Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 23-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

With due respects to you all, I have to borrow some words, and start like this,“ Aye Wun May Thu Tan’, or ‘ thus have I heard’.
That is the famous phrase, said to be used by Saya Zawana, whenever he started his article in the News Paper called, ‘ Bama Khit’. This phrase is the original of,’Shin Tharipottara’, the righty hand Agga Tharwaka of Gautama . Without Shin Thari Pattara repeating what Gautama had preached, there would not be Buddha Dhamma , or Buddhism.

Some said, the images of Buddha was created by Mar Nat, who was the rival of Gautama, who tried to destroy Gautama. When he was repeatedly requested by Senior Sanghas, he could not refuse anymore, he transformed himself into the image of Gautama. 28 other Buddhas of the old, old worlds, or five Buddhas of this Badda Gabar(world), such as Kaukkathan , Gawna, Kathapha, and next one to be, Arimettaya. Don’t ask me who created their images, and please don’t ask me when will Arimettaya come, I don’t know. Somebody might know.

I can only say, this world is not fit enough, not clean enough, or not dirty enough yet, or it is not ready to receive him yet.

Buddhism is common, the teachings of all Buddhas, belongs to all Buddhas, and to all Buddhists. But the teachings of Gautama, we are talking about as Buddhism is something. . How we apply his teachings is entirely up to us. ‘His teaching ‘ means the teachings of Gautamas, not doubt , I am sure.

In Buddhism there is no such thing as ‘ believers and none believers’,‘ Matesar Datedhi ‘ does not mean animists, Christians, Muslims , Jane or Jews. Or Hindus. Because they all believe in one thing of the other as their God. ‘Infidals’ is the words use by some people against those who do not believe or accept their religion. In Buddhism there is nothing like that.

Some preachers, ( Sar haw Sayas) in other religions even said, ‘believe in God and you will be saved’. That means if you don’t believe in their God, and what they believe, then you could be in big trouble. Is that what is happening to the Buddhists?

I could not make it more clear, for some people to see that in the last century, Buddhists were nearly wiped out in the East. If it is, ‘seeing is believing’, then those some people are blind, they did not see, so they don’t believe what is happening to the Buddhists .

Cleaners are needed to clean, a place. If the place is clean, the cleaner won’t be needed. On the other hand, if the place of too dirty, the cleaner might refuse to clean it, that is his right, human right.

Shin Tharipottara, may have repeated the words of Gautama. ‘ Mar Nat’, may had transformed himself into Gautama Buddha image, but both of them were not Buddhas. You must know that, and understand very well. So whatever anybody, or I repeat from the books, do not mean we are Buddhas.

It is said, no two Buddhas ever existed in any one world.( earth, or Gabar). There may be many, thousands, or even millions ,’ would be Buddha ‘ ( Payar Aloung, or Aloung Paya) or who study Buddhism , which was repeated from one to the other thousands of times, millions of times, and some people are still repeating to others.

All Buddhas have to become human first , only from human came Buddha. Not directly from above realms of, Devas / or Devis, or Brahman, or from the bottom realms of , animals, birds, and bees or insects, etc.

The Conventions of Buddhists Councils were twice held in Myanmar that I know. One by Mindon Min, the father of Thibaw, the very last King of Myanmar, the last one from the Konbon Dynesty as well, and another one by U Nu. The invited learned Sanghas from all over the world get together and check the Tipidaka, the teachings of Gautama. It is said, that Mindon was another great promoter of Buddhism, made Mandalay his capital as the Centre for Buddhist learning. And he specially picked Thibaw for his knowledge of Buddhism. At the time British were threatening to take Upper Mhyanmar, Mindon decreed not to make weapon of mass destructions, because his Pope( Thangha Yaja ) did not approved, by saying, ‘ I won’t eat anything offered to me by someone with bloody hands’.

The first sermon of Gautama was Four Noble Truth, followed by Noble Eightfold Path. To the question of, ‘why do human beings have to suffer, and is there an escape, or liberation from it?’ You won’t find the answer in deep down at the bottom of the oceans, not deep down at the bottom of the Abysses. By yourself, realising, the realities, and accepting as they are, and do something about it, to change, or to create something. It’s up to you, of course.

