Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Mar-2012  
Free From Fiction, Fabrication, Illusions, Hallucination,Delusion.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Before I start anything I would like to say that , our children are innocent they should not suffer because of us. They should be debt free, they should be more freer than us, they should not pay our debts we left behind. We should not let them have the nightmares which some of us have created. They should not fight on, without the right cause. It’s not fair on them.

The question of ,” do you believe what you see ?“ I would say no, I would advise that you should not believe what you see. Why am I saying this? It is because this is the time of fiction, fakes, imitations, which are not real, not true, not genuine, false and misinterpretation, and misrepresentations of facts and fictions. They are mixed up, and they are everywhere. We are bombarded with all these, unreal things, flooded with what is not true, lies and deceits. Through media, TV radio, DVD, games, films etc. are not free from them. Nobody knows what is what. We are seeing, violence, sex, and hearing bad languages. We are becoming the victims. We cannot be everywhere to check these.

There are things that we believe strongly, but we have not seen them. We are told , and force to believe . If we don’t believe, we might not go to heaven, instead we might even go to hell.

So to make you believe by force is not the new thing today, it’s been with us for so long . Shall we say, since the day so called God created everything including the earth, and earthlings.

`It is said, ‘Seeing is believing’. Who wants to argue with that? Have you seen man landing on the moon, did you actually see it with your own eyes? But some of you believe it, and some of you don’t. Believe it or not it has no effect on our real life in any way.

But it is advisable , and it will be wise, when you look, you will not only see when you are looking for , you will also see what you are not looking . So look carefully. What are you looking at and what are you seeing? It depends. And be warned that at the time when science and technology are well in advance, at the time when men can create almost everything that God had created, may be more . At the time when men challenging or competing God, when some men are made to think that they are God, they act like God , who needs God anyway ?

That is not the point. The point is you look and see if it is what you are looking for, is it ‘real’ or something else. Because this is a ‘ real world’ outside. We should be realists , not optimists, or Pessimists.

‘Seeing is believing’ I don’t know who said it. It’s not what Gautama said. Among many things Gautama had said 2600 years ago was , “to do good, not to do evil, to purify the mind and to walk along the path of ‘ Righteousness”. That is how I understand from my teacher. The teachings of Gautama is the practical method for personal transformation and spiritual liberation . If you are a grown up, and a matured person, you will know what is good, and what is evil, through your experiences , and then you purify your mind where necessary.

If you’d say you are looking for the ‘truth’, then do you know what the truth looks like? How do you know what is the truth, even you found it ? The truth for you is what you accept as the truth. That is why wise people said, “ Only when wisdom suffuses your mind, you are Free from illusion or hallucination, you will see the truth, find the truth, see the truth as the truth.”

For ‘Freedom of thought’, Gautama said, “ do not be led by report, by tradition or by hearsay or by the authority of religious texts; or by claim of knowledge and truth that are based on any type of reasonable or speculation, or on the basis of the reliability of the person, or by the respect of your teacher. Rather when you know for yourself these things are unprofitable, blameworthy and conduce to loss ans sorrow, then, indeed you should reject them. And when you know for yourself that certain things are profitable , blameless and conduce to profit and happiness, then indeed you should accept them and abide by them.” I think that is complete, it covers everything.

That is also for the, ‘Freedom’, your ‘Freedom’ absolute and total Freedom, nothing attached to it, no attachments , no debts of gratitude, no loans to pay back, no interests added, let alone compound interests.

Besides that is, to mind your own business, to concentrate on your job, don’t be distracted, don’t waste your precious time. Remember you are born free, you are Free, nobody can free you, or grant you your freedom. Your sense, and conscience will guide you.

Freedom, if you value the truth. You shall not be moved. The sayings are, “ Myin Dine Le -Makyi Ne” , “ Kyar Dine Le -Nar MaHtoung Ne”, “Kwyay Dine Le -Ma Sarr Ne,” “ Pay Dine Le- MaYu Ne”. Why were these saying ncreated by our elders? They must have a good reasons.,

If you are a Myanmar you will understand what these sayings are. In case if you forgot that you are a Myanmar, or if you are not a Myanmar, or one of other Myanmar nationalities , and ethnic group the sayings are ; ‘ Don’t look at everything what you are showed, don’t listen to everything what you are told , don’t eat everything what you are fed, don’t take everything what you are given’. There are many don’t s, and dos, I must say. They don’t take your freedom away. They only make your freedom safe. And secur/.

