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She Should Not Be The Cause Of Myanmars’ Mishaps.
Here is the news.
Myanmar's Suu Kyi says reforms could be reversed
David Ljunggren, ReutersMarch 1, 2012, 4:39 am

Reuters © Enlarge photo
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said on Wednesday it was too early to declare democratic reforms brought in after five decades of military rule were irreversible and played down talk of accepting a cabinet seat.
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) will contest 48 by-elections in April that could give political credibility to the isolated southeast Asian state and help speed the end of Western sanctions.
==================================================================Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Did you notice in the photo , who are behind Mrs Aris? Look at the photo carefully which accompanied the above news. I am not sure what you see. What I am seeing is Mrs Aris is watched by the foreigners , or so called European Parliamentarians. These so called European are always behind her.

She cannot say she is not under the watchful eyes or under the great influence of these Europeans. How much great pressures I do know, but for some she is a great woman. Is she breathing with her own nose or not? Who is watching who , and who is bewitching who?

Myanma Tatmadaw or Tatmadaw backed Government is not fighting against Mrs Aris, but fighting against US lead allied governments, for over 23 years now, where WW II lasted only 6 years.

The big question is which part of Myanmar tradition, custom, culture, and way of life are Myanmars going to change? Which part of the world’s tradition, custom, culture and the way of the world do Myanmars we to accept?

Mrs Aris needs to learn and must learn, and learn very quick, so that she can at least understand the history of Myanmar, compiled by U Kalar, U Pe Maung Tin, Dr Tin Aung. Or compiled by any European ? I bet she read Myanmar history compiled by her late husband Michael Aris ,and others.

The Constitution 2008, approved by the people in the referendum, and whatever enshrined in that constitution, she does not agree, she does not approve of, those she objected. She does not need to tell us anything. We know what’s in her mind, crystal clear. We don’t like it. But there may be some who likes her, admire her. For them the smell of her fart is sweeter than Channel 9. It is a nature, like and dislike are everywhere going together. For the foreigners, she is a good investments, she is useful.

This constitution is meant for National Reconciliation, for National Unity. The same as 1974, or 1947. The idea of these Constitution was all Myanmars to be solidified as one people in one nation. The constitution as a base, and to have progress, and further developments on the part of National Reconciliation, and National Unity. We need to go forward, NOT to go backward.
If there are any danger, and threats to these, anything can happened whether she wish it or not predicts it or not. She should not be the cause of it. If she does not wish to hear the world ‘ Solidified’, then that’s her hard luck.

Is she afraid of, living in fear, when Myanmars reconciled, and united, she will lose her place? What would she do if she was in a position with necessary authority or power, or to have her own ways? She is against the constitution, whatever is in the constitution, she will do anything opposite to whatever is in the Constitution, because she was the opposition she oppose the Constitution from the very beginning. Mrs Aris is an opposition, she is the head of all opposition if I am not wrong?

She does not have to favour or disfavour anybody. The history Until this NR, and NU are solidified. reconciliation and unity is unified, , Nothing to do with UNSP.

‘Free and Fair’, is the talk of the town, Free and Fair is the name of the game. Who is Free and who is Fair, in the world, is that you, are you?

In the past , when her father Aung San met Lord Lois Mauntbatten in Ceylon (Siri Lanka) , he was asked to dismantle Burma Independence Army and to serve as Inspector General , to accept Burma(Myanmar) dominion status. Aung San said it was not up to him. He quit from BIA and became civilian politician. But when he was assassinated, his dead body was prepared in, ‘military uniform’.

Suppose to be her own words, "Some are a little bit too optimistic about the situation. We are cautiously optimistic. We are at the beginning of a road," "Ultimate power still rests with the army so until we have the army solidly behind the process of democratization we cannot say that we have got to a point where there will be no danger of a U-turn. Many people are beginning to say that the democratization process here is irreversible. It's not so,"

What is the message is she sending out, and how others will translate them interpret them or take actions depends.
"Since the offer has not been made I think it would be premature and rather presumptuous to make an answer to that," she said when asked about joining the cabinet.

Myanmar saying says, “ A Tharr Lo Low – Ayoh Taung,”,asking for bones , which really means flesh. If she was given the post of Presidency, or Vice Presidency, Prime Ministershi , or Foreign Secretary, what will be her choice? What does she really want?
If she is under the influence of the European, she cannot quit. She will not quit. If she quits that will be surrender. She will be down and out, back to England, or she will be a, ‘ lonely bitch on the sand bank, on the lonely planet.

Mrs Aris, may be the daughter of Aung San, she may have the gene of Aung San, but she is not Aung San. When Aung San was alive , Tatmadaw was behind him, Myanmar Patriots Politicians were behind him all the way. Who really are behind Mrs Aris in the country is the big question. If the foreigners are not behind her, she has nobody.

Aung San who was the leader of Myanmar , head or thirty comrade himself backed the winner. “the British’ . The winners were not only the British in 1947, it was with the US . Otherwise Aung San would be tried as a traitor, for murder, and be hanged . That’s what the Brits., did to Saya San and his revolutionaries, and many others Myanmars who resisted their rule, who defied them. Sadly, the mercenaries such as Kayins and Kachins had six battalions in the British - Burma Army.

Myanmars nature, is to back the winner jump the fence. Our leaders showed us. How to jump the fence. So at least Myanmar jump the wagon. Not hard to look, we have seen them right before our very own eyes. That is one of the bad habits of Myanmars. ‘ Yaw Yein Bathar Yein, Wai Lai Lai.When will they change their bad habits?

According to that news, Mrs Aris also said, "We do have many allies among the ethnic nationality parties and we are confident that we will gain more allies as we go along," .

I hope she knows what she is talking about, I hope these are her own words. In her own way either she is a very clever, very stupid , very cunning ,or a very wicked woman to say that.
The tradition or the custom, or culture, and their Myanmar way of life what are these in politic, economy , social, and military terms?

Well, Myanmar is always, rule by dictators, or monarchs , like many other nations on earth in the past or at present in many countries. These dictators, monarch ruler, foreign, or domestic are supported by their armies (Tatmadaws).

Even in democratic system a nation must have a strong modern Tatmadaw, to protect and defend the people , the nation , and its system whatever it may be or their way of life. What is Myanmar way of life, is it still there? How much of these do we need to change. What afre we going to change? Which traditions, customs, culture, and way of .ife, are we going to change, is there anything left to change?
Myanmar’s tradition, and custom is ruled by the rulers, dictator, or monarch, supported by the Tatmadaw. The ruler is not necessarily the government. We learned about the Hluttaw, or parliament during Mindon ruleof Konbon Dynasty. It was said, Aloung Paya U Aung Zeya was the choice of the people at least from the 36 villages, during the time Mons were ruling the so called wholeof Myanmar. No government members was elected, by the people. They were selected and appointed by the King who was the absolute ruler. That is some part of Myanmar’s tradition customs, culture and way of life.

In the United States of America, there may be local, or State Government elected by the people. But the central Government in Washington D.C,. was selected by the President, who was elected by the people, and appointed by the President and approved by the senate, whom were elected by the people. It could confuse some people among other things. You can say it in both ways or anyway in this imperfect corrupt world. This is a corrupt world because man is corrupt in many ways. This is the tradition , this is the custom, this is the culture of the world, this is the way the world is, it’s always been.

Free and Fair, what are they, who is Free, and who is Fair? Are you a free man, are you a Fair man.

Whatever it may be, life goes on, the show must go on with changes. According to Gautama, change is imminent. The question is how fast, and how far do we have to change, need to change.

If that is the case, Mrs Aris also need to change, don’t you think so?