Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 12-Mar-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriate , Compatriots, and Friends,

PEACE is what everybody wants. Peace is what everybody needs. PEACE for stability, PEACE for prosperity, PEACE is for progress, PEACE is for Developments , PEACE is for modernisation. Everybody is looking for PEACE. Where is this PEACE ?

Gautama Buddha talked about PEACE. PEACE within. Why not PEACE outside, why within? He must have a good reason, Shin Maha Maugalan or Shin Thari Pottaya did not ask. May be they forgot to ask. May be they knew, it would be difficult even for Gautama to answer. So they did not ask.

What was the PEACE, Jesus Christ talked about during those three years he was preaching? Was Jesus a ‘Peace maker’ ?

What we have seen in our life time, or according to so many books, that we have read, including so called Holy Bible since the day so called God created the earth , Adam and Eve , there never was Peace on earth. People are still in search for Peace, wishing for Peace, praying for Peace on earth . Yet what they are getting is war, after war and war here or there, everywhere.
Recently we are hearing about some people of Myanmars are trying for Peace in Myanmar, some so called friends are trying to help to have Peace in Myanmar . In my view there is already peace in Myanmar 99 per cent of the land is in Peace, all people are in Peace, and harmony . progress and developments, and modernizations are there as we’ll.

But still Myanmar is legged behind, because the west victimised Myanmars. B cause the Patriotic leaders of Myanmars are no poodles, or no puppet of the west. Some people even come up with a funny word called , “ Bamarnisation”.

‘Bamarnisation of Rep of the Union of Myanmar’or former Union of Burma. That is what the KNU (Kayin National Union armed Organisation accuses of Myanma Tatmadaw and other Bamars.
Where will the Peace talk start, and where will it end ? With this kind of attitude it will never start and it will end somewhere where we all are afraid of. That is in the Jungle.

Who is talking about National Reconciliation, and National Unity? I have stated the need for every ethnic national races in Myanmar to be united. But somebody argued, that majority of every major group and nationals in those groups are already united, only a small , handful of extremists are at large, and making noises and voices, they are nothing but terrorists .
Then I asked if that is the case, why can’t majority of each and every major group take care of these handful of their own. They answer was, ‘because, they don’t want to associate with them, they are bad boys negligible’. Is that so? Is it not given them, free hands?

Our leaders changes the name of the nation from ‘Burma’ to ‘Myanmar’. The name Burma was given by the British which some Kayins, and Kachins served very well against Bamars. According to the records there were Christian Kayins and Kachins, a total of 6 battalions serving in the British Burma army as mercenaries, against Bamars resistants , or revolutionaries. In the campaign against Saya San, who was another would be King of Myanmar , or who claimed to be, was captured by the BritishArmy of Kayins and Kachin rifles , and was hanged.

Was it ‘ Kayinization’ or what ? Today there may be Myanmarnisation, going on in Myanmar some people from the west wants to bring ‘Bamarnisation’,back, but not the Bamars. Bamar will never be a lost tribe, they are safe in numbers.

Then who are the traitors and who are the patriots in our land of Myanmars? Are you one of them, do you know, which one are you? It’s hard to say, isn’t it? Yo think you know what you are, but the other say you are not. Everybody is accusing everybody as traitors, and everybody is claiming they are the patriots, everybody is calling everybody names. Isn’t that so?

In that sense, everybody is a traitor as well as a patriot. How traitor are you, how Patriot are you? We can take acid test for Gold, it will tell us whether it is real gold, or fool gold. Traitors and Patriots cannot be tested with acid. We can only hear their words, and see their actions. To say traitor or not.

In my views these handful of Kayins say a lot of rubbish, telling rubbish stories to the foreigners who knows n othing about Myanmar and its history. These Kyins will say anything to justify their actions, given a lot of bad names to other Kayins who are loyal to the people and the nation who are also the patriots. ( Thit Sar Shi Kayin Amyo Tharr ) who are laws a biding citizen Aye Atuu – Puu Amhya’ . with others. for better or for worse.

The word Patriots may sometimes, if not most of the times, mixed up with Nationalists, or Ultra Nationalists, who are very narrow minded, old fashioned.

Patriots are patriots. There is nobody such as Ultra Patriot. Nationalists and Patriots may be different, or may be not . They are divided by very thin line, because of their very narrow mind. A Patriot is the one who defends or is zealous for his country’s prosperity ,freedom for rights .For the Myanmars , the country means , Rep of the Union of Myanmar , where 55 million live, the prosperity and freedom for 55 millions, not one handful.

