Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 27-Feb-2012  
Federalism, Feudalism , or Apartheid System .
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Please read carefully, to understand.

Myanmar must never allow any form of, ‘ Apartheid System ‘, in their land of Myanmars either in the form of Federalism, or Feudalism , or even in Unionism.

Federalism, or Feudalism, are Apartheid System. What are they in common? They all are base on Ultra Nationalism, discrimination against anyone who are not their nationals not their race, not their colour or not their religion. Thanks to out great leaders for we Myanmar managed and escaped from Apartheid System, so far. No,matter what the so called some armed ethnic minority people are saying . the fact of the matter is the majority Bamars race most of them are Buddhists, are discriminated against by these ethnic Ultra Nationalists.

They were encouraged, and favoured by outside power during their period of rule through divide and rule policy. That policy seems to be continuing working until now. Former colonial masters and their colleagues in the west are putting pressures on the government of Rep of the Union of Myanmar to favour the ethnic people . They are behind them.

Rightly or wrongly, for the so called political correctness, the word ‘Bamar’ or ‘Burma’ is gradually disappearing. The word Bamar, is some kind of the Taboo. This word Bamar can be found only in the books. Yet ethnic race are not satisfied, Some Myanmar are start thinking and they are afraid, under the pressures of the foreign power who are behind ethnic people in Myanmar . There may be laws enacted, saying that it is an offence to use the word ,‘Bamar’ or ‘Burma’.

In reality the ’ Bamars’ are losing almost everything.
Nobody is talking about Bamars. Nobody cares about Bamars. Thanks to Gautama Buddha for Bamars are still existing race, they are not endangered human species, nor the lost tribe yet . These may be the unjustified worries. Bamars are quiet people, they know what to do, and when to do, and how to do. Most of them may be the,’ Buddhists’, but they are not, ‘ the Buddhas’. BTW, these’ Bamars’, of Myanmar are not to be mixed up with the African tribe of ‘Barma’, from Chad. Bamars of Myanmar have nothing to do with Bamar of Chad. No connection, no relations at all.

All the constitutions of Rep of the Union of Myanmar , mentions States, name after each national race or ethnic group, but not, ‘ Bamar.’

That already is more than enough, or more than they can bare. When the latest Newest Constitution 2008 was approved by the people in the referendum, there is nothing, anybody can do. Because it has become, ‘the will of the people’ . It has to be respected, it has to be protected.

If we take a few times, and study former British colonies such as ,South Africa, Myanmar, India etc., we will find traces of Apartheid System imposed by the British Administration. I say this because so many Myanmar referred to South Africa, when they talk about Myanmar. Original indigenous tribal were treated a little better than dogs. In Australia, native Aborigines people owns only the’ red mound’. The rest of the continent is taken by whites.

In our land of Myanmars, similar events took place during British rule. But it was Bamars, who were Buddhists, and who resisted the British rule, who suffered most. The constitution of 1947 was greatly influence by the British, even the Panlong Convention was watch closely by the British representatives, Aung San could hardly move. That was the constitution which created the division and problems for Myanmar Naing Gan Daw or for all Myanmars.

This division also reflex on all the religions in Myanmar, because Christian are making drama out of their religion. Not to forget that Christians minority are the ones who are launching religious war against Bamars , and Buddhists. Christians are always waging war on other people and other religions. In other parts of the world as well.

It is a well-known fact. With the Muslims, they called it ‘ Crusade’, and with the Buddhist they call it ‘anti Communist ‘. It seems that the Christian West regards Buddhism as, ‘Communism’, and Buddhists as, ‘ communists’. The west knows very well that, China, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, are Buddhist countries. The west had destroyed some of them and in process of destroying the rest.

It has been proven that Even today, Muslims in United States of America are not free, they could not sleep soundly, securely their business and movements are closely watched. Muslims in US do not know whether they will have face to wash, teeth to brush next morning, when they wake up next morning. Internet, emails are being watch as well. Freedom is limited in the land of the Free. That is one of the realities in US.

