Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 5-Mar-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

“ Akoung Myin Wahdi, “ or optimists, is always good, and “Asoe Myin Wahdi” pessimists are always everywhere, of course. Some time when you look at things only from positive side, as an optimist, you might believe negative side never exists. You might overlook the negative side of it. That will be a great loss, that would bring a great loss , will have great consequences in the future. ‘ For Want Of A Nail’, remember?

Some people said, Myanmar is fighting the longest civil war in the world. That is their assumption. I have read about the civil wars of the English, the Americans, the Spanish civil wars, and the war of American Independence. What happened in Myanmar, civil war, or the war of independence do not come close to those wars English or American or Spanish were fighting.

‘Yone Jin Yone - Mayone Yin Pon Byin Mhat’. Myanmars are good listeners to all sort of stories. Wher they believe it or not is irrelevant. There are no lack of stories tellers either. These stories may be making up stories, may be fictions, may be true and telling us their make up stories. Myanmar are used to all these stories. For 23 yerars, Myanmar is the subject of all these stories. Black and white Witches, and Wizard, sorcerers, magicians, illusionists are around in every society.

Five precepts, or Ten precepts ,or Ten Commandments etc., could not stop these people from making stories, and telling stories. Breaking all the precepts, and all the commandments is normal. Since man was created by so called God. Men been telling lies, killings looting robing thieving. That was why God had to give Ten Commandments, and told Moses to repeat these Ten Commandments to his people. But could not help a thing to change the situations. The armies led by Moses and Joshua were doing opposite to what God had commanded. Making people believe, what they are doing was, the will of the God.

‘Seeing is believing’. That is not 100% true, Especially today with advance science, and technology, and creating science- fictions, what are you going to believe, what you see, according to ‘ seeing is believing’ ? Don’t forget that your eyes can still trick you, deceive you.

Total rejection without proper investigation, or withouty proper study is ‘ wrong. BTW, there are not many TV stations or channels on MRTV. Myanmars have very little choice and no options. Besides, how many of the Myanmars know who owns these network, and newspapers. How many newspapers are printed and distributed every day , how many of them reach to what per cent of the public.

To visit Myanmar is advisable, should be encouraged . This visit was objected, and rejected by Mrs Aris, and her NLD party. The visit will not give you the whole true picture. Depends which part of Myanmar you were visiting. You have to live there at least three months travel to places in a public transport. Live like them, eat like them, dress like them, use the same transport system , sick like them and have a real taste, of all typical Myanmar ways of life, study them. Look at Yangon, and Myanmar, not from on top of five stars hotels. You will see everything flat, you won’t see real Yangon or real Myanmar. You have to go down to the street level to see the realities.

Not every Tom Dick and Harry can talk to any leaders in Myanmar, not even the parliamentarian from your township. Parliamentarians have their Parliamentarian Privileges. He may or may not be able to answer your particular question. Government leaders and opposition may be too busy, they may have no time to see you or talk to you.

Men on the streets will tell you anything, what would you like to hear? They may telling you , be nothing by saying, ‘ I am not interested in politic, I am doing and minding my own business. He may be telling you the tyruth, but the west used to say, ‘ Myanmars are living in Fear. Mrs Ari spoke of Freedom from Fear’, and second independence revolution, radicle changes etc.

How will you check what they say is right or true. As you have rightly said, “ They will get many answers of course, from different perspectives. Then they can form their own opinions”.
“ I for one have visited Myanmar once in November 2011 and once again in Feb 2012. What is happening in Myanmar is really incredible and unbelievable”. Within a year ? Then there must be some witch or wizard with a magic wand, for sure no doubt it. Myanmars are capable people and they are resourceful, they are talented , they are not empty people . They have just wasted 63 years for nothing. They have kicked Aung San’s face Aung San told them to work hard for at least 20 years. Why was he assassinated?

To answer your question, straight and bluntly, I would say, regarding Mrs Aris, Government has no choice’ it has to give in, Government is cornered”. Government was black mailed and the countries in west ganged up on Myanmars, because countries in Europe dare not say ‘ no’ to US. Mrs Aris will be the minority , majority is UNSP and others including 25%, Tatmadaw delegates in the Hluttaws.

Remember and don’t ever forget that 1988 uprising was designed for the opportunists like( Mrs Aris).

“There will always be Nay Sayers, Doubters, Skeptics ANC rumor mongers. Let them be.” Let them be, let them be ? That is what I am afraid of ‘Democracy’, you can say what you like, I will say what you want to hear, and I will do what I like. Not in my dictionary, that is not genuine democray, that ism a fake one, created by the fakes, and bogus a like. I don’t accept that.

“Win -Win solution”, is just a figure of speech. There will always be winners, and there will always be losers, we like it or not, These winners and losers must have ability to smile, win or lose. Because, ‘ Free and Fair ’ can be twisted , it’s been twisted once too many. In every country, the governments, or the political parties, which are not favoured by the west, all elections are The west will interpret, translate in their own ways, and branded, as not free, not fair, rigging, and mal practice, if the favoured party does not winners.

I hope and I would like to believe that everything in politic is for some people is like Monkey eating banana. Banana is the monkey’s favourite, Monkey is the expert on eating bananas.
The duty, and responsible for a ruler, or a government i , “to make the governed happy”. The people of Myanmar, where most of them are Buddhists. Being Buddhists do not mean they are pessimists or optimists, but they are realists. Gautama Buddha was a realist.’

