Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 24-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Buddhism is Sweet and Gentle, it may be kind and Sentimental. In other words,‘Loving kindness’. But where does this Buddhism taken us to is the question.

Christians also teaches ‘loving kindness’, as well. From where does this loving kindness come from? In fact Gautama Buddha, and Jesus Christ were about 600 years different. Jesus was born, and died 2012 years ago, according to some records.Gautama was 600 years earlier.

Some hear say, or rumours even said there was something missing in Jesus’s early life. Disappeared from the Some believed he was in India studying Buddhism, especially he was fond of Mitta Sutta. All these are hear say, nobody should take them seriously.
Loving kindness or not, among the Buddhists, it is said, ‘Thutt Ye Mha Min Phyit’, whom dares wins, or if you don’t want to kill. Don’t try to be King.

Among Christians they also say,” You have to be cruel to be kind’. How these two sayings related to each other? Nobody is better than nobody. Someone pointed out, “How we apply his ( Gautama’s ) teachings is entirely up to us”. I don’t disagree one bit, instead, I totally agree with him. As a matter of fact Gautama and Jesus were human after all.

In our land of Myanmars, during the Socialist era, under BSPP. It was a cry, a political, a philosophical cry. It said, ‘Man Matters Most’. It is the man who does good things, or bad things It is the man who said it is good or it is bad.

Man is the creator, man is the destroyer. Some people go as far as saying, Man even create Gods.It is the Man who said who is God, and which is God in reality. Man has his own choice of God or Gods. Some people believe there are more than one God. Like a government cabinet, and cabinet ministers, each one is responsible for his own job or task given to perform.

Myanmar saying is ,' Nat Koh ma M har Zay Ne', careful not to worship the wrong God'..

It is said that Anawrahta introduced Buddhism He took it from Thahton ( Mon Kingdom)and promoted to Myanmar Proper, in 11 century. Shin Arahan was said to be the one who
came to Tha-hton, some called it. ‘ Thu Wunna Bommi’. How many, ‘ Thu Wunna Bommi’were there that time I don’t know. Shin Arahan brought it and introduced the Buddhism to Mons.

What I am trying to say is, whether in Tha Hton, or in Myanmar Proper since Buddhismwas introduced since or around 11 th century, what happened to the people of Myanmars or the land of Myanmars? Tha hton in the Kingdom of Mons was beaten, because Bamars who were not Buddhists yet were so strong and fierce, or the Mons who were Buddhistwere so weak and crippled. At the end of the day, Bamars, or Myanmars were beaten bythe Christians led British and their missionaries. Ever since Christians are creating problems, given troubles to Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, on the basis of their religion , ethnic race and nationalities.

Myanmar saying is, ‘ Sin Thay Go Seit Yey Ne Phone Maya’. You cannot hide, the body of the dead elephant, under a goat skin.

There may be many things, that the history doesn’t tell us. If they don’t, they must have good reasons. The possibility is they must be bad. We should not try too hard, or bother to find out. To create un necessary tensions among concern people.

History, Chronicle, are recorded of course wherever possible, but when to compile as a history book, bad and sad, events, or some facts are hidden, some events never revealed everywhere in every country, under Official Secret Acts. They might reveal it
after immediate generation or next generations.

We are alive, and living today, we should look forward and prepare to survive, to be alive and living better. That may be called progress, that may be developments, that may be
modernization. Nobody should be thinking of the past, memorising, living in the past.

There were no such things as , ‘ good old days’, because today is better than any other day, or yesterday.

Let me comeback to Buddhism, and Myanmars. Since it was introduced, by Shin Arahan inMon Kingdom, or promoted by Anawrahta ion Myanmar proper, what happened to the
land of Myanmars. What kind of progress, what kind of developments, what kind of modernization do Myanmars achieved during those centuries?

Was Myanmar as great as Mayans from South America, as great as Romans and Greeks, as great as Egyptians, or even Cambodia and Thailand in a sense?

In the modern history of the world there are very few countries where Spanish, and Portuguese, or French and British hardly been. Wherever they landed, they introduced, Christianity by hook or by crook. Whoever they met, they made them Christians. Those who di not live on the hills, but some of the plain and flat land dwellers were spared.

But when they actually arrived in Myanmar since 14 century , they found that Myanmars were more civilised than they first thought, most of them have Buddhism, and Hinduism as religion. The only people they think that had no civilisation or religions were Myanmar hill tribes people. So the foreigners made themselves friends of the Myanmar hill peoples. They convert animists into Christians by drowning them(adults) in the water which was
called Baptism. If they don’t die by drowning, they became Christians. Some said they only sprinkle the water. They washed the heads of the babies, with so called Holy Water.

Well, that is not my problem, not my business. My business is ‘ Man matters most’, and I would like to come back on the following.

“Remember how the Myanmar armies fought successfully and united the kingdom from the Bagan period to the Konebaung period. It is important not to mix mundane matters with the search for "spiritual goals".

