. Go back to iron age, brass age, stone or even ice age.

Right education is needed for everybody. Without proper education nobody will get nowhere. Just because they are Kayin, they use their race as weapon. It is familiar everywhere. Black use their black skin as weapon.But the blacks in US did no have the private army to fight against White government or white governors and other whjaite folks. Rev Martin Luther King, Rev. Jesse Jacksonand others happened to be spiritual, or religious leaders.

Some of our Myanmar national would like to copy US style, there they are, if they want to copy anything useful. What are their priest teaching them , where are the monies donated by the Christians from everywhere gone to, buying arms and ammunitions?

In the name of Freedom, anyone can say and do what they like, true or false is irrelevent.