What happened in the Rep of Union of Myanmar, and many places, are the results of these liars, and the lies. The insurgents, and the opposition know very well how to use the media. They invited the media, or never feel shy to meet the media. And make good use of each other. Through these media some countries are manipulate , and exploiting the Myanmars and their nation.

The problem is we know who these liars and the lies are, they are the cowards in the hit and run groups. Many of them are over dramatizing out of proportion by the media. We as people don’t do anything about them. We are sitting quietly as innocent bystanders. Are we that innocent? Whatever happening is we don’t do anything, because we let others do what they like . We are responsible for what is happening. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. Good or bad, happy or sad.

There is no man who is not corrupt. That is why ‘Hiri Autapa’ , or ‘ Shet Chin – Kyaut Chin Tayar’ is there as deterrent . Anti- corruption doctrine. To be ashamed of, and in fear of doing the wrong things, being corrupt, doing what not to be done, or not doing what should be done. Again your sense, and your conscience will tell you what is what.

Some religion said about God flooding the earth with rain to clean . God set fire to some sin cities. Believe it or not. That was how the creator punished all his own creations, guilty or innocent.

Today we are seeing similar events, Nature made Tsunami, and flooding earth quake, tornados, forest fire etc., and wars created by men out of their greed. We all become the soldiers, we all become are the fighting cock , and fighting dogs. We become sombody’s properties.

Why can’t some people understand these simple things? Those who are talking about the ‘rule of laws’? Who are they talking to? Which law is to rule. In real life rules and regulations, laws and procedures are laid down by ourselves, because of necessity, that is to protect and defend our precious ‘Freedom’. Some think these rules and regulation etc., are against the Freedom.

They may like to introduce new law,. or are they going to scrap the existing laws, which does not suit them. to introduce with the new law to suit them and they will rule by those laws?
Why are we avoiding the real problems, why can’t we face each other in civilised way, and civilised manners, why can’t we be frank and blunt on ethnic issues.

Myanmar or position our troops along the border, or all along the frontiers region. There is a Myanmar saying, “ Tayote Ka Phi- Shan Ga Ei – Shithi Bamar Anaut Mhar” The pressure of the Chinese, flattened the Shans, and the Bamars have to stay at the back. That was because Shan did not do anything about the infiltration of the Chinese through their land into the whole country.

When the country was taken by the British, Bamars got up and resisted, fought against the British, and the Japanese, and those who were helping them willing, is that what it’s called a ‘Bamanisation’?

Governments of Union of Myanmar an M yanm a Tatmadaw fought against the Communists. Who are these communists, what ethnic national groups and national race are they, and other armed insurgents groups. , is that “ Bamanisation’ ? The government has the responsible for the Freedom, safety and security of every citizens of Myanmar. The safety starts at the frontiers. We don’t need to build a Great Wall around . People living in frontier areas must cooperate with the government, help the government before they are swamp by the immigrants from neighbouring countries.

The government of Rep of the Union of Myanmar wants to make the frontiers safe and secure for all the people of Myanmar,. If these armed groups have no other ideas, they would gladly become border guards to secure the border, service to the whole people, the whole nation. The government of Rep of the Union of Myanmar and the Tatmadaw must make the borders , frontiers safe and secure, with or without the help of these ethnic armed gangs, who has only self-interests, and self -serving. They don’t even serve their ethnic race or groups.

Border areas, and frontiers are flooded with Thais, Chinese, Bagladeshi immigrants, who are not refuge , just illegal immigrants. Myanmar Kayins are in camps in some part of Thailand as refugees. Resident people don’t help MyanmarTatmadaw, they take Myanma Tatmadaw as their enemies. KNU leaders sowed the seed of hatred in the mind of their families, and followers against Bamars and Myanma Tatmadaw in Union of Myanmar. They vacate or give their land to Thais. How much they get for it nobody knows. At least in exchange for some arms, and ammunition. When tatmadaw attack, the ran into Thailand and ask for sanctuary. When tghings calm down they came back,. Illegal logging, mining, and running illegal trade again under their own armed guard..

