Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Mar-2012  
Do Bamar Need ‘ Maha Bamar Orghanisation’? (TESTING FREEDOM OF SPEECH)
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

It is just a simple question, when other Myanmar nationals have their own organisations and political parties. Why not Bamar. Why can’t Bamars come with our chest out, with their head high? Because they see no point in it. They are Bamars nothing will change. The important thing is to live in Peace and harmony with everybody. What a noble spirit . Where is this Noble spirit taking Bamars to? Are Bamars not Noble enough?

My intention and aim is to test everybody, how they understand and accept what “Freedom” is. I have my views and my opinion. Which I am entitled to. I just want to know how you feel. You don’t have to read on. But if you are interested you are welcome to do. I do not know how many people following this
‘Nationalreconciliation website’. But I pick it for this purpose.

This is the time of Myanmars. I have no objection to it. But I can’t help feeling that as a Bamar I am left out I am belittled I am an underdog, in my own country. this feeling comes whenever I hear some Shan, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Mon and Yakhine complained about Bamar discrimination against them. I wanted to laugh but could not laugh. Union of Myanmar and the people of Myanmars are suffering because of these people. no progress, no developments, no modernisation. Because of their narrow minded, national or racists views, religious views but they blame the Bamars for everything.

I can understand their feelings, because I read histories, Myanmar as well as the world, and I have learned many lessons. One of them is nobody living on the past, let alone dwelling. Sometimes some people say, ‘ forget and forgive’. That is easy to say, than done that is what is Myanmars are facing. What needs to forget, who need to be forgiven they did not say.

Like it or not, love it or loath it, we are all in the land which is surrounded by mountain ranges. something like they are cornered or trapped. So, instead of looking, searching for common cause and common ground to live together to share, they fight like cornered, and trapped wounded tigers. According to the history, we all are wounded, we all carry scares. Nobody is innocent. everybody is guilty. If we carry on like this, some national race will disappear.

In the United States of America, somebody did something right, that was making all people as one people in one country. In fact United States is a vast country, State of Taxes alone is much bigger than Rep of the Union of Myanmar, let alone the whole US. In the United States some human races became endangered, species. Before long they will disappeared like those dinosaurs ion the past. Fossil remains will be left.

As a matter of fact, the conflict in Myanmar happened long, long ago in the times of our fore parents, the time where,civilisation’
was nowhere . Now we all are civilised . Is that not something?

We are killing more people, we are mpore wicked. when we become civilised than we were uncivilised. That’ s what Aristotle or Socrates has said. That’s nothing to do with Michael Aris, or Mrs Aris. In case you might connect, ‘ Aris ‘ part of it, and mixed up.

Sometimes ago, I published an article, under, “ Federalism, Feudalism , or Apartheid System?” . I have some comments, and replies privately, as well as on the net. One said; “Do not worry. Bamas as an ethnic will live forever. However, it is true for the Bamas as well as for other ethnic races. We need to protect and preserve our ethnic races.” Its true everybody needs to protect an d preserve themselves.

How will we do that is by respecting others, by not trying to wipe out others. Because it is said, actions will meet equal reactions , sometimes opposition reactions. That is something to think about. Well, a little bit of self-respect and respect to other will do and can go a long way. Here we have to listen to our elders, who were wise, and their wise words.

Many people are talking about ‘Freedom and Rights’, without understanding. If you are a slave, treated like a slave, you need to be Free, and have your rights as human. If you have, or if you are carrying ‘slave mentality’ of any kind you can never be free, you will be slave as long as you live. Once upon in this world in human society, slaves did existed. It is said, that Arabia was the centre of this human trade. But soon European picked up this lucrative trade.

In the land called United States of America, one Abraham Lincoln, and one Wilberforce from England tried to abolish slavery. American civil war said to have fought on this ‘slavery’ issue. But it did not go away. ‘ Salavery’ exists in one form or the other.

