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In The Interest Of The Nation And The People.

Bangladesh Claims Victory in Bay of Bengal Dispute.
By Joseph Allchin / The Irrawaddy Thursday, March 15, 2012

A long-running maritime boundary dispute between Burma and Bangladesh ended on Wednesday after arbitration at the International Tribunal on the Laws of the Sea (ITOLS) in Hamburg, Germany. The 151-page ruling by the UN body was considered a victory for Bangladesh, in a dispute that threatened to turn violent in 2008.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,
The reports by Allchins, or Halfchins or Quarterchins said about the maritime boundary dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar is settled. Good , bad, depends on the taste of each and individual of us. It also showed, how National Reconciliation and National Unity is needed among Myanmars. If you are interested please read on, if not stop here, go to other news.

When a dispute is settled by legal means, and when both side accept the tribunal's judgment, everybody should be glad, and happy. It is better this way, It could be better, if it was agreed and settled outside the court.

The advantage for both side is the ‘rights’ as well as ‘responsibilities’. If anyone failed to obey the judgement or breaks it, everyone knows what to do in peaceful way or in violent way. The fact is nobody can cut the water, nobody can stop the current. There will be other disputes.

The trouble is the people, the residents around, living on the land or on the sea. They should know what belongs to them or what not. Where is the peoples’ power ? Where is the will of people in this case, the Yakhines . Are they happy to be under the Muslims ?

It is true that we are Bamars/ Myanmars and Buddhists are the followers of Buddha’s teachings. One of them is “ ‘thou shall not steal, not to take what is not given”, and another one is , “Danan Ca” or (Daninn Sa) give away, donate or spare and share with others, is a blessed thing. But we are dealing with Bangalis Muslims, may be Rohinjas, they are not the Buddhists. They are the destroyers of the Buddhists through any means including their forceful marriage.

Nations should defend their territories, and respect fully to others. For this, clear demarcations/ maritime boundary are needed. Need to be careful because outsider are waiting for a chance. To get involve and to get what they want, and take it. In this case Bangladesh may be the owner, of them said area, but who actually will benefit from it? So those who will benefit will always try to get involve. That is why I said, it would be much better if we had outside settlements which we both could accept.
When Myanmar accepts the tribunal’s decision, there must be a lot of reasons, truth and facts, or circumstances, and situation. Disputes which involve armed comflict is undesirable because it is counterproductive.

Our elders always say that , you have to have a stick(Bat) , or Dah on your shoulder when you talke about Yakhine yarzawin ( history ) Bamar Yarzawin. Because of Mahamuni whjioch is now in mandalay, Bamar and Yakhine went to war Yakhine lost , Yakhine Kingdom became part of Myanmar mar Naing Gandaw. The same as Mon Kingdom.

Remember . Myanmar Naing Gan Daw disappeared for nearly 50 years from the map. It became a part of India as East Bangal State. But Yakhine considerd Bamars as arch enemy, neglecting the gradual infiltration of the Muslims from Bengal State of India. Though 70% of the population are Buddhists, second largest about 28% are the Muslims. Yakhine did not do anything about it, they did not even mind their daughters became Kalar Mayars,( wives of the Bagalis)and they are happy dominated by the Muslims. There is almosty nothing anybody can do for them. Just because the Yakhine are not helping themselves for the right cause.Yakhine is swamped by the Muslims as you can see now. Because they considered Bamars as their enemies, and did not help instead they helped the British. Since then the Yakhine was swamped by the Indians of Muslim religion.

Today Yaklhine is just the name, in reality it is almost a Muslim land, though the Muslim is second religion in Yakhine. Those who called themselves Rohinjas are claiming their own territory in Yakhine. When will the Yakhine disappeared from the map is matter of days.

Yakhine hatred for Bamars are so much, they don’t know what they are doing. They are blind, they don’t know what their territory, land or sea will become of. They don’t know what will become of their race and Buddhism. They wenty to war against Bamars because of one Buddhists Statue that Bamars asked for. But they don’t care to become Muslims or they did not consider the consequences, side effects.

Because of this hatred of Yakhine towards Bamars, “ Kill the viper next, kill the Yakhine first’, saying was popular once. Now it is proven the saying was right. not only the rights of Yakhine , but also the rights of all other Myanmars, has lost . Right or wrong whatever United Nations decides, may help both Myanmar and Bangladesh, to stop further losses.

