Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 21-Feb-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

First, where did the "Pyinsa Bala" concept come from?

It may be ‘Phayar haw’, it may be ‘Phone Gyi haw’, it may even be ‘Luu Pyaw’ Who knows ? If you don’t know nobody knows better than you. May be you are testing other peoples' intellegence.

Bala Ngar Dan” is how everyone, every laymen understands as this,‘ Pyinsa Bala’. You are talking about. Nya-na Bala, ( Pyin Nyar Kyee Jin) Baw-ga Bala( Oat Sar Paw Myar Jin), Kar-ya Bala,Ko Khannar KyanMar Tha Swan Jin), Zarate-ta Bala ( Akyint Sar Ritta Koung Mon Pyizon Jin), and Mate-ta Bala,(A Chway Ayan Paw Myar Jin). I don't need to translate these for you in English, do I ?

Myanmar Buddhists are not dare enough. That may be an ugly thing to say. How does it sound? What about , they are weak or they are too gentle and humble? Where does Buddhism taken the Buddhist to, self-destruction? But it is right to say under circumstances. It is necessary to say. Or shall we say, because Buddhism makes them weak? All Buddhists should aware of the realities. Not everybody is Buddhists to understand what Buddhists or Buddhists preachers are preaching. Because in the real life, and what is in the books are different, totally different. Let alone what you or I am saying.

If the Jews gave their other cheek, they would not be alive.
In my view, it’s the best to use the simple English or simple Myanmar language. Sanskrit, or Pali are old languages. They are not widely used now a days. Talking about Buddhism or about any religion, one must be careful not to be branded accused as smoking the people with Buddhism, or modern terms, religious fanatic. You’ll be lucky.

At the end of every talks Gautama gave made, those who became, Thaw Ta Ba, some became Anar-gan, and so on stage by stage were just a handful. But not everyone was enlightened. To this day, not everyone is Buddhists. He could not save his brother in law, Daywadutt. Gautama had to go to upper realm where his mother was, who died at his birth to give her the Dhamma or his sermon. She could not come to him like others I don’t know, why. Whether he was Buddha, or not, she was his mother.

Buddhist in US should have a large hall .make it into Buddhists centres, like any other religion there and teach the Practicing Buddhism to 270 or so million so called US American in USA. They need to hear the teachings of Gautama , through somebody like you. Not necessarily to become Buddhists. It would be great if they have become Buddhists, But at least they should understand Buddhism, practicing Buddhism. 'Therawara Buddhism', don't forget that.

At least the teachings of Gautama Buddha should be spread,
properly propagate in the White House, Pentagon, and CIA headquarters, and among the US armed forces. Before they start their daily duties,,they should take five precepts. Let them put them into practice, to live strictly, or observe the five precepts, daily without breaking them. Then there will be Peace on earth.

Greed, Anger, and Ignorance are too much in US , in my view. They think they own the world the earth, and everything in the world, on the earth. They believe that all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, their God(Good Lord) made them all.

I think some Myanmarican are cave dwellers in USA, may be they are minding their own business, or living safe, or living in fear in the land of the free. They dare not challenge the Americans right or wrong. They don’t know what is happening outside their cave how many people are shot dead, how many are knifed, rob, mug, rape and torture, let alone to know what their government is doing around the world , interfering, involving, and breaking these simple five precepts .

The so called Myanmaricans should consider themselves so lucky, they should thank to the ‘Three Gems’ for their life as human being is worth every dust of ashes and dusts. They have all the opportunities to become as perfect as can be as human beings and as pure as can be as puritans. are living in US, trying to teach the Buddhism to the already Buddhists may be wasting time and wasting energy. What Gautama could not do to make the whole whorld Buddhists, Jesus could not do all to become Christians, neither Mohammed could not do it, everyone to become Muslims.

It will be more meaningful if somebody try and teach the US Americans what the, “Morality”, is and what does it mean. That is if he knows, what they are. Ask them what they are doing in the world, whether it is, morally right or morally wrong, or what they are doing is right? Or are they perfect human beings, or super human beings, or supreme beings on earth, over lord of all other human beings?

The Myanmarican who are living in USA, and enjoying a good time of their life to compare to average Myanmars in Rep of Union of Myanmar. Had somebody compared the history of Buddhists Myanmar and Christians USA. Does he realises that illegal armed gangs in Myanmar are mainly Christians? Has he noticed that the nations which are destroyed during, and after WW II are Buddhist nations. Does he want to say these are just coincident? Are they facts, or fictions, or tall stories?

It would not be appropriate to say, that Myanmars are not doing what US Americans are not doing, during the last two or three centuries. But still Myanmars are well behind USA. Is it fair to say that, Myanmars are not dare enough to do what American had done ?

That is the weakness, being Buddhist, teaching Buddhism away from reality of today, trying to escape from real life, from reality of today, abandoning the people, and the nation, neglecting the responsibilities for the people and the nation that is the biggest sins one can ever commit.

Buddhism or any other religion, they are nothing wrong as they are. But if the respective believer starts abusing, or using for wrong purpose, to suit themselves, then nobody should blame others for their reactions It may be negative, it may be violent , let’s say ‘as necessary’.

What is happening is, if we cannot find answers to our problems, we bring God, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed in, or at least their teachings in. According to JF Kennedy the late , assassinated US President. ‘Our Problems are created by us, we must solve our problems by ourselves’ or something like that. God, Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed won’t do for us, they are not here. Because of Jesus, many people have to die. Even Jesus was crucified in the end.

I have mentioned many times, just because I am a Buddhists, nobody can shit on my head. Shitting on other people’s head is not a ‘human right’, for anyone who considered themselves as human or super human. ‘Bull Shitting’, may be the right words, because they are not human nor super human but they the ‘ bulls’ , and not to forget they are bullying everybody.

Russia, and China have come out at last, to say in their own ways, “enough is enough” to those bulls, and cows.

My dear patriots, if you are a Myanmar patriot, please accept that the right is the right, the wrong is the wrong. It’s also important to do the right thing.

When Sumayda Hermit laid down his body as a bridge for Kathapha Buddha and his followers, he wished to be Buddha one day. it is said he actually became Gautama Buddha after years.

When I offer anything to the image of Gautama, and I also wish that I will be a successful, ‘bull fighter’ in my next life.’to fight the Bulls , any Bulls.

I would like others to become ' Bull fighters' as well. So that they know the difference between a bull and a cow. They should know fvrom where, and how to get the milk. It surely is not from the bull.

Fight the bullies. Nobody should make weak people weaker . Should not put pressures on the ‘under dogs’. Help them in a right way.
Chocolates, sweets, and lolly pops are not helps , won't help anyone , anything.