Freedom, Freedom of speech, Freedom of expressions, Freedom of Association. Do you believe in all these? How Free are you Free? Are you really Free, and how far you want to be Free, and take that Freedom with you? Have you thought of it ? How Free are you in real Free World?

If you really believe in total Freedom, allow me my Free Speech, allow me to express Freely. Why am I asking you to allow me? Who should I care, what should I care. I am a Free, as Free as you are, and others. I will say what I want, I will do what I want. The words, “Sense, and common sense”, have no place, “should or should not’, are irrelevant.

Meanwhile I want to talk about some of the views or comment from others. It is reported that Kayins National Union has said, “ the Karen National Union (KNU), has called for the immediate withdrawal of government troops from ethnic areas, Myanmar Government troops must not come into their territory.”

Who the hell are the KIA, or what the hell are the KNU, to tell the government to withdraw troops from KNU territory ?If the government does not withdraw, what the hell will they do? If and when the government withdraws its troop people of Bamars, and Buddhists organised by Maha Bamar NGO should march into Kayin State, Kachin State. and kick the militants out.

How is that for Free speech, Free expression, Freedom of organization and Freedom of association?

‘ Their Territory’? Rep of the Union of Myanmar every inch of it belongs to every Myanmar citizens. Are the KNU members, citizens of Myanmar or are they British subjects. British or US mercenaries against Bamara, and the Buddhists, and other none Christian in Myanmar? Who are the occupiers and occupying the land of the Myanmars ? Who and what are they ? The people of Myanmars must be told what actually is happening. Referendum, or ‘ Bamar awakening’, may be necessary again.

The followers of Moses, who went out from Egypt roamed the desert, and point his fingers said this is our promised land, God has given to us, this is ours. Is it how Kayins are claiming the land of Myanmars as theirs saying it was given to them by their God, is that it?

These Kayins always talk bad about Bamars and Buddhists and Myanma Tatmadaw as oppressors . They made their own hiome made video with the help of NGOs and distribute to media. Sayimngh Bamars and Myanma Tatmadaw is secretly committing genocide on Kayins. Some of these Kayins and their forefathers were the oppressing Bamar and Buddhist, by serving the British Burma army as mercenaries.

Another one is from someone who is sympathetic to ethnic people, who believes Bamars are the Oppressors, and Myanma Tatmadaw is the offender against ethnic people. Committing genocide secret.

Long before British came to Burma , Bama Tatmadaw was not a regular Tatmadaw it was made out of all Myanmars nationalities, it was only when in emergency and necessary. But they fought against the British and its poodles who were some Kayins and Kacnhins, very well . Bamars never serves in the British Burma army as mercenaries. Bamars were no fools.

Bama Tatmadaw or Myanma Tatmadaw has no race, no religion, no colour. There is no Bama Tatmadaw, no Bamar Private Army or no Bamar militias, iof there was, they were a part of Myanma Tatmadaw. If others can have their own private armies, and militias, why can’t Bamars have their own? How, long can the government deny this rights to Bamars. Either other militias have to dissolve, scrap or Bamars have to be allowed.

Circumstance and situation might force upon Bamars to have their own private or militias. Willing Bamars should have it.
It is time now all Bamars should wake up. Bamar should organise their own militias. One thing is for sure, this Bamar militias will never be mercenaries for any foreign powers in any form. They will protect, they will defend only Bamars and Buddhists. The country may not need these militias, but the Bamars and Buddhists need it. Buddhists Monks should also join in. They may need to pick up arms, for self-defence and Buddhism.
Bamars and Buddhist must open their eyes, and to compare, and balance themselves. They can any kicking and beating from Kayin and Kachins Christians. Bamars have the same right as anybody any religion.

‘ Ya Yin Ya – Ma Ya Yin Cha ’ should be the war cry of Bamar and Buddhists. Christians must have a good understanding, and be good Christian, in good sense. They should not misuse their race and Christianity. They should not make Bamars Buddhists mad. When Bamars gone mad, they won’t like it. Kayins, and Kachins who were serving the British for themselves mercenaries against Bamars, and Buddhists. What did they gain, where are the profits.