Whilesome Myanmars are talking about the opposing, against Democratisation, because of the concerns and worries the Americanisation, or Westernization may follow. Some Myanmars,of other nationals are concern and worried about. As a matter of fact, democracy is not our tradition, not our customs, not Myanmar way of life. We don’t even need a constitutional monarch,who is no better than a stooge, or a puppet .

‘ Bamarnisation ‘, or ‘Kayinisation’ may come second. The Americanising, or Westernising through democratisind is coming with speed. Myanmar’s, will they be standardised, Americanise, or Westernise, come what may. The truth is, we are Myanmars , for all and no particular group can pretend to monopolise it. The feeling of superiority is all in the mind. Nobody is inferior to anybody.

But I doubt it, whatever we become of, will the Americans or the Westerners respect us and treated us as their equals? I very much doubt it. Because it could take another two hundred years or more, or never for Myanmars to be equal to them. Is it all in the mind or the reality?

In our land of Myanmars , this word, “ Bamarnization’, is created, and being use only by Kayins racists or Pak ka nhyaw from Kayin National Union . In any and every documentary the west and NGOs made, about these Jungle Kayins, they use this word, “ Bamarnisation’ . The Kayins who called themselves Karen who created that word for them nobody was sure , they wants to established Kaw Thu Lay, as their Independent country.

There is no doubt, beyond any reasonable doubt, these Jungles Kayins are racists, and religion fanatics. Thailand is also very careful and afraid of them, one day they may have to confront them.

Besides there are not enough rooms for all the Kayins in Myanmar, loyal or disloyal to fit into Kaw Thu Lai. Which modern Kayins will accept Jungle Kayins as their leader, as their ‘ Kaw ka sa’ to fit in, ‘ the small land of ‘Kaw Thu Lai ‘. Unless Thailand shares their land or give their land to Kayins, free. Will Thai Kayins accept that, will Myanmar Kayins fight for it? Kayins from Myanmar will be like the Monkey who had to let go of its both hands holding the branch.

Feudalism is a thing of the past, no more in Myanmar, it may still exists is some African countries. As a matter of fact, Feudalism is a disappearing ism in the modern world.
Terrorism of any form are not accepted by any country, in theories or in practice. But State sponsored Terrorism does exists, anyway. So what’s the use of talking about other terrorism, as matter of fact, in one way or the other, in one form or the other. Terrorism , and terrorists are sponsored by someone, or some country .

It is difficult when terrorism and terrorists are sponsored by Christians, through their churches in the name of religious Freedom. They called themselves, ‘ Freedom Fighters’ . But they won’t called themselves , “ the followers of Jesus”. They don’t need guns, modern weapons, or soldiers. All Christians have Christian armies, since Christianity was established. They use force to convert anybody to become Christian. They still using ‘water boarding’ to baptised, or Christening. These are nothing new, it’s been recorded. They practice as a part of their religion.

The question is “ who are the Traitors, and who are the Patriots’, for some they may be the same. Unless they are treated differently. What is the meaning of being a good citizen, being a Patriots, if they are no different front traitors. Do they have equal rights, are they being equally treated? Are they really equals? Do the law abiding have to suffer because these criminals who violate every rights of everybody. Do these criminals deserve pardon, mercy, leniency, and amnesty ?

What the President of Rep of the Union of Myanmar( Thein Sein) did. That was declaring ‘amnesty’. pardoning, or showing mercy, being lenient. It is a good thing in the eyes of any religion. But is it good for the people, for the nation?

The people have to live with criminals, of all sorts, they country is in the hands of the criminals, are they safe? Is it the Government creating jobs for criminals and law enforcement department lawyers, courts, judges etc., etc., because if there are no criminals on the streets. They all will have nothing to do?

Rebels, terrorists, criminals who called themselves ‘opposition’. Under that name they have more rights they are more privileged then, any other ordinary law abiding citizens. The word opposition. o namely NLD is the protective shield for they .
The crimes in US or in UK are unbelievable. The police and criminals are fighting battles on the streets, with arms on both sides, well and fully equipped.

Is that what the government is creating ? If there is PEACE in the country, the government will have nothing to do, nothing to govern?