Apartheid system in the name of Christian, in the form of Christianity existed everywhere in Myanmar, during British time. Other Myanmars who converted themselves into Christians through Christian missionaries were spared became British favourite, favoured by the British and the Christian west.

It is said that the Christians in Myanmar belong to American Baptist Sect of Christianity. The translator of the Holy Bible was said to be, ‘ Judson’. Today Myanmar is the result of this Apartheid System by the British. The extreme Christians are, with all the excuses revolting against the rules of Myanmars, since 1948, to please the British, accusing it was a Bamar domination In Burma. The late Prime Minister U Nu, was branded as a culprit, he was even called, ‘Kayin Nu’, instead of Thakin Nu for many reasons.

Thanks to all the governments of Myanmar, or Myanma Tatmadaw in particular which managed to prevent all out racial, and religious conflict in the land of Myammars.

Before India gained Independence in 1947 from the British, some form of Apartheid was introduced by the British asking, ‘Hindu India, or Muslim India’ ? As a result Hindus and Muslims killing each other. In the end ‘All India’ was divided into three parts as Pakistan, India, and East Pakistan. One brand new human race was born, a ‘ Pakistanis’ and ‘ Hindustanis’.

Later through the intervention of India, East Pakistan became separate independent country as Bangladesh, a brand new Islamic nation. An area between Pakistan and India called Kashmir, is also divide into Indian part and Pakistan part. Occasionally Indian and Pakistan are still fighting over it, sometimes heavily.

Myanmar never had this Apartheid system. But some ethnic people from ethnic groups, knowingly or without knowingly seem to prefer to have, Federalism, which is Neo Feudalism which will lead them to individual small Apartheid nations . Ethnic groups of Shan, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah , Mon and Yakhine want their own territory for their own nationals, with their own government.

About these Kayins in particular, who are living along the border between Thailand , and Myanmar, fighting for independence under British protection, since 1948, it is difficult to differentiate who are really Myanmar Kayins, and who are Thai Kayins. The same as Yakhine Muslims , Myanma Muslims of Myanmar , Rohinjas, or Bagladeshi.

In 1971, when Bangalis population in East Pakistan assisted by India revolted against Pakistan , war broke and millions of refugees spilled over Myanmar. Some never went back settled down in Yakhine . After the war Yakhine population did not do anything about it. The problem still hangs on, the same as the Kachin fleeing into China, when Myanma Tatmadaw attacks KIA.

Myanmar Kayins called themselves ‘ Pakka-nyaw’, and they refer to Bamars as, ‘Payaw’. But some Christian Kayins called themselves ‘Karen’ as if they are another ethnic race ion Myanmar. There never was any ‘ Karen ‘ in Myanmar or Kayin,( Pakka Nhyaw , or Payaw history. They are known as Kayin. Most of all these Christians who called themselves, ‘Karens’ want to establish their own independent country as, ‘ Kaw Thu Lay’. There are nations with Federalism, in the world , but their circumstances and situations are different from Myanmar.

This is a big problem, bigger than we thought or bigger than we can handle. When India and Pakistan parted into three separate countries there were mass migration, and mass murders .

We must understand that when the English speaking people ruled the world by force, they gave names to everything everybody to suit their tongue, because they could not pronounce many words. The world history written in English or even in the Holy Bible, names and usages are in English. In reality, and in truth, for the locals, they have never heard of the names, pronunciation, what the English speaking people are talking about.

In Myanmar, and in many countries names giving by English are scraped and changed. We Myanmar have our own language, our own literature, and our own culture. BTW, these’ Bamars’, of Myanmar are not to be mixed up with the African tribe of ‘Barma’, from Chad.

New Constitution 2008 is never the less the Federalism, but without the room for Apartheid system. Some ethnic are not convince , they don’t trust this constitution, simply because they don’t get 100% of what they want, They have another plan. To be British, protectorate, to be in the British commonwealth, to be the British dominion is their original plan. The thorn on the side of the Myanmar Naing Gan Daw.