Mercenaries, may they be, but what they don’t know is, or what they don’t realised is mercenaries are not trusted, never trusted by any employer. Because, they fight for money, they will fight for those who will pay them well. Everybody know they are double edged. In England in recent years, it is a big story. There was a problem, still hanging on regarding Ghurkhas (Napalese)mercenaries. In every war, where British involves, Ghurkhas are always at the front. But after so many years, they still have no rights for the British citizenship, no rights of board in England. They were paid less than English, Scottish, Irish, or Welch soldiers. Salary as well as facilities wise.

There were many Kayins, who were getting army pension from the British. Some of them are still getting and even awarded ‘Burma Star’ medals said to be for liberating Burma from the Japanese army. Among them the late Saw Bo Mya the KNU leaders. Whether they really drawing pensions from the British or not, I have no ways of knowing, I can’t check their pension books, and accounts.

If we go back a little bit to the time during the British rule in Burma(Myanmar). Bamars, and Bamars organizations such as ‘ Do Bamar Asi Ayone’, and ‘Young Men Buddhists Association,’ ‘Bamar National schools’ had to be established because of circumstances and situation. Bamars who are the majority in the own country have had no place anywhere. Majority or the Bamar majority Bamars could not go to fee paying school for modern education. Kayin were going to missionary schools. Kayins and Kachin were favoured by the British but they don’t even build a proper school, only churches. They want to blame Bamars, and the government not to let them have schools.

Bamar themselves had to go to the traditional, ‘monastic schools’ or Phone Gyi Kyaungs. They were the best for Bamars. Most of us, the children of peasants, farmers, blacksmiths, could not go to modern schools in towns and cities, because we were working in the fields near our villages, and being cow boys, looking after herds of the cattle.

They taught so called modern education in English language. Bamars who could not speak, read or write either English or Hindustani could not even get a decent job in their own country. Those who went to Christian missionary schools, or fee paying school had the advantages, and privileges. Some people could even go to foreign schools in Darjeeling (India), and even to England for their modern education.

Since then Bamar race , and Bamar language and Bamar way of life was about to be wipe out, Bamar to be a lost tribe. Buddhism to be fade away to give way to Christians, and other religions. Bamars/Buddhists were at the bottom in their own country. With the high spirit of , ‘ Thu Kyun Ma Khan’ , never to be slaves, Bamars resisted, revolted, the Brits used Kayins, and Kachins and other Christians as mercenaries suppressed, the Bamars. As a matter of fact nearly 6000 Kayins and Kachins or ‘ six battalions’ of Kayin Rifles, and Kachin Rifle were used against Bamars, and Buddhists.

Campaign against Saya San from Tharyarwaddy, who declared himself as King, like Aloung Paya did when he was fighting against the Mons. The British with the help of Kayins and Kachins mercenaries troops, captured Saya San and his followers were together with others and hanged. U Saw, who killed Aung San and his cabinet was also sacrificed and hanged. To the last minute U Saw strongly believed he would be pardon from death sentence. U Saw was defended by a British lawyer from London. These are the historical facts, nothing added, nothing subtracted.

‘ Do Bamar Asi Ayone’, Y.M.B.A and many other Bamar organizations came about under circumstances and because of situations forced upon them. That was because Bamars in the Bamar Naing Gan were not free, not treated fairly, not treated equally let alone justly. They were slaves called as Luu Galay, and were serving the white British Master. Polishing master’s boots.

British were busy, tired and hungry. They need to take care of their own England, which was flatten by Germany, and to receive and look after their shares of the spoils in Europe and Africa. While they were busy, they left Myanmar busy fighting among themselves. Who were the British to promise the Kayins their own country?

About that time in 1948, State of Israel was created by the US and British, look what was happening during these 64 years between Zionists Jews, and other Arabs. It was in fact some ethnic people who happened to be Christians in Myanmar created a civil war which in real term was a racial war, a religious war against Bamar race, or Buddhists as religion.