Gautama’s teachings or Buddhism as we called it, it is for ‘all beings in the 10,000 Universe’, I have said it many time, coding Buddhism. It is nothing new, may be for the starters or upstart. This theories of Gautama be best if put into practice. Over 2600 years ago when, and while Gautama was living, and now at present , time and all matter s relate to mankind must have change a lot. But the teachings of Gautama (aka) Buddhism are still valid.

The question of Buddhism, if it’s not weak, but to be strong. There is nothing wrong with the Buddhism, then it becomes,‘ man over matter’. The way we understand it may be wrong . To many people understand it in too many ways , they are all mixed up and confused. Thangha Yarzar, Mindon and Thibaw had proved it.

For some, Buddhism is untouchable, unquestionable, very sensitive subject. Just listen, and say Sadu, Sadu , Sadu in the end. I have already repeated that, in his own way Gautama advised us, encouraged us, not to have blind faith. He meant to say, don’t take his words for it, go out and put them into practice, and have self- experience. That he gave everybody , ‘Freedom of thought, and freedom of everything including, human rights ’.

Buddhism seems common to any other religion for some people with regards to, ‘chanting’. Buddhism is unique, in that it does not consider chanting to be prayers like any other religions.“To have confidence in our own actions and its results we have to depend on no one but ourselves. Gautama said to Anada, “ Be dependent on yourself, take refuge in yourself and not on others’. Which mean be dependent on the Dhamma, go for the refuge to the Dhamma.

I am not talking about myself, nor about you. Nothing personnel to anybody, especially no offence to anyone. I am a Miyoh Phlar Buddhist, I learned the Gautama’s teachings or Buddhism from my grandparents, my parents, my uncles and aunts, my teachers, including, “ U Pyit Ze Sayadaws” . I know that I am far, far, far away from being Thaw ta ban, or Anar Gan, Yahandar, Pyit Sekka Buddhar etc. I have said, I don't want to go to Nivana yet I wish to be reborn as human, and to become the conqueror of the Bulls and Bullies.

If my memories serves me right, in Anguttara Nikaya, it is mentioned five categories of people. They are;

the First one who studies without putting it into practice;
the Second one who preaches, but does not follow what he preach;
the Third was chanting all the time, he forgets to make use of it, as mode of life;

the Fourth one chants, the discourse to make them last for a long time in his memories;

the Fifth and last one was who studied the discourse, preached them to others , reflects on their philosophical points, chant them regularly and above all actually practice it in daily life.

The ‘ Mingala Sutta,’ also tell us, the real progress in economic, social, and spiritual life. In my own word, I call it, ‘Politic’, because all three are involve, in politic, nothing can be taken away from it. Again, ‘politic’ is, to make the life of the people better, and better. It tells us how to be a good service to yourself as well as others, to all mankind, if I may add. Because politic is everywhere.

These Suttas are the descriptions, and prescriptions for the common diseases such as, Loba ( greed), Dawtha ( Anger), and Mawha ( Ignorance or delusion). It is said, even Angulimala Sutta would relieves the pains and troubles of a would be mothers.
I think I will stop here on Gautama’s teachings, or Buddhism lecture, for the moment, because, I am sure you know more than me.
In my last message, I stated that you should call on , White House, Pentagon, and CIA HQ, to teach Buddhism theory, and practice. Because I am seeing US is too greedy, full of anger, and ignorant in many things. That is my politic, and that the way I see in them. I don’t think, that I am alone on this matter. Iam not aniti anybody. I speak my mind.

I am encouraged, to know that you and some others, and a few of my friends in US, who are devotees of the Buddhism ( Therawara ) in. Propagatimng, spfreading Buddhism. It may be your age, third stage, seeking Dhamma, ans sharing with others. You don't want anything to do with the world. You may be retiring, you may be trying to escape.