When Pakistan and Hindustan had to be parted, thousands of people had to die, including women and children, old and sick. Many of them were hacked to death by both side. When Kayin Barmar conflicts, Tayote Bamar, or Kalar Bamar riots happened, they were not as bad as Pakistan and Hindustan, or Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda. Because, Myanma Tatmadaw was protecting every Myanmar, and every religion in Myanmar without any discrimination. No matter how Kayin and some other Christians troubles makers draw the picture, all Myanmars are no fools. Apartheid was never allowed in Myanmar it will never be whether under Federalism, or Feudalism, or Unionism.

The question was Federalism, Feudalism and Apartheid System, what are they in common? Well, as an ignorant I don’t see any difference in them. Black and white in South Africa, may be the cause. Who are the blacks, and who are the whited in Myanmar ?

There is no white rule in Myanmar to day. 60 or 70 years ago may be. We know what Apartheid is, we have tasted in our own country, when the white were ruling us. We thought we have come off it in 1948. But some Kayins took arms and fought against the government and against the Bamars, created Apartheid System of their own. Kayins are the most racists, especially Kayin Christians in Myanmar. How are they behaving in Australia against black Aborigines , I have no way of telling . These Kayins think only the Whites are the human beings, only the whites are their master. They have been well trained by the masters.

Other ethnic people in Myanmar, who are Christians follow the ideas of Kayins, who are in favour of Federalism, Feudalism, racist Apartheid System. We have witnessed these systems in the world and how they worked, who formulated. Different peoples, may have different views, depend on their different experience.
In Myanmar some fanatic from some ethnic race are sowing the seeds of hatred . They are the racists, in one way or the other. Like in United States of America, in Canada, Australia, and in some other countries these kind of racists were never allowed. They were wiped out before they wipe others out. Rep of the Union of Myanmar, where there are eight major ethnic peoples, and not less than 135 groups of ethnic national races, somebody has to stand up and wipe these racists out totally.

It is a known fact , and fair to say that since Christian missionary were allowed into Myanmar, people were divided on race, and religious distinctions. During British rule ethnic minority were recruited into British Army to supressed Bamars, and other ethnic ( shan) who defied them. Mostly majority in Myanmar, were denied their human rights ( today’s term) by the British.

Since British had to leave Myanmar in 1948. Some Kayin took arms, and fought against the Government of Union of Myanmar , saying Bamar domination , demanded for Kayin Independent Nation, under British protection. It is said that, now Kayin (KNU)are demanding the so called ‘ genuine Federalism, where the Kayin State will have their own automy’.

With all these back ground history, and others, Feudal States, or Federal System will surely bring in Apartheid system into Myanmar . It is far away from National Reconciliation, far away from National Unity. Which Nationalities are ready and prepared to Unite as one people?

Whoever the leaders of the Nation of Myanmars may be, he must avoid with all cost to reject any form of Apartheid system. National Reconciliations mean religious harmony, without it there can be no National Unity.

What some people already referred to Myanma Tatmadaw as regime which ethnic armed are fighting against is very simple to understand. It was Bama Tatmadw which led Myanmars to liberate Nation of Myanmars from British, and the Japanese and established as Union of Myanmar.

This Tatmadaw was founded with the help of the Japanese, to fightg aghainst Briotish Imperialists. British Empire, Japan lost the war , Japan understands why Myanma Tatmadaw hjad to jumped the fence.

But British will never forget and forgive Myanma Tatmadaw for what they see as betraying them. In fact, British retreat from Burma, to India without defending , or protecting Burma and Burmese people, but only to safe themselves, their families, and their cronies.

For the British and it cronies, and its allies, this Myanma Tatmadaw is undesirable, this Myanma Tatmadaw is unwanted. It cannot be allowed to exist as Myanma Tatmadaw, it cannot be allowed to be strong . This Myanma Tatmadaw must be made weak. This spirit of Myanma Tatmadaw must be broken. This Tatmadaw must either surrender to the west, knee down to the west, or reorganised, and shape, and train by the British, and the west to serve the interests of the West.

Who could be more useful than Myanmar ethnic races, what could be more suitable than Apartheid System to divide and rule.