In another news it is said, “More than 2,300 people in Dawei have signed a petition against a hydropower dam being constructed near their village”. To save their environment, their living , their way of life, they reject progress, developments, and, modernization.

Yakhine are not like that they have no interests at all whatever it is they don’t want to know .

In 1960, during the demarcation process between China and Burma(Myanmar) U Nu the then Prime minister gave away Phimaw, Gawlan, and Kanphan, three Kachine villages to China. Any possible conflict was avoided between China and Burma over boundaries, borders, frontiers call it what you want. Gen Ne Win signed the last demarcation agreement with Chou EN Lai, the Chinese Prime Minister. Since then China Myanmar relations become better and better, it has proven. Some people from the west are even jealous about it.

Some people bring in the events of 1823. while the British were ruling India, they invaded Burma through Ramree Island of Burma in Yakhine. That started the first Anglo Burmese war. Burma had three wars with the British, in the end Bamar lost the whole country, because some so called Myanmnar ethnic races became mercenaries and fought on the side of British.

During the British. Burma was swamped by Christians, Muslims. Myanmar girls, including under twelve became second , third, or fourth wives of the Muslims in Myanmar. It was prohibited then, if you are not from the same religion, you cannot marry. To become or convert to any religionyou want, or to suit yourself. For marriage of convenient is never difficult. You don’t need to swear on the Bible, or on Qur’an, it won’t make any difference. You can be what you want to be.

Bamars and Buddhists were oppressed by the British. It is recorded that when British took yanghon, all the Pagodas and stupas around the foot of Shwedagon were demolished, and cleared the land and built a Cantonment, between U Wisara Road, and Prom Road. Taw Hlan Yey Pan Jan, Pyi Thu Yin Byin , where the Slim line ( Bo Yway A Phwe), Tatmadaw recruiement centre used to be . Sit Mhattan Yone ( R.O.B.A.), where Maha Wizaya Zeydi is, which is known as Dagon Township now.

During British time, most Bamars could not earn money to make their ends meet. Peasants and farmers, always owes money to the Chitteers ( cheaters) . At the end of the day, their farmland confiscated, ended up in the hands of Chitteers, or the money lander, who happened to be Hindu Kalar. So it was not surprised to see many Yakhine/Myanmar girls, even before they came to age, became Kalar Mayars( the wives of the Kalars) and created a race called Yakhine Muslims or a new species Kalar Kabyars. There are many Kabyars still around in the land of Myanmars. Tayote Kabyars, Ingalate Kabyars, American Kabyars. Portuguese etc, Myanmar looks like a nation of mongrels .

NOW, the question, is what are the Yakhines doing in Yakhine state. Are they Myanmars or are they Bangladeshi? Are they Buddhists or are they Muslims. Do they know who are loyal to ?
Kachine KIO/KIA) had no other reasons , but they went underground, because of Phimaw, Gawlam and Kanphan. They did not defend their land against the Chinese. But they are fighting against the Governments of Rep. of the Uni0on of Myanmar or in their own words against ‘Bamar Buddhists Government’
British may be th ruler of Myanmar once. But Myanmar land or sea are not British properties for them to give away to anybody inside or outside Myanmar. In which Assame and Manipur were exceptional.

Also Chaing Mai which once belonged to Myanmar was exchanged for Tanintharyi which belonged to Thailand then. All for peaceful purposes. Look at Alaska State , bought from U.S.S.R, by US. to preserve peace.

Yakhine are afraid of the Bangladeshi Muslims, because they don’t want their daughters to single mothers. Kachins also afraid of the Chinese, or they themselves are Chinese, who are illegal immigrants from China before demarcation. As a matter of fact, during the British rule. All sorts of Kalars, all sorts of Tayote were imported into Burma (Myanmar) systematically by the British as a programme, as a policy to flood Burma with aliens.

For the future, Yakhins or Kachin or the Kayin,the Shans
and Chins, as well as Mons should know who their real enemies are, and should work together/ cooperate with the Government to protect and defend their land they are residing, because it belongs to all Myanmars. All land of Myanmars belong to all Myanmar.

There are enough lessons for you to learn, if you want to learn, or not is up to you.