Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 10-Mar-2012  
Warning Shots Or Pre-empt Strikes?
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

In one of the latest news by AP, Canada has offered Mrs Aris a honorary Canadian citizenship. That makes me to question Mrs Aris citizenship again . Is she a British citizen, a Myanmar citizen? Is she holding Myanmar citizenship ( Myanmar Naing Ngan Tharr ) card , what is her card number? The people have the right to know.

Mrs Aris is acting on the information she is receiving, from her intellegent services and her agents . They seem to be so very good, far better than Khin Nyunt's or Kyaw Win's. How reliable are they? Could it be CIA , and FBI of US, or could it be MI5 of British, helping her. True image of Mrs Aris as a woman is uncovering. Cheeky, cunning, sly, wicked, shrood, etc., etc.

The same old unanswered questions. It’s been denied, everybody will deny, that she is a Brit citizen, including British Government. There are still a lot of things to talk about , we can talk about those things in some other time. But when the rules of law itself is in question, and the next question is, who will up hold the law, what law, and who will enforce the laws?
Rep, of the Union of Myanmar is in one way or the other gradually becoming a lawless country. Somebody is always above the law in Mhyanmar including Mrs Aris. Then don’t blame others.

How much is Mrs Aris within the law of the land? She once said nobody has to obey unjust laws. not to cooperate with the Government(SLORC). Which are the just laws and which unjust law in Myanmars then and now? Mrs Aris should know.

She can accept or reject the offer of Canadian citizenship, when time comes, there is no time limitation. It doesn’t make any difference. What it really means is she is under the protection of Canada.

In another word, Canada is offering her asylum status, if she ever needed. She can go to any country including United States, on compassionate ground, because her children are there. Anyway if you have between US$ 20,000 and US$ 30,000 in one of US banks you can get a green card, and a visa That I have heard.

All options are on the table. All options must be exhausted. No stone must be un turned, in search for Peace and harmony. For progress and developments. That’s the way the people’s government should perform, and people must be informed in time. The people should understand what is going on. “ Noung Khar Lar- Noung Kar Zay’. Later price for late comers is not very good.

That is not the weakness of any government in Myanmar, instead that is the strength of a government. It would be wrong for anyone to suggest that this government’s efforts as weakness. This government or any previous government were never been weak. They always find their time to make Peace. They know that , if there is a time to make war, there is a time to make peace.

Government of Rep of the Union of Myanmar has all the time. The insurgents or the terrorists are trap in their own so called narrow territory. They can’t take a step outside, though the Constitution allows them they can live freely anywhere in the Union of Myanmar . There are no such places called
‘reservations’ in anywhere in Myanmar, as in other countries for them.

The Constitution also said, “ no part of the territory constituted in the Union such as Regions, States, Union Territories and self –administered Areas shall ever secede from the Union’. (10)

All armed forces in the Union shall be under the command of the defence Services.(338)

The strategy of the [people’s militia shall be carried out under the leadership of the Defence Services.( 340)

No foreign troops shall be permitted to be deployed in the territory of the Unio. ( 42 b)

Everybody have to come to the table on the end. This is not Thein Sein’s special efforts, or the new initiative of the new government, led by him. Thein Sein who is the elected President is materialising the Constitution, or putting the theories into practice. This is the Constitution adopted by National Convention. This is the constitution approved by the people in the referendum.

That is what Thein Sein is doing. There may be people who do not approve Thein Sein’s and his government efforts. Because all these have been tried again and again during these 63 years.Bjuty nothing has been done. He saying was don’t try, just do it, or no harm in trying.

Oppositions groups, armed( insurgents and terrorists, and unarmed ( Political parties) they are at the tables for talks, just because they come to the table to talk, that is not their weakness either. Some co-operating with the government, that is not their weakness. For that co-operation, they expect something in return. You see nothing is Free in real life.

When they come to the open, what they say, what they do, people have to listen carefully, people have to look carefully. Then the people with their own sense, and with their clear conscience, the people have to make decisions. That is democracy, that is how democracy should be( roughly).

Democracy is nothing to do with right or wrong. It is not from the streets it is not on the streets. Besides, anything can be imitate, anything can be a “ fakes”. People have to be very carefull as well. They must be able to choose, “ fake and genuine”.