Before you go, I am hoping you all can do something to cool and calm US down. Because as I see it, US is the most aggressive nation on earth. Throughout the history it’s always blamed others, and portrayed itself as innocent bystander, a goodie, perfect, almighty, doing Christian duty, or at least a saviour. Or maybe it is still suffering from nervous breakdown, delirious, nightmares, guilty conscience after it has committed genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, on the indigenous tribal people of Sioux nation, Japan , Korea, Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos, and recently Iraq and Afghanistan. US falsely accused others of many things.

At least some of you .myn Myanmar patriots Buddhists can come back to Myanmar and make visits, to Christians area of Myanmar , hilly regions, and spread the teachings of Gautama or Buddhism among the Christians.

BTW, when Anawrahta and other so called Myanmar rulers, created Myammar Naing Gan Daw or Myanmar Empire, which was the size of a leaf from a plum tree. There were not much Christians, or Musilims or any other religions as today in Myanmar . There may have been animists and ‘Ari Priest’, probably they were Sadu, or some priests of Hindu sect playing drums and brass instruments. It was not properly recorded, so it’s very hard to say. When I was watching a film called, ‘ Around The World in Eighty Days’, and others films regards to these old fashioned civilization. All the love one including cats and mouse were buried in the same tomb alive, together with the deceased.

Whoever were in Myanmar, they were all pure, one hundred per cent, ‘pedigrees’, patriots, with high patriotic spirit.
Thailand had troubles with Myanmar in these days , and today Thailand which is one of the Buddhists nation is having trouble with the Muslims in the South, as Myanmars has problems with the Christians in the country.

Thai’s history or Myanmar’s history recorded by Thais and Myanmars, and those before. Mon history, Yakhine history. Myanmars or Bamars, were the conquerors , and not to forget those who conquered over Myanmars in the end are Christians.

Yes, it was true, kill or be killed But I still say, Buddhism was not as strong as Islam. Otherwise, Christians and Islam could not have any chance to infiltrate into Myanmar through Myanmar hilly regions, making Myanmar hill tribes people, Christians. Where were the Buddhists Monks, to propagate Buddhism to the hill tribes people, may I ask? Were they on the streets busy, demonstrating against British Burma government, and against Christians missionaries.

If Buddhism is not weak, or Buddhism does not make anybody weak, then would it be true, to say, Buddhism is humble, and gentle, or lenient and very understanding. Buddhism has reasonable power. It reasons with anything, and understands the cause and effect? Or in other word, whatever happened is due to,‘ cause and effect’ or nature. In some other religion they say, ‘Alah Ho Akkba‘, or ‘it’s the will of God, thy will be done on earth and it is in heaven’? Is that it? That’s the end, period.

Without conflicting Gautama’s teachings of cause and effect, what I am asking is whose done it, or who caused it? There must be somebody who caused it to happened for whatever had happened. Accountability, responsibility?

You can believe whatever you want to believe. The teachings of Gautama and their meanings are still there, they won’t change. Let’s say the truth is always there, we have to find it. Good thought will lead us to the truth.

Before I advice you to read Myanmar history again may I poi9nt out that in Myanmar history, I have come across the words , ’ Hta Kywa Thioung Jan Mhu, or Pon Kan Mhu’ many times. Many indigenous people ‘Hta Kywa’ or rebelled, against the overall ruler aka King of 101 Kings .

The fighting in Myanmar is called, a ‘civil war ’, now. How civil the war is, I don’t know. For me no war can bne called ,’ civi;l’. Because, they are never civil. The word civil is degraded in many ways. Gradually it has become racial war, religious, though we don’t widely accepted as them. When some people don’t want to be called Myanmars then it is racial war. If they belong to another religion, it become religious war.
War with Yakhine, and Mon were racial war, but the reason was religion. Bamars wanted to promote themselves to be Buddhists . Also could be called ‘religious war’, because Buddhism and Buddha images were the cause. The consequences were greater than we thought, this war with Yakhine, resulted Myanmar, fighting three wars with British, had lost not only Assam, and Manipur to India, but also Myanmar became part of India.