“Thy will be done, on earth and it is in heaven,” is not the Buddhists belief, neither what ever happening in the world is done by God or the will God.” In my view, some man are misusing Gods, and abusing the God, if there is one, to say it is the will of God, is escaping from the responsibilities washing hands , “I don’t do nothing I was just obeying the God” God has no chance to admit or deny. Because Godm is not real.

Myanmars will be the winners, if overall winners will be, the people , the Myanmars as well as some people from outside who trades with us. It is not the will of any God, it is not the creation, it is the efforts of all human.

The past grievances, cannot be forgotten, should not be forgotten. The people and the nation has their own history, good or bad. They should be recorded as they are , to take lessons from them lessons . What is good, what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, normal people will know. Their conscience will tell them. And they should act normally follow their conscience.

Knowing good or bad, right and wrong we must be able to do the right things. The right thing for all the people to benefit, everyone has to do selflessly. To say, ‘we are human , we are not perfect’. cannot be, should not be the excuse. Otherwise , there won’t be such phrased as, “ Practice makes Perfect”.

The history tells us many things, because we Myanmars are no bastards, we have our history, our own as well as with the foreigners. We learn this Myanmar history , as well as the history of other people, and their history.

The history is repeating all over the world. What are we going to do about that? So the advice to “forget our about past grievances, past hatreds, past wrong doings from either side’ is not logic. Do you know what other side is doing, or can you not see what they are doing? How can you forget that. That may be ignoring, that may be taken as neglecting our own people and our own nation. 21 st century is no time and place for the ignorance.
Everyone wants to better their life, some people loot, rob, steal. Not because they don’t have, but because that is their habit ( Bad Habitt) . You cannot stop them with Metta Suttta, that is for sure.

People ask for the rule of laws, they have the right to ask. But do they know the law is the law, the law is not ‘justice. There are so many people in prisons, because of laws, because of the rules of laws, without any justice, all over the world.Noitn to mentioned those detained without charge or put on trials.
Rep Public of Union of Myanmar is a small country, the size of the leaf from plum tree.

The education of Myanmar is not that bad, in the past or at present. Because there are no job guarantees that you will get a proper job after you are graduated, young ones lost interest in continuing education, they cannot waste any more time in the colleges and Universities. In Myanmar there are no jobs available. They want to get out and work. Those who are working in foreign land have had their basic education in Myanmar. They may have further education related to their profession in foreign land. When they came out from Myanmar, they were not empty headed.

The trouble is, some Myanmars and their mentality, they think they are empty, and they think Myanmar Naing Gan, and Myanmars are empty ones. The inferiority complex taken over them. If Myanmar is an empty one, nobody will bother to accept Myanmars for any job.

Nothing is impossible, there may be something we have not done yet. That is we have no confidence, we don’t trust each other. These, confidence, and trust has to be built up. Nobody can work together, if they don’t trust each other. Especially when somebody said , “ there has to be Unity, and a sense for the future”. That means he realises that we are not United, we have no sense. He may not be wrong.

Myanmars individually have better relation with the West. The sore relation is between themselves, over race, over religion, over every little thing, because they are narrow minded, their eyes are narrow.

If Myanmars cannot trust Myanmars, each other how can they trust the outsiders ? Well Myanmars trust outsiders more than their own people. I don’t see why. All I can say is Myanmars do not know the value of anything. Myanmars are easy going or easy riders if not free riders ,free loaders . They don’t know how much does it realy worth whatever is in their hands. If they can sell it for one Kyat , they won’t look for K/1000 .They will accept one Kyat. That is how some Myanmars are. Some outsiders know too well about Myanmars. Call it exploitation, call it manipulation, as long as Myanmars agree to sell it for one Kyat, that ‘agreement’ is what that counts.m That's what an agree,ment means. That’s the nature of trade, and that’s the nature of economy. That is what is called ‘speculation towards accumulation'.

On the other hand, how can the outsiders trust Myanmars. The outsiders will make sure they are in control. They won’t let Myanmars have, ‘Free hands’ . Well , there is an exception. Some people believe outsiders especially the whites are the human , Myuanmars trust the whites. “ Aphu Myin Mha Luu Htin’.
It may sounds ugly, it may tastes bitter, but it is true to some extent.

This "Free and Fair elections”. The more I hear these ‘Free and fair, the more my suspicion and the more question arises. What is ‘Free and Fair”, I don’t understand what ‘Free and Fair’ is.
How can it be ‘Free and Fair when the whole western is campaigning on behalf of Mrs Aris, from radios, and television openly without any shame. She seem to like it, enjoying it, she seem to agree with them. in my view she is a corrupt, very corrupt person. If some say the Generals were corrupt , then Mrs Aris is no better than them, she is worse.

What do they mean by, “Free and Fair, what ‘Free and Fair are they talking about?

On 1 Apri 2012, there will be by elections. Win or lose Mrs Aris and her comrades must win. They will. By the month of May, Mrs Aris and some of her NLD members may be in the Parliament as elected members.

The most important thing is no Myanmar should not be cornered, no Myanmar should be anybody’s puppets, let alone poodles. Because there are many other Myanmars, who are independent .

We can only wait and see, but we cannot pray. Praying or prayers won’t help anyone, anything. We have to do something, the right thing. What is the right thing ? It depends. Because it is said, that “every actions has its equal and opposition reactions”.