Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 25-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and friends,

The problems are many, the troubles never ceasing in Myanmar. I am too much involve, some of them may be my doing, when? I don’t know, I don’t remember. I cannot escape, I am not trying to escape from the realities.

I am just wondering what Gautama Would do if he was alive and living today? He foresaw the human problems, that may be why he tried and managed to escape. leave us with escape route. Do you think we will escape, or we have to face these human problems. And do something about them. Can we all go the Phone Gyi Kyaung and become Phone Gyi to escape from human problems ?

You know very well as much as I do. In the case of Myanmar, according to Myanmars’own saying, which is, “ Mashi Dar Htet – Mathi Dar Khet’. That means lack of knowledge, or shall we say, ‘ignorance (aka) delusion’. That must be it.

Let me put it this way, Myanmars do not know, much about the modern world. They don’t have enough knowledge about the modern world in this nuclear age, or space age. Somebody might argue they have been there ( modern world), they have achieved ‘ Myay Show – Moe Pyan’ travelled in the sky and underground . They have had lights at a click of their fingers.

Rockets and space ships were not needed Michael Angelo did not have to invent had the basic idea to create a helicopter. Some people might say, as near as over two thousand six hundred years ago some people been Zan travelling through space, already without machines, withoiut space suits,m or oxygen tanks. Some people might say they have travelled using flying carpets, and flying horses, life one, as well as mechanical ones. Well, what can I say? If that is true, that was over two thousand years ago or may be more.

Today is different, today is another day. In this modern world of 21 century, everyone becomes materialists. Even spiritualists, and spiritual leaders live on materialists. I don’t call them pesticides.

If I have said, Myanmars are not progressing, not improving during the last three hundred or one thousand years, or long, long before that, people might think and say I am a mad one . I will take it. Because Gautama Buddha had said, ‘ Pu-htu-zin Naw- Ohmma Dagaw’ . Call me what they want I they know I am not wrong.
Let me repeat this. I was talking to a friend of mine about our way of life, Myanmar way of life, or the teachings of Gautama Buddha, how we understand them, and how we putting them into practice, and how far have we come, where are we now, etc.

I was asking him to compare Myanmar to United States. Which is senior to which? Let us compare 300 years period of United States and Myanmar. Man matters most. United States is made, or build by men. We Myanmars are also men. We are proud to say we are more civilised, we are senior, we are Buddhists etc.

Do we know what we are saying? Anawrathta promoted Buddhism in Myanmar a thousand years ago in 11 century according to records. Buddhism was already established in Mons, Yakhine , Sri Lanka, and even China . Anawrahta had to travel so far, in difficulties in those days, to bring Buddhism to Myanmar. Buddhism was already 1600 years old when it reached Anawrahta, and the Myanmars.

King Mindon who took initiative to hold 5 th Covention of Buddhist Councils, in Mandalay,and put Tripidaka on the marble labs, at the foot of Mount Mandalay. Mindon made Mandalay the centre for Buddhist teaching. Next one was U Nu , of course.
What is Buddhism got to do with nation building, or making of the nation. Some said none. Some said not to mix up with the mundane matters . Buddhism as a religion, or a way of life is everything to do with politics, or mundane matters . You cannot separate it away from politic.

Otherwise Gautama would not be telling us abouty Four Noble Truth, Noble Eightfold Path, or 38 Mangalas. All these are everything to do with our daily life, our real life. It is the Politic of our life , to better our daily life , to make our lives comfortable.

We have to know what is that we are suffering from, what do we need to do, how to do it . They are all in Wheel Of Dhamma, ( Dhamma Setkyar) or the first sermon of Gautama Buddha. After all it is said, all Buddhas teached the same.

Some of us may be Buddhists, they may be would be Buddha, they wish or pray to be, but they are not Buddha today , not yet. I don’t think many of us understand the meanings of the teachings of all Buddhas. Some learned people summarised the Buddha’s teachings as follow;

‘Not to do evil, to do good, to purify the mind’. Simple as these words may seem, they may be simple enough for a child to understand, but may take many life time to perfect. Gautama Buddha died( took Parinirvana) over two thousand six hundred years ago. His teachings live on. Jesus died 2012 years ago, his teachings also live on, and for the followers of his teaching, Jesus is still alive and well.

I am not preaching you Buddhism by any means. What I am saying is, everybody, ‘ to do the right thing’ as Gautama had told us. So that we can do the right things or to put the right man in the right place. First , we have to make this’ man’ or men to be perfect .

The problems, and the troubles which are created by man, due to their greed, anger and mostly because of their ignorance, in our land of Myanmars, though we know what they are, and correcting them, amending them , they will take years to perfect.
May I take this as opportunity and bring in some other points. The realities of today, and the problems of today, what troubling the Myanmars today, the pressing matters.

Agree or disagree is not the point. Yin and Yan, Positive and Negative. They are normal. The point is, having good conversation, friendly debate, healthy discussion to express our views in order, cool and calm, for the benefit of everybody in the land of Myanmars. Let me leave all other beings of the 10,000 Universes for a while.

Where will Gautama Buddha’s teachings, and the teachings of all other Buddhas be, if there was no Shin Thari-Pottara, or Shin Maha Maut-Ga-Lan to repeat to us. how precise, and exact words were they. I am not neglecting anything, I am not ignoring nothing. I can do so if I want to.

Since New government took over things look brighter, even though the clouds have not all gone to give us clear sky. ‘ Clear Sky’ may be wishful thinking, because there will always be clouds somewhere in the Myanmar’s sky.

I have stated many times, or gave beef as example. Everybody has their way of preparing this beef into a dish, to their tastes to suit them, the way they like using their local ingredients. It may be called beef curry, beef stew, beef steak, beef burger etc., etc. But the main ingredient is the beef. The beef is beef. Beef is more valuable than the precious gold.

A 24 caret gold ring can lost its original name as gold, and ;lost its value when it added other precious stones. For example Gold will be neglected, ignored, and called into Diamond ring, Sapphire ring, Ruby ring or 9 Nawarats ring, etc.

I cannot do many things, but I can say a lot of things, express a lot, because there are so many things to do in Myanmar, to be done in Myanmar, everybody must do them together. This togetherness is still, ‘ essential commodity ,’ in our land of Myanmars.

Friendly advices, constructive suggestions are needed with the will to make a nation for all people as one people. Or one Tatmadaw to protect, and defend the people, and the nation of Myanmars. To protect One People in One Nation will be much more easier for One Tatmadaw.

Vietnam used to have two great and different Tatmadaws. One in the North, headed by patriotic Vietnamese, another in the South, led by puppets, and cronies, or the lackeys, or the poodles of the west. These two Vietnam Tatmadaws have become one Tatmadaw, Cambodia had one Tatmadaw because all Vietnamese in North and South have become one people again in one nation. Remember East and West Germany.

The will of the people is the will of the leaders. Sometimes the will of the leaders are the will of the people. Because the leaders are from the people, all people are not all the leaders.