Because whatever they may be fakes or genuine the people have to pay the price. The means may mean a lot of things, from being master of their own house to become slaves in their own house. From being employers, to become the workers.

Whatever decisions they make, the people will be responsible. The people will only reap, what they sowed. The people cannot escape from their responsibilities. They can blame and chuck away Thein Sein tomorrow, they can kick Mrs Aris out the day after. The responsibilities are still with the people.

Majority of the People of a nation must thoroughly understand what the politic , economic , social matters are. At least they must be aware of them. These are their issues, these are their matters. Also the people must understand what real Freedom is, what real Independence is, what a real Sovereign nation is. If you do no nunderstand , you need to learn, you still need to study. Because you may still be called an, “ ignorant” which you may not like it.

In Myanmar sayings one of them is , “ Ma Shi Da Htet – Ma Thi Dar Khet’. I have stated many times before, you will remember, you may understand. If the majority of the people are ignorant, that is a great danger to the democracy, and to the people themselves.
Whatever is happening in Rep of the Union of Myanmar today, many people will look at them from many different angles, they may be many different view. which will give us different opinions. The saying is, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion’. That entitlement is your entitlement, not others.

Positive, and negative views. In other words, Optimists, and Pessimists, because these are nature. They will be there whether you like it or not you accept it or not.

Asoe Myin Wahda, Akoung Myin Wahda. If anyone does not point out what he sees as Asoe, his view should be accompanied by his explanation, why he sees it as ‘Asoe’. Other should look into the matter, and make it good, correct it, mend it. If somebody said, ‘Akoung’, it should be explained why it is good, together with suggestions, how to make it better, to the best. That is the responsibility of the rest. Nobody should reject anybody because of their different views.

Personnel feelings, personnel greaves will always be there Some people moans, saying, “ Luu Phyit Ya Gyo Ma Nut’.( not worth being human). Then do something, to be worth, including drop dead, commit suicide, who ask you to live, whom is stopping you from dropping dead. Why don’t you kick your parents’ arses from bringing you up? Your parents are your government, you did not chose them, you did not elected them to be your parents. Did you? You are what you are, you become you through accident the result of a happening.

They parents were responsible to a certain extent. It is said, “ Pha-war Let Nhalone – Pakhone Let Nha Thit”. From your mother’s womb, till you grow up you parents have been taking care of you, looking after you. Wasn’t it something? The Parents have done their parent duties. What is your duty as a son/daughter, do you know? How much are your responsibilities. Sometimes they will say out of anger, “ as long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules, or get out’. Is that a,‘ dictatorship’? Are these the old and out dated beliefs, are they?

The experience of Rep of the Union of Myanmar, is in the past, Peace talks were held,, Peace negotiation were made, Peace agreements were reached. But never with each individual member of the armed groups, or unarmed groups. There seemed to be many leaderships, because they had many leaders, they are divided .One group with its own leadership, may sign an agreement with the government , the other group did not agree, they stayed behind carried on their illegal activities and against the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
For example , the Communists, KNU, Mon Tai, SSA , and others etc.

Communist Ye Ni Kyaw Win, Ye Ni May Myint, Hunter Thar Mhwe of KNU, Khun Za of Mon Tai and others made peace agreement with the government. But their second lieutenants, including the late Saw Bo Mya and Lin Htin from KNU, and made themselves leaders, and went back to the jungle carried on the unnecessary fight and struggle. These are a few examples.

In the United States of America, after the arrival of the Europeans during the process of building a nation. Indigenous natives were put in their place, by force some wiped out, became endangered species, and lost tribes.

Like it or not, in Myanmar nobody can wipe nobody out. If somebody is not wise up, they will come to that. Either among themselves, or some foreigners will come on the invitation or by gate crashing and do the same thing to all the Mynamars as they did to those original people, in US.

Now it seems like the pictures are more clearer in Myanmar . Opposition is backed by foreign power. At some of these peace talks, some foreign powers are behind. Funding and arming the insurgents and terrorists, are no more secret. In other countries opposition are openly help, and supplied with arms, missiles with air power and air cover, anti- aircraft missiles etc.

Mrs Aris and all opposition may be waiting for that kind of help from the West with air power and missiles attack. The opposition in Myanmar, and armed groups were hoping for, praying for , wishing for that kind of help in 1988.