The same is with some Shan, and Wa some called them ‘Nyein Jaan’ , the people of PEACE. They made agreement with the government to run their illegal business and trade in PEACE, that ‘s all. Yet they are deliberately letting Chinese come into their land called Shan State , and allowed the Chinese to flood Shan State. Many Chinese in Shan State cannot even speak anyone of Myanmar languages. From Shan State, with the help of some Shans , Chinese are infiltrating into all other parts of Myanmar. When the armed gangs along the borders are asked to join the Tatmadaw as border Guards, they refused to do so. We know why, because they are running illegal lucrative business including human trafficking.

Having said all these, the question is, what is the meaning of “ Bamanisation’, the word which is use by some ethnic armed gangs. What about Kayinisation, Shanisation, Kachinition, Chinisation, Monisation, or Yakhinisation? What are the Yakhines doing against the Rohinjas or other Muslims , Bangladeshi occupying or swallowing Yakhine State gradually . Yakhines don’t make a voice or a sound in protest against that . May be they fall in love with the Muse, and let their daughters marry them receiving, ‘ big, handsome‘dowry’. How much are the Yakhines getting from Rohinjas, or Bangladeshi, or other Muslims, to sell the land of the people of Myuanmars?

These Yakhine national people must do their job to protect the people and defend the land. They can’t blame Bamars and Myanma Tatmadaw . They must at least help, land a hand to Myanma Tatmadaw. They must know who is their really enemy, who is the real enemies for the people of Myanmar, the nation of Myanmars. So should Chins , Kachins, Was, Shans, and Kayins, and Mons

Can these ethnic groups resist, any invaders on their own? No, they will be walk over by whoever the nearest may be, Banglasdeshi, Indian , Chinese, or Thais. Even Assamese and Manipuries

Who is worrying about this so called ‘ Bamarnisations’, why can’t they worry about other, just ‘nisation’, of any kind, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Bangladeshi, Assamese, and Manipuries?

Bamars do not interest in Bamarnising anybody. Bamanisation is the word created by the Kayins racists , and Kayin Christias who want the “ Kayinisation” of Union of Myanmar. The fact is Bamar and the Buddhists are the majority in the land of the Myanmars. That is all . Tno need to afraif of the Bamars or Buddhists they are peaceful people by nature and in reality. If all Bamars and Buddhists had to rise up like they did to the British, and Japanese. because of some provocation by other religious maniac, fanatics racists , it would still be justify, bcause Bamars and Buddhists been provoked form 63 years., Whan bamar and Buddhists rised up it would not be for ‘ Barmanisation’, or “Buddhisminisation” . it would be jmust to show there is always limit to anything.

Bamars did resisted this,’ ‘ Kayinisation’, since 1948 which started in Insein near Yangon. I myself lost many lives of my relatives, friends ( Kayin and Bamars) when Kayins racists Christians attacked, Gyogon and Khawe Jan. Some of my relatives are still living handicapped, crippled. I will never forget it as long as they live, or I am living. This is my personnel grievances, though I did not caused it personally. As long as the Insein Town is there I will never forget what happened there to my relatives, and friends 63 years ago. Right before my eyes. My personnel experiences. Nobody has to tell me any story. In the name of, or for the sake of National Reconciliation, National Unit, I have to swallow my personal grievances.

When the threat of racial attacks diminished Bamars went back to plough their field, grow their rice, to feed every citizens of Myanmar, and leave everything in the hand of the government.

Inseintownship, Alon township, can be called Kayin towns. A Pagoda by the name of’ Say Win Ga bar Aelain Ngar Sint ’ was built by Say Win Gabar Saya Saw who happened to be a Kayin Buddhist Monk. When the Pagoda finished, iIt was opened to general public by the then ‘President’ of the Union of Myanmar Mahn Win Maung who happened to be a Kyin by ethnic and nationality.

There is nothing going on between Bamar ethnic groups and national and other and other ethnic group and nationalities. The war lords and warmongers from some groups are making it up. There is no such thing as ‘Bamarnisation in Myanmar anywhere, except in the mouth of some Kayin Racists, religious fanatic at the border. Especially when NGOs make documents Kayins use such word. Making Bamars look like bad boys.

Government and Myanmar Tatmadaw must see to it, no such thing happen . Nobody should have any other idea to slice of or cut off the land of Myanmars to pieces. The land of Myanmars belongs to all Myanmars. They should live together and die together on their own land.