Here we are again, ‘spiritual goal’. I don’t know who created these words, such as , ‘ Ouu Ma Mataunt Lo Thi La Ma Sount Naing’. When asked why he eat the frog, the snake answered, ‘ Nga Win Poosar, Manaythar Lo Kite-Ya De’, or because I am hungry.

The same thing is here, from Bagan period to today Myanmar, a total of 1000 years, or 10 centuries, the ‘morality of Myamars, ’ is still in question or questionable for many.
How much United was Myanmars United, from Bagan to Koneboung period? Do they know what Unity was that, what strength was that?

Too many people, too may ideas, too many freedom, too many ethnic groups, to many religions. In Bagan period and thereafter, how many religions were there, how much freedom were there what kind of freedom was that. Who can say there was no freedom that time, or now? Freedom or not, fair or not, just or not, all nations were made, and built on the same principals, method. Show me one, which is different.

The ‘morality’ of the people of Myanmar, during these 1000 years getting better or getting worse? I have been pointing out how corrupt Myanmars are . It true corrupt system are created by corrupt people with corrupt tradition, culture, customs and way of life.

The progress and developments don’t drop from the sky, they are the creations of Man, not by Gods or other beings, but only human beings. I had pointed out and questioned, to compare United States of America, and Myanmar or others progressed, and developed nation near, and far during two or three hundred years period of human time.

Myanmar is known as, ‘ least developed nation’, by the UN. We know it is behind many countries, in many ways. It is either the failures of Myanmars, or the failures of none Myanmars fromm inside and outside for Myanmar being least developed.

When some people are driving Myanmar’s to observe the Silo, five precepts or 10 precepts, not to mix up wit, ‘ mundane matters,’ with the search for spiritual goals. Then what will he think of ‘Nga Wun Poosar Manay Thar, or Ouo Ma Mataunt Lo Thi la Ma Saunt’.

I have stated, referring to other religion. ‘no turning other cheek,’ action and opposite equal reaction’. Some times these reactions are , ‘out of proportion’, of course. Because the might is always right, nothing to do with any Sila (morality).

Morality for Myanmars, or for all beings, “ farmers, workers, merchants, ascetics, princes, princesses and kings. He even found it important to teach prostitutes, for they are human too. He not only taught men and women but also devas and brahmas.” I know that, its all in the book. I am talking about what is happening outside the book. Or when you open the wrong books, because some books are not supposed to be opened. They may be books but like Pandora box, when open, curse, and spells, ghosts, evils, devils, and demons will come out.

Does that mean Myanmars have no Sila, no morality ? All in all, the whole population of the world have no Sila, or Morality?

I strongly believe. That every religion teaches Sila, or morality. But as I said, ‘Man matters most’, Sila or not, Buddhists or not. I would like to remind my trusted friend the same, ‘not to mix up mundane matters with spiritual goals’.

Whatever man create, whatever he does or not do, Sila or not. Morality or not. Inn his first sermon Gautama talked about Noble Eightfold path. Whether it will take you to spiritual goals of Nirvana or not I don’t know. I have stated that right man for the right job,, to do it in the right way. May I add, to do it in right time.

I don’t think there will be many who disagree with that. After all everyone likes the right thing, want to do the right thing, encourage to do right things. Here we are, on religious, belief, politic, economy, and social matters , we are prepared and ready to go to war. To protect our belief, our interests , or our way of life.

I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Sila or Morality. All these politic, economic , and social matters are in the teachings of Gautama. Buddha recognised, Loba, Dawtha and Mawha exist. What he told us, I believe is to reduce them. Not to let them dominate us , undermiond us, manipulate us, exploit us.

In Politic, or the affairs and matters of the people and the nation, there is no honesty, no sincerity. “ Mu Thar Ma Par- Lin Gar Ma Chaw’, is the Myanmar saying. He already a wares that most of all five precepts are broken every day by everyone. Even the Monks, get together in the evening and ‘Arh But Phay’. Something like confession, small, and minor offences. What other matters involved nobody knows. Christians have their own confessions as well. What did they actually do or confess, nobody knows either.

Gautama said, “ Kalena Dhhamma Sa Kaccha,( Ka lay Na Dhamma Thar Kissa) Etam mangala – muttamam, which meant, ‘listening to the Dhamma on suitable occasion is one of the highest blessings.

Gautama also said, that due to fear and psychological insecurity, people started, worshiping trees and mountains. In my own way I will understand like this, ‘due to fear of China, I will not worship US and the West, or due to the fear of US and the West , I will not worship China or Russia or any other trees and mountains

That’s what Myanmar is doing now none aligned, neutral nation, in cold war, as well as in hot war. During WW II Myanmars joined both side. Jump the fence under circumstances. Look where is Japan, where is England, and where is Myanmar ? My answer to that is, please excuse my language if it’s bad, Myanmar is being gang rape by the west. Myanmar can do nothing, enjoy it with a smile. That is the only Sila for the Myanmars.

Some said, because of economic hardships, Myanmar women are becoming prostitutes. They don’t have to worry, Gautama’s teachings are for the prostitutes as well, Don’t forget it is said that, Jesus Christ was living with Mary Magdalene .

Thank you and Nice talking to you.