May I point it out, that, according to the book. Assam and Manipur have had their own problems, their internal affairs. They seek alliance with the Myanmar , and allegiance to Myanmar court. Assam and Manipur were not occupied lands of the Myanmars but under the protection of Myanmar . India is not a Buddhists nation though Gautama was an Indian. Indians, those who were ruling India that time were not Buddhists either. Whether you accept it or not. Buddhists Myanmars lost to Christians English in Anglo- Myanmar war. Lost , lost and lost , please remember that. And other loses are like atom explosion still going on never recovered.

The war with Thais was clear. Mons or Kayins who lives along the Thai Myamar border always created problems for both countries, in the past. May still be at present. Thais who attempted to cease power from their own King, portrayed themselves as Myanmmars. After all they were Mons or Kayins at the border, no Myanmar from inner Myanmar.

Even today and not long ago before 1988, Thailand accepts, and hoard, Kayins terrorists. Those Kayins who were attacking Myanmar we don’t know who were Thai kayins, or who were Myanmar Kayins. Thailand armed them as well. Later Thailand gave these Kayin terrorists and other terrorists from Myanmar, sanctuary, in the name of UN, said to be according to international law. Thailand encouraged the Kayins, because Thais wanted to create ‘ buffer zone ‘ between Myanmar and Thailand; instead of arming Kayins directly , Thailand trade with the Kayin, so that Kayin have funds to buy arms. The arms dealers happened to be Thais and some people from the west.

Now last, not the least, the question of, ‘what is Nirvana’. It is the extinction of attachment or clinging, aversion or anger, and ignorance. If we can eradicate three evils, which are the roots of all evils, that means we attain Nirvana. After all, Nirvana is not a place, but a state of mind. It will be very difficult , that we act like ‘talking parrots’, repeating, reciting, but know knowing the real meanings of the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Let us go back to Myanmar, its progress, its developments, to be modern industrialised nation. As you have heard already, because there is no freedom, , because there is no democracy , there is no human rights, because of the environment issues, ethnic issues, human rights issues, nuclear issue, Myannmar cannot do this, cannot do that, cannot have this, or that. Who are they to tell us? Is it something to do with Buddhism? Are they God, or Buddhas?

What are Myanmars , who are they? Myanmar had the empire, not because they are Buddhists. There was no external, interference. In 1823 was the external power physically interfered, and involved that was the end of Myanmar Empire and Myanmar as a nation. Failed Nan Dwin Ayeydaw Bon launched by Princess of Myin Gun, Myin Khon Dine, against their own father, and uncle who was the crown prince, or Kanoung Min Thar known as farsighted, modern , and progressive one. But the Myanmars could not only stop. ut also invited external interference. The result was Myanmars lost their Kingdom.

Whoever applied it. Mindon, or Thibaw, or Thangha Yazar, they are all Buddhists . The whole men population of Mandalay, became Buddhist Monks, or the whole women population became Buddhists Nuns and all the children were Buddhists Novices, the fall of Mandalay is the fall of Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, which we never recovered.

My understanding of Buddhism, and Christianity, and Islam, or any other religions are always looking from the angle of politic, economic and social matters. May be from military angle, some military points for military matters as well, as they are all the matters of human and animals of today. Buddhists or not, we need to protect, and defend not only Buddhists majority in Myanmar but also, all other religion in the nation of Myanmars. I can see you, and understand it very well. Nobody, no religion should cross anybody’s line.

Morality or Sila is beginning and the refuge. Morality is the Mother of all good. It is the foremost of all good conditions. Therefore, purify your morality, said Gautama Buddha. It is known to every Buddhist that the teachings of Gautama Buddha is for all beings in 10,000 Universes, and beyond. May they be Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Mon , Shan, Yakhine, Tayote, Kalar, Kabyar, American, British, or European. Buddha knew that, they all need to purify their morality.

There may be many books, written by many authors, and self-made so called historians the fact that they have or their views, and opinion as the facts. As we are watching, and listening to the world through Televisions news, history is in the making, I am only the watcher, I am only the listener. I am not part of that history in the making.

Nice talking to you,