Bamars did not take matters into their own hands but trusted the government and the Tatmadaw. Bamar never get involve physically , when racial conflicts, or religious conflicts are there, matters got more complicated. Bamars knows better than anybody. Bamar stayed away, in their right place. At the end of the day Myanma Tatmadaw had to take the blames. Tatmadaw has been always under attacks, by ethnic politicians and ethnic armies. Because it is protecting and defending all races and religions.

‘Do Bamar Asi Ayone’, was no more in Myanmar after the independence. because it was not necessary any more. May be due to political correctness as well. The same as Burma to Myanmar and all the words, which could discriminate race and religion, even songs and lyric were changed. The government is doing right, but some of these racists and religious fanatics are causing problem.

It may be necessary that Bamars and Buddhists must confront them, face them.

For instance the word ‘Burma’ is changed to Myanmar, for the political correctness as well. In future this word Bamar can be found in the books and Museums.If that is how Bamas will survive. So be it. But some people may not understand what political correctness is. Bamar majority will always be Bamar majority in the Land of the Myanmars. There is nothing anybody can do that to change that. How Bamars extremists will they be or, how fanatic Buddhists they may be may depend on others. No specially circumstances not special situation should be created for Bamars to take the law into their own hands. Bamars are OK as they are , behaving themselves. Bamar and Buddhists patience could run out.

Here the word is, ‘Political Correctness.’, English usage or Myanmar usage, they have to be correct in political sense. Like the terms and usage of the law. They have to be precise. National Reconciliation, National Unity, have to be solidified. All ethnic people all nationals must come together as one people. That’s the only way.

Nobody should be racists, nobody should be ultra- nationalist nobody should be religious fanatic. If there is one from any one group or from any one national, there will be others from other groups and other nationals. If they are there the rest of us must put them under control, We cannot let them do what they like in the name of ‘ freedom’, in the name of religion. In real life there is no such thing as “freedom”, everybody knows that.
History is to learn lessons, not to repeat. There are rights and wrongs. Who is right, who is wrong we don’t need to argue. What we need to know is that we all have to do the right things for everybody. Why are we divided, who is dividing us ? Nobody has to and can divide us if we don’t want to be divided. Why are we killing each other. What do we benefit from doing so? Haven’t we done enough?

For centuries, the West have been launching propaganda against Myanmar rulers, and other rulers in other part of the world. Destroying almost everything, including historical monuments, documents, and records. So that they can write the history of other people, the history of the world the way they like, their own version. Even Holy Bible in England is King James version.

When American Baptist missionary Adoniram Judson, translated the Christian ‘Holy Bible’ into Bamar(Myanmar) language, it was without grammer, (Katta, Wasaka and Kan) nobody could read it, nobody could understand it, but some people pretend they can read, and they can understand, those some people are not Bamar.

Written in poor Myanmar language may be a mistake for Saya A. Judson. no Bamar read it,. Not even the King (Mindon) who did not mind to promote Christianity read it. One record said,on Queen Vitoria's birthday as present King Mindon donated one Church to Christianity through Rev. A Judson, and Saya Mark in Mandalay. After all nobody could or dared to correct the incorrect Burmese or mistakes in the Bible in Burmese language. These mistakes, make this Bible significant.

Even the Bible, it is actually the history of Hebrews or the Jews, or the Islam. Only the New Testaments is to do with the Christianity. Christians as religion does not belong to Americans or British . the same as Buddhism from India. Buddhists are not Indians, neither Christians are Hebrews, Jews or Arabs.

There are some people in Myanmar, they went to American Baptist Christian missionary school. Some of them read Bible written in English, and they think they are Americans. They discriminate against their own people who do not read English, they were against Bamars. Some other Christians who read the Bible translated into their own language are not so bad.

You cannot take religion away from everyday life. Especially Buddhism is the way of life. The 38 Mingalas is the way of life. How to live your life worthy. It is civilisation.